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Summer is in full swing, and the sun is out as a friendly reminder! With the heat of this season, we’re all looking for the best ways to keep cool. Jumping in the pool every morning isn’t ideal, but a fantastic way to cool down while still enjoying the sun is with an ice cream road trip this summer.

National Ice Cream Day is every year on the third Sunday of July, but we’ll scream for ice cream all month long since July is National Ice Cream Month! If you have a big sweet tooth like us, start packing for this ice cream road trip along the West Coast.

We highlighted the best of the best shops to visit along this delicious path. Check out all of the lovable stories owners share and unique products from each shop below. Celebrate with rainbow sprinkles and massive scoops of your favorite flavors at each stop. Feel free to read through our extensive road trip guide or skip to the infographic below.

Ice Cream Shop Stops (From North to South)

ice cream road trip map

Abi’s Ice Cream


Abi’s Ice Cream will be the first stop on the sweetest road trip ever!

Talk about a shop with an inspiring story. Owner Maren first discovered her daughter Abi was allergic to peanuts and some tree-nuts on a normal car ride. A trip down the road turned into two parents shocked to see Abi covered in hives. Next thing they knew, they were introduced to a new world of taking extreme caution with everything their daughter consumed. 

With a new understanding of parents and children coping with allergies, Abi’s Ice Cream’s shop began. And what a fitting name at that! After a move to Coeur d’Alene, ID, from Nashville, TN, doors to Abi’s Ice Cream were opened and the owners devoted themselves to making the best quality ice cream that’s both peanut and tree-nut fee. When asked about their shop story, the owners raved about their love for making fun flavors and putting a new spin on classic ice cream menu options. The team is committed to supporting their community and offering delicious treats besides just ice cream, including sorbets, baked goods and coffee drinks. 

Maren filled us in on the tear-jerking factor that makes owning the shop worth every minute: 

“We love watching people enjoy their treat experience. However, nothing beats when a child comes in our shop and has their first ice cream because it is a safe environment free of allergens. There are usually many tears of joy from the parent, child and myself.”

  • Owners: Maren and Abigail (Abi) Scoggins
  • Products Offered: Homemade ice cream, sorbet, ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, dog sorbet, coffee, shakes, floats and a variety of hot chocolate options
  • Locations: 1
  • Allergen-Free Options: Peanut and tree-nut free, non-dairy, gluten-free and vegan ice cream options

Rachel’s Ginger Beer


You’ll now be heading from Idaho over to Seattle, WA.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer started when Rachel and Adam met in Bavaria. They established Rachel’s Ginger Beer in 2011 when they began crafting and perfecting their own recipe in their one-bedroom apartment, all while working full-time. Rachel shared that they “decided to bring their love for that bold, European ginger beer back home to the states.” 

Rachel elaborates on the beginnings of their store that took months of hard work and plenty of late nights hand-juicing citrus. They thank their supportive community for giving Rachel’s Ginger Beer a life of its own. 

Rachel and Adam continue to put all of their energy into their shop and shared with us a note about how far they’ve come and where they will go next: “We’ve been so grateful to get to know the communities we operate within and witness you going through the ups and downs of life right alongside us. From first dates to firstborns and everything else in between, the last several years have been incredible and we are so excited to see what the next chapter will be like.”

  • Owners: Rachel and Adam Marshall
  • Products Offered: Ginger beer floats, soft serve ice cream, ice cream floats and cocktails
  • Locations: 3
  • Allergen Free Options: Ask at the counter

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream


There’s one more stop in Washington before taking off!

Molly Moon’s is located just a short walk from the Columbia City Light Rail Station, near Columbia Park in — you guessed it — Columbia City. Named after owner Molly Moon Neitzel, this shop is the Southernmost location in Washington that dishes up marvelous handmade flavors. Owner Molly mentions that she’s excted for every guest that walks through the doors of her shops.

Molly dishes up marvelous handmade flavors and she’s very excited for every guest in each of her shops. Molly adds: “All of our ice cream is made daily in the shop, and the open kitchen design means you can see our culinary team making it!”

What a fun experience for all. Now, let’s get down to the sweet details.

Molly Moon’s daily menu offers 14 tempting flavors to satisfy every sweet tooth. The shop features 10 “always” flavors that they churn year-round and four seasonal options that rotate with what’s fresh in the mountains — yum! As if the ice cream wasn’t enough, a local artist painted a colorful and vibrant mural of neighborhood residents on the wall, and it’s become a well-known background for photos of visitors’ ice creams. So before you leave the shop, don’t forget to get your #insta.

