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07/31/2008 U-Save 05/31/2008 WAYNE B. MYR Cannot beat ""
07/23/2008 U-Save 07/17/2008 JUDY H. SAN Very easy to order, great to be picked up at the airport and the rental transaction was easy too. thank you
06/16/2008 U-Save 06/12/2008 VLAD L. EWR Great website...I wish I found you sooner
06/19/2008 U-Save 02/29/2008 ELIZABETH P. MCO Estoy muy satisfecha con su servicio muchas gracias
06/07/2008 U-Save 05/16/2008 CLAYTON S. MCO u-SAVE in Orlando is a treasure! They gave me my favorite car (Toy. Corolla) and they refunded me money when I brought her in a little bit early. What a charming outfit.
06/10/2008 U-Save 03/19/2008 JANE C. AUA Great staff and enjoyed the ride to the airport in the new van.
06/09/2008 U-Save 12/06/2007 RICHARD B. AUA Service was GREAT !!! Will be back again !!!
06/05/2008 U-Save 04/28/2008 BILL F. 19690_TPA No surprises, no hidden costs, exactly as quoted. very happy with rental
05/27/2008 U-Save 05/08/2008 JOHN F. MCO Excellent experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/08/2008 U-Save 04/28/2008 BARRY D F. EWR I loved my transaction with U-Save and driving the PT Cruiser. Thanks!
05/08/2008 U-Save 04/13/2008 KIM K. TPA The staff at Usave were outstanding! We were in quite a bad situation when we finally arrived at the airport and would have NEVER made our flight if we would have had to drop the cars back off at the office. When I explained our situation, the staff offered to pick the cars up at the airport---Thank GOD:) We had 3 minutes to spare boarding our plan with 5 kids and 2 panic strickened adults; they saved the day!!!!!!
04/17/2008 U-Save 03/31/2008 MICHELE M. TPA was a good experience and I would use you again and I have recommeded you to others.
04/08/2008 U-Save 02/24/2008 TIMOTHY K. MCO Glad I discovered!
03/26/2008 U-Save 01/29/2008 LINDA R. MYR We had a great experience renting with Usave. I don't rent that often, but I was very pleased with how fast and easy it was and ESPECIALLY with the great rate we got with you.
03/25/2008 U-Save 01/22/2008 KAREN H. MYR I had never heard of U-Save car rental before this reservation and it was great! I will look for it in the future.
03/12/2008 U-Save 03/01/2008 DIANA N. MCO Members of my family travel often to Florida, as well as other places. I will be recommending U-Save Car Rental highly to all of them. So keep doing what you're doing! Just want to add a note too that we were really impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of your staff at the Orlando location! Our flight was late, we were starving & tired and had no idea where to go or what to do - they were awesome! Special thanks for that! They pointed us in the right direction and we were able to do what we needed to do before checking into our hotel so that we weren't wasting extra time on our vacation trying to track things down! Personable, friendly, respectful and helpful - hard to find these days in most service industries! FANTASTIC!
02/26/2008 U-Save 02/15/2008 SOPHIA B. MYR I received the quality and professional customer service i had expected. Thank you for my savings!!
02/21/2008 U-Save 02/01/2008 JUD M. SJU Your Folks were great, friendly, prompt and professional. My only complaint was that the car had a strong smell of cigarette smoke.
02/20/2008 U-Save 02/08/2008 BARBARA M. MYR fast, great service. Will rent from again!
02/15/2008 U-Save 01/31/2008 SHERRICA W. MCO I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!
02/16/2008 U-Save 01/22/2008 REBECCA O. MCO This is the first time we have used both Car Rentals.Com, as well as USave. We were very pleased with how efficient and friendly USave was upon both the pick-up and drop-off process. We would definitely recommend both Car Rentals.Com and USave to our family and friends.
02/11/2008 U-Save 02/05/2008 KATHLEEN O. MCO Excellent experience. I have rented literally hundreds of cars, and had my doubts about an off-airport rental, but I would definitely rent from this company again. They were outstanding.
02/15/2008 U-Save 01/06/2008 LEE F. BQN Thanks for the great car, it was clean, and comfortable. The ride from the airport to the car, and back to the airport was fantastic.
