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09/08/2012 ACE 08/20/2012 MAXIM R. ORD Everything was smooth, and price was exact (and it was great deal) !
09/07/2012 ACE 08/20/2012 BRYAN C. TPA ACE staff was very professional and efficient. We were staying at a local hotel after dropping the car off and they even shuttled us to our hotel. We also had an issue with not paying 2 tolls due to the new highway system and the need for a toll pass or exact change, neither which we had. We were forced to drive through the tolls and ACE told us they would take care of the problem by just charging us for the tolls and fees that the system would bill them for Definitely would recommend them and use them again if in the Tampa area.
08/30/2012 ACE 08/23/2012 CLAUDIA K. TPA I look forward to using both ACE and CarRentals again. Both services were great. ACE helped me to contact my credit card company and checked for the correct insurance coverage for me. ACE did not pressure me to buy redundant coverage.
08/31/2012 ACE 08/16/2012 ANDREW W. ORD great experience. always used the big companies that pick u up right outside baggage claim. The little walk to their shuttle saved me almost 100.00! I would definitely use them again
08/26/2012 ACE 08/16/2012 PEARLEEN H. FLL Very good experience with dealing with Ace and will use their service again. thank you
08/18/2012 ACE 08/09/2012 ANNA L. ORD The drivers who picked me up and brought me back from the airport were kind, friendly and helpful. So were the workers at the desk both on arrival and departure.
08/18/2012 ACE 03/19/2012 JOHN K. IND The experience with ACE was hands down the single best car rental experience I have ever had. No fake "upgrade" to a gas guzzler, no extreme push to sell useless add-ons, pleasant and knowledgeable staff, rapid checkout and rapid checkin... Yes, if the rest of the ACE's are anything like the airport INDY one... I will rent exclusively from them going forward.
07/25/2012 ACE 06/30/2012 ALEX S. INDS01 Absolutely the best rental experience that I have had to date. We all know that business growth is important but, ACE should be a secret!! Car Rentals .com, from now on baby!! Gratefully, Alex
07/24/2012 ACE 04/12/2012 LARRY W F. ORD I was leery because I had never heard of ACE but the price was great so we tried. We will now only rent from Ace. We have rented from other companies only to find out, with all the added cost, we were paying steeply and they never treated us like your staff in Chicago did. If your present service remains the same, we will always use you whenever we need a rental. You made our world a happier one.
07/22/2012 ACE 07/11/2012 JASON M. FLL I had never heard of ACE before finding them online and was a bit leery about renting from an unknown. I just have to say: WOW. The shuttle was there for us in less than five minutes! The staff was super friendly, and both pick up and drop off were painless. In and out. I would definitely rent from ACE in Ft. Lauderdale again. Great value, too, btw. I'm sure I could have paid a lot more for far less had I stuck with what I know and rented at the airport. Good job guys!
07/13/2012 ACE 06/18/2012 DOUGLAS N. ORD I was concerned because I had never heard of Ace. But it was an excellent value and a good experience.
07/14/2012 ACE 03/01/2012 VERNON H. IND Customer service was the best we have had in a long time! Everyone went out of their way to help us. It made our vacation worth while. I will recommend ACE to everyone I know! Thank you
07/03/2012 ACE 06/27/2012 MICHAEL P. FLL I have rented cars before from some of the bigger agecncies but have never received a car so clean and in such good shape. I would definitely rent from ACE again.
07/09/2012 ACE 01/26/2012 PETER W. MSP Excellent service--very organized, very clean, excellent vehicle for each shuttle--we are very pleased and would use ACE again!!
06/22/2012 ACE 06/15/2012 IVORY K. ORD I absolutely LOVED the cute Fiat that I rented! Thank you for having the best cars!!! And I love how quick they keep the process. I'll be back!
06/19/2012 ACE 03/11/2012 TEHLIANG JOSEPH C. ORD Great price, great services. Will use the same service again!
06/29/2012 ACE 05/09/2012 ROBERT C. ORD I checked the available car rentals for a 15 day rental out of Chicago's O'Hair Airport. Ace was not the lowest price, but when I checked the reviews, Ace seemed to have the best satisfaction - price combination. Being from the West Coast, I had never rented from Ace before and was unfamiliar with the company, so I had some concern. Ended up with a Nissan Sentra rental which was the model type requested. Check in was very quick with no wait and there was plenty of staff to assist. We drove about 1500 miles with complete satisfaction. Return was the equally fast. In addition, they gave me a ride back to my hotel on the shuttle normally used only between office and airport. Also no annoying upsell at the counter on check-in. If Ace is available for future trips, we will definitely seek their services.
