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09/23/2011 ACE 07/07/2011 KAY D. MSP ACE made it very easy and accessible to rent from them and the return was seamless! Thanks!
09/21/2011 ACE 08/31/2011 PAM J. IND Everything was perfect, only place I'll rent cars in indy from now on.
09/22/2011 ACE 08/27/2011 SUSANNE F. MSP Thanks for the good service and great car. Everything worked as advertised.
09/17/2011 ACE 09/09/2011 STEPHEN R. IND Ace is generally so much less expensive that every other vendor in Indianapolis that I almost always use Ace when visiting that city. The vehicles are the same ones everyone else has, and the shuttle ride is not very long. Plus, the drivers always come to the airport promptly to pick me up.
09/10/2011 ACE 08/30/2011 MANUEL J. ORD This company is better than any other one.Quality, service and rate.
09/09/2011 ACE 09/03/2011 DARREN P. LAS I was very impressed with the ACE car rental company. The representatives were very curteous and professional. My experience was wonderful. The next time I'm in Las Vegas I will use ACE again.
09/02/2011 ACE 08/08/2011 GWENDOLYN D. AGS This was my first rental with ACE. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely rent again and will refer friends and family members. The counter agent was very professional and friendly. Thanks for providing prompt, efficient, professional service at a reasonable price. Gwendolyn L. D
09/02/2011 ACE 08/26/2011 RON R. LAS Great deal and I will always check whenever I need to rent a car.
09/02/2011 ACE 08/17/2011 BARBARA H. FLL Excellent and professional staff. One of my best rental experiences. Have been renting cars in Fla. and Cal. for over 20 years.....Thank You
09/02/2011 ACE 08/02/2011 ANN W. MSP The shuttle van was very nice and roomy. Your staff was friendly and courteous. They went above and beyond. I return to MSP every summer and will rent from ACE again. The KIA Soul was a great vehicle to drive; It had plenty of room for what I needed. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.
08/23/2011 ACE 08/16/2011 RAUL C. LAS Great vehicle, and service, Thanks made my vaction mor enjoyable.
08/20/2011 ACE 08/09/2011 JULIE Z. ORD This is our best experience so far with any rental car companies. Excellent Service!!
08/23/2011 ACE 07/20/2011 JANICE S. MSP I was very pleased with my experience with and with ACE. The entire experience was excellent. I will definitely be back!
08/13/2011 ACE 08/06/2011 WILLIAM M. MCO For such a great price I was shocked at the quality of the service and how nice the car was. I had a great experince with no problem at all, and will be recommending this to all my friends.
08/09/2011 ACE 08/03/2011 MARY M. TPA Rate I got at last minute 11.50/day amazed many and they all took ACE's name!
08/09/2011 ACE 07/07/2011 MAGGIE R. MIA This is the second time that I have rented from, both time I have been extremely happy. Thanks, Maggie R
08/08/2011 ACE 07/27/2011 NICHOLAS C. FLL A great value with service to match.
08/06/2011 ACE 07/30/2011 JAY T. MCO I was nervous that there would be hidden charges but we got great services and all went well. Great value, helpful staff. I will use Ace again.
07/26/2011 ACE 07/16/2011 CARMEN D. MCO Outstanding rates !
07/25/2011 ACE 07/09/2011 SEAN B. AGS Staff member Karen, found an item I left in the rental car. I was on a 4 day road trip and could not return to pick it up. She was kind enough to verify the contents of those items, package it up and send it directly to my home. I was impressed with her proactive follow-up and even asking me to please call her so she knew I received my items. Karen deserves recognition. If all agents gave this level of would be in perfect shape!
07/26/2011 ACE 07/14/2011 MARILYN REA B. ORD Positively the best rental car experience imaginable. Each person I dealt with behaved as if my priorities were ACE's priorities, right down to the smallest detail. And the desk agents made sure I had the best possible deal for my needs. Wow. Why can't every business operate like that?!? Thank you.
07/31/2011 ACE 05/23/2011 BARBARA C. SJD Amazing buy. I looked often for a long time, but this surpassed my hopes. Thanks
07/15/2011 ACE 07/08/2011 KOSTA A. FLL saved me a lot of money. would defintely refer your service to others. thanks!
07/15/2011 ACE 05/31/2011 CAROL W. MSP All went well. They are off site, but their professionalism made that not as important.
07/17/2011 ACE 07/05/2011 SONIA F. MCO No complaint the service was wonderful from the minute that I was picked up at the airport. The car rental employee was very courteous and professional.
