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Do your hobbies include investigating paranormal activity, solving mysteries and searching for disturbed souls that have stayed behind to haunt you? Well, if your heart desires those things, take a chilling ride down America’s most terrifying roads, where creepy legends still haunt those who cross their paths. These unique spooky stories are sure to make all your nightmares come true!

haunted roads map

The Spook Meter

Each of these roads has earned a spot on our frightening list because of the legends that define them. We’ve invented a spook meter to note how daunting each road is. It evaluates each road (on a scale of 1–5). We measure the frequency of ghost sightings, deaths and accidents, dangerous obstacles and strange phenomenons from 1-5, then take the weighted average to calculate the spookiness. Buckle up and take a ride on each haunted road below!

The entire route can be completed in around six hours — if you don’t chicken out of course. Plug this chilling route into your maps now to begin the scare!

haunted roads spook meter

To tell the tales of each of these roads, we first share the spooky stories on record, then lay out the legends of the roads that peak interest in visitors, and lastly give you an additional haunting source to scare you if we haven’t already. They’re ordered by least to most spooky to ease you into the scare.

1. Annie’s Road (Riverview Drive) – The Female Revenge-Seeking Ghost

haunted roads annies road

Location: Totowa, NJ

Length: 20 miles

Spook Meter: 2.5

Along Annie’s Road is a female ghost who seeks revenge.

Meet the “Woman in White” Killed Many Years Ago

As common with many ghosts who continue to haunt the earth, the “Woman in White” (also known as Annie) was betrayed by a loved one, which led to her unfortunate death. The story goes that a young couple, after an event in the 1960’s, traveled along Riverview Drive during a huge fight. The argument led to the boyfriend kicking Annie out of the car. She searched for help but sadly found herself lost. While hopelessly wandering Riverview Drive, Annie suddenly saw bright lights and was struck by a large pickup truck — killing her instantly.

The gruesome story continues. After she was hit, her dress became tangled in the car and she was dragged along the road, taking off her face. After the incident, something strange began to happen. Every year after the incident, red paint appeared on the road to represent a bloody stain. If you’re a man traveling this road, beware! Annie seeks revenge against men. Once she lures you in, she will trick you into crashing your car.

The Scary Legends That Intrigue Visitors

If you’re crazy enough to visit, keep a close eye out for…

  • Electric failures – No cell reception here! Phones are unusable and other technology fails. It’s been said that spirits mess with cameras and car headlights as well.
  • Orbs, fog and screams – Annie isn’t the only haunt to wander Riverview Drive. In fact, paranormal activity is said to originate from the souls whose bodies are buried in the nearby cemetery. These souls appear as glowing lights, abnormal fog and screams in the distance.

You’ll have to take a trip to see it yourself,  but you can watch a video of a man named Jonathan who travels along the route. See how long you can keep your eyes on the video! A YouTuber, Brittyy44, describes another tale of the story (which is even more gruesome). Brittney has been recording her paranormal experiences for 11 years — including real ghost hunts and investigations at haunted locations. Brittyy44 explains a piece of Annie’s Road’s legend, “They dumped her body on the side of the road and drove off.”

2. Haynesville Woods (Route 2A) – A Death Trap

haunted roads haynesville woods

Location: Aroostook County, MA

Length: 20 miles

Spook Meter: 2.75

We warn you to not visit this curvy road, Haynesville Woods, in the winter, as the conditions have stolen many lives…

Why the Road Is Called a Death Trap

This road used to be heavily driven by semi-trucks carrying potatoes, until the treacherous route proved that no truck should drive through this death trap. The incredibly sad stories of this road record that many trucks have lost control and slid out on the ice during winter, leading to unfortunate losses. Many people pay tribute to these truckers.

A Song Was Dedicated to This Road

Dick Curless, an American country singer, wrote a song dedicated to the stretch of Route 2A. The song is called, “A Tombstone Every Mile,” representing the vast amount of drivers whose trucks have rolled off the road.

The Scary Legends That Intrigue Visitors

If you’re crazy enough to visit, keep a close eye out for…

  • The Little Girl – Visitors to these woods have reported seeing a girl who appears to be around the age of 10. She is said to be the spirit of a girl who was walking along the road in the 1960s and struck by a semi-truck, instantly killing her.
  • The Screaming Woman – The most commonly seen spirit on this road is a woman yelling at passing cars to give her a ride. The story she tells once in your car is that her husband is trapped in a car, stuck from an accident they were both in. She brings a cold energy with her, as said by those who have met her.

Discover more about what haunts Route 2A on Unknowable Ep. 6, as host Justine breaks down each legend, tells stories from those who have visited Haynesville, and covers what we should believe. For about a year, Justine co-hosts Unknowable with her brother to uncover mysteries, unusual occurrences, and the “unknowable”. Justine comments on Route 2A, “It doesn’t seem surprising that there could be a road that would have a high number of deaths that would have these spirits kind of attached to it, kind of roaming around.”

