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02/25/2012 247miamicars 01/05/2012 AERIN H. MIA Excellent and prompt, very honest customer service, reasonable rates, would use this company again. Thanks!
02/22/2012 247miamicars 01/22/2012 THOMAS N. MIA Outstanding service. Would strongly recommend.
03/14/2011 247miamicars 03/11/2011 DIANE K. MIA Not only would I rent from 247 Miamicars again...but I would recommend them to a friend!
02/07/2015 ACE 02/05/2015 JAY C. AUS Jay was wonderful. It's been a while since I've had outstanding service, but he was truly awesome!
02/06/2015 ACE 01/15/2015 LARRY D. BUF Price was great. Car was great. Staff excellent. No problems.
02/07/2015 ACE 02/02/2015 Kevin H. YYC Great experience. Staff were extremely friendly and accommodating.
02/07/2015 ACE 12/31/2014 SHERMAN W. JAX What a fantastic rental experience! From the friendliness of the shuttle driver(s) to and from the airport to the very nice staff person processing the contract, ACE Rent a Car did an outstanding job and made for an all around superb experience. Thank You!
01/30/2015 ACE 11/28/2014 LINDA C. FLL Everything about our experience was super, could not ask for better treatment
01/25/2015 ACE 01/01/2015 DALE R. SAN Two great rentals in a row - best and most economical service I've had!
01/28/2015 ACE 11/10/2014 NANCY B. FLL The price is excellent. I was a little nervous as it was so inexpensive. Fortunately, I had nothing to worry about. Not only was the rental a true bargain it was everything I could have hoped for; very nice comfortable car, easy shuttle ride to pick up the care, friendly informative staff at the front counter and it was just as easy to drop the car off and return to the airport. I will definitely use again.
01/20/2015 ACE 01/13/2015 ANDREW W. PSP fantastic service and people,, you helped make the boys weekend and lacrosse tournament a great time with that convertable!
01/21/2015 ACE 12/24/2014 DEREK M. RSW Very happy with this rental agency! They took excellent care of us.
01/14/2015 ACE 11/28/2014 REBECCA M. SJU The car we rented in Puerto Rico was nearly brand new-excellent on gas and fantastic handling. The staff was great and we were absolutely thrilled with our reservation. Thank you!
01/02/2015 ACE 11/10/2014 DALE R. MSP Ace Car Rental at the airport in the Twin Cities was a bargain and provided excellent service. I was so happy with them that I have already booked a car in San Diego during January. I'm an extremely satisfied customer. Thanks, Dale
12/28/2014 ACE 11/20/2014 RICHARD C. MSP Very nice. Much better than Hotwire!
01/06/2015 ACE 10/12/2014 BEN D. MIA We were delighted with our ACE car rental.
12/26/2014 ACE 11/21/2014 NORMAN H. FLL Great car. Great service. Very Impressed.
12/24/2014 ACE 12/17/2014 PHILLIP E. RSW Great experience. Highly recommended.
12/17/2014 ACE 12/09/2014 PAUL B. MKE I went to Hotwire first, which is where I usually start and saw the ad for CarRentals and a price that looked better than Hotwire so I clicked on that. I found the price to be better and my experience was outstanding. I will use CarRentals again!
12/17/2014 ACE 10/05/2014 MARC P. JAX Very happy with the whole process! PERFECT!
12/11/2014 ACE 11/10/2014 KELLIE H. FLL Great experience, thank you!
11/30/2014 ACE 11/24/2014 RAJNISH J. SAN They were really excellent and were helpful. I think if someone coming to SAN DIEGO and wanted to go economical, it is the best options. I would highly recommend them. The customer service and front desk guys were very helpful.
12/05/2014 ACE 08/08/2014 MYRON H. MSP GREAT SERVICE
11/30/2014 ACE 11/06/2014 MATHIAS S. JAX amazing rate through ACE compared to the bigger rental companies and they provided the exact same services and cars.
12/06/2014 ACE 11/04/2014 LOUIS C. FLL Great car at a great price with great service.
