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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
08/10/2008 ACE 08/04/2008 JAMES C. DEN Nice Rental - Very nice staff @ pick-up/drop-off location.
08/15/2008 ACE 07/10/2008 FERNAND S. FLL It was outstanding, you gain a new custemer
08/10/2008 ACE 07/05/2008 LONNIE T. FLL For the price I couldn't have been happier. I will rent from ACE again without a doubt.
08/06/2008 ACE 07/09/2008 MERIDETH R. MKES04 We had a great experience using this service. The car was wonderful and so was the staff. Thanks so much!
08/05/2008 ACE 07/05/2008 FRANCINE B. FLL Great price; wonderful experience. Will use again and recommend to others without hesitation.
08/01/2008 ACE 06/18/2008 BILL F. FLL You people are good. I was totally satisfied with the rental from ACE. Thanks for the opportunity. I definitely will use both of you again. Thanks
07/29/2008 ACE 06/15/2008 COLLEEN R. AUS Most excellent experience ever for renting a car!!!! I will always use
07/21/2008 ACE 07/06/2008 WILLIAM L. IND Keep up the good work. Your rate was the best available online, and I already booked a car through you for another trip.
07/24/2008 ACE 07/10/2008 JOSE G. IND The overall performance of your staff and the vehicle, I score it A+++
07/21/2008 ACE 05/22/2008 JOHN D. SXM We have rented in St. Martin before and this was far better than any experience we have had. Everything and everyone was so prompt. We were done in a breeze. Thank you!
07/13/2008 ACE 06/18/2008 KATE C. YVR Excellent all-around service, efficient and friendly.
07/01/2008 ACE 06/24/2008 MARGARET D. ORD Outstanding experience. They were friendly, helpful, and the price was excellent! Definately would rent from you again! :)
07/02/2008 ACE 06/16/2008 JILL L. SFO Great service, wonderful price, we were thrilled with the whole experience and will rent from you again............thank you
07/02/2008 ACE 06/11/2008 MARIE M. AUS I have already reserved another rental car from you because of the outstanding service and price.
06/26/2008 ACE 06/09/2008 MARYJANE B. AUS what a great experience. i would most definitely use this company again for my rental needs.
06/19/2008 ACE 05/04/2008 BEV M. LAS 2 good experiences with in past 3 months. Thank you.
06/19/2008 ACE 06/11/2008 STEPHEN E. DFW I was 90 minutes early when I called for shuttle pickup. Although the shuttle was on another run, the driver called me and said he would hurry as quick as he could and come to pick me up. He arrived within about 10-15 minutes and took me directly to the car and I was on the road shortly thereafter. Driver was very friendly and accomodating. Based on price and service, I will definitely use Ace services again. THanks,
06/18/2008 ACE 06/09/2008 ISAAC H. FLL Great value, pleasure to do business with you.
06/19/2008 ACE 06/10/2008 JAMES S. ORD The shuttle driver was friendly and helpful. The rental staff were all friendly and knowledgeable about the area. We received a better car than expected which really made the trip more enjoyable. Thanks.
06/16/2008 ACE 06/05/2008 SALEM S. LAS I love I use it all the time.
06/18/2008 ACE 05/31/2008 CYNTHIA S. MID The Merida staff is always capable and courteous. This time I had to deal with the Cancun office and though I thought the ordeal was costly, the service and courtesies I received were exceptional.
06/10/2008 ACE 06/03/2008 PAUL J. DFW Thanks Rusty! Your personal service was top of the line and greatly appreciated.
05/26/2008 ACE 05/20/2008 BETHANY G. IND This was my first time renting from Ace but it will now be my first choice
05/27/2008 ACE 04/28/2008 LAURA B. SXM Fabulous deal, quick process checking in and checking out, will definitely do business there again.
05/22/2008 ACE 03/12/2008 DAWN F. MCI The staff was amazingly friendly, polite, and went out of their way to make sure I got what I needed. I was traveling by myself with my 3 small children. They learned their names quickly, and helped me get my car loaded and ready to go. When the cigarette lighter didn't work, (I needed to plug in my portable DVD player), they were extremely helpful to get me another car and transfer all my luggage and car seats. I give the staff an extremely high recommendation!
05/09/2008 ACE 04/30/2008 KAREN S. GSO Every single person I encountered both when picking up and dropping off were terrific. Great experience.
04/29/2008 ACE 03/14/2008 CHARLES C. AUS Great Job Guys
04/27/2008 ACE 02/17/2008 PAUL M. CUN Not a hitch. It was great experience!!!
04/17/2008 ACE 04/03/2008 REBECCA A. AUS great deal - much cheaper than competitors.
04/09/2008 ACE 04/03/2008 SENTA S. SAN Great prices! It served the purpose...I just needed a day rental and the price was wonderful!
04/08/2008 ACE 02/13/2008 PAUL A. SXM Mohamed was so easy to do business with and very friendly! We will gladly rent our cars from Ace every time we visit St. Maarten!