3. U.S. Route 44 – Take a Ride With a Hitchhiking Ghost

haunted roads us route 44

Location: Rehoboth, MA

Length: 237 miles

Spook Meter: 3.0

If you drive by yourself, the haunted hitchhiker will make you feel less alone.

The Haunted Hitchhiker Who Plays Jokes

The hitchhiker we’re referring to is a six-foot tall redhead man with a beard, wearing a flannel jacket. This man appears in plenty of reports about Route 44 — he looks the same but his tricks are always different. Some stories include him appearing in cars or cars running him over. In cases where cars run him over, he suddenly appears in the road, giving the driver no time to stop. The driver will then go straight through the ghost hitchhiker, causing confusion. If he chooses you to be part of his trick, he will repeatedly appear to have you run him over.

The redheaded hitchhiker doesn’t speak to people, he only laughs. As we mentioned, he loves to play tricks on people. You may hear his laughter but not see him sometimes. Supposedly, if you’re driving with three people in the car, he will appear in the empty seat to tag along for the ride briefly. It’s unknown who the man actually is (or was).

The Scary Legends That Intrigue Visitors

If you’re crazy enough to visit, keep a close eye out for…

  • Technical difficulties – Radios, cell phones and anything tech-related will act up when traveling along the route. There are reports of radios being toggled by ghosts, which is most likely the redheaded hitchhiker.
  • Strange animals – These animal sightings are quite creepy. People claim to see mutated animals the size of a dog.

At around 18:00 minutes, Kayla, Maggie and Katie of But, It’s Haunted! dive into the legends of Route 44 on their episode “Rehoboth Massachusetts.” They even play their distorted recordings from when they traveled along the route. The trio of But, It’s Haunted! is Boston based and visits some of New England’s most haunted places — also while talking about the history and their personal experiences of the haunted locations. Of the trio, Katie details a report of Route 44, “One report said that a man was driving…he was doing at least 40 mph and all of a sudden the face of the redhead man was pressed against his windshield and then it vanished.”

4. Archer Avenue – Between a Church and a Cemetery

haunted roads archer avenue

Location: Chicago, IL

Length: 7 miles

Spook Meter: 3.75

On your trip here, you can dance with Resurrection Mary and experience other paranormal activities on Archer Avenue.

The Most Famous Ghost in Chicago, Resurrection Mary

Poor Mary, she simply went out for a night of dancing — now she dances as a ghost and sends chilling energy to those she interacts with. Mary was a young lady who, after a fight with her date in the 1930s, walked home from a ball at the Oh Henry Ballroom (now known as the Willowbrook Ballroom and Banquets). Unfortunately, she was killed in a hit-and-run and her parents placed her body in the Resurrection Cemetery that she now haunts. There have been claims of seeing her on the side of the road, and she may ask you for a ride.

The Mad Monks That Have Tortured Trespassing Teens

St. James of the Sag Church is also known as “Monk’s Castle” for dark reasons. The name was chosen when repeated sightings of monks were reported over the years. These monks dressed in brown robes while chanting in Latin carrying lanterns, but there was no record showing these monks actually existed — phantom monks! There are rumors of curious teenagers who trespass these grounds only to be tortured in dreadful ways — such as being forced to shave their heads and kneel on uncooked rice for hours.

The Scary Legends That Intrigue Visitors

If you’re crazy enough to visit, keep a close eye out for…

  • Phantom carriage – This horse-drawn hearse is driverless and witnesses have reported seeing it carry a coffin with a child inside. Some believe that it was the hearse that transported Resurrection Mary.
  • Maple Lake’s red glowing orb – There is no answer to where this red glowing ghost-like figure comes from, but the light directs paranormal energy along Maple Lake. Maple Lake is historically home to cults, black magic rituals and the corpse of a teenage girl who was missing for years.

If you’re too frightened to visit but want to understand more about Resurrection Mary and who she is, read through Kristy Bowen’s short series of poems, “Archer Avenue,” all based on Mary’s legend. Kristy Bowen is based in Chicago as an author of various types of written works that have appeared online and in print. Kristy speaks on Archer Avenue in her poetry book, “Archer Avenue,” “She was buried in an unmarked grave. In her ball gown.”

5. Kelly Road – Also Known as “Mystery Mile”

haunted roads kelly road

Location: Ohioville, PA

Length: 2 miles

Spook Meter: 4.0

If you start to develop anger and frustration while driving on this road, blame the bad aura.

Why It’s Nicknamed “Mystery Mile”

There is a collection of creepy, disturbing and unwanted happenings along Kelly Road. The bizarre occurrences have led this mile-long road earning its nickname. These occurrences include changing behavior in animals, sudden movements in the shadows and sounds that have no origin. To make the road more mysterious, it curves through dense and dark forest patches.

The Bad Aura of the Road Will Change Behavior

The spirits that lurk the dark woodsy stretch of Kelly Road haunt you from the inside with their bad aura. An aura is an energy field surrounding an area or person. Kelly Road’s aura is fueled with evil energy. The road causes docile animals to become vicious and people to take on horrific moods — both leading to undesired outcomes. Those who don’t believe it may have to see for themselves.

