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There are few things in the world that embody a sense of adventure more than a car. You can go almost anywhere—the mountains, the beach, the desert—anytime, for as long as you’d like. But usually when you arrive you hunker down in a swanky hotel for about a week and relax the days away. And who could argue with that?

Well, we could argue with that. You don’t even have to exit the vehicle to have an incredible experience. As a part of our adventure series, we’ve gathered seven towns that are ideal for enjoying an adventure without ever having to leave the comfort of your automobile. There’s drive-in movie theaters and restaurants, scenic nature drives, and quaint downtown main streets. Ready. Set. Go.

Wide angle shot of a dirt road at sunset

1. 66 Drive-In

Carthage, Missouri

Population: 14,309

Route 66 drive in theatre marquee in Carthage, MO

The world-famous Route 66 cuts through the southwestern Missouri town of Carthage like moonshine through a still. And sharing the same name as America’s Main Street is the 66 Drive-In. This classic joint hosts double-features every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, making it a perfect weekend pit stop during your journey.

2. Starlight Drive-In

Atlanta, Georgia

Population: 472,522

The Varsity parking lot in Atlanta GA

You may think a big city like Atlanta is nothing but corporate chains, but wait until you get here. Park your rental car 30-feet from the screen at the Starlight Drive-In and enjoy the feature of the night. Your appetite will no doubt be uncontrollable by the time the end credits roll, so make your way to The Varsity. A burger with a side of onion rings and strawberry shake is all you need.

3. Hatcher Pass Scenic Drive

Anchorage, Alaska

Population: 298,695

Glenn Highway - Hatcher Pass Scenic Drive, Anchorage AK

If there’s ever a place to take a scenic drive with your awesome rental car, it’s America’s 49th state. Anchorage, Alaska, to be specific. Point that whip of yours north on Glenn Highway and cruise along until you get to the mouth of the Hatcher Pass Scenic Drive. Step out of the car for a few photos before climbing back in and going for an unforgettable adventure through the last frontier.

4.Main Street

Deadwood, South Dakota

Population: 1,264

Businesses on Main Street in Deadwood, SD

Instead of living in the past and riding a horse down Deadwood’s Main Street, South Dakota, go for a cruise in a fashionable rental car. You’ll pass by historic landmarks like the original location of the Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon (where Wild Bill Hickok played his last hand) and the Silverado Franklin Hotel. Be sure to stop in Deadwood Legends Steakhouse located inside the Franklin for the biggest plate of prime rib you’ve ever seen.

5. The Original Sonic Drive-In

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Population: 49,504

Original SONIC® Drive In sign in Stillwater, OK

We know you love those SONIC® commercials. The ones with those two guys cracking jokes at each other’s expense while chowing down on delicious food. Now’s your chance to pay homage to those goofballs by stopping at the original SONIC® Drive-In at 215 North Main Street. Stay in your car while a roller skating waiter brings you a tray of cheeseburgers, shakes, and tater tots. Now that’s service.

6. Main Street

Beacon, New York

Population: 14,271

Beacon Theatre Marquee in Beacon, NY at night

The red brick buildings that line both sides of the asphalt make Beacon, New York’s, Main Street one of the most charming in the Empire State. General stores, gift shops, cafes, and antique showrooms occupy the storefronts, giving you a multitude of options for fun. And if you fancy yourself a jazz fan, the Town Crier Café is the place to be.

7. Litchfield Landscapes Scenic Drive

Litchfield, Connecticut

Population: 1,213

Litchfield Landscapes scenic drive, Litchfiled, CT, in the fall

Start your day off with breakfast at Patty’s Restaurant before setting off on the Litchfield Landscapes Scenic Drive. Take Route 63 North and make a pit stop at Sunset Meadow Vineyards—that bottle of wine will come in handy. Keep this northerly trend going before veering west on Route 4. Stop off at Tyler Lake and enjoy a picnic by the shoreline. Remember that bottle of vino?

Take your next trip in a slightly different direction by getting out of the car as little as possible. Take in the next big action flick while scarfing cheeseburgers from a window tray. Or go for a drive through scenery so beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s real.

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