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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
07/09/2014 Alamo 05/21/2014 MICHELLE S. OGG Highly satisfied!👍
07/09/2014 Enterprise 06/18/2014 LUIS A C. SJU Todo bien y el personal muy amable
07/09/2014 Alamo 06/26/2014 MARTIN B. ONT Great service and price. I would rent from Alamo again. Thank you.
07/09/2014 Enterprise 03/19/2014 DARBY R. 1509 really great and professional staff at the rental location.
07/09/2014 Enterprise 06/30/2014 WENDY N. 2322 FANTASTIC PRICES!!!!
07/09/2014 Enterprise 06/24/2014 ERIC D. 3818 They are awesome! Will use again!
07/09/2014 Fox 06/19/2014 LISA F. CUR Excellent customer service, no issues, would definitely rent from Fox again.
07/09/2014 Budget 06/30/2014 ANGELA F. FW3 by far had the best prices and I looked at many websites throughout the week and no one compared.
07/08/2014 Airport Van Rental 06/24/2014 JAMES K. SAN Great customer service. good value. Perfect car for my family trip I'll do more business with you guys Thank you for everything. Kim
07/08/2014 Thrifty 06/30/2014 ROBERT S. WFD Great Price and the location takes returns on Sunday which is great for a non airport location. They gave me a great car and I enjoyed everything about the rental.
07/08/2014 Alamo 06/06/2014 FRANCIS S. ABE Excellent service.I am now a loyal customer!!!!!
07/08/2014 Budget 07/03/2014 PETER G. CMH I changed my plan slightly, booked another rental through and cancelled this one. Very easy and entirely hassle-free. Thanks!
07/08/2014 Enterprise 06/27/2014 JULIE C. SLC Our experience with Enterprise SLC was so good, I will rank them first in every search from now on.
07/08/2014 Budget 07/04/2014 PETER G. CMH Very easy to use. I'll be back and even recommend to friends. Thanks.
07/08/2014 Enterprise 04/04/2014 HOWARD E. ORY The exact vehicle that we had requested was not available and they provided us a much superior vehicle at the same price. The service was friendly, prompt, and very helpful.
07/08/2014 Routes Car Rentals 12/14/2013 CHRISTOPHER J. YYC The whole experience was smooth and professional. Thank you!
07/08/2014 Enterprise 07/03/2014 REBECCA M. BLI The whole experience was smooth and professional.
07/08/2014 Alamo 06/18/2014 KRISTI N. OGG Every single thing about this rental experience was top notch! Certainly made me an Alamo fan! Plus, I have used several times now and each experience has been a very satisfactory one.
07/08/2014 Dollar 06/05/2014 AARON D. BNA Love knowing before I go on a trip what the costs are and the "No Hidden Fees"
07/08/2014 Fox 06/28/2014 Ellis D. MIA The Fox Team understands and delivers quality!
07/08/2014 Firefly 06/25/2014 JEFFEREY P. SAN great experience, car was ready, staff great- price was unbeatable will book again
07/07/2014 Alamo 04/28/2014 ROBERT Z. SAN Seamless experience- no problems at all!
07/07/2014 National 06/29/2014 ALVIN T. MLB I've had great success with in the past, and will use in future travels. Thank you
07/07/2014 Enterprise 07/02/2014 CARLOS I. 5729 Great services! one of the best! Thanks!
07/06/2014 Avis 06/27/2014 ROYA R. CPH This was a perfect deal.
07/06/2014 Firefly 04/23/2014 CLAUDIA B. HNL great value! thanks
07/06/2014 Dollar 06/19/2014 JAMES C. BOS Great prices from
07/06/2014 Alamo 06/07/2014 CORNELIA N. OGG More than excellent!!!
07/06/2014 Payless 06/22/2014 ROSEMARIE O. PIT I thought the car and rate were a very good value.
07/06/2014 Enterprise 06/13/2014 PAUL K. RNO All was well. Great service and excellent value.
07/06/2014 Hertz 06/09/2014 FRANCO D. MXP Extremely satisfied with the value for money I received. The rate was just unbeatable. I can't ask for anything more. I will definitely recommend doing business with
07/05/2014 Enterprise 06/24/2014 LINDSAY E. 4854 a perfect experience from start to finish. easy searching and reservation. hassle free. would definitely use again
07/05/2014 ACE 06/14/2014 NATASHA S. ATL thank you for a great car rental experience
07/05/2014 Thrifty 06/30/2014 JOSE G S. SJU Excellent service
07/04/2014 Dollar 06/29/2014 LISA H. MCO As usual my rental experience was outstanding. The convenience of online booking (especially at the last minute) is extrememly important to me. All of the staff were wonderful and friendly! Thank you again for another great car rental!
