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08/19/2007 Thrifty 08/14/2007 RONALD A. PDX very efficient and very rewarding experience. The car was perfect and the speed with which I got it and got it turned in was wonderful
08/25/2007 Thrifty 08/04/2007 BARBARA P. PDX Great car and fast and efficient service. Thank you
08/20/2007 Thrifty 08/08/2007 JAMES H. YJ1 A pleasure to do business with Thrifty and Car! Thank you
08/20/2007 Thrifty 08/08/2007 CHARLES Z. LAX Quite good service. Compliments to all. See you next time.
08/20/2007 Thrifty 02/25/2007 MARIA B. LAS Excellent experience with and thrifty. Definitely will be a return customer in the future. Pleasure to do business with.
08/20/2007 Thrifty 04/30/2007 JAMES F. LAS Very positive experience. Excellent experience. Easy.
08/20/2007 Thrifty 06/26/2007 FREDERICK H. LAS That was the most pleasant experience I have ever had with a car rental. I would definitely use and Thrifty again. Thanks for a hassle free experience.
08/15/2007 Thrifty 06/12/2007 RONALD P. ICT has been bookmarked.Thank you for your fantastic service.
08/15/2007 Thrifty 08/08/2007 IDOLIDIA C F. MIA Thrifty honor the rate that was given to us and the staff was friendly.
08/18/2007 Thrifty 07/31/2007 EDWARD I. YYZ Everything went according to plan - which means "hassle-free"
08/17/2007 Thrifty 08/05/2007 BARRY L. SH3 I would definitely rent from Thrifty again...They are awesome people...The staff at 741 Professional in Shreveport, LA are the greatest... Very honest and cared about my needs...Thanks so much...
08/17/2007 Thrifty 08/01/2007 FELICIA H. MCO Thank you, this was easy, economical and satisfactory.
08/11/2007 Thrifty 07/31/2007 TIMOTHY L. TPA This is two times in a row I have used your services to rent cars...went well both times...
08/20/2007 Thrifty 07/08/2007 MICHAEL W. PD3 Thanks for saving us money and getting us a great rental car. We will definintely use again!
08/15/2007 Thrifty 07/26/2007 REGINA J. GSO I feel I made a new friend
08/11/2007 Thrifty 08/03/2007 JOHN D. SAN I had to extend my rental 4 more days.. They were happy to assist me, AND at the origional rate..
08/10/2007 Thrifty 08/05/2007 PATRICK S. YYC dealing with COLLEEN was pure joy, she made my day:)))
08/12/2007 Thrifty 08/02/2007 JENILEIGH S. RDU The manager at the Ronald Regan airport drop off was extremely friendly and helpful.
08/09/2007 Thrifty 08/03/2007 TREVA K. MDW Agents at your Midway-Chicago location had very professional attitudes it was a very nice experience. I will be using your services in the furture. Keep up the Good Work.
08/19/2007 Thrifty 07/25/2007 VINCENT K. YYC I didn't get the car I booked, I got the Yaris instead. Surprisingly, that is one fun car to drive :)
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/28/2007 PAUL P. LAX Thanks for a pleasant experience. The service was outstanding.
08/12/2007 Thrifty 07/29/2007 SHELLIE B. BOI Yes, I will rent from you again. The srevice was great. The car was perfect and the price was excellent! Thank you again, Shellie
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/09/2007 DANIEL E. PH4 Great experience. The late pickup of the vehicle allowed us to depart home earlier than planned. Thank you to the gentleman that waited for me for that pickup. We will be back again on our next trip.
08/06/2007 Thrifty 07/30/2007 IRIS H. ILM I had a very pleasant experience dealing with your company and look forward to future business.
08/15/2007 Thrifty 05/30/2007 IRENE G. PDX thank you ! We had great value for our money.
08/08/2007 Thrifty 07/28/2007 DONNA B. HYA Always a pleasure and we will for sure use this system again!
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/26/2007 JAMIE D. TUS wonderful experience, i couldnt ask for anything to have been better
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/27/2007 MARIA C. FL9 Superior service, Thank you so much.
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/10/2007 STEVEN B. CAK The Akron/Canton airport counter folks were outstanding both checking in and checking out!
08/06/2007 Thrifty 07/13/2007 JEFF M. VCE You guys are great!! Very easy to book a car on your web site. I have recommended you to all of my colleague's. Keep up the good work
08/01/2007 Thrifty 07/25/2007 DEBRA M. LIT Using was an excellent experience!I will definitely use this service again!
08/12/2007 Thrifty 05/08/2007 MICHAEL N. SEA I still am puzzled why Thrifty's rate for a Dodge mini-van was so much better than anyone else's at this time, but some things can remain a mystery, I suppose.
07/30/2007 Thrifty 07/23/2007 DOT P. RSW Its so refreshing to see that some companies really do value customer servive. I would indeed rent from you again. Thank you for caring..
08/11/2007 Thrifty 05/27/2007 MICHAEL C. TUS EXCELLENT!