06/07/2012 ACE 06/02/2012 BARBARA W. MSP Absolutely delightful experience from start to finish...have never rented from a "local" agency before but after this, will definitely search for local companies vs. the chains.
06/06/2012 ACE 05/12/2012 JACQUELINE M. IND I always rent from ACE because of their excellent and hassle-free service, rapidity of check-in/ out, and also because they do not focus on trying to sell me other things. I really appreciate the service I receive from these folks. I also typically book through for their great service and not locking me into a deal before I know what I am getting, like other agencies do. Will continue to use and recommend both companies! Thanks!!
05/31/2012 ACE 02/21/2012 KOFI O. ORD The rental was worth the money. It was a good savings and the car was excellent.
05/20/2012 ACE 05/14/2012 THOMAS Z. ORD Matt did an excellent job when I picked up the car. The driver who took me back to the airport helped me get to the blue line. Thanks ACE
05/22/2012 ACE 05/04/2012 KESHAWN C. SAN Ace is awesome
05/23/2012 ACE 05/07/2012 PAUL G. FLL The Rate was outstanding! I was apparently upgraded from your least expensive vehicle to a 2012 Honda Civic. Great Value. Great Service. I would recommend to others.
05/17/2012 ACE 04/19/2012 JOHN W. ORD The Ace office on Mannahine was busy, efficient,friendly and helpful. I'll be back!
05/13/2012 ACE 05/04/2012 MICHAEL R. MSP I travel 40+ weeks a year. I rent a car almost every week. So, I was pessimistic about moving from the main brand companies. ACE Rent A Car was better than any service I have ever rented from.
05/11/2012 ACE 05/01/2012 JEFFREY G. MCO Everything was great !!! THANKS-JEFF
04/23/2012 ACE 04/13/2012 CLAIRE K. SAN Excellent value. Excellent service.
04/19/2012 ACE 04/07/2012 THIEN N. ORD
04/14/2012 ACE 03/26/2012 ED M. FLL Thanks ACE for all your support...everything was great. I'll see you soon...again thanks, Ed
04/04/2012 ACE 02/02/2012 DOUGLAS G. ORD I'll definitely work with your company again. Thank you.
04/02/2012 ACE 03/19/2012 HEATHER R. AUS Excellent and prompt service. I would definetly rent from ACE again.
04/03/2012 ACE 03/16/2012 ELIZABETH N. ATL Quick, friendly staff, car was great, got a free upgrade = happy traveler :)
04/02/2012 ACE 03/22/2012 CYNTHIA W. SAN Appreciated the great service when requesting an extension of days of rental.
03/28/2012 ACE 03/19/2012 KAREN W. IND Great service! Both drivers were friendly and knowledgable. We were running late on the return trip and they had a shuttle driver waiting for us so we could reach the terminal on time.
03/26/2012 ACE 03/05/2012 PAUL G. FLL Thanks to Laverne and Dave and un-named shuttle driver for their honesty in getting my lost IPod back to me on Sun, 3/25. :-)
03/23/2012 ACE 03/19/2012 ROBERT M. ORD Renting from Ace was much better than expected. If coming to Chicago again I will rent from Ace
03/22/2012 ACE 01/29/2012 BILL D. ORD All was perfect. Ace IS the place!
03/19/2012 ACE 03/12/2012 BLAINE P. ORD Convenient, cost competitive, efficient, no-hidden cost service that whips the big-name competition!
03/24/2012 ACE 03/09/2012 MIRELLA C. FLL Courteous staff , prompt service . My congratulations to a conscientious car rental company!
03/16/2012 ACE 02/24/2012 ERIKA O. MSP I was really impressed with ACE! The staff was great, and I ended up with a wonderful car.
03/14/2012 ACE 01/22/2012 DIANA L. IND We received great, friendly service and loved the car - definitely would rent from and Ace again!
03/13/2012 ACE 01/12/2012 TIFFANY W. FLL i got GREAT gas mileage on my rental car. i drove back and forth some times more than once a day to south beach from north miami beach and never once had to put gas in it until it was time to return it.
03/12/2012 ACE 02/07/2012 SABRINA L. SAN I was glad that Ace provided us with a Cobalt for our economy rental. I feel that's a fair representation of what an "economy" car should be. Luke at the counter was nice and offered us insurance for a reasonable price. He also printed out directions to our hotel. We appreciated that.
03/03/2012 ACE 02/28/2012 RICH S. ORD Ace is by far the best car rental company
03/03/2012 ACE 02/15/2012 LYNN B. SAN Our driver, Hector, was instrumental in getting us to the airport on time, very pleasant and should be commended.
03/07/2012 ACE 02/14/2012 MARSHA F. AUS Please send me deals from both Ace and This was a very good experience. Thank you.
