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08/02/2009 Thrifty 07/25/2009 CARLOS R. BUF Great Service, definitely the best from a bunch of car rental websites I've tried before. Keep at it.
07/29/2009 Thrifty 07/23/2009 LALORDI M. ATL Excellent service! I tried to book on Thrifty and there were no cars available! Since they are my favorite, I was desperate to find a rental from them. You had the best price and best of all, a reservation! Thank you so much!!
08/01/2009 Thrifty 06/15/2009 CARLOS P. MCO We can't ask for more, everything went great with with the rental car. Keep up the wonderful work you do for us. Thank you
08/07/2009 Thrifty 03/17/2009 OSCAR G. SDQ Excellent and professional services.
07/18/2009 Thrifty 07/08/2009 LAWRENCE T. DTW I had all but resigned myself to paying a ridiculous rate for a two-day rental. Then I checked out Your rate was just about half what anyone else was quoting for my DTW rental. Thanks for saving me some serious money.
07/19/2009 Thrifty 07/13/2009 GARRETT H. STL Outstanding van drivers & check-in at the airport.
07/21/2009 Thrifty 05/11/2009 STEPHANIE R. CLT Thank you so much! I had a grand time and the ride was fantastic!!!
07/14/2009 Thrifty 02/04/2009 CYNTHIA B. SAN I was very happy with my vehicle and the staff was very friendly. TOtally LOVED the XM radio stations! That made my drive even better!
07/27/2009 Thrifty 04/19/2009 COLLEEN J. BZN Most pleasant experience I have had in a long time. Way to go Bozeman staff!
07/11/2009 Thrifty 07/05/2009 BEVERLY K. HNL Love to do business with you again.
07/12/2009 Thrifty 02/21/2009 RHONDA N. MB2 Outstanding service as always
07/09/2009 Thrifty 04/15/2009 EDWARD C. BTV First time I ever picked up a car when the rate was EXACTLY as quoted!!!!!
07/06/2009 Thrifty 06/26/2009 KERRY S. FLL This was my first experience with and it was excellent. I was extremely impressed with the ease of the site, and by the car that was rented to me at my destination. I will absolutely use it again and recommend it to others.
06/29/2009 Thrifty 06/24/2009 BERTHA T. HNL Service was great and I would definetly would rent a car with thrifty and again.
07/06/2009 Thrifty 06/16/2009 DIANE K. SFO very pleasant cost saving experience - thank you!
07/06/2009 Thrifty 06/13/2009 JAMES B. YC2 Best rental experience ever. First rate team.
06/26/2009 Thrifty 06/11/2009 JEAN-PAUL E. MCI I liked your service very much and ended up cancelling one rental agency when I got the Thrifty rental for $50 less! I forgot I already had booked a car when your email reminder was sent to me...Timing of your email was great as was your service and the new price!!
06/27/2009 Thrifty 06/20/2009 GREGORY R. TPA There were no changes or unexpected surprises from ordering online to actually talking to the rep at the counter. Great!
06/22/2009 Thrifty 06/15/2009 CHRISTIAN F. YTE You guys will get all my business from now on. Excellent.
06/23/2009 Thrifty 05/21/2009 SANDRA A. ELP I have rented cars at this Thrifty several times and their staff is great, thanks for making it a good experience!
06/21/2009 Thrifty 06/17/2009 DANIEL A. NM4 continue the good work, you make car renting very, very easy and accessible. Thank you very much.
06/22/2009 Thrifty 06/07/2009 CATHERINE B. YEG Excellent and very easy. Counter handy to the arrivals area, car handy to the counter. Transaction quick and courteous. The car was just right for us, lots of room for luggage and good on gas. Return was quick and convenient as well. The great rate allowed us to rent a car where we would otherwise not be able to afford it.
06/21/2009 Thrifty 06/16/2009 KARIN C. STL Scott was an absolute Angel!! Kind and compassionate and could not have gotten through my trip without him! Give that man a raise!!!
