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07/19/2013 ACE 07/04/2013 GLENN H. MSP Thank you for having Sirius satellite radio available in my car!
07/18/2013 ACE 07/11/2013 ROBERT P. ORD Better than any of the "major" car rental companies. Did not try to push wasteful options. Great representative at the counter.
07/19/2013 ACE 06/23/2013 SVETLANA S. FLL Great rate & super efficient service. My dad said it can't be cheap, fast & good, but somehow Ace made it happen. Thanks!
07/21/2013 ACE 03/30/2013 DARRIN P. MCO Awesome experience. ACE was fantastic.
07/14/2013 ACE 02/17/2013 THOMAS C. PBI Great job! We have traveled to Florida many times in the last Few years, and this was by far the best experience with any car rental company.
07/07/2013 ACE 06/26/2013 LUIS R. ATL The two ladies at the ACE counter at Hartsfield were very friendly and courteous. In fact, our stay in Georgia was wonderful. Everyone we encountered was friendly and down-to-earth. Thank you.
07/05/2013 ACE 06/25/2013 SAMUEL C. SAN This is my second time. I really want to rent again from ACE.
07/07/2013 ACE 06/27/2013 KHALID E. SAN The service was very efficient and professional. Thanks!
07/08/2013 ACE 06/05/2013 RAJNARINE D. FLL Great overall experience definitely rent from ACE again
06/28/2013 ACE 06/15/2013 MELVILLE S. ORD The car was a new Buick which was the best rental I've ever had. The staff both coming and going could not have been nicer or more helpful !!
06/28/2013 ACE 06/09/2013 STEPHEN C. SAN Great price, car, and service. Would recommend highly to anyone going to the San Diego area to use Ace.
06/25/2013 ACE 05/21/2013 GLENN E. ORD Absolutely fantastic experience. I would use ACE car rental ANYTIME if it is as good as this last experience.
06/26/2013 ACE 06/14/2013 ANNE M. SAN We could not have had a better experience with this rental! Thank you!
07/02/2013 ACE 05/16/2013 STEPHANIE A. YYG Discount Rental in Charlottetown has a great team. Everyone was very gracious and helpful! Had a great experience with them.
06/22/2013 ACE 05/29/2013 LYNN G. ORD Overall, very good experience. I was amazed, because my expererience with car rental companies is not usually anything to brag about. Ace should brag about their services....shoulders above the rest.
06/09/2013 ACE 03/24/2013 JENNIFER W. MKE The people we dealt with through ACE were very nice and helpful. We would definitely rent from them again and reccommend them to friends.
06/05/2013 ACE 05/31/2013 SHANTANU B. ORD is one of the best online services ever.
06/04/2013 ACE 04/30/2013 MORDECHAI MARK B. LHR Delighted with the level of service and very satisfied with the e mails I received prior to the date of rental. With my most grateful thanks. Mordechai
06/07/2013 ACE 02/28/2013 Geoffrey G. ORD Great clean car and very nice that you provided an option of vehicles ( I needed a hatch back). Shuttle driver very prompt and even loaded luggage into car - can't remember any other rental car company ever doing that. Staff even gave very helpful toll advice. Keep up the great work.
06/03/2013 ACE 05/17/2013 ALEXANDER H. ORD was on a budget, and this worked out very well ! shall definitely use ACE in future
06/04/2013 ACE 03/27/2013 MARK L. FLL Exellent services from ACE staff and very reliable and convenient services from Will use services again and recommend to friends and family
05/31/2013 ACE 04/17/2013 RICHARD R. ORD Well done ACE! I'd rent from you again.
05/22/2013 ACE 05/01/2013 KATHLEEN J. TPA Car was better than expected(a Passat). Service was superb. Shuttle was waiting to take us to airport @ time of drop-off.
05/15/2013 ACE 05/11/2013 GWENDOLYN D. MKEN02 You will be my #1 source for car rental!!
