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07/06/2008 Thrifty 05/20/2008 MATT B. OMA Great price! Good service! I would rent from again.
06/28/2008 Thrifty 06/21/2008 IMELDA A. MCO CarRentals .com was great in finding good car deals. Thank you
06/30/2008 Thrifty 06/03/2008 CLARE F. PVD We had a hard time finding a 12 passenger van to rent for a youth group trip. helped me locate one at a good price, and the Thrifty staff were all helpful and pleasant. I will definitely use this site again. Better rates than Hotwire!
06/24/2008 Thrifty 01/24/2008 LYNN V. FLL Very pleased to have the GPS service suggested to us by the rental agent. Worked great!
06/20/2008 Thrifty 06/09/2008 MARILYN J. NY2 It was a good experience and I'd recommend to friends.
06/22/2008 Thrifty 06/14/2008 KATHLEEN R. MCO Thrifty staff counter person was very professional, helpful - a pleasure to deal with!
06/25/2008 Thrifty 02/21/2008 CHARLES M. PHX I was very pleased with everything associated with this much so I've already made a reservation with for my next trip later this month. Thanks!
06/28/2008 Thrifty 05/03/2008 LENE D. TUL Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will never rent a vehicle again without going through you one could believe the excellent deal and car I got from made it an absolutely wonderful experience..thanks again and may God bless you....
06/20/2008 Thrifty 06/08/2008 RACHEL L. ORF This was my second time using; everything went as expected.... Outstanding!
06/18/2008 Thrifty 05/30/2008 DEBORAH K. MCO I have also referred friends, family to the site. I travel often with my job and have referred my co-workers to this site as well. Great savings! Thanks!
06/18/2008 Thrifty 06/12/2008 GITESH A. MCO I am glad I found! It was very convenient.
06/18/2008 Thrifty 06/06/2008 MICHAEL T. YM3 Perfect!!!!
06/17/2008 Thrifty 05/02/2008 PATRICIA J. CVG Convenient reservations. Great prices. Great service. I'm a fan (and a Thrifty fan, too!)
06/19/2008 Thrifty 04/14/2008 DENNIS H. PBI You guys have your act together when it comes to helping folks make the right choices in selecting a vehicle to rent. THANKS AGAIN!
06/18/2008 Thrifty 05/31/2008 CLIF C. PBI Unbelievablely good service and courtesy!!
06/16/2008 Thrifty 05/05/2008 MICHELLE C. TPA Excellent customer service at Thrifty and I will definately use them again!!
06/17/2008 Thrifty 05/01/2008 JODIE J. ORF I really, truly appreciate the reminder you send prior to the booking date. I had a great experience at the rental counter (quick and easy)and with the rental vehicle (more than adequate for our needs). I intend to book any future rental vehicles through you and have already encouraged others to do so. Thank you very much!
06/11/2008 Thrifty 05/30/2008 JAN K. SE2 I continue to be very satisfied with both carrentals and Thrifty.
06/09/2008 Thrifty 06/05/2008 TOM L. LAX I'll be using and Thrifty again!
06/12/2008 Thrifty 05/30/2008 SUSAN P. TUS I love your service and will use you every time! I've already sent your name to a few of my friends. Thank you!
06/13/2008 Thrifty 06/01/2008 ARTHUR S. IAD Great Service and excellant web site. Thank you!
06/06/2008 Thrifty 05/01/2008 SANDRA K. YYZ The staff member who served me was awesome - I had a horrible flight, the airline lost my luggage, and he very kindly upgraded me to a really fabulous vehicle - I was thrilled and he totally turned my evening around and put a much needed smile on my face!!!
06/08/2008 Thrifty 05/28/2008 DONNA G. DFW I love Trying to find all those discount codes to get a great rate for a rental car is so hard. I go to and know that I will get a great rate everytime. thanks!