07/06/2011 ACE 05/15/2011 FRANK E. MSP The ACE people in Minneapolus were incredibly friendly and helpful. Extremely professional. My experience coming both into and out of the airport was totally positive thanks to the consideration of the ACE staff.
07/03/2011 ACE 06/23/2011 WILLIAM K. FLL Reviews listed are not an accurate reflection of my personal experience. If you're looking for a fluffy place to rent a car from then you may be disappointed, if you're looking for a good deal with only quality of car vs cost, give them a shot.
06/30/2011 ACE 06/21/2011 PAUL E. MCO Great Price, happily surprised, a truly great value. Booked again the following week,and even more surprised
06/25/2011 ACE 06/12/2011 HARRY R. SDQ The young men at Nelly's Rentals at Las Americas Airport went out their way to assist me with instructions, driving safety tips and overall courtsey and respect. Great service! Muchas gracias.
06/05/2011 ACE 05/31/2011 STEPHEN W. NYCC10 No complaints! Great car, everything went smooth as silk.
05/31/2011 ACE 04/30/2011 MISSY C. AGS Great experience and very friendly staff, Ms Karen was great! Will be renting again from ACE . Mary C
05/31/2011 ACE 05/15/2011 THOMAS W. ORD ACE is superb -- couldn't ask for better. Very pleased with experience.
05/29/2011 ACE 05/16/2011 GODFREY M. FLL If I get that rate again, I will always rent from ACE. I have already referred one customer to ACE.
05/16/2011 ACE 05/09/2011 DAVID S. AUS lowest price online, seamless process, quick pick up and drop off at airport, would definitely rent here again.
05/12/2011 ACE 04/13/2011 DANIEL O. MSP Amazing service from ACE! They were awesome and helped me with a very late arrival.
05/04/2011 ACE 04/25/2011 FRANCINE B. MCO Excellent value! Very pleased
05/05/2011 ACE 04/20/2011 BOBBY E. FLL The very best customer service, I would only rent a car from CarRentals. This was my second time using your service Excellent in every way Thank you
05/02/2011 ACE 04/25/2011 RICHARD O. MCO Great car at a great rate. Best value for the money.
04/25/2011 ACE 04/20/2011 LINDA S. ATL Fast, Efficient, Professional service was rendered. Yes, Yes, Yes. I will use and recommend again and will rent from ACE again. I am a very satisfied customer out of Pembroke Pines,Fl. Thanks again. L. S
04/22/2011 ACE 04/01/2011 JOHN C. IND Great service and excellent price. We will certainly rent with CarRentals and Ace again.
04/18/2011 ACE 04/06/2011 KATHLEEN E. MSP We arrived at the ACE car rental counter to find our car warmed up and ready to go. Coming from California to Minneapolis on a cold windy night, this extra service was much appreciated. The service was outstanding! Thank you.
04/09/2011 ACE 03/20/2011 RONALD L. MSP My second Ace rental was just as good as the first time I tried them. They were wonderful. Both shuttle drivers went out of the way to be helpful/friendly. I am sold.
04/15/2011 ACE 03/31/2011 JEFFREY C. IND The whole ace rent a car staff was amazing. I was highly satisfied with their knowledge and how well mannered they were. I plan on using ace rent a car in the future and I would highly recommend it to people.
04/02/2011 ACE 03/28/2011 NICK G. FLL Excellent experience at ACE
04/01/2011 ACE 03/15/2011 MERRI-DAWN B. LAS Perfect on everything.
03/27/2011 ACE 02/17/2011 BRADLEY B. MSP One of our group members dropped his wallet in the rental van and didn't notice until we were dropped off at airport. When I called the ACE desk, they went out of their way to locate the missing wallet and bring it back to the terminal immediately. Thanks so much!!!
03/28/2011 ACE 03/22/2011 REBECCA T. DAL I was very impressed with this non-national car rental company. They were very personable and helpful, and the car was great. I will definitely use Ace at Love Field again.
03/25/2011 ACE 03/17/2011 ERVIN W. LAX Awesome service, great car
03/24/2011 ACE 03/16/2011 EDDIE P. LAS I have been a Hertz Gold Card member for 20 years- because of the ridiculously high rate in Las Vegas, I looked up Car, found the car & a great rate and hit a homerun. Easy pick-up,easy & efficient return and best value for my money. A great experience for a first timer.
03/29/2011 ACE 03/09/2011 ROBERT N. MCO Customer Service was excellent, Highly Professional Service Personnel.