11/16/2014 ACE 10/13/2014 HILARY P. FLL Excellent service
11/13/2014 ACE 11/05/2014 RODNEY P. AUS Great Service. Great Rate! Thank you
11/15/2014 ACE 06/27/2014 ROBERT L. SJU Experience was VERY satisfactory. Keep up the good work.
11/09/2014 ACE 10/10/2014 KATHLEEN K. SAN All wonderful, thank you for great service!!
11/21/2014 ACE 10/20/2014 PAVEL N. SXM Excellent, will come again.
10/16/2014 ACE 09/24/2014 MELANIE B. IND There was a difference between my prepaid rate and the actual rental rate and I am being reimbursed. Customer service was excellent in rectifying this discrepancy.
10/13/2014 ACE 10/02/2014 ROSEMARY S F. JAX My experience was better than expected given the low cost of the rental vis a vis other rental companies. Staff was extremely friendly and courteous. Wiould rent from Ace again.
10/03/2014 ACE 09/03/2014 WENDELL S. MIA We would like to give a special thanks to the driver that to took us to the airport on Thursday morning my wife has trouble walking she has a lot of health concerns he show kindness help us.THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KINDNESS THE COMPANY SHOW US!!
10/03/2014 ACE 07/10/2014 CRAIG W. ORD Excellent experience all around . I was very impressed with ACE
09/22/2014 ACE 09/16/2014 MICHAEL D. TPA I thought this was the best car rental deal I have ever had. I hope my next experience is as great as this one.
09/28/2014 ACE 09/11/2014 MARK H. MSP Great Value. Very good service.
09/15/2014 ACE 09/06/2014 MARIUSZ M. TPA thank you, job well done.
09/14/2014 ACE 08/29/2014 MARION S. JAX Excellent price and great car...Great service and Staff was Super Friendly...
09/04/2014 ACE 08/03/2014 RAMKRISHNA P. CHIC01 You guys are amazing will rent again in the future.
09/06/2014 ACE 06/19/2014 THIERNO B. YUL All expectations were met. Friendly staff, convenient locations and hours. Thanks for a great experience.
09/01/2014 ACE 08/25/2014 BEN L. MCO So great. Thanks for your help.
08/28/2014 ACE 08/22/2014 MWELWA M. ATL Excellent
09/02/2014 ACE 08/18/2014 JOSEPH H. MSP Thanks for a great service.
08/25/2014 ACE 04/17/2014 KRISTA B. YVR Excellent service and upgrade. Thank you!
08/30/2014 ACE 04/11/2014 YURIY K. YUL good service and affordable prices
08/27/2014 ACE 07/12/2014 SANDRA H. FLL I am a very satisfied customer and will definitely use this service again.
08/14/2014 ACE 07/30/2014 BRUCE R. YYC The customer service I received in Calgary was exceptional. The shuttle drivers and counter staff were prompt, obliging, courteous, and knowledgeable. They want above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction. I will return to ACE and and recommend these companies without hesitation. Thank you.
08/14/2014 ACE 06/04/2014 SHEREE K. YYG I was completely pleased. The staff at ACE was great, friendly and everything you'd want from a car rental place. The car was wonderful and they even called me a few days after I picked the car up to see if I needed any help and to see how the car was working. Great people!
08/08/2014 ACE 07/30/2014 WARREN M. IND Great service at good price.
08/09/2014 ACE 07/03/2014 CLAUDIA B. YHZ Absolutely amazing experience other than the little blip at the airport once we were picked up and taken to our vehicle we were treated like royalty and when we returned they were just as loyal and pleasant to us i cant say enough about the pleasure we had. Thanks so much for starting and ending our trip on a high note will recommend to all my friends. fyi you are the cheapest rate as well :) thanks so much again
08/09/2014 ACE 06/07/2014 GLENN F. PBI Great service. Great vehicle. Friendly staff. Would rent from them again and recommend them to others.
07/31/2014 ACE 07/21/2014 JOHN S. AUS The staff at ACE were wonderful. I left my sunglasses behind and was able to call the next day and they saved them for me.
07/29/2014 ACE 07/18/2014 JEFF M. SAN Great service, and great experience from and Ace!
07/27/2014 ACE 05/04/2014 DANNY D. FLL the best car rental service in greater ft Lauderdale when it comes to off terminal locations.