05/16/2013 ACE 05/06/2013 KATHERINE M. ORD I would rent again with Ace and Entire experience was positive thank you.
05/08/2013 ACE 04/16/2013 CHARLES L. FLL Ace is an excellent organization. They are flexible and accommodating. Their staff is always friendly and courteous. When we picked up the car, they were extremely busy. The reps worked seamlessly and efficiently. I have rented from Ace before and would do so again anytime!
05/04/2013 ACE 04/21/2013 STEPHEN P. MSP I left my wallet in the shuttle. The driver immediately reported it, ACE contacted me, and the driver brought me my wallet right away so that I wouldn't be late for my flight. That's what I call outstanding service.
04/28/2013 ACE 03/27/2013 HECTOR I. ORD Very impressed w ACE, especially for the price. Great service, friendly, fun staff. Good car.
04/27/2013 ACE 04/04/2013 PERRY F. ATL Awesome...cheapest available and nicest car and great service! Thanks!
04/25/2013 ACE 04/16/2013 CHRISTINE O. ORD Staff was absolutely fantastic I appreciated the prompt service which prevented me from missing my flight. Thanks again!
04/25/2013 ACE 03/19/2013 PHILIP M. ORD Clean, new car, very friendly staff, prompt pick-up and drop-off shuttle service. Great experience overall.
04/21/2013 ACE 04/12/2013 DAVID E. MCO Excellent service. Much better than renting at the airport.
04/18/2013 ACE 03/27/2013 LYNDALL B. IND I always like to use this company if possible and I got a great price, better than on-site airport companies.
04/21/2013 ACE 03/25/2013 JEAN B. SXM Everything went well, and see you next year. It is too bad that we can't bottle the weather and take it home with us.
04/08/2013 ACE 04/02/2013 HANS H. TPA Outstanding, knowledgeable and accommodating Agents. Will definitely recommend Ace/ Thanks. Hans H
04/09/2013 ACE 04/01/2013 TERRI H. MSP I've already shared my thoughts on the excellent customer service with my dad who wil probably be renting 4/25 - 4/29.
04/06/2013 ACE 03/23/2013 RACHEL B. AUS We were very pleased with the entire experience. We got a new car that got great gas mileage
04/14/2013 ACE 03/25/2013 CINDY A. SAN Couldn't have asked for a better car renting experience than with and ACE! I will definitely use both again!
04/01/2013 ACE 03/21/2013 JEFFREY Q. IND This is the second time I've used Ace in Indy. It would be nice if they were in the airport, but it is worth a short shuttle ride to have a reliable rental at a good value.
03/27/2013 ACE 03/17/2013 MULUKEN N. IND All the staff they are friendly and professional. I want to say thank you everyone.
03/19/2013 ACE 03/13/2013 FELIPE Q. ORD The folks at ACE were awesome. Will for sure return. Thank you all so much.
03/19/2013 ACE 03/12/2013 MICHAEL K. MKEW07 The whole rental experience went smooth and was positive. The car was great. We had no problems at all with the car or picking it up.
03/30/2013 ACE 02/19/2013 GAVIN C. ORD This is the second time I have rented from ACE and both times I have been very satisfied, particularly with the helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
03/13/2013 ACE 03/06/2013 PATRICIA G. ORD Great Experience! Robert was very helpful! Will definitely be using both companies again! Thank You!
03/08/2013 ACE 03/05/2013 EDDIE E. DAL ACE is obviously the small guy. But that is sometimes better, since you get more attention and ease, not being lost in the mix. This is the case here. Really liked them. Will rent again from ACE.
03/07/2013 ACE 02/27/2013 WILLIAM A. ORD The ACE team in Chicago was excellent. Drivers, rental agents, management. Great people!!