03/22/2011 ACE 03/08/2011 JULIE V. FLL I have always rented from a big brand name Company. The quoted rates were more than I ever paid in the past, so I was glad to find the website and rent with Ace. I was very pleased with them from start to finish. Thank you
03/23/2011 ACE 03/10/2011 DIANE W. AGS It couldn't have gone any better! Everything was great. Thank you for letting me know about ACE. I had never heard of them before.
03/23/2011 ACE 02/24/2011 EIRIK H. ORD We had a brillant experience in the States, and your rental company has played a part in that. Very satisfied :-)
03/13/2011 ACE 03/07/2011 GEORGE L. LAS Friendly SAVMOR staff and very helpful with rate adjustments on the phone. Martin identified himself personally with the booking....a nice touch. Good rate, the car worked well and we will see you again.
03/11/2011 ACE 02/11/2011 ARLINE M. LAX The least stressful car rental ever. Pickup and dropoff speedy, efficient. Shuttle a breeze, price reasoable. As a travel agent, I would definitely recommend and as a frequent tyraveler to LAX, i will be back
03/13/2011 ACE 03/01/2011 CAROL P. FLL It was my first time renting from you. It was a wonderful experience! Great directions and a worry free experience. Thank you too the ACE Ft. Lauderdale STAFF!
02/25/2011 ACE 02/12/2011 PAUL A. AUS I rent 52 weeks a year and the two times I have used ACE are by far the best overall experience. Thank you ACE
02/24/2011 ACE 02/19/2011 CYNTHIA W. SFO There are two precious gems at ACE!!! I want to thank and commend Ace Representative Cleve - His service is a model to us all. He went way beyond the call of duty - the car was almost empty and he went out and filled the car. He didn't want me to be stranded on the freeway simply because I didn't know where the nearest gas station was. Jimmy did a walk around inspection of the car - something I have often forgotten to do. Jimmy drove me to the airport and reminded me just how precious our gift of life is! WOW - THANK YOU AND BRAVO FOR GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO MAKE MY VISIT PERFECT (you set the tone for my entire visit to the Bay area!)
02/19/2011 ACE 02/05/2011 HECTOR H. IND Good Service, great vehicles, can't complain for the price.
02/11/2011 ACE 02/05/2011 KEITH H. ORD Love this site....
03/12/2011 ACE 01/06/2011 PAUL M. SXM I have rented from Ace on SXM for the past 5 years and always received excellent service from them.
02/16/2011 ACE 02/04/2011 AKRAM S. FLL The female at the counter was great!! Her customer service still were great. She greeted me as soon as I walked in and was eager to assist me. The overall experience was delightful!
02/09/2011 ACE 02/02/2011 DYLANE L. SFO My personal experience was great & ACE is close to my work, so yes I would use this service again. The staff was very friendly & I would recommend ACE to my friends!!
02/03/2011 ACE 01/19/2011 BRIANNE M. MSP All of the staff members were courteous and helpful. I would definitely rent from ACE again! Thanks!
02/03/2011 ACE 01/25/2011 MARY M. LAX wonderful service staff, great car, and a deal that really no other company could beat. i looked for over a week at the other companies....they were basically asking for double the rate. i'm looking to ACE first from now on.
01/31/2011 ACE 01/23/2011 JAMES B. ORD I have never rented from Ace before, but I sure will whenever possible in the future. This company could give lessons in customer service to the "Big Guys".
01/30/2011 ACE 01/05/2011 DAVID P. LAX Rosa was particularly helpful at my check-in, which was a little earlier than planned and required some additional assistance from her. Great work!
01/30/2011 ACE 01/12/2011 EDMUND S. MSP Although they were off site (just a minute away) the shuttle was prompt and the driver attentive. My car was warmed up, it is cold in Minneapolis, and ready to go. I will rent from them again.
01/27/2011 ACE 01/18/2011 MALCOLM T. LAX I've rented a lot of cars & this was the best value by far!
01/27/2011 ACE 01/10/2011 GEORGE D. FLL Tell Ace thank you and job well done!!!!!!!!
01/23/2011 ACE 01/08/2011 VICKY C. LAS Excellent experience! It was convenient, easy and hassle free. The car I rented was in great shape. No smell of smoke and very clean. Just the way I like it! Thank you!
01/19/2011 ACE 01/06/2011 YVONNE C. ORD I've rented cars frequently in many states and this rental from ACE was by far the best experience. I got a car much better than anticipated and the shuttle service to and from the airport was wait free at both ends. I will definitely rent from ACE again and use use
01/18/2011 ACE 01/03/2011 GERALD C. FLL The car was selected for me, and I was very pleased. The staff was courtious and thorough in explaining everything. I will definitely rent from ACE again! I was picked up at the airport, and returned to the airport in a prompt manner. I was very pleased over all and would give ACE a very high rating.
