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09/15/2010 Travcar Car Rental 09/01/2010 MARK W. SAN I was late to pick up the car and was charged less much to my surprise. What a great new (?) company! I will use again if they keep their rates as low as they are now. Easy to find on
09/05/2010 Travcar Car Rental 08/24/2010 MARGARET M. SAN Wonderful experience! Highly recommended!!!
05/27/2010 Travcar Car Rental 05/10/2010 DANIEL C. SAN Great value. Will definitely use again on next trip to San Diego.
04/21/2010 Travcar Car Rental 04/11/2010 VIJAYA S. SAN Everyone was very professional. Service was great and I will recommend to my family and friends.
07/25/2009 Travcar Car Rental 07/18/2009 CHRISTINE H. SAN Travcar Car Rental is so low-key and mellow. There's no pressure to pay for the extras. The guys were prompt and helpful. I will definitely use Travcar for all of my car rental needs!
05/03/2009 Travcar Car Rental 04/21/2009 ROBERT S. SAN Travcar is a small company with limited resources. Having said that, they do an excellent job. From the rental staff to the GM they are all professionals.
04/20/2009 Travcar Car Rental 04/10/2009 NANCEE H. SAN Transportation from and to the airport was fast and timely; much appreciated.
12/27/2008 Travcar Car Rental 12/18/2008 JACLYN C. SAN saved me a ton of money. thank you!
10/08/2008 Travcar Car Rental 09/22/2008 FRANK S. SAN Overall great experience. Would use TravCar again...
09/17/2008 Travcar Car Rental 08/21/2008 SANDY H. SAN I would highly recommend Travcar. The customer service was great and the GPS really helped too.
09/12/2008 Travcar Car Rental 08/21/2008 JUDY B. SAN I rent all the time. I will have to say compared to the bigger companies and smaller ones too they were the best in a long long time. I wish them the best and I look forward to renting from them in the future!!! KEEP up the good work!!!
07/07/2008 Travcar Car Rental 05/25/2008 NANCY T. SAN Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Keep up the super customer service.
06/03/2008 Travcar Car Rental 05/08/2008 KELLY C. SAN This company was very friendly and very helpful. The car was just what we expected and they gave us a great deal on a gps system that came in very very handy during out trip. The experience was great!
05/16/2008 Travcar Car Rental 05/05/2008 ANNIE S. SAN I had a great experience renting from Travcar. I've never heard of this company so it was nice to know that I took a risk and everything turned out well!!! Thank you so much!!!
04/29/2008 Travcar Car Rental 04/23/2008 KRISTIN D. SAN Loved the car, it drove like a champ and the staff was friendly. the price was unbeatable too! 10.25 a day!!!
05/11/2008 Travcar Car Rental 04/16/2008 DIANE A. SAN Thanks TravCar, you were awesome.
04/05/2008 Travcar Car Rental 03/27/2008 RAY T. SAN Great service, much better than the "big guys" in the San Diego area. And, their shuttle (because it's a minivan) drops you curbside at check-in, not across the sky bridge side. Great experience.
03/17/2008 Travcar Car Rental 03/11/2008 PHIL S. SAN great rental company. I even enjoyed my first experience with the GPS. THANK YOU PHIL
03/11/2008 Travcar Car Rental 02/18/2008 CATHERINE G. SAN I travel quite a bit and I will indeed try to use again on my next trip.
07/18/2010 United Auto Rental 06/09/2010 WILLIAM B. SNA We will rent from them again. Great place to do business, nice guys, very good car, clean, smelled good, no problems.
08/08/2014 Universal Rent A Car 07/04/2014 EUGENE K. YYZ the staff was friendly and supportive for directions and welcoming. They are really committed to provide a service w/o feeling ripped off. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB AND THANKS AGAIN FROM MIAMI FLA.
03/09/2014 Universal Rent A Car 02/22/2014 MARSHELLA P. YYZ My trip to Ontario was because of a family emergency and Michael at Universal Rent A Car was nothing but polite, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. He even worked until after closing so I could get a vehicle to go and see my son in the hospital. Thank you so much. Great job!!
01/08/2014 Universal Rent A Car 12/13/2013 JOHN H. YYZ Thank you. Great service. We are planning to come back to Ontario in August when it is not soooo cold and hope you will have a car available for us.
11/03/2013 Universal Rent A Car 09/26/2013 CLAYTON H. YYZ Best car rental experience I've ever had for the best price ever. Thanks so much. We will be a repeat customer
09/30/2013 Universal Rent A Car 09/16/2013 JURIS S. YYZ Great value for money. Efficient and helpful staff. Shuttle back to airport was much appreciated, as we had been delayed by traffic and were running very late.