06/04/2008 Thrifty 05/29/2008 JEAN H. SF2 Had a great experience renting from Thrifty Car Rental. The staff are extremely courteous & friendly, and the car was just what I ordered (small and not a gas guzzler.) Will definitely rent again from Thrifty.
06/03/2008 Thrifty 05/28/2008 LATRICE P. IND I love Car Rentals.Com! I have rented before and will rent again!
06/03/2008 Thrifty 05/23/2008 NORMA JANE T. TPA With gas prices as they are this was a great value and comfortable driving experience. Great on gas.
06/02/2008 Thrifty 03/26/2008 ANITA F. MCI The staff went out of their way to accommodate my needs. Excellent service!
05/29/2008 Thrifty 05/23/2008 MICHELE M. LAX I was so impressed with the entire transaction. I rented the car and drove off within about 6 minutes of arriving...amazing. And dropping off the car took less than a minute. Great value - and they upgraded my car. I will always always rent from Thrify again! Thank you.
05/31/2008 Thrifty 05/19/2008 ARACELI G. BW4 Very good service from Thrifty. The rate from was the best and Thrifty just sweetened the entire deal by giving an upgrade to a better vehicle. Outstanding experience from both parties involved.
05/26/2008 Thrifty 04/28/2008 LILLIE R. R53 You Guys do a great job. THANKS!
05/27/2008 Thrifty 05/14/2008 JI-HAU F. ALB Thank you. It was a great rental experience.
05/27/2008 Thrifty 04/16/2008 MILDRED R. MCO I'm looking forward to get a good deal from in my upcoming trip to Tucson, Arizona. I have made a reservation already....
05/22/2008 Thrifty 05/14/2008 MICKI P. RDU THe fastest and easiest car rental I have ever experienced!
05/20/2008 Thrifty 01/25/2008 TC H. PHX The car rental center at Phoenix Sky Harbor is incredible!!! What a nice and clean environment. Very simple to find your car rental station and easy to follow the signs to get to your level to pick up your car. Loved it!!! Best car rental center ever!
05/21/2008 Thrifty 05/15/2008 FATEMAH N. PHL i love
05/20/2008 Thrifty 05/12/2008 DIONNE T. AUS This is the second time that I've rented a car through Thrifty on and each experience was great one, especially my most recent one. I'm totally satisfied with Thrifty.
05/20/2008 Thrifty 04/10/2008 SHELLEY D. YYC I've also told quite a few of my friends about
05/20/2008 Thrifty 03/26/2008 JOSEPH D. YYZ I didn't get her name, but the lady at the Thrifty drop out point was super...very friendly and helpful in directing me to the airport departure area!
05/22/2008 Thrifty 03/28/2008 MILES W. YYC The rate I got through you was better than anything out there, I will always look to your site first for car rentals.
05/19/2008 Thrifty 05/13/2008 WILLIAM H. PDX The staff including the shuttle driver were all extremely friendly and that is something that never goes without notice.
05/17/2008 Thrifty 05/01/2008 DON S. LAS We rent frequently at this airport or LAX and have been extremely satisfied with the customer service, as well as the vehicles and pricing. Great Job....keep up with the Wild Card selections!!
05/31/2008 Thrifty 04/23/2008 WALTER P. TPA No problems at all!!!!! Would recommend to anyone.
05/21/2008 Thrifty 03/07/2008 MARY B. PBI thank you so much for the wonderful service and the excellent affordable price.
05/15/2008 Thrifty 05/10/2008 JEAN T. SDF Thank you so much, I will never rent from the counter again!
05/13/2008 Thrifty 05/09/2008 LY D. PDX I like that fact that all possible charges were noted before pickup.
05/15/2008 Thrifty 04/16/2008 MELBA F. PIT I drove a very luxury car, very spacious. I was surprise of the great gas mileage. i will definitly use your car rental service again. Thank you!
05/12/2008 Thrifty 05/06/2008 WILL R. IND Easy Button!! Thanks.