03/02/2012 ACE 02/21/2012 GEORGE W. ORD ACE is our favorite car rental agency. Your service personnel and cars are excellent. You have graciously given us a Camry these last three times we have rented a vehicle from you. The cars have be a delight to drive with very good gas milage. If your services are available, from now on we will chose ACE over other agencies. Thank you for your excellent service.
03/04/2012 ACE 02/15/2012 MARK R. MSP I have to say, i was hesitant about trying Ace, although I have seen them many times at the Minneapolis airports. However their quote was about $20 less per day then the majors, and all the reviews were really outstanding. I was a bit surprised to be bussed offsite to the car, but it was personalized service, I didn't have to wait for anyone else, and once i got there, I was in my car in about 2 minutes. The MAJOR upside was on the return. I was immediately transported back to the airport with no waiting, and dropped close to my gate. Returning to the main terminal to the Rental car return would have left me a good hike & tram ride from my gate. Also, with an impending snow storm, they offered a 4 wheel drive suv for a rate that was equal to the major's compact rate. Needless to say I took it! I would highly recommend giving these guys a try!
02/28/2012 ACE 02/12/2012 THOMAS B. MIA Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The car was clean and in great shape. I would definitely rent from ACE again!
03/01/2012 ACE 01/22/2012 IRWIN R. ORD I was surprised how good the value was and how professional ACE was. I was ready to be disapointed and instead I was very pleased. (My wife patted me on the back on getting a good deal...After 43 years of marriage even she was surprised).
02/22/2012 ACE 01/20/2012 BRIAN S. ORD Ace made our trip with an incredible upgrade and being considerable with all our date changes. Best experience ever by far with a car rental.
02/18/2012 ACE 02/10/2012 GAVIN L. MCO Best rental people we have ever dealt with! Thanks!
02/09/2012 ACE 02/04/2012 FRANCIS P. MCO Will use ACE rental every time from now on. I have already recommended them to a dozen people. I couldn't be happier.
02/10/2012 ACE 01/31/2012 SCOTT S. ORD Thanks for a professional and pleasant (and good value!) rental experience.
02/05/2012 ACE 01/29/2012 UTE A. SAN I would like you to know that we are impressed with the service we received. Ute A
02/05/2012 ACE 01/26/2012 SARA L. MIA I recommend to everyone! This is the best car rental search engine out there. Thank you for providing such great value.
02/01/2012 ACE 01/05/2012 BARTON D. TPA great experience---will definitely use again
01/30/2012 ACE 01/13/2012 KARL L. TPA
01/23/2012 ACE 01/01/2012 CHRISTOPHER B. DAL Excellent service. Best rental care agency I have ever dealt with. Would definitely use again.
01/29/2012 ACE 01/01/2012 STUART W. FLL The SUV we rented was perfect for it's purpose (golf gear!). The rates for ACE were very good compared to other rental agencies. Overall, we had a good experience and would rent again from ACE
01/24/2012 ACE 01/08/2012 STEVE G. ATL VERY reasonable rates and exactly the car I wanted to drive. No regrets!
01/21/2012 ACE 01/13/2012 ONNE V. FLL Great group of people at Ace in FLL. Will work with them again for sure!
01/23/2012 ACE 01/14/2012 ASHLEY H. FLL Very reliable! We flew into Ft Lauderdale, the shuttle took us to our car immediately and our car was ready. It was an easy check in, and at check out there were no hidden fees! I will certainly rent from again.
03/03/2012 ACE 06/27/2011 DONALD G. SXM Great service. Friendly Service. Will rent again from ACE next year if the price is fair an equal to yhis year.
01/20/2012 ACE 12/14/2011 BARRY K. AUS I have always been pleased with Ace. It's a great rental company to work with.
01/19/2012 ACE 01/03/2012 WILLIAM S. MCO We will continue to use ACE. We were very pleased with the company.
01/19/2012 ACE 01/05/2012 NANCY K. MCO ACE car rental provided great value for the price. Their staff was friendly and efficient and the car was in good condition.
01/14/2012 ACE 01/05/2012 DOUGLAS B. AUS ACE had very friendly staff. They got me in and out quickly, which is much appreciated. I like the easy vehicle drop-off too - very quick.
01/15/2012 ACE 01/08/2012 BARBARA J D. MIA absolutely fabulous experience. We are telling everybody we know.
01/13/2012 ACE 12/22/2011 GARY S. MSP Great car + Great staff + Great price equals Great experience.
01/16/2012 ACE 12/13/2011 ALLAN M. FLL the Ace guys were great right from the shuttle guy to the rental front desk person. I would use them again in a heartbeat. thanks
01/03/2012 ACE 12/05/2011 RICHARD H. SAN Everyone we worked with was great!
