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01/10/2010 ACE 12/05/2009 DANIEL K. ORD GOLD STAR FOR YOUR HELP.
01/09/2010 ACE 12/01/2009 THOMAS F. AUS Great car, clean, great price. Definitely our car rental selection for the future. Thank you
12/25/2009 ACE 12/16/2009 DANIEL M. LAS everything was better than expected. I will definitely use this service again
12/22/2009 ACE 12/15/2009 AUGUSTO L. SAN Always use and always use Ace.
12/22/2009 ACE 12/12/2009 MICHELLE W. MSP I left my sunglasses in the car when dropping it off. Today I called and the staff was friendly and helpful.
12/17/2009 ACE 11/29/2009 E H. IND Thanks so much!!!! ACE is the best!!!! GOOOOOOOOO ACE!! Happy Holidays, E
12/11/2009 ACE 12/07/2009 KARL R. SAN Best price ever!
12/14/2009 ACE 11/27/2009 ALLEN L. SXM Service was great. We could not believe how fast they checked us in and dropped us off at the airport
12/08/2009 ACE 12/03/2009 EDMUN L. SFO Thank you ACE. I have not heard of this company before and was impressed - you provide the best value in the business. Thank you...
12/04/2009 ACE 12/01/2009 CONOR C. ONT The customer service was incredible. Went above and beyond to provide the best service possible. Will recommend to everyone and use again.
12/08/2009 ACE 12/02/2009 EDMUN L. SFO ACE provides better value than most car rental companies. Thank you!
12/06/2009 ACE 11/30/2009 ALLEN A. ONT Great experience. WIll recommend you to my associates. Thanks!
11/28/2009 ACE 11/13/2009 JOHN F. IND This is my second rental with ACE--the previous was at ORD in Chicago. I will definitely be renting again from ACE the next time that I come to Indianapolis.
11/13/2009 ACE 11/06/2009 KELLY T. ORD Ace car rental was an outstanding value. I got the same service from them I would have expected from a larger chain.
11/07/2009 ACE 11/05/2009 HAROLD L. SFO Vehicle was clean and drove well. Certainly a bargin at SFO prices!
11/04/2009 ACE 10/30/2009 MICHELLE M. SFO Everything was great!!! Thanks!!!
11/06/2009 ACE 10/12/2009 RALPH G. AUS good job..and I appreciate your concern...makes all the difference..
10/26/2009 ACE 10/20/2009 ROLAND G. SFO Very satisfied with ACE and with CarRentals that is why I am a repeat customer and will continue to do so as long as the outstanding service continues. Thank you for everything.
10/18/2009 ACE 10/05/2009 SUSIE C. LAS Great and wonderfully friendly staff, both pick up and drop off. we were extremely impressed, keep up the good work.
09/23/2009 ACE 09/14/2009 MARILYN Y. LAS excellent experience. Half the cost of other rentals and twice as fast check-in and out.
09/22/2009 ACE 09/08/2009 SHUNNAE M. SFO I loved this place, I wasn't sitting there all day waiting for a car, this is the place where I will rent from forever.
09/21/2009 ACE 08/22/2009 ELIZABETH C. SAN I was very impressed with the quality of service I received, and would gladly recommend ACE to friends and family.
09/17/2009 ACE 07/02/2009 LILY S. ORD Ace car rental was fast and efficient and I got the vehicle I wanted at a good price. Very happy with the service overall. No problems at all.
09/21/2009 ACE 08/19/2009 KEVIN G. SXM I checked with several rental companies and the rate that I received through your website was by far the lowest that I found. I was nervous because I knew nothing of the company and I know cheaper is not always better. Everything with the rental went like clockwork and the rate was what was quoted. My only feedback was the staff at the rental company could have been much friendlier. They hardly said a word to us. However, they did their job as expected so I would still rent from them in the future.
09/11/2009 ACE 09/05/2009 DAVID C. AUS Great value for the price. Wasn't aware of ACE rental car until logged on
09/03/2009 ACE 08/26/2009 JASON C. AUS ACE had far lower price than every other outfit I checked.
09/08/2009 ACE 01/30/2009 JOHN B. SXM Check-in/out was the best I've experienced in the past 5 years of renting cars. Thank you!
08/30/2009 ACE 08/22/2009 PEGGY P. IND ACE provided excellent service. I hope to see them expand to other areas so that I can use them more frequently and will also tell others to use this company. I was hesitant about renting off-airport as I have had problems in the past with shuttle service, but they were very prompt and courteous.
08/20/2009 ACE 08/11/2009 SHERRY F. LAS In fact the final price for the rental was less than what we were quoted. The staff was great when we rented and when we returned the car. Thank you
08/19/2009 ACE 08/04/2009 MICHELLE E. ORD thank you! we had a great weekend!
08/19/2009 ACE 06/08/2009 NANCY S. AUS ACE was wonderful! I would rent from them anytime. The price savings and the comfort of the car was an incredible package! Thank you ACE and!
08/05/2009 ACE 07/01/2009 JOHN O. MKE these guys were great!
