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Throughout history, bridges have been significant for helping us get from one land mass to another — bringing people to places previously inaccessible. But these towering structures that rise above valleys, rivers and oceans represent far more than simply a means of getting from point A to point B, they are a testament to human ingenuity, willpower and the ability to overcome nature’s many obstacles.

Of course, all bridges are not the same. They can be long or short, steel or concrete, suspension or arch, thrilling or terrifying. There’s no shortage of these magnificent structures around the world and each of their designs is unique to the area in which they were built. Take the Golden Gate Bridge for example. Its ability to withstand the location’s strong winds, turbulent waters and absorb energy from possible earthquakes allows for 112,000 vehicles to safely cross San Francisco’s bay waters each day.

On the other hand, bridges like Japan’s Eshima Ohashi don’t give you the feeling of safety. At 144 feet high, it allows for ships to pass underneath, but this white-knuckle crossing is better known for its extreme gradients that will make you feel like you’ve hopped on an extreme roller coaster — not for the faint of heart!

It’s no doubt that bridges have captivated travelers for millennia. They’re pieces of history, Instagram-worthy destinations, and in many cases, both scenic and thrilling. So the chance to drive across each of these mammoth structures at some point in your life deserves a spot on your bucket list. We’ve rounded up our list of most memorable bridges and some of the most intriguing facts about them, that will inspire you to plan your road trip and make the journey — just don’t forget to hold your breath!

iconic bridges

Whether you’re in it for the scenic adventure or the thrilling drive, these famous bridges are some of the most memorable crossings around the world. Their various features and historical impacts make them distinct among thousands of notable bridges that are currently in use, so it’s no surprise that driving across all these bridges would make for a bucket list experience and the ultimate road trip goal. We challenge you to see how many you can check off!


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