09/23/2013 Universal Rent A Car 09/10/2013 GAETAN F. YYZ Outstanding value for your money. Really enjoyed the service. Definitely will use universal car rental again andrecorecomend it to others.
08/19/2013 Universal Rent A Car 08/12/2013 LYNDA O. YYZ normally would not complete this survey, but i found the experience quick and easy/ reps were friendly and respectful in phone contacts, checking in and returning car.
09/09/2013 Universal Rent A Car 08/10/2013 IQBAL M. YYZ I appreciate the quality of your service and courtesy of your staff (Mr. Tanveer). Thanks.Iqbal M
07/09/2013 Universal Rent A Car 06/27/2013 ALEXANDER B. YYZ Great company Quality and service satisfactory
06/28/2013 Universal Rent A Car 06/18/2013 SUSAN D. YYZ Michael at the desk was great - was able to help elevate my seat in the car and responded at the time of return to the mechanical concerns. The shuttle driver (sorry I forgot your name) was prompt and friendly. Thanks!
06/23/2013 Universal Rent A Car 06/05/2013 JULIA B. YYZ Our experience could not have been better. We will recommend Universal to everyone we know will be renting a car in Toronto. Thank you so much Universal. We will be back!
06/06/2013 Universal Rent A Car 05/20/2013 SANDRA B. YYZ I was pleased with the vehicle I was given and the service to and from the airport was fast and the staff were efficient. I will definitely book my vehicle through Car again.
05/07/2013 Universal Rent A Car 04/23/2013 MICHELLE B. YYZ All good & I loved the vehicle & pricing.
05/04/2013 Universal Rent A Car 03/21/2013 DONALD B L. YYZ Thank you for the excellent service and for the much-appreciated cost!!!!!! Keep up the good work! I definitely will rent from you again!
04/08/2013 Universal Rent A Car 03/27/2013 ANIL A. YYZ To be honest, the experience was wonderful. The whole process of taking delivery and surrendering the car back was over in less than 5 minutes. The staff is excellent, very polite and knowledgeable. I am a very happy customer and will definitely recommend them to my friends. In fact, I also booked them on the basis of a friend's recommendation. Good Co. to deal with.
02/26/2013 Universal Rent A Car 01/27/2013 BERNARD D. YYZ I always use CarRentals because even the staff at Rental companies tell me it's the best deal !
02/19/2013 Universal Rent A Car 02/07/2013 CHANDRABABU V. YYZ Good people. Prompt response. They live up to their expectations.
02/13/2013 Universal Rent A Car 01/21/2013 SARA H. YYZ Even though there had been a huge snowstorm, the guys made sure to dig out a car for me and not charge me for the delay of my flight.
12/31/2012 Universal Rent A Car 12/05/2012 D JOAN S. YYZ I appreciated the great friendly service - prompt pickup from the airport to p/u the car and then great service to take me to my hotel when I dropped the car off. Joanie
12/11/2012 Universal Rent A Car 11/17/2012 GARTH M. YYZ I just wish to say THANK YOU.
11/30/2012 Universal Rent A Car 11/23/2012 MICHAEL H. YYZ The key issue is cost- It is SIGNIFICANTLY less than the on site rental compaies, without compromising service.
10/28/2012 Universal Rent A Car 10/23/2012 CHARLES MARK R. YYZ Exceptional service and great value for the money.
10/08/2012 Universal Rent A Car 09/29/2012 LISETTA S. YYZ I have rented many times from Universal, this time was the smoothest most efficient. Great value,great service. Thank you
09/26/2012 Universal Rent A Car 09/13/2012 CHARLES H. YYZ Exceptional and friendly service provided by a very knowledgeable agent. Everything went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend Universal Rent A Car and to others.
05/27/2012 Universal Rent A Car 05/16/2012 TONY P. YYZ The team at Universal should be commended for their excellent service.
05/18/2012 Universal Rent A Car 04/27/2012 CLAUDE B. YYZ Excellent service all around. Great rates as well
05/11/2012 Universal Rent A Car 05/06/2012 MUNIRA A. YYZ my experience with Universal Rent car was very good and satisfied. And definitely i will rent from universal Rent car again.and i thanks them all
05/09/2012 Universal Rent A Car 04/18/2012 ALAN K. YYZ Excellent customer service. The client service manager was new, keen, refreshing to talk to, professional, at the office early - 6:45 a.m., gave me a ride to and from the airport, a most reasonable rental rate. Thank you
05/07/2012 Universal Rent A Car 04/16/2012 KEVIN L. YYZ The car was great for the cost of the rental. I got what I expected and it did what I wanted the staff were great,very easy to deal with.