03/10/2013 ACE 02/15/2013 CHESTER B. BQN Everything worked like it should. Picked up promptly at BQN and the reservation was all in order. Return process was quick and easy. Car was great. Nissan Versa was great on gas. Easily carried our gear including surf boards.
03/03/2013 ACE 07/03/2012 DAVID C. ORD Definitely found ACE the best car rental I have had in Chicago. . .
02/26/2013 ACE 02/01/2013 THOMAS R. MCO The shuttle service was terrific. They were waiting for us to take us to the airport. Rental process was smooth and quick. We definitely use ACE again!
02/24/2013 ACE 02/07/2013 DAVID O. FLL I left my laptop in the car and they made sure they got it to me at the airport. They did not need to do that, so I was very appreciative for their kindness and consideration.
02/10/2013 ACE 02/07/2013 SHELLEY M. IND The Ace staff was outstanding! The late night van driver in particular was professional, friendly & helpful to a degree I have never experienced. He gave me perfect directions to get where I was going & back. Great guy, great asset to Ace. Thanks, SKM
02/04/2013 ACE 01/28/2013 LAURA B. IND I love renting from Ace, because the location is convenient, the shuttle is free, and the price is better than the on-airport locations. The staff there went out of their way to be helpful! I requested a vehicle change (nothing wrong with the first car, just a preference), and they handled it easily and promptly. Thanks!
03/01/2013 ACE 01/20/2013 GARY S. TPA I had read reviews of your company before I rented as I had never heard of it before and the reviews were all good so I decided to rent from ACE. I was very satisfied with the all the arrangements and would definitely rent or recommend ACE for my next rental. Thanks.
01/31/2013 ACE 01/15/2013 DREW C. ORD The staff there was fantastic. I didn't realize I needed more info because I was using a debit card instead of a credit card, but the staff totally helped me through it in a friendly way. They are real pros in customer service. I'm definitely gonna come back to this Ace the next time I rent a car. Great job guys. You all deserve a raise.
01/30/2013 ACE 01/01/2013 ANNE H. ORD The service at ACE was OUTSTANDING. The people were polite, informative, kind, receptive, interested, concerned, caring . . . you get the idea. I would definitely recommend the ACE team at Chicago airport.
01/27/2013 ACE 12/30/2012 DAVID A. ORD The shuttle picked us up promptly from the airport, delivered us safely to our pickup location where we received quality cars quickly from pleasant, knowledgable staff. The car I received was essentially brand new with top-of-the-line accommodations. Clean, sleek, fuel-efficient. Exceptional experience and value. I will certainly book again next time I'm in Chicago.
02/04/2013 ACE 01/13/2013 LLOYD B. SAN It was a very good experience I had with your company.I will be in San Diego again in about 6 weeks on business. I plan on using your company again.Lloyd
01/19/2013 ACE 01/16/2013 DENNY C. IND Excellent service and amazing staff !!!! Thank you for all you have done to make my day a better one !!!
01/11/2013 ACE 12/01/2012 LISA R. MSP Great Service appreciated having car warmed up (was in Minnesota) and the shuttle driver was super friendly and helpful with local information. GREAT WILL SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!!
01/06/2013 ACE 11/14/2012 KATHY G. MSP I was apprehensive about having to be shuttled from the airport to the pickup site, but it was only 5 minutes away and the whole experience was excellent, from service to vehicle quality to cost -- I paid a substantially lower rate than other car rentals I researched in Mpls/St. Paul.
12/30/2012 ACE 07/25/2012 KATHRYN W. ORD This is the BEST car rental company I have EVER dealt with. Actually, this is the only professional car rental company I've dealt with and I've used all the big ones. Excellent service, quick, friendly and did not do the overselling of extra add on services that others pressure you with. And then the best price, by far over others in the area. We got the dealer's special and received a beautiful newer toyota camry. I will NEVER rent from another car rental company in this area again. Customer for life!
12/31/2012 ACE 12/19/2012 DAVID J. ORD Ace rental has been nothing but a joy to deal with. Keep up the good work!!
