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Where is Aiko District?

Before you pick up the keys to your rental car and head off into the sunset, let us help you with some basic facts about Aiko District.

From central Sagamihara, Aiko District lies 8 miles to the southwest.

Sagamihara has a population of approximately 650,000. So, if you're looking at heading off on a road trip while you're staying in Aiko District, you're bound to cross paths with some wonderful new people.

What are the major attractions in Aiko District?

Venture into the wider Sagamihara region and reconnect with nature with a few activities like mountain biking. If you'd like more, don't miss the chance to try hiking as well.

What are the best road trip destinations near Aiko District?

Searching for cool places to check out close by? Head 2 miles from Aiko District and you'll find yourself in Kiyokawa. Whether you visit for the entire day or just an afternoon, there'll be plenty to keep you busy.

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