04/19/2012 Universal Rent A Car 03/16/2012 DONALD W. YYZ Everything went as it should, no dissapointments.
01/29/2012 Universal Rent A Car 01/21/2012 MARIE F. YYZ Have rented from Universal several times before and am quite happy with their service. They have gone out of their way to help when asked. Will use them again.
11/13/2011 Universal Rent A Car 10/20/2011 GERALD S. YYZ Very pleased with courteous service etc. Bravo to all. G S
10/24/2011 Universal Rent A Car 10/13/2011 ALFREDO A. YYZ I thought that I was provided with great service and help in returning the car with ease. As I was able to leave the car at a secure location and get to the airport on time.
04/24/2011 Universal Rent A Car 04/09/2011 ERROL M. YYZ Staff was fantastic!
04/19/2011 Universal Rent A Car 04/06/2011 MOHAMAD Z. YYZ It was good to deal with universal Rent A car. The rate was the best compared to other companies, the car condition was excellent, and the very important was the shuttle to the airport which was extremely comfortable and fast.
03/22/2011 Universal Rent A Car 03/17/2011 ANISH J. YYZ Thanks for a great deal
03/16/2011 Universal Rent A Car 03/07/2011 DOUG W. YYZ We were able to get a good rate, prompt service and the staff were courteous, and knowledgable about out of country (ICBC) insurance riders.
03/04/2011 Universal Rent A Car 02/24/2011 DANIEL R. YYZ Would be nice to have Universal right in the airport terminal but at the rates they offer, one can't expect to have everything - besides, the shuttle service is very convenient.
02/09/2011 Universal Rent A Car 02/03/2011 LAIRD W. YYZ I found the staff to be very courteous and helpful. I would certainly rent from your agency again.
03/01/2011 Universal Rent A Car 01/28/2011 RAJNEESH P. YYZ great service!!! will definitely book again.
01/01/2011 Universal Rent A Car 12/14/2010 DAVID H. YYZ We were impressed with very efficient service - prompt pickup from airport.
10/08/2010 Universal Rent A Car 10/04/2010 ROBERT A. YYZ This was my first experience with you and I was very impressed. I will definitely rent from you again. The gentleman that drove me to the airport was very polite and friendly.
09/09/2010 Universal Rent A Car 08/31/2010 MICHAEL T. YYZ The car that I requested was not available, so a better car was offered, which I was very happy about... thanks!
04/26/2010 Universal Rent A Car 04/19/2010 MIKE C. YYZ Very helpful and friendly!! Thank you :-)
03/25/2010 Universal Rent A Car 01/26/2010 PETER C. YYZ As advertised will use again !!!!!
06/27/2009 Universal Rent A Car 06/24/2009 CHARLES H. YYZ agreement to extend my reservation a few days at the same price has been greatly appriciated. Charles Harris
08/13/2008 Universal Rent A Car 08/05/2008 WANDA J. YYZ THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROMPT CUSTOMER SERVICE.
08/08/2008 Universal Rent A Car 06/14/2008 MARIAN U. YYZ Outstanding. Thank you very much.
10/15/2007 Universal Rent A Car 09/16/2007 HELENE R. YYZ Our experience with Universal was satisfactory. We have already recommended Universal to our friends.
12/16/2013 U-Save 11/30/2013 BETTIE F. FLL The staff at U-Save were wonderful and very helpful. I loved my Nissan Cube.
10/24/2013 U-Save 09/27/2013 SCOTT L. FLL U-save was fantastic
09/26/2013 U-Save 09/15/2013 SIMEON I. FLL Completely satisfied. Thank you. Will come back !!
08/07/2013 U-Save 07/22/2013 JOSEPHINE M. MYR While the others car rentals had people waiting in line for pick up or drop off, I was in and out of there in a couple of minutes. The price was great, the service outstanding, and I got the car that I needed. This was my first time using and U-Save, but it won't be my last. Thanks, J. Martin C, Ohio
07/01/2013 U-Save 06/12/2013 ERIC R. FLL Excellent rate. Excellent value!
06/19/2013 U-Save 06/07/2013 TINA G. FLL I will always use this company from now on! great prices and beautiful cars. Glad a found them. Sincerely, Tina G
06/12/2013 U-Save 04/02/2013 DAVE C. LIR The guys at U-Save Liberia, Costa Rica were very helpful, and greatly improved our experience. I would definitely recommend to friends
05/03/2013 U-Save 04/29/2013 JEAN L. FLL I'll definitely not only be using your services again in the future, I'll also make sure to recommend your company to all my friends and family. You now have a customer for life. Keep doing everything you are doing!!! --Rony Jean L
04/11/2013 U-Save 04/07/2013 GERALD M. SNA Nice friendly people to work with. Very fast in getting me the car and in closing out our rental agreement. Would go there again.