05/13/2008 Thrifty 05/02/2008 ANGELA M. STL Great people at thrifty, good car, nice time in STL. Thanks
05/14/2008 Thrifty 04/07/2008 RICK D. MSP One of the best car renting experinces I've had in the last ten years.
05/13/2008 Thrifty 04/09/2008 NORMAN D. CLE very satisfied with the service and definitely got more than what i paid for.
05/11/2008 Thrifty 05/04/2008 JEFFREY D. LAS Great car, great deal. Thank you
05/12/2008 Thrifty 04/07/2008 ROBERT M. PBI always reserve from
05/07/2008 Thrifty 04/24/2008 ANNA L. YYZ Thanks for the great weekend deals!
05/14/2008 Thrifty 04/29/2008 HANK L. TUS an outstanding job...thank you very much!!!
05/12/2008 Thrifty 04/22/2008 ROBERT R. SEA The Thrifty counter at Seattle did an excellent job and the van performed flawlessly. Great experience overall.
05/13/2008 Thrifty 04/17/2008 MARCIE F. MCO Nadine, front counter person, was very personable and friendly. After a long flight it was nice to be greeted with a smile and friendliness. Thanks!!
05/07/2008 Thrifty 04/27/2008 CHERYL P. YYC car was brand new, and check in at the end was quick & easy. Thanks!
05/07/2008 Thrifty 04/14/2008 TIM H. MCO I have told my whole family about I told them about the great deal I got from them. I had really been looking for about a week for a good price on a rental car, and I got that when I logged into Thanks.
05/04/2008 Thrifty 04/28/2008 IVETTE J. MCO The overall expirience was great!! Thrifty Is great.
05/04/2008 Thrifty 04/26/2008 KEVIN L. RNO Great experience. Would definitely rent from Thrifty and use again.
05/01/2008 Thrifty 04/25/2008 LISA K. JAX I will probably always use as my first choice for finding a car
05/05/2008 Thrifty 04/23/2008 MAITHA H. RNO This was the first time we had rented a vehicle online and was very pleased with our experience and will use again.
05/02/2008 Thrifty 04/22/2008 CARL S. CVG I have used several times now, and they have all gone smoothly. I plan to continue with you on future rentals.
05/05/2008 Thrifty 12/11/2007 FRANK R. RDU Great experience, will absolutely return in the future. We are going to Sedona, AZ on Aug. 9th. Any Thrifty's out there? Keep up the good work!
05/05/2008 Thrifty 04/20/2008 PATRICIA D. IND This was my 1st experience with CarRentals. I was pleased with the service. I will be planning another trip this summer in July.
04/29/2008 Thrifty 04/25/2008 LILLIE R. R53 Love the car and the rate! You are great!
05/04/2008 Thrifty 03/28/2008 MICHELLE B. MCO great experience! Great Service!
04/28/2008 Thrifty 04/23/2008 KUMAR A. ALB Great service. Very satisfied by and Thrifty's service. Have recommended to many friends and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work.
04/29/2008 Thrifty 04/17/2008 GERRY S. MCO Good job Gerry
04/29/2008 Thrifty 03/29/2008 ALICE B. PIT Did the Wild Card and I was very pleasantly surprised! Several offers were made to upgrade me to something else but I was satisfied with the initial offer. Have recommended your site to several friends.
05/01/2008 Thrifty 04/14/2008 PAUL S. MCO It all went smoothly and the pricing was very reasonable.
05/01/2008 Thrifty 02/12/2008 ANITA P. YYC They gave me a hybrid car and I really appreciated the great gas mileage especially in this time of such high gas prices!!!
04/28/2008 Thrifty 04/18/2008 SCOTT S. CVG Thrifty was by far the best car rental company I have ever rented from. They have been more than willing to help in any way possible whether it is getting you a different car or finding the cheapest rate to keep the same car. I will do business with them again and again.
04/25/2008 Thrifty 04/18/2008 TERRI LEE J. MCI 1st time user of as well as of Thrifty, but won't be the last time!
