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Renting Locally and Cancellations

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Real life happens, and plans can change even when you least expect them to. So, what will that mean for your car rental booking?

It depends on the option you chose at the time of booking through If you opted to prepay your car rental online when making the reservation, you may be liable to pay a cancellation fee to the rental company directly. This will vary depending on the specific company cancellation policy, and on how far in advance you’re changing your plans. The highest penalty fee is usually charged if you’re canceling within 24 hours of the designated pick-up time. If you think your plans might change, be sure to check “Important Information” on the checkout page.

If you opted to pay at the counter when picking up the rental car, you can easily cancel your booking online through Remember, car rental companies are grateful to drivers who make the effort to cancel well ahead of time, rather than simply not showing up on the designated day. This is why you likely won’t be charged anything, and the process is nice and simple.

Renting a Car Where You Live

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It could be the case that you’re looking to rent a car in the area you live – perhaps because your own car isn’t available for some reason, or you don’t own a set of wheels at the moment. It’s reasonable to assume the process of booking a car rental locally will be exactly the same as booking anywhere else in the country, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, there may be a distinct set of criteria for local bookings, which you may need to be aware of.

These will vary depending on which rental company you’re booking through, so it’s vital to check the terms and conditions carefully before going ahead with your car rental reservation. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask when it comes to local rentals:

  • Is unlimited mileage available with this kind of car rental?
  • Are airport branches of the car rental company unavailable for local drivers?
  • Can local drivers book and pay using a debit card?
  • What taxes are payable for local car rentals?

Remember that the company’s general terms and conditions for car rentals may not necessarily apply if you happen to be local to the area, so it’s important to be clear to avoid being caught out later on.

The information provided in this guide was accurate at the time of publication but is subject to change at any time. Please check your car rental company’s terms for the latest information.


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