04/14/2013 U-Save 01/16/2013 JOANNE K T. MYR I always rent a car from, and U-Save. I have always found the best prices and specials on your site, much more reasonable than other car rental companies. You have a lifetime customer here. Keep up the good work and keep offering specials. Thanks for the great service too!
04/06/2013 U-Save 03/16/2013 DENICE R. TPA While there was a mix-up with my reservation time, the manager Phil was an amazing resource! He assisted me with several significant detractors to my journey and was very helpful and courteous! It was very late at night when I arrived after 2 long (and delayed) flights, and even though there was a mix-up with the timing of my reservation, he was able to assist me and made sure I got very well taken care of. Bravo to your manager Phil!
03/04/2013 U-Save 02/20/2013 CYNTHIA M. TPA Great deal on the rental. I was very happy but it was my first time with U-save I was somewhat apprehensive that it may too good to be true. It was not and WOW that never happens. Thank you. I will not hesitate next time I need a rental car
04/05/2013 U-Save 01/07/2013 JAMES A. MYR U-Save was great value for the money. They had all the amenities of the big car rental companies. Staff was knowledgeable and frendly.
02/26/2013 U-Save 01/31/2013 DEBORA C. TPA I was very impressed with U-Save and will definitely rent from them again. Extremely well-run machine w/ friendly faces and exemplary customer service. Mike was the best.
02/09/2013 U-Save 12/10/2012 SIXTO TITO R. SJU The manager and his staff are very friendly and helpful. I also found them very honorable and trustworthy. My wallet with my money was left inadvertenly in their shuttle and I was notified immediately.
04/01/2013 U-Save 01/07/2013 RITA D. MYR Dear Team, I especially want to thank Ralph (at desk) and Joel (at the rental parking lot); they went above & beyond and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Rita D
01/22/2013 U-Save 01/11/2013 SHEILA K. LGA I found U Sav to be a very pleasant experience. I usually use a big company but their service was great. I plan to use them again in the future.
01/16/2013 U-Save 12/28/2012 REGINA S. TPA Staff was great and liked the vehicle!! Would definitely rent from them again.
12/11/2012 U-Save 11/21/2012 EDWARD R. AUA Great low budget car rental in Aruba. Fast pick up and return to airport. Happy with their service. Really liked their friendly shuttle driver!
12/02/2012 U-Save 11/30/2012 CINDY G. SNA U-save was so nice. Great service and great price! The best experience I have ever had renting a car
11/26/2012 U-Save 10/17/2012 RONALD J. SJU The people at the rental office were pleasant and friendly beyond expectation. He seemed to take a personal interest in our rental. We were really pressed for time when we departed and he arranged to pick up the two vans at the airport for us. THAT is service BEYOND EXPECTATION !!
11/16/2012 U-Save 10/27/2012 NATHAN S. SJU the U-save staff was very helpful. I was very satisfied.
11/10/2012 U-Save 09/10/2012 RAYMOND G. MCO Never even heard of U-Save car rental. Was kinda scared to try them, but we did and they were great..Will rent from them again and will recommend them to everyone. Thank you for making our trip great..Oh and by the way the car was great and the price was the BEST we found! great job U-save
11/10/2012 U-Save 09/23/2012 LYNDA M. MCO The people were courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, and the price was right. I will not only use U-Save again but have recommended them already. Thank you for your service.
11/01/2012 U-Save 10/21/2012 WILLIS G. MCO Service provided by U-Save staff was Outstanding. Jeffry, the shuttle bus driver, knowledge about Orlando areas was commendable. His support was outstanding.
10/26/2012 U-Save 10/02/2012 PATRICIO S. MCO Best Deal I found. Thank You!!
08/14/2012 U-Save 08/06/2012 ANTHONY S. SNA Great, promt service. Vehicle was as described and staff was great. The price was much lower than their competitors. Very pleased!
08/07/2012 U-Save 07/08/2012 RAMON A. SJO muy agradecido por las atenciones recivida y por tener un vehiculo en condicion optimas para el cliente,gracias muy complacido.
07/31/2012 U-Save 07/14/2012 RUSSELL C. ATH Ms Irene/Athens, GR gave us outstanding customer support and assistance!!
07/05/2012 U-Save 04/12/2012 JOSEPH C. MYR Excellent service counter, pickup and return professionals.
07/04/2012 U-Save 05/25/2012 JOHN S. MYR Hi, great car, great service, great price. How can you beat that? Thanks!! Amy