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Where is Tokushima?

We totally understand. You're itching to fling your gear in the trunk and start your trip to Tokushima. But before you jump into the driver's seat, let us give you a few details about the place. This part of Japan is home to approximately 267,3 people. If you're eager to discover what exciting things there are to do here, you could always steer your rental car in the direction of one of the popular hangouts in town and chat to some of the friendly locals.

Where are the best road trip destinations in Tokushima?

There's nothing quite like the comfort and ease of having your own rental car. Tokushima has some wonderful destinations, and you deserve to enjoy them all at your own speed. Aim to include as many of this country's most exciting spots on your vacation itinerary as you can:

  • Tokushima
  • Miyoshi
  • Minami
  • Kaiyo

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