07/02/2009 Thrifty 06/05/2009 NICHOLE S. CMH thank you for the great sevice. You rock
06/25/2009 Thrifty 05/24/2009 JAMES G. SJC 100% Percect job
07/08/2009 Thrifty 05/30/2009 SUSAN P. LAX This was our first experience with and would love to use them again.
06/15/2009 Thrifty 06/08/2009 RIAZ C. PHX CarRental is the best place to rent car for the best price. No unknowns, no surprises. I like that.I used to use priceline and hotwire. Not anymore.
06/15/2009 Thrifty 06/09/2009 THADDEUS R. TPA CarRental provided better car rates plus better insurance information and rates. Great.....
06/11/2009 Thrifty 06/03/2009 FORREST D. HNL I always get awesome service from the Honolulu Thrifty!! They go the extra mile for all customers.
06/11/2009 Thrifty 05/23/2009 MARLENE B. IAH This is the second time I rented a car from Thrifty IAH because of the value but most especially, the staff like Sam and Ramona. Thanks!
06/11/2009 Thrifty 05/11/2009 RONALD P. PDX We were more than pleased with the whole experience and loved the Subaru Legacy we were given.
06/07/2009 Thrifty 06/03/2009 GERALD P. DAL I have already recommended this to one friend.
06/11/2009 Thrifty 05/09/2009 FRED H. ATL The system works! Excellent service.
06/11/2009 Thrifty 05/09/2009 JOHN L. KOA This was a very easy rental. Thank you.
06/03/2009 Thrifty 05/26/2009 ILANA F. ABQ This was an excellent experience that went very smoothly and was handled professionally by the Thrifty staff. Thank you.
06/03/2009 Thrifty 05/28/2009 JERI J. PHL has affordable rates and opens up locations that other discount websites don't have available.
06/02/2009 Thrifty 05/21/2009 SHELLEY S. YYZ I like to use carrentals. I use them about every 2 months. Good service--excellent in fact!
05/31/2009 Thrifty 05/27/2009 KAREN W. BNA We have used Thrifty in Nashville four times in the past six weeks and have been very pleased every time.
05/28/2009 Thrifty 05/20/2009 MARY JO P. BNA Definately will use Thrifty again !!!!
05/26/2009 Thrifty 05/19/2009 ANDREW C. YQR It was a very quick rental and return. The car was in excellent shape and the whole experience was smooth easy and wonderful.
05/28/2009 Thrifty 05/16/2009 WILLIAM H. MIA Excellent and Professional staff made the rental expierence extremely enjoyable. I would recommend your company to everyone.
05/26/2009 Thrifty 03/31/2009 SHARON D. BOS Excellent staff and excellent service.
05/20/2009 Thrifty 05/15/2009 MARTIN L. MCO We booked this after my husband arrived at MCO for another reservation and found the line at Payless was long and unmoving. We chose Thifty because the rental desk looked efficient and I saw the rates were good on I booked this over the internet while my husband was at the airport. He picked up the car at Thifty moments later and all went well. He said drop off went well too. Thank you Thifty.
05/13/2009 Thrifty 05/06/2009 JOANN P. PIT Great no hassle rental. THey were very prompt and the car was perfect.
05/10/2009 Thrifty 05/03/2009 DAVID F. DFW Hi about 10th rental with your site love it, Thrifty gave me a better than quoted rate, a first! This is the 5th different location and your site is very good for my needs. I even had to cancel a few weeks ago, and it was not a problem.
05/03/2009 Thrifty 04/23/2009 FRANK M. BOI Outstanding service. The car was excellent, even better than expected. Service was superior. I would rent from Thrifty again, for sure.
05/03/2009 Thrifty 04/29/2009 MATTHEW O. CLE Another great rate, and another great day of service at the Thrifty counter in Cleveland! Thanks very much!
05/02/2009 Thrifty 04/25/2009 JEROME A. STL Car and rental promise with was accurate and wonderful.
