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02/22/2009 Thrifty 09/11/2008 RICH G. FLL First time renting from Thrifty and the experience was outstanding...perfect...not even a line at the counter and the return took 30 seconds...fastest ever!!!!!!!
02/17/2009 Thrifty 01/26/2009 KATHRYN D. RSW Best rate I could find for the biggest car I could have hoped for. Thank you, you saved our entire trip!
03/05/2009 Thrifty 02/07/2009 PENNY W. RSW I rent cars frequently, so I have to shop for the lowest helps me do that!
02/16/2009 Thrifty 02/03/2009 CHARLES R. MCO Most excellent transaction. Things couldn't have gone better. Thanks
02/11/2009 Thrifty 02/04/2009 PEYTON C. SFO i will certainly book through this site again....
02/09/2009 Thrifty 01/22/2009 CHAIREZ D. HNL Awesome experience... Thank you..
02/06/2009 Thrifty 01/18/2009 JOHN D. RNO Thrify and have both performed well. I will certainly continue to use both services. Thank you
02/04/2009 Thrifty 01/26/2009 DEBBIE H. MCO I always use you guys now...Thanks!
02/04/2009 Thrifty 06/06/2008 THEODORE H. SRQ One of the best experiences..I was new to renting from Thrifty. Thank you..
01/26/2009 Thrifty 01/22/2009 STEPHEN G. YVR Great site... Glad I found it! Thanks
01/28/2009 Thrifty 01/19/2009 SHARON K. MCO excellent experience ... definitely will use next time too!
01/26/2009 Thrifty 01/19/2009 DAVID B. MIA Thanks for the wonderful experience....
01/19/2009 Thrifty 01/03/2009 DREW CINDY M. MCO Our Thrifty staff agent was excellent. Very friendly and helpful.
01/20/2009 Thrifty 01/10/2009 LISA H. SAV thank you for hornoring my request so promptly to extend the use of your vehicle without having to go through the red tape. i would gladly recommend Thrifty car rental for fast and friendly service.
01/15/2009 Thrifty 01/03/2009 JULIO D. SJU The best experience I have had in the many times I've gone to PR and rented cars. Thank you
01/13/2009 Thrifty 12/31/2008 FRANK S. MCO We have already placed another reservation for late January. Thank you for your service to the traveler!
01/13/2009 Thrifty 01/01/2009 BOB C. MKE Very good experience. The Caliber was a great car. Will do business with Thrifty again. Thanks
01/06/2009 Thrifty 12/30/2008 MATT M. LAS Quick, fast and doesn't get any better!
01/05/2009 Thrifty 12/31/2008 JAMES P. HNL I have used this website dozens of times and will continue to do so...especially utilizing Thrifty! It is the best and the staff here in Honolulu are the finest in customer service!
01/05/2009 Thrifty 12/29/2008 DOMONICK J. R53 Best experience I've ever had renting a vehicle.
01/11/2009 Thrifty 12/22/2008 LISA F. BDL The counter staff person on duty when I received was the most courteous, thoughtful and helpful staff imaginable. I tip my hat to him - he deserves to be singled out for praise. His skills are uncommon. Lisa
01/12/2009 Thrifty 11/08/2008 DEBORAH P. LAS I have used this service 5 times now and I am thoroughly impressed and recommended it to friends. I will be renting agin February and March.
01/02/2009 Thrifty 12/28/2008 SHIRLEY W. YVR I am telling all my friends about I will use this service in the future for all my rentals.
01/05/2009 Thrifty 12/05/2008 SUSAN J. ABQ I had an outstanding experience at Thrify as well as with as well.
12/29/2008 Thrifty 09/09/2008 SELINA Q. SAV The people at the Thrifty Car Rental at SAV are exceptional. It's wonderful doing business with them.
12/26/2008 Thrifty 12/17/2008 KENNETH M. DBF Fantastic experience. I've used most of the companies in the banner above before. Got a rock solid deal at peak season. Thank you. You can used my unsolicited praise. Ken Moskowitz
01/01/2009 Thrifty 08/31/2008 DONALD S. PIT This was my best rental car experience ever. I will always use Thrifty. Much less hassle with this company.
12/22/2008 Thrifty 11/16/2008 CAROL H. LAS I love the "Wild Card" - was very good bargain for my needs! Thank you.
12/12/2008 Thrifty 11/28/2008 SUSAN B. IAH I was very grateful for the price I got through and would DEFINITELY use you again.
12/12/2008 Thrifty 12/05/2008 ANGEL E. LAS I have already given some friends the web page information. OUTSTANDING!!!!! Thank you!
12/16/2008 Thrifty 10/24/2008 SHARON C. FLL I truly appreciate your company's assistance with the rental from Thrifty. The car I received was better than requested. Thanks for the pleasure of securing my reservation.
12/10/2008 Thrifty 12/03/2008 BARBARA C. SEA Best rental rate I have had in a long time.
12/08/2008 Thrifty 12/02/2008 DENNIS H. CLT Great job. Thanks CarRentals.Com
12/11/2008 Thrifty 10/07/2008 JUDY H. BWI This was a great rental car experience. I'll definitely do it again.