04/22/2008 Thrifty 04/14/2008 BERNARD B. CLT is the way to go.
04/22/2008 Thrifty 02/24/2008 ZACHARY J. PDX Your website is the only place I go for car rentals.
05/01/2008 Thrifty 04/03/2008 JOSEPH M. TLV great staff, I got a free upgrade. and the car was brand new, will certainly use them again
04/25/2008 Thrifty 04/06/2008 ROBERT H. MCO My entire experience was excellent and I would look to Thrifty for my next car.
05/01/2008 Thrifty 03/17/2008 MIGUEL B. MCO I will be your client for life .... you gave me just what i need it and more....Thank you Thrifty Team...
04/21/2008 Thrifty 04/11/2008 DAWN J. FLL I loved the way presented the car rental data in the order in which I wanted to see it. It showed all the prices with the types of cars from lowest to highest price. It was great. I was able to quickly compare and identify the type of car I wanted with the price I was willing to pay, to get the perfect match for me. I will definitely use and Thrifty again.
04/23/2008 Thrifty 04/03/2008 COREY W. MCO I returned the rental at the Tampa, Florida airport (TPA). And the woman that took care of us for the drop off was amazing. She met us at the car took care of us within a minute or two, gave us great directions into the airport, and was friendly and just wonderful. I wish to compliment her for her wonderful customer service. I would like to recommend her for a promotion and a significant raise. She is worth it and deserves it. Thanks, Corey
04/17/2008 Thrifty 04/05/2008 JAMES B. MCO My first time for Thrifty and my first time for I will be back.
04/15/2008 Thrifty 04/12/2008 BENEDICT S. MSN Staff were terrific all around, some of the best I've had the pleasure to deal with in many travels. Thank you!
04/16/2008 Thrifty 04/09/2008 LESLIE C. MCO offered the best rate, which was far less when compared to other websites and even cheaper when compared to the car rental companies themselves. Great value!!!
04/13/2008 Thrifty 04/05/2008 DR WALEED G. FLL Best Website ever. THANKS
04/08/2008 Thrifty 04/06/2008 WILLIAM S. MIA I appreciate your website and quick results. Glad to know about it
04/10/2008 Thrifty 03/31/2008 KATIE B. LAX This was a really great deal with no drawbacks! Thanks :)
04/09/2008 Thrifty 04/01/2008 ROBERT M. YEG is great. I get the vehicles I want at reasonable rates!
04/07/2008 Thrifty 04/01/2008 EDDIE S. MB2 GREAT as usual. Telling all my family and freinds
04/07/2008 Thrifty 03/30/2008 DAVID K. FLL I would not hesitate to use your services again. Very nice experience. Thanks, David
04/05/2008 Thrifty 03/31/2008 LETICIA J. JAX I have already recommended your website to friends at the conference in Florida. It made my search much easier, particularly since it was a one-way - from airport to another office. Thanks.
04/08/2008 Thrifty 03/29/2008 CHARITY W. FL9 Great service, renting again this weekend!!!
04/08/2008 Thrifty 03/27/2008 REBECCA B. PNS Loved the car!! Loved the people!!
04/01/2008 Thrifty 03/27/2008 JASON S. LAX Great Experience! Thanks!
04/01/2008 Thrifty 03/26/2008 MARCI Y. LAX Thrifty has a very efficient system. It was all very easy and the car was great. Great rate, too!
04/02/2008 Thrifty 03/27/2008 JOANN R. AGS Got what I requested and more. Thanks again!!
04/07/2008 Thrifty 10/04/2007 JAMES R. LHR Thank you, we loved the economy car and will return to Thrifty and your website again!
04/03/2008 Thrifty 03/20/2008 LINDA A. DAL We received your premium Chrysler 300 and loved it. I hope to rent the same type car again from you. Thanks
03/28/2008 Thrifty 03/23/2008 CYNTHIA T. DFW Great service, wonderful communication, will definitely utilize and Thrifty again.