03/17/2008 ACE 02/28/2008 NIJOLE W. FLL My experience with was a great and will use you again in the future.
03/08/2008 ACE 03/03/2008 KRISTEN C. ILG Outstanding service!!! Would definetly rent from there again and direct future customers there!!
03/08/2008 ACE 02/27/2008 JOSEPH A. AUS I was so pleased with your service that I already recommended ACE and to some friends who are going on vacation. ACE will be my first choice when I need to rent a car.
03/03/2008 ACE 02/18/2008 TARINA R. ORD It was by far the fastest and most pleasant experience I have ever had when dealing with a rental car company. The service was outstanding
03/03/2008 ACE 02/15/2008 JANNIFER M. FLL I have referred several clients to you all. They are coming to Florida within the next month.
02/22/2008 ACE 02/13/2008 CONSTANTINE A. YUL Great service and prices. Definetely would use again. Thanks.
02/15/2008 ACE 01/30/2008 LAUREL N. ORD I was very happy with the experience. You gave me much more personalized service than the big companies. Also, your office was a lot easier to find than some others around O'Hare. Thank you.
01/29/2008 ACE 01/08/2008 YVONNE B. SAN I was truly surprised at the value I got for my money!! (a very nice surprise)
02/03/2008 ACE 12/03/2007 ALLEN B. SXM This was as efficient and pleasant and satifactory a car rental as was possible. It was executed professionally and smoothly by nice people. Couldn't have been better.
12/20/2007 ACE 12/10/2007 BRENDA D. IND This was my first time using ACE rental car and I was pleased with the vehicle, the service and the price was right. I will use them again.
12/11/2007 ACE 11/07/2007 KIMBERLY H. ATL That was the best and easiest experience I have ever had with a car rental company. Thank you
12/13/2007 ACE 11/20/2007 GEORGE S. SAN We are very , very pleased with this company. From now on this is the way we will travel. We thank you so much for the fine service and reasonable rates. the agents were so helpful in getting us to our final destination w/o us getting lost. Our return checkin only took a couple of minutes and we were taken to the airport in due time. Thank you all so much.
11/29/2007 ACE 11/19/2007 MEGAN J. MCI Great experience! Much more economical than the major car rental companies, and on short notice. The staff member was very helpful, and all service was prompt and convenient. I'll definitely use and ACE again!!
11/21/2007 ACE 11/16/2007 KELLY J. SAN This was a great experience, excellent value for the money.
11/26/2007 ACE 11/13/2007 STEPHEN S. IND Wow, this was my first experience with ACE. I was impressed beyond all expectations. Thanks for giving me an unexpectedly pleasant visit to Indiana. Stephen
11/20/2007 ACE 10/09/2007 JEFFERY M. ORD One of the most enjoyable and satisfying rental experiences I have every had. Go Ace!
11/21/2007 ACE 10/27/2007 MELANIE S. SAN Ace in San Diego went above and beyond what I expected and the management and staff completely met my needs for safety and response.
11/12/2007 ACE 10/30/2007 UBALDO G. IND Excelente servicio y personal conciente y honesto. Congratulaciones.
11/04/2007 ACE 10/20/2007 CAROL H. FLL The ACE staff in Fort Lauerdale was great!
11/04/2007 ACE 10/22/2007 JULIE S. ORD Everything was convenient and with good value for the price.
11/13/2007 ACE 10/27/2007 SHERYL T. SAN your site simplified our rental search and provided great value.. THANKS
11/07/2007 ACE 10/17/2007 JOE C. MCI Excellent service. Very friendly staff. Thanks!
10/30/2007 ACE 10/22/2007 PRASHANT I. ORD Good buy! Nice way to compare all deals.
10/31/2007 ACE 10/03/2007 AMANDA M. ORD The staff went out of their way to make us happy. They even upgraded us to a hybrid for a minimal price increase.
10/30/2007 ACE 10/24/2007 KAIJA M. ORD Everything was fantastic! I really appreciated the no hassle way that the whole reservation and pick up process went. I am definitely using ACE again...the price was reasonable and everything moved quickly and easily...Thanks so much!
10/26/2007 ACE 10/10/2007 DOROTHY A. ATL This was my first time renting from this company and it was a pleasant one. Keep up the good work.
10/28/2007 ACE 10/17/2007 JAMES R. SAN The value was excellent!!! We were treated very well by the rental staff.
10/24/2007 ACE 10/07/2007 AUREA S. ORD Outstanding service, vehicle & cost! Please keep up the good work and you will be the #1 rental company out there!.
10/18/2007 ACE 10/09/2007 KATHY A. ORD This is my second time using ACE through Carrentals. I now choose them over the 'big guys'. They're small, friendly, personal--the van driver had my bag in the trunk of my car by the time I was done renting (which was only a minute!). Keep up what you're doing--we love it. :)
10/14/2007 ACE 09/19/2007 RICHARD A. MCI I found your staff superior to other rental companies and I like the off-terminal location. I will rent from you again in April.