12/27/2012 ACE 12/16/2012 GARY Y. AGS excellent and awesome....tremendous price and value
01/02/2013 ACE 11/13/2012 TAMUIRIA S. ORD The staff at the O'Hare location were professional, fun, and very friendly. I would gladly rent from ACE again.
12/31/2012 ACE 12/13/2012 STEPHEN M. MKES06 Good value for the money compared to other national rental businesses.
12/20/2012 ACE 11/06/2012 PHILIP D. IND Ace is a top flight car rental firm in Indianapolis
12/08/2012 ACE 11/09/2012 LINDA H. FLL I was very satisfied with my Ace car rental. The car was ready upon my arrival and it was great on gas mileage. I would definitely rent from ACE again through, and would recommend this service to others.
12/02/2012 ACE 11/21/2012 LESLIE L. TPA Thanks. Great experience overall. Was hard to believe we could rent a car for $10/day.
12/05/2012 ACE 11/27/2012 DAISY M. FLLC01 Best Transaction EVER!
12/04/2012 ACE 11/17/2012 ANGEL C. MCO Estoy satisfecho. Gracias. El servicio es excelente. Voy a recomendar a mis amigos y familiares.
12/04/2012 ACE 10/09/2012 JILLIANNE D. ORD I am in love with ACE rentals! Where have you been all my life? This company's rates are extremely competitive and I am more than thankful for the services that were rendered to me.
11/24/2012 ACE 10/04/2012 STEVEN M. MSP Very happy with the vehicle and price. The car was about $41/day which was about $20 cheaper than the closest competitor. I was equally happy to find that the vehicle came with both cruise control and XM satellite radio. I was extremely pleased with the value of service provided. Thank You!
11/19/2012 ACE 11/13/2012 MICHAEL A. LAFO01 Monday, November 19, 2012 I was impressed with my overall experience renting from Ace Car Rental, using: . The price was as: promised. The man who dealt with me at Ace Car Rental was knowledgeable, helpful and displayed professional courtesy. I highly recommend using when making your reservations with Ace Car Rental. Thank you. Sincerely, Michael A Lafayette, Indiana
11/19/2012 ACE 08/09/2012 KAREN K. MCO ACE staff were fantastic on our arrival 11/11/12 in Orlando. Shuttle was prompt and comvenient. Return was very efficient - all along the way, great value, excellent service and great value for the low cost. Love you ACE, will definitely look for you again. The Khans from Toronto Canada, travelling to Orlnado FLA
11/16/2012 ACE 11/06/2012 RICHARD M. AUS Excellent experience and would recommend and use ACE rental. Thanks!
11/20/2012 ACE 10/21/2012 MICHAEL K. ORD Excellent experience all around! Well done, Team! Dr. K.
11/10/2012 ACE 11/02/2012 URIEL B. FLL I'm always going to rent from ace Great servise !!!
11/10/2012 ACE 10/20/2012 PAUL R. POP I have used this company and will continue to use this company at it's Puerto Plata location. The Staff there are very friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. I have recommended this company to a few of my friends who travel to the Puerto Plata location. I am very satisfied with my experience at ACE Puerto Plata.
11/04/2012 ACE 10/30/2012 NOEL DUHON S. FLL ACE was very prompt and professional
10/30/2012 ACE 10/17/2012 CATHERINE L. ORD I love ACE in Chicago! I have used them twice now and they are awesome. They don't try to sneak in extra charges with fast talking sales people. They are courteous and friendly. I'll definitely be renting from them again!
10/28/2012 ACE 10/22/2012 GREGORY T. IND Your off airport service was plesant and hassle free. Polite and friendly people At the Indainapolis, IN. airport location. Thank You!see ya @ the next FFA Convention.
