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11/17/2010 ACE 11/05/2010 JAANA G. FLL This was an outstanding rental. The staff was knowledgeable fast and courteous. Overall a great experience. I will recommend ACE and hope to rent from you soon again. Best regards Jaana G
11/14/2010 ACE 11/04/2010 MICHAEL S. ORD Found I didn't need the car in Chicago after all. The cancellation went smooth and dealing with you was great. I will definately use you for my next US car rental as well as recommend you to others. Best, Michael
11/12/2010 ACE 11/07/2010 CHARLES W. SFO The Customer Service that I have experienced was top-notch, first class. My first contact was a certain Mr. Jimmy Ortiz who made me comfortable that made my decision final coupled by Mr. Pleve who took my information and Mr. Nicholas __ for explaining the contract in lay men's language (not buzz words), a Mr. Richard __ who also took time explaining the operation of the van with ease. The van I have rented, a KIA, Sedona was very comfortable with nice ride all the way. Whomever trained these gentlemen, I applaud. Keep up the great job in training ACE. A great Customer Service keeps your Guests a repeat and coming back. All CLASS ACT. Thank you. Charles W
11/03/2010 ACE 10/29/2010 VERN V. IND This was an outstanding experience - great service, great vehicle, outstanding value for the money.
11/01/2010 ACE 10/10/2010 ALSELIS C. LGB The service was great, and the people were very friendly. Would go again to them!
10/29/2010 ACE 10/04/2010 TIM A. DAL ACE is the best car rental place I've use to date. And I have used most of them.
10/27/2010 ACE 09/14/2010 DENNIS B. MSP I was expecting less and was very impressed with the staff and service when I returned the car. I will use Ace again in Minneapolis.
10/23/2010 ACE 10/17/2010 MARCELO S. MIA I usually rent from from the big names (Avis, Hertz, etc.). It was the first time I rented with ACE and I was uncertain what to expect. I was positively surprised. The whole experience was outstanding. Friendly staff, new and clean car. I will definitively use their service again.
10/14/2010 ACE 10/03/2010 STEPHEN C. ONT We LOVED our car!!! it was a red smart car and it was GREAT so much fun to drive!!!!......The people at ACE were great too!!!
10/18/2010 ACE 09/07/2010 RONALD M. SXM We were extremely satisfied with the entire experience with Ace staff and Ron and Flo
10/23/2010 ACE 09/28/2010 JEAN LUC G. SFO Good value for money when you have time to pick up a car off airport
10/02/2010 ACE 09/28/2010 SUJATA A. SFO Staff was efficient, courteous and extremely helpful!
10/03/2010 ACE 09/27/2010 ELLEN G. MCO I left some items in the trunk and the girl called me and she held the items until I came back.
10/03/2010 ACE 09/13/2010 GUYDEBORAH B. SXM Everything was wonderful. We appreciate the service and care that we get from Ace. Thanks so much. We've told many friends about you. We'll be back next year!
09/29/2010 ACE 09/24/2010 ARON G. DAL I really enjoyed my rental.... I would surely recommend your services to my friends and family...Love your rates.. Thank you so much....
09/28/2010 ACE 09/13/2010 LARRY H. DAL The best car rental experience we've had in a long time! Thanks!
09/26/2010 ACE 09/19/2010 JAMES M. IND Great Car Rental place. Plan to use everytime i go on vacation.
09/23/2010 ACE 09/14/2010 JOHN W. DAL Great job! You have a business that will succeed as you focus on the customer, keep your prices a little better than the competition, and honor your quotes. Thanks again.
09/23/2010 ACE 08/04/2010 MARY O. ORD Everyone at ACE was very nice, professional and adequately staffed so no waiting on line. The car was great, very clean,like new. The staff was very helpful. Not sure why anyone would complain as ACE is just as good if not better than the higher priced rental agencies. Just be sure to call for the shuttle pickup location when arriving as Ace has a special waiting spot. It is easy to find with their instructions. Ace helped to start and end our visit on a positive note, we will rent from Ace again during our next stay.
09/22/2010 ACE 08/10/2010 HILTON C. IND I appreciated the great service and transportation to and from the airport.
09/21/2010 ACE 08/30/2010 BRET N. ORD I am becoming an ACE fan. This is my second ACE rental via and I am very pleased.
09/02/2010 ACE 08/27/2010 JOHN C. IND McCall, Debbie, Will, at the desk and Jared and Tommy, the drivers, were all awesome! I'm definitely renting from ACE again, next stop through Indianapolis.
09/02/2010 ACE 08/19/2010 SHERRY W. MSP What a top-notch company! I was a little leary w/the name "Ace"...but in a deck of cards, the ace is number one and that is truly descriptive of the customer service & rental units that you have to offer. I would definitely seek out "Ace" again in the future!
