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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
08/09/2006 Thrifty 02/07/2006 JIM D. HNL Thanks for the vehicle; you were the only rental company that could find a 12 passenger van.
07/21/2006 Budget 02/18/2006 MARIA T. SEA i would highly recommend to all my friends.
08/02/2006 ACE 03/02/2006 ROBIN S. LAX Very easy and a great value. Thanks.
08/08/2006 Budget 04/02/2006 INGRID W. PHF Thank you. The vehicle just added to final touch to a wonderful vacation.
03/01/2007 Dollar 04/04/2006 JOHN M. SFO Very satisfied with every aspect of the car rental.
08/17/2006 National 04/13/2006 KENNETH T. OGG To the entire staff and management of National and CarRentals, Thank you very much.
07/30/2006 National 04/18/2006 ELIZABETH F. ANC Thanks. Have used before and always have been pleased.
08/08/2006 Thrifty 04/25/2006 SHITAL M. ABQ Great experience. Will be renting in future from CarRentals and Thrifty only. Thanks
10/03/2006 Budget 04/26/2006 DAVID P. MLI Price and experince couldn't be beat. Great!!
08/03/2006 Thrifty 04/26/2006 MARGARET B. MCO Thank you very much for a terrific car rental experience through, and for a great rate!! We would definitely rent through you again and avoid the hassles of calling several companies for comparative rate shopping.
08/22/2006 E-Z Rent-A-Car 04/27/2006 ROGER P. MCO excellent experience-thank you-we will be back next year!
08/03/2006 Thrifty 05/04/2006 OUDAVONE K. MCO Exellent services A++++++
08/07/2006 ACE 05/08/2006 TERRENCE M. MYR We were very pleased with our car rental with Ace in Myrtle Beach. The whole process was quick and the staff was very helpful. We would definitely use them again. gave us a very good rate and I would recommend them very highly to anyone.
08/03/2006 Dollar 05/15/2006 RON M. YOW We were very pleased. Many thanks, Ron
10/17/2006 E-Z Rent-A-Car 05/18/2006 JOAN D. MIA the car rental was superb
07/18/2006 Thrifty 05/20/2006 CLINT P. SJC Thank you for such great service, we were very happy.
07/18/2006 ACE 05/23/2006 DALLAS L. YYZ Very pleased with the ease of making the reservation and getting to see all of the options that you can have when using Was very pleased with the result of my trip.
07/26/2006 ACE 05/25/2006 LUIS D. SJU I have rented with ACE (Charlie's Car Rental) for a few years already and have received the upmost quality and service. ACE is the top choice for my car rental service when traveling to Puerto Rico.
08/23/2006 Budget 05/26/2006 EMMIE L. CHS Everything went smoothly again. Would definitely use CarRentals and Budget again
07/29/2006 Dollar 05/28/2006 SANDY R. TPA Your Staff was great! Outstanding. I loved the car.
08/16/2006 US Rent-A-Car 05/29/2006 ILONA B. LAS Very Friendly service even though they were extremely busy, they were also very fast. Just a great experience all around.
07/21/2006 ACE 05/30/2006 WAYNE M. LAX Outstanding rental experience - THANKS!
01/02/2007 Alamo 06/07/2006 BONNIE K. FLL The whoe process with your company and alamo was superb: easy to arrange, simple to find, excellent in quality and care of the car, and a good price. thanks!!!
08/15/2006 Thrifty 06/07/2006 ELIZABETH A. DTW The entire staff was marvelous. Yes we definitely will rent from Thrifty again. Thanks again for the wonderful service.
01/01/2007 Thrifty 06/07/2006 CYNTHIA P. RSW Great experience! Good value, good car! thanks!
12/26/2006 Dollar 06/08/2006 DAVE B. FLL The rental agent was the most accommodating,friendly, and competent car rental agent I have ever encountered and I let her know that. The rental experience at Dollar was Great!
08/05/2006 Dollar 06/11/2006 GERALD S. RNO Nice, quick and easy. We are very satisfied.
08/22/2006 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/11/2006 KENNETH C. MIA Great Company
08/03/2006 Thrifty 06/12/2006 CARLOS M. MCO Excellent service!!!!
08/03/2006 Enterprise 06/13/2006 CHRISTIAN S. SMF The very best experience that I have ever had and will recommend to friends and family.
07/27/2006 U-Save 06/13/2006 DAWN A. MCO We were very pleased with the car and it performed great. I'm going to keep your number in my Favorites.
08/03/2006 Fox 06/14/2006 MAGED A. LAX It was a wonderfull experience renting from Fox. The service was exellent and the staff cares about customer.
08/13/2006 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/19/2006 SANTA R. MCO thank u so much We loved the pc crusier
09/06/2006 ACE 06/19/2006 BREE S. LAX We decided at the very last minute to cancel our car rental and I was so impressed by the ease at which we were able to cancel it. No charges, no arguements, no rude employees. THANK YOU!
07/18/2006 Alamo 06/20/2006 ROBIN L. MFR I found the whole process very easy to use and quick to get my car and get my vacation going.
