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Some people would say that convertibles are so yesterday, but they are highly mistaken. Convertibles were cool then, they’re cool now, and they will be cool 100 years from now. Especially when they can fly. But since we’re not quite at that point yet and where we’re going we still need roads, here are some ideas for scenic road trips with a convertible car.

Aloha From “The Valley Isle” – Hana, Maui

Welcome to Maui! Can’t you smell the pineapple in the air? Anyways, once you get behind the wheel of your convertible rental, find your way from Kahului onto Hawaii Route 36, also known as the Hana Highway. You’ll wind your way through dense tropical rainforest, tiptoe on the edge of cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean, and pass waterfalls straight out of “Jurassic Park.”  With the trade winds blowing your hair every which way, this is definitely one of the best places to drive a convertible car.

Hana Highway

Fore!!! – Monterey, CA

The next best place to take your top off for a drive is back across the Pacific Ocean. In Monterey, California, to be exact. There’s a scenic stretch of road in the posh community of Pebble Beach known as 17-Mile Drive. You’ll pass mansions that rival Richie Rich’s, snake in and out ocean coves, and cruise by many well-known golf courses like Pebble Beach – the place where Tiger Woods made the field of professionals look like high school freshman during the 2000 U.S. Open.

Here Comes the Sun – Kalispell, MT

Let’s continue this quest across the country by way of epic road trips, shall we? Deep in “Big Sky Country” lies Glacier National Park, home to Going-to-the-Sun Road. The sheer beauty of this 50-mile stretch of pavement is almost indescribable so I’ll go ahead and describe it. It crosses the entire length of the park from the entrance gate in the west to the one in the east and reaches a maximum elevation of 6,646 feet. The cool thin air on your face feels like a natural facial.

Montana - Going to the Sun

Wasting Away in Margaritaville – Marathon, FL

From cruising the open road over mile above sea level to opening up throttle just feet from its surface, that’s where you’ll find yourself when you traverse the Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon, Florida. Opened in 1982, the bridge travels, you guessed it, 7 miles, connecting Knight’s Key to Little Duck Key. It will appear like you’re driving into the Bermuda Triangle, but trust us, you’ll hit land eventually. A margarita in hand and feet in the sand is what awaits you once you park.

Seven Mile Bridge

Say Hello to the Badlands – Black Hills, South Dakota

Rounding out our list, we’re going to be taking you through the Black Hills of South Dakota. This area is home to notorious frontier towns like Spearfish, Sturgis, and Deadwood – they made a great television show about the latter. You think Dakota and the image in your head is probably of never ending wheat fields, but not in this part of the state. There’s a well-known granite wall with the faces of four United States Presidents on it. We like to call Mount Rushmore.

Go Topless

There’s nothing like the wind blowing your hair every which way while you thunder down a postcard road. We hope we’ve given you some idea about the best convertible drives in cities and you’re inspired to let the horses out.

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