08/05/2009 ACE 06/08/2009 EVA T. AUS The best I've ever recieved, and will rent from company on my next vacation and make many referrals...Thank you!!!
08/02/2009 ACE 07/18/2009 CATHERINE S. AUS They honored the online rate even though a higher rate was ringing up on their computer. ACE at the Austin Airport was really a good experience. I'd definitely rent from them again.
07/24/2009 ACE 06/17/2009 WENDY W. LGB Best service, nicest people and way nicer car than I ever expected. All the guys at Ace in Long Beach ROCK!
07/22/2009 ACE 07/15/2009 DAVID R. SAN Very happy with ACE - I will definitely rent from them again!
07/17/2009 ACE 06/18/2009 KEVIN B. SAN I like your search engine as it makes comparisons on all the various rental car companies and not just the major hitters
07/19/2009 ACE 07/07/2009 CRAIG W. AUS Absolutely perfect!
07/16/2009 ACE 07/09/2009 RICHARD B. LGB This is the 2nd time I have used CarRentals and I have been very pleased!
07/17/2009 ACE 07/01/2009 APRIL R. YVR Simon was awesome - he was very helpful and sweet. So our first experience in Canada was amazing thanks to him!
07/09/2009 ACE 07/05/2009 MARCUS S. SFO Great job guys!
07/24/2009 ACE 06/30/2009 GRICELDA H. PTY Excellent Service will only use this website and this dealer for any further rentals. This is my 2nd time using this dealer (ACE)and i love it. Thanks. Excelente Servicio desde ahora solo utilizare este website y ACE para cualquier viaje. Es la segunda vez que utilizo ACE y me encanta. Gracias
06/26/2009 ACE 06/22/2009 MARIA VICTORIA S. IND The staff was great. I was definitely surprised since I always rent from the big 3 at the airport but now Ace is on my top 3.
06/29/2009 ACE 06/17/2009 JAMES N. SXM The personnel at ACE are very knowledgeable and friendly. I decided to extend my stay and so, I extended my rental another week
06/27/2009 ACE 04/01/2009 RAYMOND B. SXM Exceptional value!!!!!
06/04/2009 ACE 05/31/2009 JULIO M. YYJ Staff just Amazing
05/29/2009 ACE 05/20/2009 RAISA K. FLL Thank you for your outstanding service. You made our vacation much better.
06/03/2009 ACE 03/26/2009 JOSEPH C. IND Couresty and proper information at ACE office was outstanding to your Customers.
05/20/2009 ACE 05/14/2009 MAUREENA L. IND Appreciate the option to get the insurance in advance and at a discount also! thank you
05/16/2009 ACE 03/26/2009 VENUS B. ORD Great service, location and professional staff! Keep it up!
05/08/2009 ACE 04/08/2009 LOU E. FLL Huge savings - counter people and garage people complaints!
05/08/2009 ACE 05/04/2009 JANICE W. ORD My overall experience was fantastic. Everyone with ACE was friendly, courteous and extremely helpful.
05/06/2009 ACE 04/27/2009 ENRIQUE E. SAN Your staff were prompt and very helpful, it only took me less than ten minutes both picking and dropping the car..GO ACE Keep up the great job!!!
04/08/2009 ACE 03/30/2009 MARY BETH G. ORD Will rent here again...promise
04/06/2009 ACE 03/04/2009 LEONARD S. AUS excellent service and agent was super.Ace is great value.I will use Ace again and refer to friends.
04/08/2009 ACE 03/31/2009 RANDY A. ORD Awesome deals and excellent service. Thank You ACE.
04/03/2009 ACE 03/09/2009 ROLAND G. AUS Outstanding service and customer care. Will recommend to my friends and will use it again next time I need a rental vehicle.
03/26/2009 ACE 03/20/2009 JEFFREY C. ORD is the first place I look, and normally the only place I look, when renting cars.
03/19/2009 ACE 09/22/2008 ISTVAN J. SXM Always use I am a long time returning customer. Outstanding value.
03/08/2009 ACE 03/03/2009 TERRENCE D. ORD Excellent experience, great value, friendly and professional. I will definitely look to give you more business when possible as my travel needs require. Thank you.
03/08/2009 ACE 03/02/2009 KATHERINE C. SFO The staff went above and beyond what was agreed upon. We had a wonderful experience! Thanks!
03/06/2009 ACE 02/28/2009 DOROTHY J. ORD Thank you to the staff for being sensitive to the fact that I needed to get back to a hotel when I dropped my car off. He was kind enough to deliver me to my hotel door instead of to the airport shuttle station where I would have had to catch another van.
03/05/2009 ACE 02/26/2009 JULIE P. ORD Bravo - and ACE! I was thrilled with the experience. The website was easy to use. The ACE staff was efficient and friendly.
03/08/2009 ACE 02/25/2009 ALICE P. FLL Staff was very friendly and helpful. A very easy experience. Thank you.