  • Owners: Molly Moon Neitzel
  • Products Offered: Handmade ice cream and shakes
  • Locations: 7
  • Allergen Free Options: Tree-nut free, gluten-free and non-dairy options

Beaux Berry


You’ll now be entering Oregon territory.

The berries of the Northwest are too sweet to pass up and our next shop feature even says it in their name. Beaux Berry serves up a couple different styles of ice cream. One style is handmade and the other is quite unique — a real fruit mixed ice cream. Their real fruit option is freshly made using a machine that owner Beth Czischke came across while in New Zealand and knew she had to find a way to bring it back. Beaux Berry owners note that the machine grabs Oregon berries and homemade ice cream and swirls them together to create a “fruit-infused treat that has a texture similar to soft serve.” Is your mouth watering yet? 

Because one berry just isn’t enough, there are five different berries to mix into your ice cream and visitors highly recommend topping it off with their homemade Theo Dark Chocolate Shell topping. As the owners say, “It’s to die for.” If decadent chocolate isn’t your ice cream go-to, a refreshing option is their Lemon Chiffon with berries.

From the shop’s early days to now, Beaux Berry responsibly sources their ingredients from local, fair trade and organic producers. The shop always has around 10 to 15 flavors on tap ready for you when you walk in. Some of their customer favorites include Salted Caramel, Cookies and Sweet Cream, Oatmeal and Brown Sugar and Churro Sabroso™. To put the cherry on top, they have a large assortment of sauces and toppings so you’re sure to find something to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

  • Owners: Beth Czischke and Kevin Gillette
  • Products Offered: Handmade ice cream, real fruit ice cream and a variety of sauces and toppings
  • Locations: 2
  • Allergen Free Options: Nut-free, non-dairy, gluten-free and vegan ice cream options

Ruby Jewel


One more stop in Portland before taking off!

Ruby Jewel uses ingredients from the best of the best, such as local farmers and food artisans in Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest. Owner Lisa Herlinger is proud that this practice supports their local community and economy. 

Ruby Jewel is most known for their ice cream sandwiches, while also offering traditional ice cream treats such as cones, scoops and sundaes. Lisa describes their ice cream sandwich as “delicious ice cream between two house-baked cookies.” Lisa also explains you can customize your own by “mixing and matching and adding…tasty toppings for an ice cream experience unlike any other!” 

It’s hard to believe that the first Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwich was sold out of a cooler at Portland’s farmers markets, but those countless nights of making batch after batch that Lisa recalls were well worth it. 

  • Owners: Lisa Herlinger 
  • Products Offered: Handmade ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, cones, scoops, sundaes and cookies
  • Locations: 5
  • Allergen Free Options: Non-dairy options

On Any Sundae


Time to head on down to another town.

Remember the saying, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach?” Well, the best part about our next featured shop is that they’re not afraid to serve you too much. In the state of Oregon, On Any Sundae is known as one of the most generous scoops of ice cream!

Must-have menu items include a half pound ice cream sandwich made to order, chocolate tacos and ice cream lasagna. Caleb, the owner of On Any Sundae, also mentions that the shop recreated the ever-popular Dole Whip that originated at Disney World.

Caleb originally founded the shop as an ice cream truck/mobile ice cream parlor. He shared his inspiration with us: “I started On Any Sundae to relive the memories of my childhood spent looking through the windows of small shops in lake, mountain and beach towns.” On Any Sundae strictly uses Oregon ice creams for all of their delicious treats and supports the local community. Get your stomach ready for this stop on your trip.

  • Owners: Caleb Hayward
  • Products Offered: Handmade ice cream, ½ pound ice cream sandwich, handmade choco tacos, ice cream lasagna and Dole Whip
  • Locations: 1
  • Allergen Free Options: Ask at the counter

Scoops Handmade Ice Cream


One last stop before leaving the state.

Robert and Christine began Scoops three years ago and share that they feel “blessed with the best locals around.” 

Scoops Handmade Ice Cream is a family owned ice cream shop with over 110 flavors and an abundance of other treats, such as their caramel corn that comes from a 100-year-old recipe and homemade fudge that the owners say “melts in your mouth.” 

The shop is located on the border of Coos Bay and North Bend where there are two rival high schools that have been in long-standing competition in the community. You can bet that Scoops has a menu item to represent each school. Owners mention that both flavors taste amazing combined in a milkshake known as The Civil War. The menu item name is also attributed to what the locals call the sports matches between the two schools. 