08/26/2010 ACE 08/13/2010 JOSEPH M. SAN Please keep me informed about your "deals" as this was a great find. I've a corporate accountwhich usually gets me the best deal, but CR trumped that - at least in this case - so I am open to renting from you all again.
08/25/2010 ACE 04/06/2010 GEORGE B. YYG We were served very well by Mike Campbell in Charlottetown. He went far beyond the call of duty. I will certainly use ACE again.We made a friend with Mr. Campbell, Thanks George B
08/25/2010 ACE 06/24/2010 ROY O. MSP It was refreshing to deal with such a great company. Everyone we encountered were professional and " Minnesota Nice". We will use ACE again in Sept. when we return to Minnesota for our son's wedding. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience. Sincerely; Roy F. O
08/19/2010 ACE 08/12/2010 KEITH K. MSP I would rate ACE superior to other rental agencies I've used.
08/14/2010 ACE 07/30/2010 SCOTT S. ATL I will definitely be renting from ACE again!! Mr. Shaw at the pickup counter was just great and his professionalism shines!! I have used multiple car rental agencies in Atlanta as travel there 2-3 times per month for business. Now I plan on only using ACE.
08/09/2010 ACE 07/19/2010 CHRISTINE B. ORD We were so impressed that the van shuttle was fast and that there was no line to wait at the office when filling out paperwork. I had never heard of ACE before and was feeling somewhat skeptical as to what I had gotten involved in but the whole experience couldn't have been better. I'd rent from ACE anytime.
08/09/2010 ACE 08/02/2010 JENNIFER B. MSP We had to cancel at the last minute & were unable let them know prior to our pickup time. When we did inform the rental service of our cancel, we were given great customer service.
08/10/2010 ACE 08/05/2010 ED G. LGB Well done ACE! Ed from Salmon Arm, BC Canada
08/12/2010 ACE 08/01/2010 JOSEPH P. ORD ACE is the best car rental company I have ever worked with. Their staff is the kindest, most considerate people in a business where these types are often in short supply. From now on I am only choosing ACE for all my car rentals!
08/05/2010 ACE 08/01/2010 VAN W. ORD This is the first time I have rented a car off the terminal base. I not only saved $40 but I ended up with a group which was as good as any terminal group. Thanks much.
07/29/2010 ACE 06/07/2010 KAREN B. DAL I love Ace Rental Car!! The staff there is very friendly and helpful. I really appreciate all they do. Customer satisfaction is top on their list.
08/21/2010 ACE 07/17/2010 XIOMARA Q. PTY El recibimiento de la joven Meritza en el Aeropuerto de Tocumen fue exelente es una perosona muy eficiente con su trabajo le agradesco mucho a ella por su ayuda y amabilida espero que en mi prosimo viaje ella sea la persona que este hay muy buena persona sabe tratar muy bien a las persona tiene un carima muy amigable gracias pero muchas gracias por su servicio y a meritza por su amambilidad
07/27/2010 ACE 07/15/2010 JUAN G. SAN Gracias!
07/26/2010 ACE 07/18/2010 LISA C. AUS Really unhappy with how I have been treated
07/28/2010 ACE 06/20/2010 JEFFREY S. SFO My first thoughts regarding the off site location of Ace, was that this would be an inconvienience worth putting up with because I was saving so much money. After Ace's excellent shuttle service and seeing the very long lines at San Francisco's car rental center, my concerns were diminished. Your service and great pricing are well worth the extra few minutes one must allow for the short travel to and from the airport. I will definitely consider Ace in the future and would recommend your company to my friends. Thanks.
07/18/2010 ACE 07/01/2010 ROBERT L. YYZ The people at the Discount Rental counter were very helpful and extemely courteous. They processed the paperwork very quickly, so that I was able to pick up the car in a timely manner, since I was in a bit of a hurry. I appreciated their help very much.
07/19/2010 ACE 07/09/2010 RICHARD R. AUS Ace did an outstanding job -- the desk clerk was awesome! Then, the process for checking the car back in was easy and quick. Definitely, I would use Ace again!
07/19/2010 ACE 07/10/2010 JAMES E. ATL best value in ATL.
07/18/2010 ACE 07/07/2010 DAWN D. MSP The best car rental experiences ever.
07/14/2010 ACE 06/02/2010 CHARLES V. ORD Outstand professional service by all the staff and a clean car
07/10/2010 ACE 07/01/2010 JOHN J. LAS From begining to end, everything went smoothly and fast. Would definitely use again and recommend to friends.