01/13/2011 ACE 01/07/2011 JOHN G. LAX Thank you ACE & for providing me a great vehicle value!
01/11/2011 ACE 12/30/2010 FRITZ T. MCO This is my second time renting from ACE and the experience were the same across the board, the people was friendly and the renting of the vehicle was simple and pleasant.
01/18/2011 ACE 01/05/2011 JOHN B. SJD I want to especially compliment the professional service we were given at the front counter by "Roberto." The experience we had with the above listed services were excellent. We will recommend to our family and friends "ACE Car Rentals". Thank you again, Adios
01/13/2011 ACE 01/04/2011 JOLIE J. LAX Overall a really great experience. Awesome service and well worth the price. Thanks!
01/13/2011 ACE 01/04/2011 EDGAR U. ORD Great overall experience. Thanks!
01/08/2011 ACE 01/01/2011 SEAN K. LAX ACE was awesome! I will never rent from anyone else after my experience with ACE. Good job, guys!
01/08/2011 ACE 12/20/2010 MELISSA C. ORD Amazing service, loved the car, great price.
01/06/2011 ACE 12/07/2010 THIEN P. INDN01 It was really a pleasure dealing with our guys!! They were GREAT!!
01/05/2011 ACE 12/29/2010 ASHLEY M. AUS Thank you. You guys were great and so was ACE
12/28/2010 ACE 12/24/2010 JEANETTE S. ATL This vendor does thing very differently, and I like it. They are personal and they helped me with my bag. I will rent from this location again. this has been my second visit with ACE and they're consistently outstanding. Jeanette They even called me to tell me they found my bluetooth, which would not normally happen with the big name chains. Super friendly staff.
01/02/2011 ACE 12/21/2010 RICHARD N. MCO You guys where really great to deal with, everything went off with out a hitch, I will use ace again, thanks for everything.
12/14/2010 ACE 12/10/2010 ANN S. ORD This was the most pleasurable car rental I have EVER had....and I have rented A LOT of cars over the years! The Ace personnel make you feel like you are the only person there. I will definitely be back!!
12/20/2010 ACE 12/03/2010 DAVID W. SJD I was a little concerned because I had not rented at Ace before and had some car issues in the past in Mexico. I found this experience more than satisfacory. They were great to deal with and honored the rate(which was several hundred dollars less tha similar places.
12/06/2010 ACE 11/29/2010 MARY N. AUS Fabulous.
12/08/2010 ACE 11/30/2010 AHMED U. LAX what a great website , i recommended to everybody that i know :)
12/04/2010 ACE 11/13/2010 SUNIL G. ORD This was my first and ACE experience, very satisfied overall, will keep both entities in mind for the future!
12/07/2010 ACE 11/28/2010 PAM L. LAX the shuttle drivers both to and from the Sheraton Four Points were absolutely outstanding- I have never been so impressed with shuttle drivers in any situation before- Good Job!!!
12/09/2010 ACE 11/28/2010 HOBERT C. ONT Ace provided the best service I have ever had in all my years of renting cars. keep up the outstanding customer service.
12/09/2010 ACE 11/30/2010 WALTER S. SAN Outstanding value.
12/05/2010 ACE 10/17/2010 BRUCE S. AUS One of the best car rental experiences I have had. The rental counter was in the airport. Immediate and friendly service. The car was upgraded at no extra cost. Pick up was a short walk across the street. The car was clean roomy and reliable. Check in was easy. The staff was helpful in noticing an item left in the car. The cost was low and an excellent value. Thank you. Bruce D S
11/22/2010 ACE 11/17/2010 NELSON R. MCO I have rented through and I have been coming back not only because of great deals and low pricing but also convenience, ease of renting and courteous service.
11/22/2010 ACE 11/13/2010 WILLIAM N. SAN Enjoyed our experience with Ace Car Rental.... Staff was friendly and curteous, and van driver was very helpful with directions needed.
11/23/2010 ACE 10/23/2010 JAMES L. AUS The people at ACE are exceptionally nice! There customer service is exceptional: they are gracious and have a sense of humor too! What more can you ask?
11/18/2010 ACE 11/09/2010 RICK D. LAS Great value for the cost. Experience went smooth.
11/17/2010 ACE 11/09/2010 STEPHANIE M. MSPC01 After making my reservation, I read many comments from unsatisfied ACE customers and was worried there would be problems with my car rental. I was wrong. ACE car rental was fast, easy to deal with and I'll rent from your company again. Thanks!!