If The Civil War shake doesn’t sound like your scoop of ice cream, you can also try the shop’s non-dairy selection with flavors like Cantaloupe, Pineapple Whip, Mango, Lavender and Lemon.

Robert and Christine highlight that their focus is on providing excellent customer service and creating a “nostalgic atmosphere that will take you back to the old-school mom and pop ice cream shop[s] where kids used to spend their days hanging out.”

  • Owners: Robert and Christine Sabin 
  • Products Offered: Ice cream, cones, sundaes and splits, milkshakes and malts, sodas and floats, bubble waffles and more
  • Locations: 1
  • Allergen Free Options: Non-dairy options

Living the Dream Ice Cream


You’ve made it to Northern California.

Living the Dream Ice Cream opened on February 20, 2013. Shop owners Dena and Shawn both started in professional fields before creating the shop, but they always knew they wanted to try something out of the ordinary and unique. 

As for the founding story, Dena shared a story about a frozen custard shop being located down the street from where both her and Shawn were attending college. This might have been where the two first got the idea, and Dena went on to add that even though they “went a different route with gelato…owning a family business was the ultimate goal.”

Living the Dream Ice Cream has some of the most interesting flavors that you probably haven’t heard of and that you surely can’t buy in stores. Dena shared that they “love to figure out how to make a new flavor with locally made ingredients, like Humboldt Smokehouse bacon and Diane’s Sweet Heat habanero jams.” The shop features 23 rotating flavors, sometimes making it difficult to decide which mouth-watering flavor to devour. 

Owners don’t want anyone to be left out, so they’ve also created a handful of dairy-free choices. One of their best menu items is their ice cream flight, which is your choice of eight flavors served in little cups on a board. This way, you can try a little bit of everything. 

  • Owners: Dena and Shawn Powers 
  • Products Offered: Homemade ice cream, waffle cones and ice cream flights
  • Locations: 1
  • Allergen Free Options: Non-dairy options

Taste and See Creamery


Time to head a little inland for this must-see ice cream shop.

This shop is one you’ll need to taste and see for yourself! 

Taste and See Creamery began with a few best friends that brought their love for ice cream together to go beyond classic flavors. Owners Jake, Chul and Danny mentioned: “We began sharing our experimental flavors with our friends and family which created quite a buzz. Now, we gratefully find that visitors continue to rave about our flavors that you’ll have to taste and see for yourself!”

Taste and See Creamery proudly serves up ice cream from scratch. The trio mentions that each flavor they stir up “has a story and is inspired by the kid in all of us.” Some of the most unique flavors on the menu include Nutella Bonfire S’mores, Belgian Chocolate Ganache, Bourbon Brown Butter Pecan, Lemon Speculoos Cookie and Balsamic Roasted Strawberry. 

Locally crafted since 2015, Jake, Chul and Danny emphasize that they “only use responsibly sourced organic and natural ingredients to reinvent classic flavors, guaranteed to bring out the kid in all of us.”

  • Owners: Jake Hornaday, Chul Cho and Danny Lee
  • Products Offered: Handmade uniquely flavored ice cream
  • Locations: 1
  • Allergen Free Options: Ask at the counter

Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar


You got two stops in the Bay Area.

If you’re looking for an ice cream parlour that uses local ingredients to highlight this region of Northern California, this shop is right up your alley. Not to mention, the location is definitely Instagram-worthy. 

Noble Folk began when owners Christian and Ozzy were in their mid-twenties. Owners describe Noble Folk as their own “take on an ice cream parlour.” Some of their favorite flavors they invented include Thai iced tea, black sesame and coconut, and strawberry miso butterscotch.

Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar thrives from the engagement of their local community. They know how important each member of their community and team is. All employees are highly valued and are dedicated to creating an amazing ice cream experience. Christian and Ozzy emphasize that they “are not just here to sell ice cream and pie.” In fact, the shop has been voted one of the top LGBTQ-owned businesses in the Bay Are for the past five years. 

  • Owners: Christian Sullberg and Ozzy Jimenez 
  • Products Offered: Homemade ice cream and pie
  • Locations: 1
  • Allergen Free Options: Vegan and non-dairy options

Screamin’ Mimi’s


Only two more stops before you drop! Get ready for ice cream overload.