12/01/2008 Thrifty 11/16/2008 JACOB F. GE3 The car was very comfortable and economonical as well, very satisfied with all the services. Thank you
12/01/2008 Thrifty 11/21/2008 JIESA H. W52 I would definitely rent from
12/03/2008 Thrifty 09/07/2008 SANDRA R. DTW My experience with Thrifty was exceptional. The person I dealt with was very nice and helpful. I would definitely use your car rental again because of the staff.
12/04/2008 Thrifty 11/22/2008 TRACIE B. SEA I actually was truly impressed with the thrifty. The return check in was quick and there wasn't any extra charges or paperwork.
12/01/2008 Thrifty 09/20/2008 CINDY H. LAS It was great! Loved it!
12/01/2008 Thrifty 11/09/2008 ADAM K. BOS I had a very positive experience and would use again, especially if I can get a rate on par with the one that I received this time around.
11/29/2008 Thrifty 11/05/2008 FERMIN C. HNL This was the best price of all, no hidden charges.
11/20/2008 Thrifty 10/30/2008 MARY PALMER N. MCO Fabulous!
11/18/2008 Thrifty 11/08/2008 GEOFF G. HOU Unbelievable job---you guys are the best!!!!
11/21/2008 Thrifty 11/12/2008 KENNETH F. IAD This car rental experience was the best rental experience that i have ever had. The personnel were superb in their knowledge and personality. They made the entire experience from beginning to the end a great experience. Please convey my best regards to all of them. Thanks
11/20/2008 Thrifty 11/04/2008 STEPHEN D. XNA has ALWAYS come through for me. I LOVE dealing with and have recommended them to my friends. Keep up the good work!
11/14/2008 Thrifty 11/10/2008 NANCY O. LAS The wildcard program is an excellent way of doing rentals.
11/25/2008 Thrifty 11/08/2008 COLLIN W. ORF The vehicle provided was "Outstanding" along with the service!! Hope to rent with Thrifty again!!
11/17/2008 Thrifty 10/09/2008 PAULA SUE S. SAV Thanks for my first and great experience with a car rental....Good Team you have....
11/09/2008 Thrifty 10/29/2008 RON G. GEG Excellent, valuable service.
11/15/2008 Thrifty 10/26/2008 DAVID R. FL2 Everything perfect, I always use
12/23/2008 Thrifty 10/23/2008 DAVID M. HNL The whole staff in Honolulu were terrific!!!!
11/06/2008 Thrifty 10/31/2008 JOEL P. IAH Actually had a choice of 4 autos. Quoted price and actual price were EXACTLY[to the penny] the same. Thanks for the super service. Joel
11/08/2008 Thrifty 10/27/2008 RICHARD F. DAY Bravo!
11/05/2008 Thrifty 10/29/2008 MICHAEL M. STL Quite comparable to and did not have to pay upfront, great value.
10/30/2008 Thrifty 10/27/2008 HANS R. ABQ Wild Card special is great. Don't care what I drive, if I can get a good price for business travel.
10/30/2008 Thrifty 10/24/2008 ERIC F. PIT Very honest, straightforward company...
10/30/2008 Thrifty 09/29/2008 JUDY D. JAC I always rent through
10/28/2008 Thrifty 10/22/2008 DAVID W. LAS continues to be my choice whenever I need a rental. Thank you for the service you provide.
10/27/2008 Thrifty 10/11/2008 DIANA F. PB3 I was very plesantly surprised and loved the whole experience. Thank You.
10/29/2008 Thrifty 09/29/2008 GWENDOLYN H. LAS I am very thankful to CarRentals for offering this great value. I have shared this website with others. I will use CarRentals for all of my future travels. Thank you very much
10/26/2008 Thrifty 10/20/2008 BOYCE H. CAT If it hadn't been for website, I would not have known about rental agency in the next town, but only 8 miles from home. All the Raleigh agencies were sold out and we needed a car deperately!
10/21/2008 Thrifty 09/29/2008 LAURA S. SNA Free upgrade, at no extra daily cost, from a compact to a MUSTANG!!! In California, it was great!!! Great experience, and service. Thanks!
10/19/2008 Thrifty 10/06/2008 TIMOTHY Y. IND is awesome. I am a highly seasoned business traveler and am recommending your firm to all of my colleagues. Keep it up!!!
10/15/2008 Thrifty 09/24/2008 JUDITH S. ORF Excellent experience. Almost new car in terrific condition. Loved the satellite radio. Pleasure dealing with the Thrifty people.
10/13/2008 Thrifty 06/23/2008 DIANE M. LAS I have rented several times from CarRentals and have been very satisfied. I like the idea that you know which company you are renting from before you confirm the reservation.
10/12/2008 Thrifty 10/02/2008 STEVEN B. LAS Very reasonable price. We loved the car too!
10/09/2008 Thrifty 09/30/2008 NIKKI N. ATL Great customer service! Thanks for the great price!