05/03/2009 Thrifty 04/04/2009 JANET V. LAS Definitely would rent via Exceptional value. Hope to rent again in December if I get the best deal.
04/30/2009 Thrifty 04/22/2009 STEVEN B. SNA have and will use carrentals again, this week as matter of fact. have told all my associates, they use you as well.
04/28/2009 Thrifty 01/24/2009 TRACEY R. LAS A great experience dealing with the folks from Thrifty in Las Vegas! I especially enjoyed dealing with Fran and Cindy.
04/30/2009 Thrifty 03/16/2009 CAROL B. PHX Car rental was great. Keep up the grade of value for your customers. We really appreciate it.
05/03/2009 Thrifty 04/18/2009 LINDA C. GCM I was very inpressed with your service...our flight was delayed and your employee stayed late to wait for us. I have used Thrifty the past 3 years in Cayman and I found its the best value and the best service. Thank you so much for making part of my vacation easy and effortless.
04/24/2009 Thrifty 04/16/2009 HAL B. DFW All other online rates were sky-high so you wer definitely the best value; thanks!
04/22/2009 Thrifty 04/05/2009 EUGENE M. IAH Best rate I have had in a long time [in Houston]!...
04/20/2009 Thrifty 02/11/2009 DEANNA C. BNA Wonderful folks! Many thanks.
04/22/2009 Thrifty 04/13/2009 FELIX B. SJU Overall excellent service and experience. Thank you very much for providing this great service. I look forward to using you in the near future.
04/19/2009 Thrifty 04/15/2009 SCOTT K. JPD Saved money and got a great car. Couldn't be happier. Excellent from soup to nuts. THANK YOU.
04/22/2009 Thrifty 02/12/2009 SHIRLEY N. FCA I received EXCEPTIONAL service from John in Kalispell, Montana. He took extra time to get me directions and a better detailed map of Whitefish.
04/14/2009 Thrifty 04/07/2009 ANGEL H. RD4 Excellent location and excellent staff; we will rent from Thrifty again.
04/14/2009 Thrifty 04/08/2009 ARLA V. TUL Very smooth transaction, with professional and nice people. Overall a good experience.
04/09/2009 Thrifty 04/02/2009 JOHN A. MHT My wild card selection turned out to be a Chrysler 300. Great car for the rental rate.
04/09/2009 Thrifty 02/22/2009 ADRIAN B. FL2 Thanks for the help locating a reasonable rental price. You did much better than I did on my own.
04/07/2009 Thrifty 03/31/2009 ROSANNA F. PVD You had the best car for the best price. I saved about 40$ a day! Thanks, I'll definitely use your service again.
04/06/2009 Thrifty 03/19/2009 FRANKLIN C. IAH very pleased with the ease of reserving my rental and the price! Will definitely go through your site again for my next rental!
04/05/2009 Thrifty 03/26/2009 BRENDA S. YYJ I appreciated the friendly and helpful staff at Thrifty and also the price!
04/08/2009 Thrifty 03/25/2009 MADELINE B. SJU Everyone in your staff from the pick up guy at the airport to the guy giving us the car where very proffesional and friendly!!!! We will be renting again in the future!!!!!
04/02/2009 Thrifty 03/21/2009 HERNAN R. SJU best value found on the web
03/29/2009 Thrifty 03/21/2009 PAUL D. IAH Pleasantly surprised that vehicle was upgraded for the quoted price and there were no surprises. Central facility at Bush is very easy to use ... much better than most I've encountered.
03/22/2009 Thrifty 03/19/2009 ANDREA B. LIT This is the second time in a month I have used Carrentals. Used to think Hotwire was the only game in townbut then found you guys and love it!!
03/17/2009 Thrifty 03/06/2009 NANCY P. M57 We were extremely happy with the vehicle and mileage. Thank you!
03/17/2009 Thrifty 02/28/2009 MICHAEL T. SFB Quote was very acurate. Good car as well.
03/16/2009 Thrifty 02/27/2009 ANITA B. SFB i couldn't believe I would actually get the rate i was quoted. I kept expecting hidden charges, but there were none. I saved about $300. Keep up the good work!
