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Advantage car rentals in Memphis: All you need to know

If you want to see everything Memphis has to offer, there is no better way to do so from behind the wheel of a rental car from Advantage. Don't waste time waiting for the bus or hailing taxis to go to the sights. When you have access to your own ride, you can go wherever you want to go, when you want. Make your upcoming trip to Tennessee even more enjoyable with an Advantage car rental.

Why drive with

Memphis has over half a million people, meaning this area is just sizable enough for a little excitement. Guests come to check out Memphis's storied past and Pleasant winters. Whatever you pick to do first, you'll want to take in as much of Memphis as you can during your stay. You'll be able to explore of this city once you get the keys to your Advantage rental car.

We work with many of the finest businesses in the world, like Advantage, to not only get you the car you want for your future family's vacation, but also the best price. Advantage is known for their success in supplying visitors with the best vehicles. We can help your journey get off to a great start.

What you need to know before you go

How do I get the best rates on a Memphis Advantage rental car? always tries to get you the lowest price, whether you book. However, getting your car well ahead of your trip can help you save even more. Be sure to keep the car under one driver's name and go over the mileage policy to avoid any surprise fees.

Do I need to bring anything special when I get my rental car in Memphis?

Be sure to present your driver's license and a credit card in your name.

What's Memphis's minimum age to rent a car?

Advantage's minimum age to rent a car in Memphis is 21. Some rentals, especially higher category vehicles (luxury, SUVs, etc.), may have an additional fee if you are under 25. Make sure to check Advantage's policies to determine if there is an additional cost before you book.

Is there a particular vehicle I should get for my trip to Memphis?

That depends on how many people you are traveling with and what activities you want to do in Memphis. Compact or economy cars are easier to park and great for short drives. If you are traveling with colleagues or family, then a SUV or a sedan is going to have enough room for all of you and provide a more comfortable ride. Those looking for a touch of luxury on their Memphis getaway can choose a higher-end car model like a Cadillac or Audi or similar.

Do I need insurance when I rent a car in the United States?

In the United States you do need to have insurance before you rent a car. Although many of the major card issuers, like Visa and MasterCard, provide some coverage, there are usually restrictions. For instance, they may not cover your rental car if you book a larger or luxury vehicle. Make sure to check credit card issuer's policy before you decide. Otherwise, as a United States citizen, you can book Collision Damage Coverage through at checkout.

Do I need to pay a deposit when I book my Advantage car rental?

Advantage does require a deposit when you book your rental. Advantage will block the deposit on your credit once you book your rental for your trip. Please note that the deposit may vary greatly based on the make and model of the vehicle.

Do I have to full up the tank before I take my car back to Advantage?

At, we advise a full to full policy. You pick up your Advantage rental with a full tank, and you will want to refuel up to the amount you picked the car up with. For a cheaper rate, it is best to fill up your tank before you return the car to Advantage. Stations close to airports or car rental places tend to have higher prices.

Why should I get unlimited miles?

Memphis has over half a million people, so there should be plenty to do. Unlimited miles allow you to see what else Tennessee has to offer worry free.

Does Advantage offer one-way rentals in Memphis?

Advantage offers one-way rentals in most cases. You may find it more convenient to return your rental at a different Advantage. However, there is typically an additional charge when you opt for one-way.

Reserve your ride today!

With so much to do and see in Memphis, having your own set of wheels lets you explore at your own pace. When you are ready to check out more of Tennessee, you can go when you want to, without trying to wave down a taxi or sign up for a ride-share.

Before your next getaway, book your Advantage Memphis rental car and visit all the items on your itinerary at your leisure. Book with and hit the open road in Memphis, Tennessee.

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