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What are the major attractions in South Nowra?

The wider region is known for having some great snowboarding and skiing. So why don't you hop into a car, fill your lungs with fresh, clean air and get close to nature?

What are the best road trip destinations near South Nowra?

Want to see what's happening in nearby Willow Vale? What's 16 miles when you've got your own set of wheels? Anyway, the journey there is half the fun! After you've stretched those legs and had something to eat, it'll be time to experience the sights. We suggest starting your trip with the Crooked River Winery, Kiama Blowhole and the Berry Museum. The locals will also likely point you towards Sussex Inlet, 16 miles away. If you've only got time for one thing here, make sure it's Paradise Beach Reserve. (But we're also huge fans of the Saint Georges Basin Country Club and Bherwerre Beach.)

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