10/29/2012 ACE 10/23/2012 STANLEY S. MSP Great customer service agents
11/05/2012 ACE 06/07/2012 FRANK F. SXM We won a free week for our two week rental at ACE, spinning a roulette wheel when picking up vehicle. Reason for "Great" overall experience rating.
10/17/2012 ACE 03/04/2012 SHIRLEY F. ORD This was my first experience with CarRentals and ACE, but it won't be my last. The ACE staff at O'Hare was wonderful!!! Also, loved the compact provided, which was a KIA Soul. Great rental experience. Thank you very much.
10/11/2012 ACE 09/29/2012 GERALD K. ORD The O'Hare ACE staff was ACES. Professional, friendly and competent.
10/14/2012 ACE 08/30/2012 JORGE D. ORD I was treated with friendly and personal attention. I was Offered an up-grade for near nothing, check out Was speedy, accurate and professional Thanks Jorge
10/11/2012 ACE 08/25/2012 ANDREW M. ORD Outstanding service from ACE!
10/11/2012 ACE 06/26/2012 JAMIE L. PBI I thought the staff was super friendly. Charlie gave me a free upgrade and I felt as if the staff was super attentive with helping me with luggage, asking if i needed directions and getting me out the door. This was probably the best car service experience I've ever had!
10/06/2012 ACE 09/15/2012 CAROL F. ORD Thank You ACE. Wow what a surprise to have such great customer service. Vince loaded my luggage in the shuttle at the airport and when we arrived at the rental office he brought my car up and loaded my luggage into there too! Even though the weather was nice having the car inside a covered area is a nice touch. I am used to car rental companies letting me drag my luggage into the office, wait in line to get the car and then given a key to find my car outside or in a parking garage on my own. Every step of the rental process was guided by your employees. What a convenience it was to have everything so close and such great employees! I'm sorry I didn't get all of their names but each one took care of me as if I was family. I look forward to using you again on my return trip. Mahalo Nui Loa, Carol F
10/04/2012 ACE 12/08/2011 HENRY C. ORD This was truly a great experience. The staff was unbelievably helpful and the bonus was the car. Thank you so much
09/28/2012 ACE 08/16/2012 JULIA R. ORD Never met such friendly and helpful staff at a car rental place. I will probably always look to ACE first. This is my 2d time renting with them and both were the exact same fabulous experience.
09/26/2012 ACE 09/03/2012 JOAN S. ORD The rental was "seamless." Everything went smoothly, the car was great for the price. We were very pleased and would definitely use ACE again if they keep up the level of customer satisfaction we just experienced. Thanks!
09/21/2012 ACE 09/13/2012 RINDA G. IND Staff was great. Quick shuttle ride with hardly any waiting. Definitely going back to rent from Ace.
09/19/2012 ACE 06/04/2012 CHARLENE J G. TPA I was really impressed with how quickly the shuttle arrived upon my returning the car rental. From now on, you will be the first car rental that I will call to rent a car from now on.
09/13/2012 ACE 08/17/2012 JUAN L. ORD Great experience! All of my Chicago car rentals will be from Ace. What a great Team!
09/17/2012 ACE 06/19/2012 CHARLIE H. TPA Car did good again! Thanks, you guys are the best!
09/14/2012 ACE 04/20/2012 HARRY S. ORD While returning to OʻHare from S. Bend Indiana (a 4hour trip for only 120 miles) a truck next to us threw a tire and we ran over it. Extensive damage to front end but drivable. We arrived at Ace 55 minutes before our flight. The staff helped us fill out a claim and sped us to the airport. We made our flight. Great people, great service. Back home safe in Hawaii. THANKS!!!!!
09/16/2012 ACE 07/29/2012 BORIS K. ORD Very friendly and professional ACE staff. Very good and absolutely new car for reasonable price. Thanks a lot. Highly recommended
09/10/2012 ACE 08/05/2012 JEFFREY C. FLL I really appreciate the flexibility on pick up and drop off dates to get the fantastic rates