07/02/2010 ACE 06/03/2010 ROBERT M. ORD I was running late for a meeting due to problems with my flight. I called ahead to ACE and they promptly picked me up. They went one step further and had the car running and ready to go.All of the paper work was filled out(I rent there a lot) all I had to do was sign and go!! Dan and Sherry were great and should be complemented for what they did. With their help I was only a few minutes late for my meeting. Thanks again!!
07/08/2010 ACE 06/09/2010 LOUIS T. AUS Zach H was very helpful and a most pleasant agent; I would also call him a "valuable employee" for your company! Your rates are the best that I found on the internet. Lou T Palm Sprngs, CA
06/21/2010 ACE 06/10/2010 JOE F. MSP have rented through many times and have never disappointed. ACE was great and would use them again. Joe F
06/24/2010 ACE 06/13/2010 GRETCHEN C. MSP this was the best car rental experience I have had in a very long time. The staff was fabulous and the shuttle driver over the moon wonderful!
06/19/2010 ACE 05/23/2010 JEAN D. MSP Ace has fabulous employees!!! I'll always prefer them first.
06/15/2010 ACE 05/30/2010 PHYLLIS G. MSPC01 Excellent experience. Needed to make a change two days before rental, spoke to Roger over the phone, he was very helpful. New, clean vehicle was ready when we arrived, quick drop off and return,great value. Would definitely recommend Richfield ACE.
06/14/2010 ACE 06/09/2010 WILLIAM I. AUS Good service from "Ace" Austin-Bergstrom Int'l Airport. Keep it that way. Good prices on Keep it that way. Toyota Corolla was excellent rental car. Upon pick-up, it was clean, full of fuel and all lights worked normally. Good rental. Would rent from Ace again. Will continue using as long as prices remain as is or better and service remains good, as I always have experienced thus far. I have stopped using is a better product. Keep up the good work. Very satisfied, William I
06/10/2010 ACE 06/02/2010 CLINTON B. SAN We were so pleased with the car and the price was amazing. We will be using ACE through the next time we need a car!!!
07/05/2010 ACE 05/27/2010 WAYNE E. PTYH01 The service was outstanding and I would use ACE again when I go back to Panama, I hope soon.
06/02/2010 ACE 05/18/2010 RAY L. LAS Very good experience. I've already bragged on my experience.
05/28/2010 ACE 05/23/2010 JACQUI C. AUS I am always very pleased with ACE customer service from Staff
05/27/2010 ACE 05/21/2010 KEVIN J. ORD The ACE staff was incredibly helpful. We left a very valuable item in the rental car and then proceeded to the airport. Upon realizing our mistake, I contacted ACE who found the item immediately and then sent it me at the airport via one of their shuttles. The whole procedure took only 15 minutes from the time I called. I am very impressed and thankful!
05/24/2010 ACE 05/19/2010 MONIQUE D. LGB The staff really were outstanding and so very helpful and friendly. It is very rare these days to find such good customer service.
05/22/2010 ACE 05/16/2010 EUGENE V. MSP Multiple satisfied rentals..thank you..
05/18/2010 ACE 05/13/2010 ANTONEISHA O. MKEN09 My trip was cancelled but I will definitely be back to Thanks for listening!
05/15/2010 ACE 05/11/2010 BHARAT C. MSP This was absolutely one of the best car rental experiences ever. I would like to try ACE again for sure.
05/11/2010 ACE 05/06/2010 BAYAN M. SAN Great, hassle-free experience overall!
05/07/2010 ACE 05/03/2010 WILLIAM H. SAN This is about the tenth or eleventh time this year I have rented from Ace/ and have always been very satisfied. bill H
05/03/2010 ACE 02/06/2010 JOHN H. IND I have been traveling on business for over 40 years. This was the most courteous and freindly experience ever.
05/11/2010 ACE 04/22/2010 MARGARET A. YUL We were so pleased with our rental. We got a brand new 2010 Grand Caravan, we were the first renters!! It was equipped with DVD and Satelite radio which made our long journey with 2 small kids so much more enjoyable!!
04/23/2010 ACE 04/20/2010 MARCELO O. LGB Great people! Keep them in your network
04/20/2010 ACE 04/15/2010 JOSEFINA J. SAN We rented from ACE at 2305 Pacific Hwy, San Diego. I had made a reservation for a regular 5 passengers car. We had a baby and a lot of luggage, they upgraded us to a mini van for the same price, staff went out of their way to help us, including a problem we had with our credit card being frozen by the Motel because we were late to arrive (airline fault). They were outstanding! Friendly, helpful, understanding, I am so grateful! I would NEVER rent from another company, we travel a few times a year you would always have our business and I WILL recommend ACE to all my family and friends. Thanks!!!!