07/27/2007 Thrifty 07/17/2007 PAUL D. LHR I am quite happy to recommend Thrifty.
08/08/2007 Thrifty 07/18/2007 JAMES M. MCO Excellent service all the way through. From searching through available quotes on to setting foot in the Thrifty offices ~ From the desk staff picking up to the (very) early morning check-in staff dropping off, we had a very positive impression of Thrifty and CarRentals. Thank you very much.
07/27/2007 Thrifty 06/18/2007 ERWIN M. IAD Over all very good they were very Outstanding, thank you very much.
07/27/2007 Thrifty 07/21/2007 PAUL S. PNS Great overall experience.
07/29/2007 Thrifty 07/21/2007 JEFF S. SD7 I appreciate the service and all of the factors related to this rental. The quote at the website was very good and the service at the Thrifty location was excellent. I will rent through your site the next time I need to. Jeff
08/05/2007 Thrifty 07/08/2007 CHARLES C. HNL The man at the counter who had us sign the paperwork was OUTSTANDING!
08/01/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 ERIN B. SE2 I used when my trip changed, and it was by far the best rate I could find on the Internet. Very easy to use, and a great service. Wouldn't change a thing!
07/30/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 ERIK T. ORH Total Satisfaction! Great job by all. Please keep me on your private email list for future information. Thrifty is my #1 chioce for my next rental.
07/31/2007 Thrifty 06/14/2007 JULIE B. CLT Got a much better vehicle than we reserved for the same price. Very enjoyable trip with a great vehicle to drive. Thank you!
07/23/2007 Thrifty 07/09/2007 DANIEL S. DTW My car rental was, without question, the smoothest and most satisfying part of my trip. I would absolutely use in the future and have been recommending it to my friends and family.
07/24/2007 Thrifty 07/19/2007 DAVID Z. MKC great location ,super staff
07/24/2007 Thrifty 07/15/2007 CHRISTOPHER C. OAK Thank-you very much, and I hope to do business again soon.
07/27/2007 Thrifty 07/17/2007 JACQUELYN D. RSW I am very satisfied with because I got a great rate and it was easy to book!
07/29/2007 Thrifty 07/16/2007 STEVE P. MCI The price for the car was Great! Thrifty had the best, cheapest price.
07/30/2007 Thrifty 07/16/2007 JERRY B. RSW Thrifty provided one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had -- every step of the way. They are now, by far, my favorite car rental company. Quite a statement from me - I'm a manager for an insurance auto claims operation.
07/26/2007 Thrifty 06/14/2007 JAMES S. OMA Everything worked out just right, am very happy with your service.
07/24/2007 Thrifty 07/18/2007 VERONIE L. NY2 Very good
07/26/2007 Thrifty 06/15/2007 MORRIS M. BW4 Great price and followed up with no hidden fees! Will use CarRentals & Thrifty rental again! Thank You!
07/22/2007 Thrifty 07/09/2007 BORIS G. CLT No cars were available uppon arrival. Only minivans and for much higher price. Ended up with different rental company. No more Thrifty for me. BG
07/23/2007 Thrifty 07/11/2007 MARY L. MCO No hitches. Happy!
07/21/2007 Thrifty 07/11/2007 GNADINE S. GCM I was in and out within 15 minutes, the rep. was great, she had a welcoming, great sense of humor. this was a great experience. the rep. should get a raise. I will definately be renting from you again when I go back to Cayman in November.
07/24/2007 Thrifty 06/30/2007 DAVID V. DSM The staff got me the exact vehicle we needed for our family vacation. Super job!!
07/18/2007 Thrifty 07/06/2007 ELSA M. TUS The staff was friendly. Renting the car at Thrifty and through was fast and easy. Thanks!
07/18/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 CARLOS C. HC3 The pretty lady made everything nice and easy. I love her.
07/21/2007 Thrifty 05/25/2007 BILLY W. CVG Great experience... I have used your service several times, and will use again.... Thanx...
07/19/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 CHERYL M. A57 I love your service including the insurance. I love having the peace of mind. I have not had to us it. Please keep your services and the great competive prices.
07/23/2007 Thrifty 07/08/2007 LORI M. BO2 Very Satisfied, Thank You
07/16/2007 Thrifty 06/28/2007 ELIZABETH W. PD1 Very courteous and helpful staff. No complaints!
07/17/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 KATHY O. MCO Thank you It was a good experience.
07/14/2007 Thrifty 05/04/2007 MARTIN K. MCO Shuttle service was prompt and exceptional. Fast Quick and easy. A++++++ Here.
07/12/2007 Thrifty 06/19/2007 RUTH D. OMA It was great.. all the clerks had a great sense of humor and made the customer feel important
07/16/2007 Thrifty 06/30/2007 DAWNN M. BN3 The service received from Thrifty and helped my family and I have a worry free vacation!! We will definitely use these services and recommend to family and friends!
07/17/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 DONALD H. MCO Car Rentals had the best rate which was 100.00 less than what Thrifty was offering.
