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Owning a jazzy sports car like the ones you used to draw in your school notebooks has been a dream of yours for years. Alright, maybe you’re not too worried about owning one, but we know you’ve at least thought of driving one. We’re talking about the vehicles you see on the cover of “Car and Driver” and the ones in “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” Imagine firing up one of those pretty ladies on a downtown street in one of America’s best cities. Follow along and we’ll tell you about the best cities to drive sports cars in.

Sun, Celebrities, and Fast Cars – Los Angeles, CA

It’s LA, baby! Movie stars and well-off business tycoons are about as common here as fake tans and kale smoothies. And the cars they drive? Nothing fake about them. You too can drive one of those bad boys. All you have to do is rent one and then hit the Sunset Strip with the windows down and your left arm dangling out the window. You’ll look like you just hopped off the big screen. Give a couple of extra engine revs at the stoplight to show the people you mean business. After all, driving a sporty vehicle in a beautiful city is what dreams are made of.

Horses Loose on the Strip – Las Vegas, NV

Remember the scene in “Rain Man” when Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are cruising Las Vegas Boulevard in a 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible? Las Vegas and flash go hand-in-hand so you’ve got to rent a loud sports car. Picture yourself behind the wheel of, let’s say, something a guy with the first name of Enzo built. Your car’s brilliant red paint job will shine brighter than the neon marquees as you cruise steadily down The Strip.

No Carpets in The Magic City, Only Fast Cars – Miami, FL

Hooray! You’ve made to it South Florida. Now get in a car with above-average speed, a very bright paint job, and a drop-top. Once your wheels are in motion, cross the MacArthur Causeway onto Florida State Road A1A and hang a left on Ocean Drive. You’ve seen this street in countless movies: “Bad Boys,” “Bad Boys 2,” and “Scarface”. It’s the one that runs in between the turquoise Atlantic Ocean and the art deco styled buildings painted in pastel colors. What could be better than driving a fancy vehicle down an iconic street as the South Florida sun kisses your skin?

In Conclusion, Drive a Sports Car

So there you have it, the top 3 cities to drive sports cars in. You get behind the wheel of a show-pony sports car and you’ll be first class as soon as you start the engine.