10/08/2007 ACE 09/27/2007 WILLIAM M. SFO everyone was very nice.
10/09/2007 ACE 08/25/2007 HERBY S. FLL I was very pleased.
10/08/2007 ACE 09/22/2007 KEVIN B. IND thanks for everything the service was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/08/2007 ACE 09/23/2007 ALBERT R. FLL It was a very satisfying experience, and look forward to using you again. Thanks.
10/05/2007 ACE 09/25/2007 KAREN M. ORD Thoroughly impressed with the car and service
10/09/2007 ACE 09/21/2007 SANTOS P. FLL everything was to my satisfaction, will use you again. thanks
09/29/2007 ACE 09/25/2007 SAM H. MCI Experience exceeded expectations, was more car for the money and beat the competition, hands down.
10/01/2007 ACE 09/20/2007 LENORE P. IND Great rate - great people - great car. Nothing else I need (except time). Thank you
09/29/2007 ACE 09/21/2007 TOM K. ORD This was the best service we ever had with a car rental agency. The staff was outstanding especially the gentleman who drove us to and from the airport at O'Hare. We will recommend our friends to your agency.
09/15/2007 ACE 09/10/2007 JOHN W. MCI Ace in Kansas City is Aces with me. They are really a pleasure to deal with as well as being an outstanding value
09/19/2007 ACE 09/05/2007 LARRY W. IND Great service and the best price
09/16/2007 ACE 08/31/2007 JOAN M. SFO Totally pleased with the service. Will be back in the SF area in October and will use your service again.
09/07/2007 ACE 05/31/2007 NICK S. SFO Prompt,courtious,and helpfull, a real good management staff at this location .
08/18/2007 ACE 08/14/2007 JIM A. ORD Excellent crew. Good car, good mileage. I was very happy with them and would rent with them again.
08/22/2007 ACE 07/06/2007 GWENDOLYN J. ORD I was very pleased and hope to use this rental car company again.
08/14/2007 ACE 08/07/2007 PAUL R. IND LOVE CARRENTALS.COM!!!
08/10/2007 ACE 07/12/2007 JACQUELINE S. ORD We loved the car and the service. Our shuttle driver was prompt and nice to talk to you.
08/05/2007 ACE 06/28/2007 LINDA Z. SAN wonderful service from curb to curb......and we loved the vehicle...we will recommend ace rentals as well as use them in the future...
07/30/2007 ACE 06/14/2007 MARTHA C. SFO My car rental was a breeze this trip, even though ACE was an off-airport location (Burlingame, CA). I took some cards and will recommend your company.
07/21/2007 ACE 07/12/2007 LESLEY M. ORD I must admit I was a little worried as I had never heard of Ace before but they were really good. The staff were really nice too.
07/27/2007 ACE 06/19/2007 CAROLYN W. IND I would rent from Ace again. Everyone I dealt with was pleasnt and kind. I will share my good experience with my friends. Also I manage a resort and will let my guest know too.
07/12/2007 ACE 07/08/2007 LEMAR T. ORD All around GREAT experience!!!
07/16/2007 ACE 06/05/2007 MARYBETH T. CZM I will be renting from ACE in the future. They were great! Very quick and helpful.
07/17/2007 ACE 06/13/2007 THOMAS P. SXM Very convenient to pick up and drop off car at the airport parking lot, rather than an off-site location. Muhammad was great. This was our second experience, with the same great result. We'll see you again in a few months.
07/10/2007 ACE 06/27/2007 JACQUI R. SAN Awesome deal. I'll be using Ace again very soon.
07/15/2007 ACE 06/20/2007 JEANNINE K. FLL Our expierience was outstanding!
07/05/2007 ACE 06/25/2007 CHRISTEL N. ORD great car, drove very well, friendly staff also great price, see you next time. CN
06/30/2007 ACE 06/26/2007 ANNETTE F. ORD Best price I could find with service exceeding other more expensive rentals I have made. You are great and I will use from now.
07/01/2007 ACE 06/18/2007 FRANCES L. SXM Probably the best rental car experience I've had.
06/14/2007 ACE 06/04/2007 EVELYN C. IND Brice, the agent who helped us with the reservation and the return, was exceptionally effecient and a credit to ACE. He made getting this car a very good experience.
06/06/2007 ACE 05/25/2007 DR LAJUAN S. MCI I had a great experience with and ACE. I will use again. Orlantha and Joel at ACE have excellent Customer Service Skills.
06/04/2007 ACE 05/30/2007 JAMES A. ORD We were pleased with the entire transaction! Thank you
06/10/2007 ACE 05/22/2007 FRANK J. ORD This rental was easy, quick and without any problems.
09/11/2006 ACE 09/02/2006 ROSALINDA F. AUS Best rates I could find was on Thanks
09/06/2006 ACE 06/19/2006 BREE S. LAX We decided at the very last minute to cancel our car rental and I was so impressed by the ease at which we were able to cancel it. No charges, no arguements, no rude employees. THANK YOU!