07/22/2007 Thrifty 06/28/2007 AWILDA R. MCO Using was beneficial for a family vacation. The deal with Thrifty was cost efficient and the service was fantastic! Thank you
07/09/2007 Thrifty 07/03/2007 AMBIKAIPAHAN P. LAS The experience with Thrifty was fantastic and of great value.
07/10/2007 Thrifty 06/26/2007 ROBERT G. CLT I was a bit concerned about dealing with something other than the car company itself, but this rental ran without a hitch. I don't know if I got more value; I used this because I wanted a minivan and was having trouble finding one through the agent channels. You found the car I wanted, and it was ready for me.
07/12/2007 Thrifty 07/02/2007 KIMSONN S. ICT is an excellent website for comparing prices.
07/12/2007 Thrifty 05/28/2007 JAY W. KOA Great transaction, flawless service.
07/09/2007 Thrifty 06/15/2007 JAIME D. ONT We had an exceptional experience renting a minivan from Thrify through Tina at the rental counter was very friendly and helpful in finding us the vehicle that best met our needs. The minivan was extremely comfortable and in great condition for our trip. We had a very pleasant experience!
07/08/2007 Thrifty 06/04/2007 CARLOS G. MCO Overall a very pleasent and stress free experience. Thank you
07/16/2007 Thrifty 04/18/2007 JONATHAN C. LAX It was our best rental in the last 10 years. It was well organized and fast.
07/03/2007 Thrifty 06/28/2007 ROBIN T. ILM I was very pleased with the vehicle and the courtesy of the staff. I have rented vehicles with your company in the past and have been very satisfied.
07/06/2007 Thrifty 06/07/2007 NITHY S. MHT First time and great experience
07/05/2007 Thrifty 06/29/2007 PENNY D. CLT Great customers Services!!!
07/11/2007 Thrifty 01/21/2007 CONNIE M. LAS Return was fast and convenient. Thanks
07/04/2007 Thrifty 06/13/2007 TREVOR S. YEG good job, will be back again!!
07/05/2007 Thrifty 06/27/2007 PAMELA T. BW4 Convenient, quick, no nonsense and inexpensive
07/18/2007 Thrifty 05/31/2007 NANCY L. RIC Thank you for a carefree rental experience
07/05/2007 Thrifty 06/05/2007 ROBERT H. YYC Excellent Rate - Thank You
07/04/2007 Thrifty 06/26/2007 CESAR R. A57 Thanks..It was great, the vehicle was the best and your rates very confortable
07/04/2007 Thrifty 06/24/2007 CHARLES B. TPA Outstanding service for a reasonable price, perfect!!!
07/05/2007 Thrifty 06/18/2007 SCOTT S. PD3 I was delighted with the overall experience with Thrifty, and I *greatly* appreciated their outstanding rate!
07/01/2007 Thrifty 06/22/2007 WALLACE K. SEA is an outstanding website. We were pleased with Thrifty's service. No waiting for pickup at airport nor return to airport. Very efficient!!
07/11/2007 Thrifty 05/21/2007 BRYAN M. TPA We had a medical emergency and had to extend our rental 2 days - they honored our discount daily rate with no problem.
07/05/2007 Thrifty 05/31/2007 LENITA W. ABY Great service and no hassles.
07/03/2007 Thrifty 06/12/2007 JAMES B. CUN Thank you for giving us good value for our money.
06/29/2007 Thrifty 06/12/2007 PATRICIA M. BZN I like being able to comparison shop, so this is a good source for me.
06/22/2007 Thrifty 06/18/2007 JANET C. SRQ Was surprized how fast it was to pick up car, and super fast to drop off before my flight. Thanks.
06/22/2007 Thrifty 06/18/2007 AMANDA Y. PDX I've never used carrentals before, but it was a great experience, and I will use it again when I need a car.
07/06/2007 Thrifty 05/28/2007 WEI L. MCO Great experience with my car rental through both and Thrifty. Thanks! I'll be back again.
06/20/2007 Thrifty 06/14/2007 JO MARY T. ATL service was very good and expedient.very good experience
06/20/2007 Thrifty 05/01/2007 ALAN B. DTW we have used a few times now and are blown away by the great deals...we told our relatives on this most recent trip about the site because they couldn't believe the rate! thanks very much and the thrifty crew in Detroit was awesome...unbelievably friendly!
06/19/2007 Thrifty 06/02/2007 KATHLEEN M. MSP A truly seamless experience. Thanks so much.
06/20/2007 Thrifty 05/30/2007 RONALD S. DEN As a group, we had to modify our reservation status. Everyone could not have been most helpful. I would definitely go with Thrifty for any future travel needs. Thank you
06/12/2007 Thrifty 04/25/2007 KRISTIN A. SJC Awesome overall experience. There was no line at check-in, the agent was incredibly friendly and warm, and the car was brand new and in perfect condition. And the rate was fantastic. I will definitely use again, and will make every effort to rent from Thrifty again.