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Rental Car Return

tips to return a rental car

What about the all-important rental car drop off? This should all go smoothly, providing you tick off all the points on this checklist.

  • Be clear on the drop-off location — You don’t want to risk being late and incurring penalty fees when dropping off your rental car. So, be clear on the exact location of the branch you’ll be returning the vehicle to. Using online maps will also alert you to any traffic issues that can potentially hold you up.
  • Abide by the fuel policy — Don’t forget the fuel policy conditions. If you’re on a full-to-full fuel arrangement, you’ll need to make time to refill the tank before returning the car. Check online for filling stations close to the drop-off branch. Bear in mind that stations near airports can be more expensive, so factor in any journeys you might need to make to more outlying spots.
  • Clean the car — It’s always wise to ensure the rental car is as clean as possible before bringing it back. That way, you’ll lower any risk of being handed a cleaning fee. Check the interior all over for pet hair, spillages, food crumbs, empty packaging, and so on.
  • Check for your belongings — It’s all too easy to leave something behind, so give the car a thorough check for any misplaced items, like sunglasses or keys. Check the glove compartment, under the seats, and door buckets.
  • Take photos — It’s a good idea to take some snaps of the car after you return it. This will prove it was in good condition when you dropped it off, and will help in the event of any dispute over damage.
  • Complete the relevant paperwork — Ideally, a representative will be on-hand to check the car with you and confirm everything is satisfactory. If you’re planning to return the car after office hours, it’s important to check with the branch ahead of time to find out what the procedure is, and if a drop-off box for keys is available.

woman locking car

We hope that this handy guide has provided you with all the tips and tricks you need to get started with renting a car for your next trip. Check back whenever you have a question on car rentals, and we advise you to refer to it as you move through the booking and rental process to ensure you’re clued up before you get behind the wheel of your rental.

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The information provided in this guide was accurate at the time of publication but is subject to change at any time. Please check your car rental company’s terms for the latest information.


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