02/14/2008 U-Save 01/08/2008 MARIE P. MCO Next time I am in Town, I will definetely rent from Usave. The car was in good condition, very affordable. It kind of reminding me of my own car which was a Toyota Highlander. Keep up the good work. Mrs. P.
02/06/2008 U-Save 10/11/2007 SHARON M. FLL Bernard was great - fun to deal with; he is a credit to your company! We'll be back next year with more people!
01/29/2008 U-Save 01/14/2008 DIANA M. MIA I was so pleased with my rental experience I wrote to Usave and let them know. I will definitely use CarRentals again and again.
01/29/2008 U-Save 01/10/2008 LISA K. MCO Best kept secret in Orlando. Everything was perfect.
01/29/2008 U-Save 12/19/2007 J B A. MCO Customer Service at check in at USAVE was exceptional. Polite, friendly service is spite of all she was doing (e.g. checking customers in, answering phone,answering other customers questions).
01/07/2008 U-Save 10/26/2007 SANTOS D. FLL Overall service was outstanding. Will definitively recommend to friends and associates traveling to the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area. Bernard and Peter at Ft Lauderdale were very professional!
12/15/2007 U-Save 11/05/2007 CRAIG B. GEG Customer service was superb and this has been the easiest car rental ever. Thanks
12/27/2007 U-Save 11/06/2007 HARJIT K. MCO These people are great. Very professional and pleasent to work with.
12/13/2007 U-Save 11/30/2007 PATRICIA B. TPA Outstanding Customer Service.....I was very please and will re-book for my next trip.
12/16/2007 U-Save 10/16/2007 DANIELA C. FLL The best rental car service I've experienced... ever!!! Wonderful staff!!! Kudos to U-Save!!!
11/27/2007 U-Save 09/11/2007 EDWIN S. MYR My flight into Myrtle Beach was delayed more than 2 hours. I called your reservation desk in Myrtle Beach to inform them that I was going to be late. I spoke to your representative by the name of Neva. She was extremely nice & waited for me to arrive & give me my car & paper work. If this is your policy, it is outstanding & Neva & your company are to be commended & I thank you. Having this type of experience, I would rent from you always.
11/22/2007 U-Save 11/11/2007 JOHN K. SWF The agent was a perfect gentleman. He was prompt. Courteous and I appreciated his assistance.
11/20/2007 U-Save 10/16/2007 JAMES R. TPA The folks at USave were very friendly and professional. They even supplied my wife and me a bottle of ice cold water and a bag filled with some snacks. What a nice touch! Thanks for the good service.
11/05/2007 U-Save 10/22/2007 LORIE S. DAB It went way better than we had expected. Thanks!
11/03/2007 U-Save 10/25/2007 CHARLETTE D. TPA I really appreciated how smoothly the whole process went. The guys behind the counter were very nice and helpful. Thank you...
11/03/2007 U-Save 10/22/2007 ERIKA H. MYR I was extremely pleased with your service. The car we received was better than expected. Also, the process was so smooth and convenient that we were in our car in no time at all. Thank you for your wonderful service!
10/28/2007 U-Save 10/19/2007 JASON S. MCO Best experience with rental car to date.
10/27/2007 U-Save 10/15/2007 LOUIS C. MYR Fastest and easiest car rental I have ever had. Thank you.
10/24/2007 U-Save 09/17/2007 JAMES D. MYR Best value, quick service!
10/14/2007 U-Save 10/09/2007 MARILYN G. FLL Excellent service at a very good price. We saved money and time, as we had no lines, and had personal and prompt attention.
10/12/2007 U-Save 08/23/2007 DONALD G. EWR Saved about $100 for a five day lease. Thanks.
10/09/2007 U-Save 10/03/2007 DEMETRIUS J. MCO It was my first time renting with USave and I must say that the experience was wonderful.. Thank You So Much & See You Guys In The Near Future!!
10/09/2007 U-Save 09/29/2007 GERASIM M. MCO Great rate, I will use CarRentals again, and have passed your name to others...
10/20/2007 U-Save 09/09/2007 DUANE D. MYR The entire experance was very quick, easy and helped make our vacation most enjoyable. Thank you for the great service.
