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Driver stereotypes. They’re a real thing.

Our roadways are full of distracted, entertaining and just downright bad drivers. If you’ve ever seen a driver in the next lane applying makeup, dining on the go or juggling a phone call with their dog in their lap, you know what we’re talking about. Being the multitaskers we are, few people focus solely on driving when they’re in the car and instead, spend their drive time in some peculiar ways. Outside of the car, these individuals might seem more sensible, but there are a few personalities on the road that certainly stand out.

Much to our entertainment, and yours, we’re highlighting some of the funniest and most common roadworthy personalities out there to help you cope with their bad driving skills. If you haven’t come across these characters on the road yet, now you’ll know what to look out for. But it’s not just drivers that make your time spent on the road comical, passengers have their own unique quirks.

driver personality

So next time you’re on a cross-country road trip or simply driving around town, keep an eye out for these entertaining drivers. They might not be the safest, but they always make for a good laugh when you need it most.

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