The Scary Legends That Intrigue Visitors

If you’re crazy enough to visit, keep a close eye out for…

  • Native Americans cursed the road – Although it’s still a mystery why this road is haunted, it’s been said that Native Americans cursed this road when the land was stolen from them.
  • Cult rituals – Nowadays, there are rumors of cult activity and rituals occurring in the forests near Kelly Road.

To find more places to be spooked in the area and read more stories about Kelly Road, check out “Ghosts and Haunted Places in Pennsylvania (Paranormal Case Files and Haunted Places Book 1)” by Shannon Jones — an author of paranormal investigations. Or watch The Beaver County Times’ video covering Kelly Road. “Animals go berzerk or act strange, really bizarre animal behavior.” – Thomas White, The Parajournal: Mudlick Hollow and Mystery Miles

6. Shades of Death Road – Roam With Ghosts of the Dead

haunted roads shades of death road

Location: Warren County, NJ

Length: 7 miles

Spook Meter: 4.25

Be wary of souls that have been robbed from spirits, malaria and…cats?!

Why the Road Is Always Dark

The eery and low-hanging branches cast a dark shadow along the whole stretch of this road, making the road dim and a welcoming invitation to unwanted spirits. These branches have a dark past too, as they are said to have been used in a handful of lynchings.

Why Death Is in the Name

Shades of Death Road used to be named “The Shades,” but with the record number of murders that have occurred on this street, “death” was added to the name. Most of these killings went unresolved, but murders weren’t the only cause of death on this road. In the 1850s, a breakout of malaria carried by insects infected a vast amount of people in the area — a tragic epidemic.

The Scary Legends That Intrigue Visitors

If you’re crazy enough to visit, keep a close eye out for…

  • Ghost Lake – The road isn’t the only part that stays true to its name. The countless sightings of mysterious, moving bodies near this lake cause goosebumps and strike fear into those who catch a glimpse. Don’t befriend the ghosts who roam here.
  • Cat Swamp – If you don’t believe in ghosts, then what might scare you is the pack of vicious cats that’s been said to take the lives of travelers along the road. Who’s the scaredy-cat now?

Discover more about what haunts Shades of Death Road on Phil Interrupted Ep. 88, as Phil and his wife record their drive along the road, uncut. Phil Allen is a podcaster of over two years who covers a variety of information including spooky and odd content. As Phil drives Shades of Death Road in Ep.88, he mentions, “The presence of Satan is very much here.” – Phil Allen of Phil Interrupted

7. Clinton Road – The Most Chilling and Terrifying Road

haunted roads clinton road

Location: West Milford, New Jersey

Length: 10 miles

Spook Meter: 5.0

We haven’t spooked you yet? Then brace yourself for a ride on the scariest road in America.

Summon the Ghost Boy by Tossing Coins Into the Lake

It’s said that those who throw a coin over one of the bridges will summon a ghost boy. This ghost boy will return the coin back to you. It’s unknown which bridge along Clinton Road to find the boy, but he’s more likely to come out at night. There is another tale saying if you stand on the bridge, a quarter will drop, and if you bend down to get it, the ghost boy will push you into the lake. He does this to save you from getting hit by a car.

Gruesome Tales That Occur on Clinton Road

The ghost boy might not scare you, but the other terrifying stories will. It’s common for travelers along Clinton Road to witness paranormal activity — such as meeting strange creatures, seeing ghosts, witnessing Satanic witch gatherings, spotting aliens and more ghostly activity.

The Scary Legends That Intrigue Visitors

If you’re crazy enough to visit, keep a close eye out for…

  • Cross Castle – This castle was built in 1905 by Richard J. Cross. In 1919, it burned down, only leaving stone walls intact. These walls now lure evil congregations, such as Satanic worshipers and malicious gatherings. Both of these groups have been said to chase you down if you’re spotted.
  • Dead Man’s Corner – At the very ends of Clinton Road, if you see a cow (dead or alive) or a dead animal of any kind, don’t get out of the car. The legend says that the creatures who put out the animal want to lure you to kill or eat you.
  • Alien activity – UFOs, unearthly activity and unexplained lights are all stories recalled by travelers of Clinton Road. Lights from the sky have been reported to follow your car and very large UFOs hover the forest.

We can’t cover all of the frightening legends that haunt Clinton Road, as there are too many. If you want to paint the picture of America’s most chilling and disturbing road, check out the movie Clinton Road. If you’re a fan of spooky stories, Brian Roesch, a ghost hunting author, describes the road in great detail in his book, “Clinton Road.” “…A back road to Hell.” – Brian Roesh, Clinton Road.


If you’re bold enough to take the risk and travel on each of these historically gruesome roads, don’t say we didn’t warn you. The wicked mysteries will give you goosebumps and leave you with an undesired chill. Rent a car and round up your ghoulish friends searching for a haunt — it’s time to go ghost hunting!

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