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QOne Way Car Rental: When to Rent?

AOne way car rentals are ideal for trips across the city or country, if you’re moving, when you’re not returning to your original location and many others.

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Most rental car companies understand that not everyone needs a round-trip car rental. So, just because you collect your car from one location, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to drop it back off to the very same place at the end of your rental period. Many rental companies have a variety of pickup and drop-off locations to suit travelers who just need a one-way car rental.

If you’ve ever dreamt of flying into Los Angeles Airport and driving through the desert all the way to Las Vegas in your very own rental car, but prefer to fly home direct from Sin City, a one-way rental is just what you need. The one-way option is also ideal for renters who plan to explore several destinations as part of their travel itinerary, and who don’t want to drive back to the same destination just to return their vehicle.

Is a One Way Car Rental More Expensive?

There is usually a fee incurred for the one-way rental car options, to cover the cost of taking the car back to its original location. The amount will depend on the distance between the location you collected the car from and the one you drop it off at. The fee can be avoided if you find the right deal, though. If you don’t want to pay the drop-off fee, have a look for offers on one-way car rentals that are often available from car rental companies such as Avis and Budget. While some one-way car rentals are free of charge on selected routes, you’ll find that the rate is usually higher, especially if you book a rental with the same pickup and drop-off locations, and then decide to change it at the last minute. If you plan in advance, and search for your rental with your desired pickup and drop-off locations in mind, you might find an inclusive deal.

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Can You Take Rental Cars Out of State?

Depending on where you plan to collect and return your car, be aware that there are certain one-way restrictions in place when making a one-way trip across borders. For example, if you rent a car with Sixt and pick it up in the state of California, you can only drive the vehicle in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Utah, so you would have to make sure you could return the vehicle to a rental location in those areas.

So, if you’re heading out for a road trip, and will end up in a different state at the end of your rental period, or you simply want to take advantage of flying into one city and flying out of another, it’s not a problem… just let the rental company know when you make your booking so that you can bag yourself the best deal available.

The information provided in this guide was accurate at the time of publication but is subject to change at any time. Please check your car rental company’s terms for the latest information.