12/20/2011 ACE 12/10/2011 ABRAHAM L. MIA GREAT deal pleasure to deal with you
12/14/2011 ACE 12/11/2011 JAIME T. MIA I always try to rent from Carrentals, the best deals and the best selection. Hands down.
12/21/2011 ACE 11/03/2011 DAUN S. ORD Absolutely amazing! The place had cars & vans everywhere when I arrived, but I was on the shuttle with some flight attendants, so I was hopeful. After arriving, I went inside where the staff took incredible care of me. Another person came and got my bags to put directly into the car for me (NICE!) and with it being winter in Chicago, I didn't have to stand outside for more than a minute going over the car. The car was REALLY nice (much better than I expected based on the low rate I got). I will definitely rent from Ace again through and recommend to my friends & family!
12/17/2011 ACE 12/08/2011 ALBERTO I. SAN Congratulations, the service was really good.
12/09/2011 ACE 12/03/2011 TIM R. ORD Rented mini-van out of O'Hare. Great experience. I'll take the lower cost in exchange for no frills off-site facility (via free shuttle). Everything as promised. No surprises. Friendly and professional.
11/25/2011 ACE 11/07/2011 SHARON G. FLL I did complete the reservation and I received a better car than I reserved - the service coming and going was excellent and I will recommend your company to others
11/22/2011 ACE 11/17/2011 DINESH K. ORD The "dealer's choice" deal was the reason why I rented from CarRentals, and ACE. It's been two days since I have been back, and it looks like the rate quote was honored to a T. Not only that, I got a nice Camry with decent mileage so the trip turned out to be pretty economical. I'd definitely rent again from CarRentals and/or ACE if the price is right. Thank you!
11/22/2011 ACE 11/11/2011 MOLLY B. IND I will rent fron CarRenals and I want it to be from ACE. Things were very professional and made easy for me. Thanks
11/18/2011 ACE 11/10/2011 MARTY A. FLL I loved my experience with ACE and everything. I will definitely go back to ACE for my next car rental needs.
11/10/2011 ACE 11/06/2011 KAREN B. MCO Quick airport pickup and delivery which I greatly appreciated. Highly recommended, good value.
10/25/2011 ACE 05/17/2011 THERESA W. ORD What an excellent staff at Ace at O'Hare! They were awesome! Thank you so much Ace & You made our weekend easy as pie!!!
10/25/2011 ACE 08/05/2011 JOSE P. ORD Everything lived up to expectations.
10/24/2011 ACE 03/23/2011 THOMAS M. ORD Very pleased with ACE at ORD
10/20/2011 ACE 07/22/2011 SUSAN C. ORD The staff at the pickup place was very helpful. My husband is handicapped and everyone helped load his motorized scooter into the car and upon return, into and out of the van to the airport. Our return driver was very nice and helpful.
10/06/2011 ACE 08/30/2011 JOHN F. FLL My entire expierence with ACE was great. I will try to use ACE in the future when I look for a vehicle. Thank you
09/26/2011 ACE 08/02/2011 TERUO K. ORD Whenever I visit Chicago, I am renting ACE. I am satified with their service and car.
09/27/2011 ACE 08/17/2011 PAUL R. ORD Say, You have some top of the industry people. From courtesy van drivers to desk staff, keep these gentlemen. The best. Paul and Pat R.
09/29/2011 ACE 09/09/2011 RICHARD A. FLL Excellent experience...thanks so much
10/12/2011 ACE 03/31/2011 JOHN H. SXM Third hiring at St Maarten with Ace. Have had good service on all occasions.. Will definitely use again on our next visit. Many Thanks.. John H
09/29/2011 ACE 08/25/2011 JANICE C. ORD The staff at ACE were very helpful. I was very impressed with the promptness of picking me up at the airport as well as returning me to the airport. I definitely would use this service in the future and also share my positive experience with others.
09/25/2011 ACE 09/17/2011 JEROME CARL B. DAL ACE is exceptional!
09/23/2011 ACE 09/17/2011 MARTIN G. FLL Best counter representative we've ever dealt with . Her name is Veronica. So pleasant , knowledgable,courteous and very up-beat. Enjoyed our experience See you again.
09/28/2011 ACE 09/08/2011 LYNDA B. ORD I was traveling with two large dogs (in kennels) and an ACE driver drove my rented van to the airport to pick me up and also returned with me to airport so that I would not have to get dogs and kennels onto a shuttle van! I will DEFINITELY rent from ACE in the future! Very positive experience.
09/21/2011 ACE 09/10/2011 JERRY K. MKE I had never heard of or ACE but I was very happy with the service from both. ACE employee was wonderful. Would definitely recommend renting from them.