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People travel to Las Vegas for many reasons. Some are here to see its fabled shows. Others want to check out its many dance clubs. Still others—okay, almost everyone—wants to try their hand at gambling.

But many also come to do that most sacred thing: eat. Since you need to feed no matter what kind of winning streak you’re cultivating, we’ve gathered the best Las Vegas Strip restaurants you have to check out in between games of blackjack.

Best Cafes and Diners

Vegas is perfect for the eater on the go. No, we’re not talking about fast food—for shame! But if you’ve got an important convention to get to, stop by a diner or café to enjoy a hearty meal without worrying about wait times. Vickie’s Diner, located at 1700 S. Las Vegas Blvd., is a perfect place to stop if all you can think about is breakfast. Cram a New York steak and eggs meal down your gullet, followed by a few cups of coffee, and you’ll be ready to face the day.

Are you looking for a diner that’s famous for serving up something called a pot of bread? Of course, you are! That’s one of the reasons you came to this town. So stuff yourself silly at Jamms Restaurant, located at 1029 S Rainbow Blvd. After a long night in the club, at the tables, or doing whatever it is one does in Vegas, there’s nothing better than indulging in cinnamon raisin pot of bread and a French toast breakfast sandwich.

Next, stop by Café Belle Madeleine for a distinctly French experience. Located in the Paris Las Vegas at 3655 Las Vegas Blvd., this charming café is loaded with carb-happy treats like croissants, quiches, and the all-powerful cheese plates. Coffee? They have scores of it in a variety of flavors, along with desserts and smoothies.

Best Sit-Downs

It’s no secret that Las Vegas has a history with the mob—heck, there’s a mob museum that’s located in the old Clark County Courthouse. So of course, there’s a few fine Italian joints serving up dishes that taste like they came straight from the Old Country and Piero’s Italian Cuisine is no exception. The osso bucco is their signature dish and may change your life. Cap it off with a glass of cabernet sauvignon and call it a night.

We can’t talk about the best places to eat on the Las Vegas Strip without hitting its famous sit-down places. Our first stop is Jaleo, located in The Cosmopolitan at 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd. This Spanish tapas restaurant is gorgeous to look at, but don’t focus too hard on its décor—you’ll miss out on the food! Try the Gazpacho estilo Algeciras to start, then be a little daring with the mini pepito de iberico, a miniature burger made from “acorn-fed” Spanish pigs.

Next up, stop by Craftsteak, located at 3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Sitting inside the magnificent MGM Grand, this place has taken cooking steaks to the next level. We’re not talking about some piece of meat grilled on a barbecue and served with a side of mashed taters. Executive chef Tom Colicchio likes to whip up wagyu steaks served with a side of wild mushrooms and potato puree. Bravo, Mr. Colicchio, bravo.

Best Buffet

The buffets on the Las Vegas Strip are legendary; that’s all we need to say about it. Some folks even craft their vacations entirely around hitting as many buffets (and therefore as many calories) as possible. There are far too many of these fine establishments to count, so we’ll just stick with one of our favorites: the Wicked Spoon buffet located inside the Cosmopolitan should be a must-try for you. You want crab legs? They got ’em. You want cocktail shrimp served in a shot glass with a lemon wedge? They got ’em. You want prime rib, macaroni and cheese, seared salmon, and ice cream? They have it all.

Speaking of waiting, why are you still reading this blog? All that food in Las Vegas isn’t going to eat itself. Pick up your car keys and head for Sin City: your next meal awaits!

Suz Baldwin
Suz Baldwin
Suz Baldwin likes history, zombies, and coffee, and any combination of the three. You can usually find her avoiding the sunlight and/or embarking on impromptu road trips with friends.

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