02/20/2009 ACE 02/15/2009 LAMANTHIA B. IND Great Location- Away from airport. Makes better access to getting on highway and continuing journey without the airport
02/23/2009 ACE 02/05/2009 DAVID C. SFO Very easy to rent from Ace/Blue oval. gas station right next to the place made things simple . Staff was exceptional very friendly with a get it done attitude
02/18/2009 ACE 01/31/2009 DAVID L. ORD Very easy to navigate the website and the staff at Ace was very friendly.
02/18/2009 ACE 01/26/2009 TOM M. SXM Second year in a row renting from ACE. They are always ready with the airport shuttle, the cars have been great, the rates are competitive, and the staff is great. They make everything easy.
02/11/2009 ACE 02/01/2009 KEVIN G. SFO The staff at ACE/Blue Oval are so considerate and nice, I really like renting from them and will rent from them again.
02/17/2009 ACE 01/08/2009 TIM H. CUN Executive car rental in Cancun was great! They exceeded my expectations!
01/11/2009 ACE 01/06/2009 LISA B. AUS You guys are fantastic, and I wish you were in every city I travel to. I found you on, since I had never been to Austin before. You've raised the bar for everyone else in the business. Thanks for everything!
12/19/2008 ACE 11/05/2008 FOSTER M. SXM This was my first time using ACE and I would use them again. Thanks guys!
12/12/2008 ACE 11/07/2008 SAGE W. SFO EVERYONE was amazing!!! Nice ,friendly, personal service, remembered my name, great place
12/02/2008 ACE 11/02/2008 JOHN R. DFW For an "off-site" rental company, they made it very convienient and easy. The value was exceptional.
12/03/2008 ACE 11/22/2008 LUZ KARIME J. FLL I am so glad I rented the car using because I found a great rate for an outstading brand new car.
12/04/2008 ACE 09/22/2008 ANTONIO C. IND Everything with ACE from on-line reservation through Indianapolis airport and return went like clockwork. ACE will be our first choice next time we fly.
11/22/2008 ACE 11/17/2008 LOUISE L. ORD I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency on the part of your staff. Especially impressive was the quick return routine...I was rushing to catch a flight and it was superbly done. Receiver made quick with the paperwork. Van was waiting, driver shoved my bags we went.
11/16/2008 ACE 11/11/2008 JESSICA H. AUS Great website. My car was brand new and had great gas mileage. No hassles.
11/11/2008 ACE 11/03/2008 MICHELLE S. SAN Every time I need to rent a car I always use I know that sounds cheesy but it's always very affordable.
11/11/2008 ACE 11/05/2008 LETISHA L. FLL Excellent Service!!! You guys are great!
11/08/2008 ACE 11/02/2008 GINA Y. IND This was the second time we used ACE and we will definitely use them again! Their location right off the freeway made it easy to return and the staff was very helpful in giving directions esp since I arrived after dark and needed to drive an hour south. I would definitely rent from ACE again!
10/26/2008 ACE 09/17/2008 SELINA H. DEN Outstanding value and a great experience!
10/26/2008 ACE 10/15/2008 EDDIE M. EWR great deal!
10/30/2008 ACE 10/07/2008 PHYLLIS H. IND This was the best experience I've had with a rental car company in years. Thanks.
10/19/2008 ACE 10/12/2008 BRIAN P. ORD First time I used and ACE but will use them both again, after having a great exprerience. Brian
10/20/2008 ACE 05/12/2008 SANDRA L. MIA I will definitely rent from car and will continue to highly recommend to my friends and family.
10/01/2008 ACE 07/10/2008 CHARLOTTE I. YVR Best car rental experience I've ever had, and I've had many!
10/12/2008 ACE 09/01/2008 ROBERTO JR A. CUN We have rented from ACE many times in the past, that is why we keep coming back, great service, Thanks
09/21/2008 ACE 09/08/2008 LISA C. DEN Carlos at Days Inn was very friendly and efficient. First time I've rented outside the airport and it couldn't have gone smoother. Thank you!
09/15/2008 ACE 09/07/2008 KATHLEEN P. ORD Thank you for introducing me to Ace. I will be booking again tomorrow morning.
09/11/2008 ACE 08/20/2008 PATRICIA T. ORD This was the second time I use ACE. Will continue to use ACE everytime I come to Chicago. You are great!
09/09/2008 ACE 09/01/2008 VAHAGN A. IND I had a great experience with ACE!!!
09/04/2008 ACE 08/01/2008 DOMINIC P. FLL Great overall experience Thanks
09/02/2008 ACE 08/21/2008 JULIANNA K. AUS Really appreciated being able to reserve without giving credit card info. Really appreciated the service
08/27/2008 ACE 08/20/2008 ESTELA P. FLL Staff was great; loved the car. I thought it would be difficult to find (to return the car)but it was easy.
08/25/2008 ACE 08/18/2008 JACK B. MKEN09 Great value, Excellent service & Car. I will use this service for personal and now Business use at every opportunity.
08/19/2008 ACE 05/15/2008 ROBERT P. ORD The rental from ACE was outstanding.
08/10/2008 ACE 08/06/2008 GINA F. FLL This "outstanding" service and experience with ACE has convienced me to try your rental company again in two weeks. I truly hope I will receive the same experience again.