04/19/2010 ACE 04/11/2010 ONNO B. IND When returning the car, I had left my laptop bag on the backseat; they called my cell while I was in the courtesy van close to the airport and then sent another van with my bag to the airport, arriving shortly after the 1st van had dropped me off. Great service!
04/19/2010 ACE 04/10/2010 JAMES A. SAN A great deal, I enjoyed renting from your company- the prices will keep me coming back, thank you for offering such a good deal.
04/12/2010 ACE 03/31/2010 JEFF P. ORD Excellent experience all around and we saved money. We will be back. Ace is aces!
04/10/2010 ACE 03/27/2010 MILAGRO L. ONT I love the service I received from the staff... I am definitely going to be renting a vehicle for the next couple of weeks.
04/11/2010 ACE 03/24/2010 CAROL R. YUL Discount staff near the Montreal Airport staff are wonderfull. We find it less hectic to deal with Discount than any other car rental agencies at the Montreal Airport. They provided a shuttle service to the Via Rail train station which we greatly appreciated.
04/09/2010 ACE 01/03/2010 JOSE M. IND I love
04/10/2010 ACE 03/26/2010 LARAE S. ONT I'm glad I did some searching on the Internet to find and ACE.
04/05/2010 ACE 03/30/2010 ARMANDO M. ORD It was fantastic experience. I would definetively rent from ACE again.
04/07/2010 ACE 02/24/2010 NOREEN S. MIA Half the price of any other car rental servicers
03/29/2010 ACE 03/22/2010 BRIANNA M. SFO I thought that Cleave from the SFO location was AWESOME!! So friendly and helpful, definitely made my trip better and will use them again. Thanks!!
03/31/2010 ACE 03/19/2010 ROCELA S. SFO One very happy and satisfied customer. Thank you once again!
03/23/2010 ACE 03/17/2010 CHRISTINE M. LGB Kevin did such an outstanding job handling a busy office all by himself
03/23/2010 ACE 03/17/2010 ROSEMARY O. LGB The staff were very hospitable. We truly appreciated their courteous service.
03/18/2010 ACE 03/13/2010 JESSE N. SFO The type of car I reserved was not available. They happily upgraded me for no additional cost. Excellent service.
03/12/2010 ACE 03/09/2010 GLORIA Y. SFO Appreciated the helpful, friendly, supportive staff!
03/18/2010 ACE 03/05/2010 DAVID S. SFO My plane was delayed and they stayed late to pick me up and get my rental. They know what customer service is all about and I will let my friends know about ACE
03/12/2010 ACE 03/08/2010 ROBERT S. SFO Incredible deals - genuine staff - exceptional!
03/13/2010 ACE 02/15/2010 LARRY P. SXM I am normally a tough grader, so "Outstandings" are rare for me. Also, dropping off the car including the inspection and the shuttle to the airport was very professional and expedient. Thank you.
03/10/2010 ACE 03/03/2010 WESLEY W. SFO Jimmy, the shuttle driver was great! We were running late for our flight so he dropped us at the terminal instead of at the train terminal. That extra service makes me feel better about Ace.
03/16/2010 ACE 02/16/2010 GEERT J. SXM Great service at a great price. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
02/17/2010 ACE 02/13/2010 AARON S. MSP new company--absolutely great experience. I look forward to renting from them again ASAP
02/17/2010 ACE 01/23/2010 DANIEL A. SAN Loved thr quickness in returning the car back. It took less than 2 minutes!
02/10/2010 ACE 01/19/2010 MARTIN M. AUS
02/11/2010 ACE 01/09/2010 CONSTANCE C. IND I will definitely rent from CarRentals and Ace again. Everything was well done.
02/15/2010 ACE 01/14/2010 ANTHONY B. SXM Mohammad was a real gentleman
02/05/2010 ACE 02/02/2010 RAMESH T. ORD Had great experience with ACE... The car was awesome....
02/04/2010 ACE 01/27/2010 DAVID O. ORD awesome service
02/08/2010 ACE 01/25/2010 BARBARA S. MCO Thanks - a seamlessly positive experience.
02/03/2010 ACE 01/28/2010 DANIELLE N. FLL I was concerned about using a rental car agency that was not a big brand (e.g. Hertz, Enterprise, etc.), but the staff was friendly and my car was perfect!
02/01/2010 ACE 01/28/2010 MARY W. AUS I was rushed and made the reservation at 4am when I was leaving for the airport in my home State. It was ready and it was great when I arrived in another State! Thanks.
01/25/2010 ACE 01/21/2010 WILLIAM A. ONT I received excellent value with my rental car. It was such a great deal, I almost felt guilty! Thanks again for the wonderful experience. Bill in Kent, Washington
01/22/2010 ACE 01/16/2010 EILEEN S. AUS this was one of the best experiences I've had with a car rental company. would definitely use them again.