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Ah, the American Heartland. The life blood of our country. The perfect place for your family’s next road excursion. Places like The Twin Cities, Chicago, and St. Louis should be marked as for sure stops. But this cozy little section of America holds many other delightful secrets. Follow along below for some of our Midwest road trip ideas.

Day 1 – Minneapolis

It’s day one of your journey through the Midwest and you still don’t have everything. But don’t worry; you’re only 10 miles from the Mall of America in nearby Bloomington, which has just about everything ever. No seriously, you can shop for whatever you need while the kids run wild at the indoor theme park. Oh, and there’s a hot sauce store that sells a type of sauce so hot, they recommend using a pipette to apply it.

Day 2 – Milwaukee

Once you’ve gone nuts shopping at the Mall of America, get everybody back in the car and take Interstate 94 east until you reach Milwaukee. This town isn’t just full of beer, there’s the Harley-Davidson Museum that has replicas of the “Easy Rider” bikes, a gas tank gallery, and an experience gallery where you and the kids can experience what it’s like to ride on a real Harley. Albeit in a simulator, of course.

Day 3 – Chicago

That I-94 is something, isn’t? You know where you’ll end up if you take it south from Milwaukee? “The Windy City,” baby, where deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs will keep you full for days. Enjoy one or both of these delicious delicacies while walking around Lincoln Park Zoo. Check out the new Regenstein Macaque Forest that’s home to a troop of 15 Japanese macaques. They even have a hot tub in their exhibit.

5-Day Road Trip in the Midwest with Family

Gateway Arch - St Louis

Give yourself a round of applause because you just did a three-day road trip to some of the best places to visit in the Midwest. But don’t sell yourself short. We think you, the spouse, and the kids can handle a couple of extra days on the road. Read on.

Day 4 – St. Louis

Aren’t you glad you and the family decided to continue cruising through Middle America? Yeah, we bet you are. Chicago was great, but wait until you go south on Interstate 55 to the “Gateway to the West.” When you’re in St. Louis you go to the Gateway arch, you just do. The kids will love the ride to the top and the views across the west are spectacular.

Day 5 – Kansas City

Do you feel like driving across the entire state of Missouri? Just hop on Interstate 70 and follow the smell of BBQ ribs all the way to Kansas City. Take care of the kids’ building appetites at the legendary Arthur Bryant’s, a BBQ restaurant that’s been serving the community since 1908. Believe us when we tell you that one plate of BBQ anything here may change your life. After filling up on meat, make your way over to the American Jazz Museum. You and the family will be able to enjoy the Jazz Masters Exhibit, the wall of famous album art and The Blue Room.

7-Day Road Trip in the Midwest with Family

Midwestern Corn Field

Five days went by quick didn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be over with yet. Check out these other Midwest road trip destinations and extend your journey into a seven day trek.

Day 6 – Omaha

It’s now day 6 and you’ve made it all the way to Omaha so now what? Well, one thing you can do with the whole gang is check out the Old Market neighborhood. Get your hands on some righteous antiques from the Flying Worm Vintage antique store, then show your sweet tooth some love at the Old Market Candy Shop and retire for the day at one of the old warehouses that’s been turned into a swanky hotel.

Day 7 – Des Moines

Day 7 and Des Moines is where you’re heading. East on Interstate 80 for a couple of hours and voila! If you happen to be travelling through “The Hawkeye State” during mid-August, you must make a stop at the Iowa State Fair. Nothing will make the kids happier than filling up on deep fried Snickers® and then taking a spin on the Ferris wheel. Try to get there at the beginning of the Fair so you and the family can catch the Iowa State Fair Parade. A beautiful spectacle it is.

Heart Warming in the Heartland

It’s hard to decide what your next trip with the whole family should be, but we’re pretty sure one of the best things to do is load up in the car and hit the road. Hopefully you’ve taken some of our advice for Midwest road trip ideas and are packing the car as we speak.