07/26/2014 ACE 05/10/2014 BEVERLY P. YWG The staff person was very knowledgeable in all he did. I would certainly rent from ACE again. Thank you for the Nissan Altima.
07/16/2014 ACE 06/09/2014 MONIQUE R. JAX This was the best experience I have had renting a car to date. When I first saw the deal and the price I honestly thought it was TOO good to be true. Either I'd get to the counter and they add extra fees, or I'd be driving a car kept together with duct tape, but neither happened. The staff was awesome, my car was great and the price was unbeatable. I will be sure to always check first for all of my trips. Thanks for your great service!
07/17/2014 ACE 06/24/2014 JOHN L. PBI Everyone at Ace Rentals was very helpful and friendly, and I would definitely rent from them again. We were even given a free upgrade.
07/09/2014 ACE 06/09/2014 JAMES G. JAX My experience was flawless. I will definitely rent from Ace again and tell my friends and family about it.
07/15/2014 ACE 06/27/2014 PAMELA T. PHFC01 Excellent customer service.
07/05/2014 ACE 06/14/2014 NATASHA S. ATL thank you for a great car rental experience
07/09/2014 ACE 06/15/2014 SAMMIE Y. LAS ACE was a no hassle experience, and I plan on renting from them whenever I have several passengers again.
07/03/2014 ACE 06/08/2014 BARBARA G. IND Everyone I had contact with was very courteous and helpful. When I turned the car back in - the process was extremely simple. My next rental will be from Ace!!
07/02/2014 ACE 06/02/2014 KRISTI M. JAX Loved the whole experience. The vehicle was great! And the staff were courteous, helpful, and personable. Thanks, Kristi
06/23/2014 ACE 06/20/2014 JIMO K. CHIC02 I really had a wonderful experience with ACE. I will definitely rent from them again and recommend it to my friends.
06/20/2014 ACE 06/05/2014 DENISE H. ORD Awesome! The folks at ACE are ACE!
06/20/2014 ACE 06/03/2014 JENNY C. FLL Very satisfied customer!! Will come back again!!!
06/16/2014 ACE 05/22/2014 WILLIAM T. JAX A most pleasurable experience
06/11/2014 ACE 03/10/2014 JEFF S. ORD Ace is the place for me... great job!! Jeff
06/05/2014 ACE 04/30/2014 ROBERT G. IND All aspects outstanding. Thanks
06/12/2014 ACE 01/22/2014 SANTIAGO O. SJU Great Customer service
05/26/2014 ACE 11/02/2013 RICHARD K. MSP Everything as good as I expected or better. THanks.
05/18/2014 ACE 03/18/2014 ROLANDO R. AUS My family and I were very impressed with the professional staff and with the vehicle. The vehicle exceeded our expectations for comfort, quality and the overall experience was fantastic. I will certainly be open to renting another vehicle with ACE car rentals in the future.
05/21/2014 ACE 05/09/2014 NICK K. LAS Very satisfied with your whole process. I will be a future customer and will tell my friends.
05/19/2014 ACE 05/11/2014 CHERYL W. TPA Very easy transaction. Minimal wait for shuttle to and from the hotel.
05/13/2014 ACE 03/13/2014 MARY A. DAL I rent cars often for work and pleasure and must say that I had the best experience EVER at ACE. The service was excellent, and the car was spectacular,in tip top shape. Paul Moore, the representative who helped me, has exceptional customer service skills. I will use this company as much as I can in the future, and have already told many friends about my excellent experience with ACE.
05/21/2014 ACE 02/05/2014 JEFF C. IND Excellent on everything.
05/11/2014 ACE 01/13/2014 DAVID P. JAX We were very impressed with the speed and friendly service of the personnel when we picked up our car. Appreciated the low key approach, not pressuring us to upgrade, buy more, etc. We will definitely be looking at ACE for our next rental.
05/03/2014 ACE 04/21/2014 MARY CATHERINE C. TPA I found the Ace staff at pick up and return far superior to others I have dealt with.
05/04/2014 ACE 04/02/2014 SHARON R. IND Great experience! Both of our shuttle drivers were exceptionally wonderful! I hope you can look up their names from our records and give them the recognition they deserve! Thank you, see you next time!