10/06/2007 U-Save 09/26/2007 SILVIA T. SJU As usual, the service was outstanding!!
09/22/2007 U-Save 09/17/2007 SHARON S. MYR Excellent service!! Thanks!!
09/20/2007 U-Save 09/05/2007 JOSH M. MIA USave and the staff are AWESOME!! I loved the automobile and everyone was so helpful. I am recommending USave as well as to ALL my friends and co-workers at Cisco Systems. Thank you again.
09/12/2007 U-Save 08/27/2007 NANCY M. MIA I was very please with the service of USave Thank you and will use you again
09/17/2007 U-Save 06/19/2007 SUSAN F. MYR Everything was great. I have given many of my friends your web site.
09/13/2007 U-Save 08/23/2007 ALEXEY D. MIA Outstanding service! The best I've ever seen in years. The way I was attended leaves me no choice, but to be loyal to U-SAVE and Thank you.
09/05/2007 U-Save 07/04/2007 TOM K. TPA Everything was GREAT.
09/06/2007 U-Save 06/18/2007 KAREEM K. MYR I am very happy that I rented from USAVE. The car I rented exceeded my expectations and the customer service agent was excellent. Thank you
09/03/2007 U-Save 07/27/2007 SUZANNE M. MCO Thanks for a great van at a reasonable price--your staff was great amd gave us perfect directions to our hotel! I will definitely use USave again!!
08/24/2007 U-Save 05/27/2007 GERALD A. TPA Very friendly, helpful, and excellent transportation to and from the airport.
08/26/2007 U-Save 07/11/2007 DIANE W. TPA I was very satisfied with the rental. It was a much nicer car than I expected and the service was great. Thanks.
08/22/2007 U-Save 08/06/2007 PAUL F. FLL Love - only way I rent a car anymore. This is the second time I have used U-Save at that location. They do a great job and their price beats all the name brand competitors. I will continue to rent from them whenever I can.
08/14/2007 U-Save 08/03/2007 PATRICIA H. MCO I found the staff to be friendly and outstanding. It was a smooth process and they helped us by upgrading our reservation. We were very happy with everyhting and you will get my business again.
08/04/2007 U-Save 07/31/2007 KISHA S. MYR I will always rent from It was so convenient. I was a little leery at first but now I will not rent any other place.
08/07/2007 U-Save 05/06/2007 JOSEPH B. TPA What an enjoyable rental week, the staff and the cars were great. They did all they could do to make us happy. See you next year.
07/29/2007 U-Save 07/09/2007 VINCENT O. MYR Myrtle Beach airport is very small and convenient to everything - the car was out in the lot which we walked to - but not a far walk. The return representative was very helpful and provided very prompt, curteous service. The car was spectacular - clean and comfortable. Overall we were extremely satisfied and would rent in Myrtle Beach at USave every time. Thanks for great service and competitive pricing.
07/21/2007 U-Save 07/10/2007 C ALAN G. MIA I was thoroughly amazed at the customer service at Usave. My flight was delayed. I called the office and the representative said she would remain until I arrived. Once there, everything went smoothly. I am so happy to have found!
07/22/2007 U-Save 07/11/2007 KYLENE M. 19697_HFG Super Transaction! Will always use again in the future. Thank you
07/06/2007 U-Save 07/02/2007 JEAN R B. 19697_HFG Thank you very much and I will come to you next time.
07/09/2007 U-Save 01/17/2007 KATHLEEN B. MYR We plan on visiting the Myrtle Beach area often and will definitely look to using USave and again as long as they can retain their good service and price. Thanks again.
07/06/2007 U-Save 06/04/2007 DAVID M. MYR Actually, we had to cut our trip short due to a family emergency and without even asking USave credited our account.
07/07/2007 U-Save 06/18/2007 ANA D. MCO Thanks for everything and I'll go back again
06/12/2007 U-Save 06/05/2007 KATIE F. SWF I loved renting from here. The prices were much better than the Enterprise place even here on post. I have already recommended U Save to my friends who are also cadets, and will probably rent from here every time I need a car from now on.