10/05/2008 Thrifty 09/11/2008 DIOSMEDE L. MIA contento con el servicio
10/05/2008 Thrifty 09/17/2008 JEFF L. KOA Everything was great and the car rental and return went smoothly.
09/30/2008 Thrifty 06/16/2008 TERRY T. LAS best value rental - will use website again
10/02/2008 Thrifty 09/21/2008 MARY H. GSP Excellent prices and all around service! Thanks so much!
09/24/2008 Thrifty 09/19/2008 ELIZABETH S. TUS This is my second time renting from "Thrifty", staff are professional, friendly-and most of all I trust them. I trust that they will give me the correct information and I feel like they are there to take care of my "car" needs. You have a great crew-let them know what a good job they do-a "thank You" goes a long way. Be good to your employees!
09/28/2008 Thrifty 09/18/2008 HEATHER F. PPM extended rental by one more week due to the GREAT rates!
09/24/2008 Thrifty 09/17/2008 GAYLE W. SJC LOVED the wild card option and loved the convertible. I thought your staff LUZ in the parking lot was excellent-. Great service. gw
09/23/2008 Thrifty 04/30/2008 JOHN T. DFW I absolutely would rent thru you again. In fact I'm getting ready to go to Orlando and will need a vehicle for that trip as well.
09/17/2008 Thrifty 09/04/2008 WILLIAM B. GSO has been my ONLY source for renting vehicles. I have used them at least a half dozen times and I find the site and prices very good and very friendly to use. I tell ALL my friends about your wonderful service...!!
09/21/2008 Thrifty 09/11/2008 EDDIE P. MCO A++++ Super Deal
09/16/2008 Thrifty 07/31/2008 MARIA P. DCA I called to cancell and received a very courteous and professional reception Thank you
09/23/2008 Thrifty 08/21/2008 THOMAS Z. DAY The whole rental experience was above our expectations...... and we will definitely choose Thrifty again....... Thank you for the safe and trustworthy KIA Sorento..............TZ
09/17/2008 Thrifty 08/31/2008 DOREEN C. LAX This was my first time renting from your company and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I'd be happy to rent again in the future.
09/17/2008 Thrifty 09/09/2008 REBECCA A. PNS Absolutely amazing vehicle, quick service, and all of the customer service attendants were very very polite and knowledgeable. Will be back again soon!!!!
09/18/2008 Thrifty 08/18/2008 HOWLAND D. ABQ I loved having a slection of cars by using the "wild card" I would do that again in a hearbeat! Marcia at Thrifty was great. Kudos to her!
09/17/2008 Thrifty 07/28/2008 BRIAN B. CAK This is the second time Ive used your site and have passed it on to all my friend. Its the best value for renting a car. Thanks
09/09/2008 Thrifty 03/26/2008 LOUIE D. SNA I appreciated all of your assistance and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Louie
09/10/2008 Thrifty 08/21/2008 M A B. TPA I was delighted with my experience with you. We had a grand vacation! Thank you, M.A.
09/08/2008 Thrifty 08/27/2008 JAKE D. PBI Thanks for offering reasonable rates on vehicles. I have used on prior reservations, also, and will continue to search for values again.
09/05/2008 Thrifty 08/18/2008 ROBERT M. MCO Outstanding value!
09/14/2008 Thrifty 05/25/2008 JASON W. BOS I was very pleased overall by both Thrifty and Thank you. I will definitely look to use you again in the future.
09/03/2008 Thrifty 08/28/2008 PAMELA B. IND The rental experience made my whole trip great!
09/02/2008 Thrifty 06/05/2008 ODESTER A. ATL I have used Thrifty before. The service was great.
09/04/2008 Thrifty 07/11/2008 KEVIN P. PHL I was so surprised to recieve such a warm welcome. It made my trip home a great experience. Thanks and keep up the oustanding job.
09/09/2008 Thrifty 08/20/2008 LEONARD B. PHL Just a simple comment... thanks for meeting and even exceeding expectations! Thanks.
09/08/2008 Thrifty 08/12/2008 HOWARD B. SFO All were very helpful at SFO location. Nice that it was in-airport.
08/30/2008 Thrifty 08/20/2008 TONY W. MCO Our experience with Thrifty was excellent. We would recommend Thrifty to all our friends and family who might need a rental car for vacationing or emergency auto needs. Thanks for helping to make our family vacation a success.
08/29/2008 Thrifty 07/28/2008 BRUCE C. SJC Excellent service in every respect. Outstanding car too (Hyundai).
08/27/2008 Thrifty 08/22/2008 BERNARD M. SFB I use frequently. Overall great rates & service. thanks.
08/24/2008 Thrifty 08/21/2008 GARY S. FLL Good web-based service, easy to use, good rates. Surely will use it again.
08/26/2008 Thrifty 07/28/2008 ANTHONY C. IND I really love the "Wild Car" promotion. I fully expected to be put into a tiny little economic car and, to my extreme suprise and astonishment, I was given a Toyota Camry. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I will definitely use your services in the future.
08/23/2008 Thrifty 08/18/2008 PETER C. BWI The first time renting and it would be a pleasure to do so again on the next trip to the USA