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Plane flights are great aren’t they? They get you from A to B in no time. You’re comfortable for the most part. And you get to see the landscape from a perspective you don’t experience every day. But you don’t get a feel for the land from high in the air. That’s why road trips are perfect. Especially a deep south road trip because if you’re like the majority of us, your only Southern knowledge is what you saw in “Forrest Gump.” Maybe it’s time to see it for yourself. The family will love it.

3-Day Road Trip in the South with Family

Day 1 – Nashville

When the alarm clock goes off early in the morning, don’t throw it through the wall. It means your road trip through the South is about to begin and it’s beginning in Nashville. Get the kids, spouse, and luggage loaded up and head straight for the Pantheon in Centennial Park. The kids will get a kick out of the full-scale replica and it may even trick them into thinking they’ve been transported to Greece.

Day 2 – Chattanooga

When the music stops in Nashville, head southeast on Interstate 24 and a quick 2-hour drive later you’ll be in Chattanooga. Take the whole family up the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway to access some of the area’s best attractions. See the underground waterfalls at Ruby Falls, Cavern Castle, and Rock City. Legend has it you can see seven states from Lover’s Leap, a lookout point within Rock City.

Day 3 – Asheville

Alright, you’ve spent enough time in Tennessee. Get back on I-24 east, then merge onto Interstate 75 north before getting off on U.S. Route 74 east. We know that’s a mouthful, but it’ll get you to where you’re going, which is Asheville. Want to know what the biggest privately owned house in America looks like? Check out the Biltmore Estate where tours of the house and surrounding grounds are given daily. Make a pit-stop at the winery that used to be the dairy barn.

5-Day Road Trip in the South with Family

Appalachian Highway

Just look at everything you accomplished in three days. Can you imagine what you could do with a couple extra days? Well, don’t imagine it, do it. Chalk up more city visits during a 5-day excursion through the South.

Day 4 – Charleston

From one Carolina to the other, Interstate 26 south will get you from Asheville all the way down to “Chucktown.” Want to get lost on a historical plantation? Literally lost? Head over to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens for a trek through the horticulture maze. Don’t worry, it’s easy so the kids will have no trouble finding their way out. After you emerge from the maze, hit the petting zoo and make new friends with the local goats.

Day 5 – Savannah

Charleston was fun, but it’s time to get moving again. Take U.S. Route 17 south to Interstate 95 and drive for a couple of hours until you end up in Savannah. You shouldn’t have to drive yourself around the city, you’re on vacation. Take a tour of the city the traditional way, by a horse-drawn carriage. You’ll pass through the historic Forsyth Park, Reynolds Square, and the Sorrel Weed House. It’s hard to beat the clip-clop sound of horse hooves on cobble stone streets.

7-Day Road Trip in the South with Family

Atlanta City Scape

We know it’s been a long five days jaunting “about Dixie,” but we also know how much fun you’ve been having. So why not keep the fun going with just a few more days. You can’t go to Georgia without seeing the capital and since Alabama is just over the border, might as well go there too.

Day 6 – Atlanta

We’re happy you’ve decided to go the distance on this road trip through Dixie. What happens when you combine I-16 west with I-75 north? You end up in Atlanta and you know what’s in Atlanta? The World of Coca-Cola®. It’s a museum showcasing the history of the famed beverage company. You’ll be able to see Coca-Cola memorabilia ranging from the time the company was founded to today. And don’t forget to make your way into the product tasting center and have the kids fill up on more soda pop they ever thought was possible.

Day 7 – Birmingham

Well, you’ve made it. The last leg of one of the best road trips in the South is upon you in the form of I-20 west. After an easy 2-hour drive from Atlanta, you’ll be in the marvelous city of Birmingham. Teach the kids the history of the Civil Rights Movement with a trip to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. It’s a powerful and moving experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Another Dixieland Delight

Plane flights are for the unimaginative and that’s something you and your family certainly are not. You guys are free spirits who like nothing more than throwing darts at a map and hitting the road. A lot of those darts landed in our southern states and an idea popped in your head. An idea for a deep south road trip. We’re here to tell you to leave now.