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We know you’ve always wondered what jaunting up the Interstate 95 corridor would be like. How long would it take? How far should you go? What cities should you see? Well, we’re here to tell you that an East Coast road trip is exactly what the family needs for the next vacation. If you do it right, you can drive through 14 states over thousands of miles. Can we interest you in something like that? Pick up a cozy rental car and hit the road.

3-Day Road Trip Up the East Coast with Family

Take a second to admire the map of the United States that hangs on your garage wall. The multi-colored pins lining the East Coast hot spots look like a rainbow has settled over it. There’s so many destinations to hit on your way up the Interstate 95 corridor, but don’t panic. Read below for some great East Coast road trip ideas.

Day 1 – Miami

Pack up the car in Miami because that’s going to be your jumping off point for this excursion. But before you hit the road in stride, take the whole family to Jungle Island where you and the kids can enjoy an interactive experience with animals such as military macaws, gibbons, and white-face capuchins. That’s right, you can hold these fuzzy little critters like you do your stuffed animals back home. Just make sure to retrieve your pocket contents from those little monkey fingers.

Day 2 – Daytona Beach

It’d be hard to go south from Miami unless you’re headed to the Keys, so hop on Interstate 95 and open up the throttle. A quick 4-hour drive north will bring you to Daytona Beach, “The Spring Break Capital of the World.” Now, with kids in tow, spring breaks of yore might be out of the picture, but that shouldn’t stop you from paying a visit to Daytona International Speedway. A tour of the legendary race track is perfect for the whole family. You’ll be able to explore the archives where one of the largest collections of race trophies, race cars, and driver memorabilia is housed. Get on the VIP Tour for a chance to take a lap around the oval.

Day 3 – Charleston

Day 3 is here and yup, you’re still on I-95. That’s because it passes right through Charleston, South Carolina, the next stop on your East Coast cities to visit. Why should it be your next stop? Because when you get there, walking the grounds of Fort Suter is a must. It’s a perfect place to teach the kids a little American Civil War history. After all, the first shots of the war were fired here. When the history lesson is done, make your way over to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Bring the whole family into the horticulture maze for a friendly game of “who can make it out first.” Here’s also a marsh tour and if you’re lucky, you may be able to spot an alligator.

5-Day Road Trip Up the East Coast with Family

Washington DC

Let’s face it, three days driving up the East Coast just isn’t enough. You want more. You need more. Here’s some more ideas for extended East Coast family road trips.

Day 4 – Washington D.C.

Wave good bye to Charleston as it shrinks in your rear-view mirror and put on your best baby-kissing face because you’re going to Washington, D.C. First thing you’re going to want to do in our nation’s capital is to shuffle the family over to the National Museum of American History. One of the more impressive exhibits is on the second floor where the Star Spangled Banner Flag is located. Be sure to remove your cap and place is over your heart while you sing the National Anthem in your head.

Day 5 – New York City

Wow, this I-95 is a godsend. You never have to get off it during your journey up the right coast. From D.C. it’ll take you straight to New York City. But before you get there, stop off in Philadelphia for a cheesesteak to hold you over for the rest of the drive. Once you arrive in “The Big Apple,” make your way up to the 86th floor observatory of the Empire State Building. Don’t worry, there won’t be any giant ape at the top swinging wildly at airplanes.

7-Day Road Trip Up the East Coast with Family

Well, you’ve made it all the way from Miami, through the states of Georgia, both Carolina’s, Virginia and the rest of the beltway states and ended up in New York. What do you say we just keep on going? Follow below.

Day 6 – Boston

You’ve got a four hour drive north from New York City to Boston so there’s plenty of time to practice dropping your R’s. Let’s get back in history mode shall we? Bring the whole family for a walk down the historic Freedom Trail. This 2-mile long trail host some of the most important sites in American history. Such sites include Boston Common, Old South Meeting House, Paul Revere House, and the Bunker Hill Monument. Can you get more American than that?

Day 7 – Portland

Portland Maine

Well, here we are, Portland, Maine, the final destination on your long driving excursion. After all of those miles, you guys will no doubt be hungry so get down to the Portland waterfront and bury your face in everything that has to do with lobster: Lobster rolls. Full lobsters. Lobster tails. Lobster bisque. Anything else you can think to put lobster on do it and eat it. When your appetite is taken care of, end the trip with an evening cruise around Casco Bay and bid adieu to you and the family’s 7-day road trip up the East Coast.

Miami to Maine or Anywhere in Between

There’s perhaps no other place you bond better with someone than driving for hours in a car. Now, it’s you and your family so we imagine all of you will be pretty well acquainted with each other already, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn more. An East Coast road trip is the perfect canvas for adding to your family story.