Screamin Mimi’s is a busy and crafty ice cream store that will most definitely exceed your expectations.

Owner Maraline takes us through how she began Screamin Mimi’s: “I started my shop…in 1995 after moving to California from New York’s Hudson Valley. One of the things I miss most about home was locally made ice cream. I started to make my own ice cream in my kitchen and I invented the most amazing flavor of ice cream, Mimi’s Mud.” 

Mimi continues to describe her creation as “a delicious blend of Espresso and Belgian chocolate and handmade fudge.” And guess what? Mimi’s Mud is still the shop’s best selling signature flavor to this day — 24 years after they opened! 

Maraline has had plenty of people tell her she should franchise Screamin Mimi’s, but that’s not her goal. Mimi explains she wants an ice cream shop that’s a special experience and a place that you tell your friends to go. And so far, she’s achieved this goal.

Everything is made by hand at Screamin Mimi’s, including the hot fudge, whipped cream, waffle cones, brownies and even cookie dough used for ice creams. USA Today listed them as #4 for the best ice cream in the U.S., and they’ve earned a handful of other awards as well.

  • Owners: Maraline Olson
  • Products Offered: Homemade ice cream, banana splits, shakes, floats, affogatos, coffee, ice cream sundaes, waffle cones, brownies and sorbet
  • Locations: 1
  • Allergen Free Options: Ask at the counter

Rosie’s Ice Cream


Congratulations on making it to the last shop!

Rosie’s Ice Cream opened in September of 2018. They offer an assortment of premium ice cream that’s handcrafted by a local creamery called Marianne’s. Owner Rosie explains how her passion for ice cream led to the start of the shop: “My husband Juan and myself opened our shop with the vision of making it a place where people in our community (and surrounding areas) could stop to delight themselves with a delicious scoop of ice cream or one of our many other treats.”

Along with locally sourced premium ice cream, Rosie’s Ice Cream creates a variety of treats to make sure all their customers leave happy and satisfied. Some of these treats include Hawaiian shaved ice, Mangoneadas, strawberries and cream, acai bowls, corn bowls, tostilocos and smoothies, just to name a few.

It’s no surprise that their family grows their own strawberries at their farm down the road, and they’re picked daily for their ice cream.

  • Owners: Rosie Rocha
  • Products Offered: Homemade ice cream, Hawaiin shaved ice, Mangoneadas, Strawberries and Cream, acai bowls, corn bowls, tostilocos and smoothies 
  • Locations: 1
  • Allergen Free Options: Non-dairy options

National Ice Cream Month Facts

As mentioned earlier, July is National Ice Cream Month, and every year on the third Sunday of the month is National Ice Cream Day, when endless cartons of ice cream are enjoyed. To observe this holiday, here are some delicious ice cream facts to share while you’re on the road or eating a cone.

  1. President Ronald Reagan is responsible for designating July as National Ice Cream Month. In his proclamation, he stated that the people of the United States should observe this day with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” (IDFA)
  2. It is said that Roman Emperor Nero invented the first ice dessert by having people harvest ice and snow from the mountains nearby, and then mixing them with honey, fruit or wine. (PBS)
  3. It takes roughly 50 licks to finish an ice cream cone. (National Day Calendar)
  4. In 1843, Nancy Johnson of Philadelphia received the first patent for a home ice cream machine, which was a hand-cranked device that led to the distribution and sale of ice cream in the United States. (Patent Pending Blog)
  5. The average American indulges in 23 pounds or more of ice cream per year. (IDFA)
  6. To guarantee there’s no trace of any other flavors, elite ice cream tasters use gold spoons to try each new scoop of ice cream. (BuzzFeed)
  7. The largest ice cream sundae ever created weighed more than 24 tons. (
  8. The world’s tallest ice cream ever scooped up was in Italy and stood at nine feet tall. (
  9. Vanilla ice cream (the most popular flavor) accounts for 29% of ice cream sales every year in the U.S. (
  10. Out of every U.S. state, California produces the most ice cream. (National Day Calendar)

“Treat Yo’ Self” is the motto for this West Coast Ice Cream Road Trip. Each owner of these wonderful shops is excited to greet you with their unique and refreshing treats. Along this route you’ll get to try handmade ice cream, ice cream sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, ice cream floats, flights and more! Whether you’re flying in and renting a car or starting from one of the shops listed, this is one sweet road trip that won’t disappoint.

If you’re looking for some good eats on the way, check out our guide to the best BBQ by state.

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