06/08/2007 U-Save 04/02/2007 DAVID R. MYR Great Bargain. Always welcome in today's world
06/18/2007 U-Save 03/13/2007 BRIAN D. MYR Best Rate -- great service
06/07/2007 U-Save 04/03/2007 STEPHEN G. MYR The extended cab pickup w/locking top was perfect for 4 people with luggage and golf clubs.
06/01/2007 U-Save 01/10/2007 DW H. DAB I am LOVING Usave. They really are FANTASTIC to work with. Keep up the great work!
05/28/2007 U-Save 05/08/2007 LAURIE K. SWF My USAVE experience in Newburgh, NY was, perhaps, my best car rental experience.
05/31/2007 U-Save 04/05/2007 DEBORAH O. MCO Great, wonderful staff, with outstanding service. The car was better than I expected.
06/05/2007 U-Save 05/16/2007 ALICEN D. TPA Great rates and very friendly staff. Thanks.
05/28/2007 U-Save 04/15/2007 ANA R. MCO I have always had a great experience renting through and Usave specifically. Thank you for your service. I highly recommend it to all my friends.
05/24/2007 U-Save 05/16/2007 CYNTHIA W. MYR VERY PLEASED..
06/06/2007 U-Save 03/19/2007 ROBERT R. MCO Excellent service from professional and friendly staff; thank you!
05/16/2007 U-Save 04/30/2007 PAMELA M. MCO I was hesitant to use a non-brand name car rental company (I usually go through Enterprise), but I must say I was quite please with all aspects of this rental and will definitely use U-Save again.
05/17/2007 U-Save 04/24/2007 SHARON F. TPA Everyone at Usave was so pleasant. Nice to see everyone was all about the customer, and your team works together as a company. Thanks again.
05/14/2007 U-Save 04/24/2007 MARLENE T. TPA I will tell all my friends about you...we were extremely pleased with our experience!
05/16/2007 U-Save 05/04/2007 PATRICK C. TPA You guys were great!! If we are in the Tampa area again we will use you again for sure!
05/09/2007 U-Save 04/18/2007 JEFFREY R. MIA The folks in Miami were great. They were very friendly and should be commended for great customer service...
05/07/2007 U-Save 05/01/2007 RODDRICK D. FLL Great job Guys.
05/10/2007 U-Save 04/04/2007 CLARENCE W. MCO Every area of service was wonderful.
05/02/2007 U-Save 04/14/2007 RICHARD A. FLL The experience was very satisfactory. And I will most certainly make use of the service of both and of USave. Thankyou
05/02/2007 U-Save 03/28/2007 TAMIKA W. FLL
04/28/2007 U-Save 03/14/2007 VINCENT F. MYR Went better than expected...first time renting a car and it was great! Thanks!
04/19/2007 U-Save 04/10/2007 CHANNABEL L. TPA I travel frequently and rent a vehicle everytime. This was the very first time that I went in and out of the car rental in about 5 minutes. Most importantly, the $ amount that I was quoted online was exactly what I paid for the car at the counter, not a penny more. This has never happened in my years of renting cars online. I have always paid more when I got to the counter. Keep up the good work and I plan to rent through everytime, and specifically get Usave cars (which I never heard of before this rental). I'll spread the word.
04/19/2007 U-Save 04/02/2007 STEPHEN K. MCO The people at U-Save were the most helpful that i have ever dealt with. I will use them for rentals again.
04/17/2007 U-Save 02/12/2007 MARIANNE L. MCO My parents had a great experience with in Feb 2007 as did we in Apr 2007. Will definitely use you again. Cheaper than my corporate discount through work.
04/16/2007 U-Save 04/04/2007 ROBERT K. MYR Great experience, great service. In and out of the airport in record time. Thanx!
04/14/2007 U-Save 02/15/2007 NORMAN C. MCO People were some of the best if not the best service and helpfullness I've had in renting before. Thanks
04/14/2007 U-Save 03/03/2007 ALFRED C. DAB The staff at Usave Datona Beach was very helpful and accommodating.I would definitely rent from them again.
04/07/2007 U-Save 02/07/2007 DWIGHT N. JAX Much faster than the larger rental agencies - I was very pleased
04/09/2007 U-Save 02/24/2007 ELIZABETH F. MIA We were very pleased. Every worker at the rental agency was extremely friendly and professional! A big thank you to them!!!!