03/07/2009 Thrifty 02/28/2009 JOHN D. DTW Good experience for my first time, and I will think of in the future.
03/06/2009 Thrifty 03/01/2009 DIANNE H. HNL Had a much better rate & experience than calling the location of the car rental, by using car Thanks
03/05/2009 Thrifty 01/19/2009 RANDAL M. HNL nice friendly staff; i would like to rent from thrifty again if the price remains affordable. thanks honolulu airport staff........
03/03/2009 Thrifty 12/29/2008 MECHELLE L. TUS It was a wonderful experience. The price beat any we saw anywhere else. The car was very nice. The staff were great. The location was perfect. We would definetly rent form them again! Thank you for the excellent service!
03/05/2009 Thrifty 02/10/2009 LIAM L. STL Returning the car was the best experience I had ever had in returning a car to a car rental agency. The car worked and it allowed me to get to my destinations.
02/24/2009 Thrifty 02/09/2009 HORACIO A. SJC GREAT SERVICE & PRICE THANK YOU.
02/26/2009 Thrifty 02/05/2009 JOSEPH R. RSW Your CSR was very helpful in providing us with a ride to the checkin counter due to our traffic delay
03/08/2009 Thrifty 09/28/2008 GARY B. OGG great rate,very nice car, return was easy and quick. SO yes, we would do it again Thank you
02/23/2009 Thrifty 02/04/2009 JOE B. IAH has been great. For me, your services have become my standard for finding cars while on the road.
02/27/2009 Thrifty 01/29/2009 ROBERT S. CHS came through by giving me the best price and vehicle. Thanks
02/22/2009 Thrifty 09/11/2008 RICH G. FLL First time renting from Thrifty and the experience was outstanding...perfect...not even a line at the counter and the return took 30 seconds...fastest ever!!!!!!!
02/17/2009 Thrifty 01/26/2009 KATHRYN D. RSW Best rate I could find for the biggest car I could have hoped for. Thank you, you saved our entire trip!
03/05/2009 Thrifty 02/07/2009 PENNY W. RSW I rent cars frequently, so I have to shop for the lowest helps me do that!
02/16/2009 Thrifty 02/03/2009 CHARLES R. MCO Most excellent transaction. Things couldn't have gone better. Thanks
02/11/2009 Thrifty 02/04/2009 PEYTON C. SFO i will certainly book through this site again....
02/09/2009 Thrifty 01/22/2009 CHAIREZ D. HNL Awesome experience... Thank you..
02/06/2009 Thrifty 01/18/2009 JOHN D. RNO Thrify and have both performed well. I will certainly continue to use both services. Thank you
02/04/2009 Thrifty 01/26/2009 DEBBIE H. MCO I always use you guys now...Thanks!
02/04/2009 Thrifty 06/06/2008 THEODORE H. SRQ One of the best experiences..I was new to renting from Thrifty. Thank you..
01/26/2009 Thrifty 01/22/2009 STEPHEN G. YVR Great site... Glad I found it! Thanks
01/28/2009 Thrifty 01/19/2009 SHARON K. MCO excellent experience ... definitely will use next time too!
01/26/2009 Thrifty 01/19/2009 DAVID B. MIA Thanks for the wonderful experience....
01/19/2009 Thrifty 01/03/2009 DREW CINDY M. MCO Our Thrifty staff agent was excellent. Very friendly and helpful.
01/20/2009 Thrifty 01/10/2009 LISA H. SAV thank you for hornoring my request so promptly to extend the use of your vehicle without having to go through the red tape. i would gladly recommend Thrifty car rental for fast and friendly service.
01/15/2009 Thrifty 01/03/2009 JULIO D. SJU The best experience I have had in the many times I've gone to PR and rented cars. Thank you
01/13/2009 Thrifty 12/31/2008 FRANK S. MCO We have already placed another reservation for late January. Thank you for your service to the traveler!