08/11/2006 Enterprise 06/21/2006 HELEN R. LIT Thanks for a great experience!
08/05/2006 Budget 06/21/2006 THOMAS S. TRI Great Service. Thanks.
08/06/2006 Rent 4 Less 06/21/2006 CARL T. SNA Excellant, The driver in the shuttle was fantastic and so friendly, the children were impressed with how nice he was to them. A big plus in my book. The office personnel were very nice as well , I am glad we chose your place to rent a car from. Thank You
12/19/2006 Budget 06/22/2006 FRANK L. SJC A+ all the way...
10/03/2006 Dollar 06/22/2006 HARRIET K. JAX The location at the Jacksonville airport was perfect.....our whole experience with Dollar was excellent.....
07/19/2006 Thrifty 06/23/2006 MICHELLE C. DCA The Thrifty staff members was excellent and very knowledgeable. I drove away in a Chrysler Town and Country Minivan. It was excellent on gas!!!
08/30/2006 ACE 06/23/2006 ROGER M. MYR I was very impressed with your service. I will certainly rent from you again.
07/24/2006 National 06/24/2006 ANNA L. APF loved using and have referred friends already. it was so easy! Thanks.
07/28/2006 Dollar 06/26/2006 C HOKU B. LAS Keep up the great service and rates!! I loved it!
08/29/2006 ACE 06/27/2006 KATHERINE D. LAX CarRentals made renting online very easy. :-)
08/14/2006 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/27/2006 ALINA C. MCO Excellent service and rate!!!
07/24/2006 U-Save 06/28/2006 KEVIN L. FLL Very efficient, good deal
08/04/2006 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/28/2006 SUSAN T. DFW And I have already arranged for a van in Orlando for December. Thanks
07/20/2006 Rent 4 Less 06/29/2006 RAHAT F. 19367_CV Very friendly customer service. Very good rates and experience.
08/20/2006 Rent 4 Less 06/29/2006 FELIX F. SNA My compliments to the staff at Rent-4-Less, especially Phillip my pickup and return person. I enjoyed his candid and informative conversation and he is a definite asset to that company.. truly a blessing on my visit for my son's wedding in San Clemente. Thanks!!
09/05/2006 Alamo 07/02/2006 DENNIS S. HNL I got a great rate from
08/18/2006 Alamo 07/03/2006 THOMAS K. MYR Everything was fantastic. I would recommend your company to my friends.
10/03/2006 Enterprise 07/03/2006 JOYCE M. BDL Great job on everything. Thank you.
08/06/2006 Thrifty 07/04/2006 LESLIE M R. CRP The overall experience was absolutely WONDERFUL! The staff especially Miguel was friendly, helpful, & just had wonderful customer service. People like him - just make you want to come back. Thanks for making my stay in Corpus Christi with the wonderful car a memmorable one.
08/07/2006 Budget 07/05/2006 J A. PHF Best service I'll received in years. Thanks
08/17/2006 ACE 07/05/2006 ROBERT S. MCI I really liked the comparison chart that showed how many people and how much luggage we could take. I consider your website a valuable resource.
08/23/2006 US Rent-A-Car 07/05/2006 WANDA W. LAS The rental price was excellence.
07/21/2006 Thrifty 07/05/2006 ELIZABETH B. MCO My experience with was outstanding. Everything was what I expected and more. This experience helped to make my vacation in Florida enjoyable. Thank you.
07/24/2006 Rent 4 Less 07/06/2006 ROGER M. SNA Great people at check out!!
07/18/2006 Dollar 07/07/2006 GEORGE G. RDU Excellent job from start to finish
07/18/2006 Avis 07/07/2006 ALISON L. A7V The staff at Avis was friendly, especially the guy on duty on Sunday afternoon 7/16/2006, who helped me retrieve an item I later realized I left in the car. Above and beyond the call of duty.
07/19/2006 Thrifty 07/07/2006 MARISSA L. LAS Services you provide is absolutely fantastic and is a service to consumers. Thank you.
07/26/2006 Thrifty 07/07/2006 PATRICK C. DUB Great service!!!
07/31/2006 E-Z Rent-A-Car 07/07/2006 JOANNE R. MIA The service was excellent - both the counter staff and the shuttle driver. Our car level was upgraded for free and our initial quote was honored. Great experience - will definitely recommend and use EZ Rent again for our annual trip.
08/01/2006 ACE 07/07/2006 KEVIN B. FLL The deal seemed too good to be true, but everything went very smoothly and we received everything we were promised. The whole experience from begining to end was enjoyable and easy.
08/24/2006 Enterprise 07/07/2006 ROYCE H. PWM the Enterprise staff in Portland, Maine went out of their way to treat us great!
08/07/2006 US Rent-A-Car 07/08/2006 DAVID H. LAS the people were great and i would let everyone know about them they were cheaper than everyone else by at least $80.00 thank you u.s. rent-a-car dave h
08/11/2006 Rent 4 Less 07/08/2006 DEBBIE V. SNA Thanks for a great job. Will remember you for future travels.