05/30/2014 ACE 04/18/2014 MARITZA R. SJU You guys at CarRentals provided me a GREAT deal!! Thank you soooo much!! I will definitely refer you to all my friends n family!! Again thank you!!!
04/26/2014 ACE 03/19/2014 LAURIE B. FLL Great experience- would use this again! Thank you!
04/24/2014 ACE 04/16/2014 VALENYA C. MSP The staff was excellent. Everyone was very friendly and took really good care of my family and me. Excellent Customer Service.
04/27/2014 ACE 03/30/2014 GEORGE D. ORD The ACE rental car staff at O'Hare are outstanding and more than that, the reasonable quote was honored. Something that never seems to happen at other rental car companies. All staff were friendly, helpful, quick and efficient. All the shuttle bus drivers rushed to grab the bags and load/unload the shuttle bus. (I had 6 bags with most weighing between 50 and 65 lbs, and they did this with a smile!) This is the second time I rented from ACE O"Hare, and both times no other car rental company can compare to their service and prices!
04/22/2014 ACE 04/15/2014 BETTINA W. ORD It was a great experience. Shuttle was right there, staff was friendly and not trying to sell me anything. Good value for money - would definitely recommend it!
04/22/2014 ACE 04/04/2014 STACIA S. MKEN05 Thank! You have great rates and I love renting from ACE - The manager over there, named Ron, is great always, good service and attitude. I will definitely rent again!
04/13/2014 ACE 04/08/2014 MARIO R. MSP Best car rental experience EVER. Super friendly people, fast, efficient and all around good! Please let the entire staff know what a great job they all did. Super happy customers here! Thanks
04/13/2014 ACE 12/20/2013 ABDUL MUQUEET A. SAN My experience was excellent with Ace rentals.
04/11/2014 ACE 04/01/2014 ERIK S. MSP The people at ace rentals were extrordinarily friendly. Very pleasant to work with.
04/11/2014 ACE 04/07/2014 TERRY M. ORD Of any rental company have used, this was the absolute best, pleasant, stress-free experience. Wonderful people.
04/01/2014 ACE 12/02/2013 GIGI D. PBI My rental of an "economy" car turned out to be a cute Fiat 500 with a sunroof - way fun!! It drove nicely. When I saw it, and after the very friendly treatment I received from the shuttle driver and Charles Doctor (who took my reservation for me), the car rental experienced turned out to be the "cherry on top" of my vacation. Charles Doctor and the friendly staff at Ace/Datsura made my day.
04/04/2014 ACE 02/05/2014 MARY T. MSP This is the third time I've used ACE and I've been impressed all three times. Since I travel to MN frequently, I will use ACE again.
04/01/2014 ACE 03/20/2014 JAMES B. AUS What a pleasant surprise! Our 2014 Kia only had 4000 miles on it! We wanted a low price rental, and ACE was waaaaay below any other company quote. We were almost afraid to book it, seemingly too good to be true. So glad we took a chance. All went well. THANK YOU, and THANK YOU, ACE, for helping to make our Austin, TX vacation great.
03/21/2014 ACE 03/12/2014 LEE M. RDU My experience with the ACE provider in the Raleigh/Durham area was great. I would definitely rent from then again. Good rate and the vehicle was fine.
03/30/2014 ACE 01/22/2014 WILLIAM L. JAX Ace was exceptional and the staff was great.
03/16/2014 ACE 01/09/2014 CARL E N. PBI Very comfortable with friendly staffs, so I will do again when I will have other trip in future :)
03/12/2014 ACE 01/20/2014 WARREN F. JAX I enjoyed the XM radio. Thanks!
03/09/2014 ACE 02/01/2014 RONALD A. ORD great value..great large crowds to deal with..
03/08/2014 ACE 02/18/2014 ANTHONY F. MCO Was awesome treatment the staff was friendly, helpful very courteous, the shuttle drivers Miguel and Craig were awesome. Leo at the counter was terrific. Keep up the fantastic work from the friendly staff at the whole experience couldn't have been better and I would recommend your service to anyone I come in contact with. God Bless to all have a great day.