07/29/2006 Thrifty 07/08/2006 BARBARA J. LAS The car was great - the service was excellent and fast - the shuttle was very convenient and courtious Thanks for a great experience and I will rent for your company anytime.
07/20/2006 ACE 07/08/2006 KAREN T. ORD This has been the best car rental experience we've ever had!
07/20/2006 Enterprise 07/09/2006 BRIAN P. MIA Had a great trip and easy pickup or car rental. Thanks.
07/29/2006 US Rent-A-Car 07/09/2006 DENISE K. LAS Dealing with and US Rent-a-Car was a wonderful experience and I would certainly use both services again. Thank you!
08/06/2006 Thrifty 07/09/2006 RROK G. FL9 Very Good car and very good price. THANKS.
08/06/2006 Thrifty 07/10/2006 JENNY A. OOL Thanks for your great vehical as without this we wouldnt have been able to go to the places we wanted to see.To end it off we were sitting at Coolengatta beach & got to see a whale leaping out of the ocean That seemed to be a bonus as was totally unexpected Thanks so much for your great services once again
07/18/2006 Enterprise 07/10/2006 HUDSON F. FWA Good price, good service....what's not to like?
08/09/2006 ACE 07/10/2006 JANE T. LAS Thank-you for your involvment in our trip
07/27/2006 Thrifty 07/10/2006 DELIAH B. MG1 My experience with CarRentals was just great. In the near future I will rent again. Thanks again
07/24/2006 Rent 4 Less 07/10/2006 VALERIE N. ONT it was great!!! The car ran perfect!!! I would like to have your mechanic work on my car! I'm really very happy with my rental! It was wonderful! I will rent again w/rent 4 less!!!
08/15/2006 Budget 07/10/2006 ANGELA D. ISP The service was professional and efficient, and I liked that they followed up with reminders. I will most likely use your services in the future.
07/18/2006 Dollar 07/10/2006 JENNIFER J. DEN I am so glad that I found on the internet, because I got an OUTSTANDING rate! I am actually looking to rent another car in the near future and hope I can find the same rate on again. You guys are GREAT!!
07/20/2006 U-Save 07/10/2006 CARMEN S. MIA It has been a very pleasant experience. Thank you!
08/14/2006 Alamo 07/10/2006 BRIAN H. MYR excellant staff, very courteous, loved the car
07/24/2006 Rent 4 Less 07/10/2006 ALEXANDRA D. SNA Thank you - the service and rental experience was better than I have ever received.
07/31/2006 Thrifty 07/11/2006 RYAN PRESTON P. CLT The Thrifty staff was extremely accomadating and friendly.
07/27/2006 Budget 07/11/2006 MARILYN M. SV1 Thank you for your service. It was a great help when I was trying to make arrangements for an extended commute out of town.
07/23/2006 Alamo 07/11/2006 BARBARA D. CLT first time using your site. All aspects of the experience were pleasant and effecient. would certainly do business with you again. The competitive price was a real bonus.
07/18/2006 Alamo 07/11/2006 DEBORAH B. SAV The staff was quick to get us the car to us, and we received a great car, much better than we had hoped, and when we turned in the car it took less than 5 minutes. It all helped in the enjoyment of our vacation, thanks
08/11/2006 E-Z Rent-A-Car 07/12/2006 LEO S. SEA Enjoyed doing business with your company and would be quick to recomend it to others and be sure we will use your cars again.
07/19/2006 U-Save 07/12/2006 LUISA M. MIA Your site was user friendly and it allowed us to view many options at once. U-Save service on the return portion was outstanding. The shuttle had already left for the airport and the agent saw that we were close to departure time. The agent took us to the airport in the car that we had rented so that we would make our flight without having to do a marathon run to our gate. U-Save is a good partner for service and price.
08/08/2006 Dollar 07/12/2006 DAVID V. RDU keep up the good work
07/26/2006 ACE 07/12/2006 E I. LAS We extended our rental car for a few more days with Ace in Las Vegas . It was a very good rental-car experience. We'll do business with Ace and again! Thanks guys!
07/31/2006 Alamo 07/13/2006 JULIE C. SNA I used twice during my most recent vacation - once using Fox Rentals and the 2nd using Alamo. Both times the experience was effortless and the staff were both courteous and professional. I will definitely rent with again.
08/04/2006 US Rent-A-Car 07/13/2006 LINDA J. LAS definitely has the best rate offered. Thank you!
07/28/2006 U-Save 07/13/2006 PATRICIA V. MYR The whole rental experience was effortless. Thank you very much. PMV
07/18/2006 Dollar 07/13/2006 ANGELA N. SFO Hello Customer Service, I appreciate your follow-up and think its great that you take the iniative to get feedback from the general public. To let you know; your web-site is very user friendly and easy to understand. For my future travels I will be using your services!! Have a great day and again, Thanks for asking about service! =)
07/20/2006 Enterprise 07/13/2006 JANET K. BUR If keeps operating in this same manner I will not only continue to do business with you, but also recommend business your way. Thanks.