07/04/2014 Budget 06/16/2014 EMAHN E. MIA Best experience start to finish
07/03/2014 Dollar 04/24/2014 Eric P. SAN Awesome website to rent! Good pricing!!
07/03/2014 Alamo 06/28/2014 FLAVIO C. LAS Alamo was the perfect company for rent a car. Thank you for the opportunity.
07/03/2014 ACE 06/08/2014 BARBARA G. IND Everyone I had contact with was very courteous and helpful. When I turned the car back in - the process was extremely simple. My next rental will be from Ace!!
07/03/2014 Fox 06/26/2014 ROSEMARY R. SAN I rent from Fox at 2 different airports in California once a month....rates through CarRentals are always the best and the San Diego Airport location is especially friendly and efficient and have lots of new cars
07/03/2014 Alamo 06/09/2014 HARRY H. BWI Got in at 11PM 5 folks ahead of me .. one agent .. slow .. went to Kiosk and it worked perfectly beat the 5 in line to my car.
07/03/2014 Alamo 05/14/2014 DAVID B. MCI This was my first time renting a car with Alamo. When I got to the Alamo area at KCI, there were about 15 people in line ahead of me. After a few minutes, I noticed a sign indicating if I had made reservations online, to go outside and get the size car I had requested. I informed an Alamo employee, outside that my transaction was online and showed him the printout. He said, "There's your car, the keys are in it. Have a nice trip." I did. I will be renting again from Alamo,later this year. I can't believe how simple this was.
07/03/2014 Advantage 06/07/2014 THOMAS P. BOS Both Erica and Eric were extremely helpful, knowledgeable regarding our questions and concerns. They enabled us to enjoy the car, Boston, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in a van that delivered the 'goods' fact, we would recommend ADVANTAGE CAR RENTALs to ALL our FRIENDS and RELATIVES who land in Boston frequently. THank you again for an enjoyable, worry free trip!!! TOM and CAROLE PRIOR
07/03/2014 Fox 06/07/2014 JAN L. LAS Accurate. Prompt. Excellent value.
07/03/2014 Enterprise 05/19/2014 JAMIN H. LAX They made things easy and fast.
07/03/2014 Economy Rent a Car 06/24/2014 ANTONIO S. FLL Like to take this time to thank Ray for all the help and experience and knowledge that he shared to make my rental experience great . Thank you Ray...
07/02/2014 Budget 06/12/2014 JEAN S. B9B There was nothing to complaint at all. I was completely satisfied!!!
07/02/2014 Budget 05/31/2014 KIMBERLEY C. PVD Great deal, thanks
07/02/2014 Enterprise 06/09/2014 FRED O. IAD Fantastic experience. The sales people were very nice and accommodating to my family of five people with over 10 pieces of luggage.
07/02/2014 Thrifty 06/20/2014 RAHWA M. OAK I use every time I need to rent a car because I know they will give me the best rates. Keep up the great work!
07/02/2014 Payless 04/09/2014 CLAIR R. OAK The Ford Edge SUV exceeded my expectations!
07/02/2014 Hertz 01/08/2014 ROBERT D. GLA Significant upgrade provided without request. Very much appreciated.
07/02/2014 ACE 06/02/2014 KRISTI M. JAX Loved the whole experience. The vehicle was great! And the staff were courteous, helpful, and personable. Thanks, Kristi
07/02/2014 Enterprise 06/12/2014 JEFF B. 09AC Always shop local dealerships instead of airport for best pricing!
07/02/2014 Thrifty 06/28/2014 ADAM S. IAD the agent was outstanding, professional and courteous. Please pass my appreciation Thank you
07/02/2014 Enterprise 06/26/2014 YVENS B. 10K4 I had a great experience booking from CarRentals and I will use this site more often for future traveling plan. Enterprise has always been a customer friendly company and it could not have been more true dealing with them.
07/02/2014 Enterprise 01/09/2014 JON W. BNA has been outstanding for me. It is always my first choice for my car rental needs. Thank you!!
07/01/2014 Payless 06/13/2014 GAIL R. SAN This was a great experiencing renting through I received a competitive rate on the rental and the vehicle we rented was a new 2015 model with 950 miles on it! I am seriously considering purchasing this car make/model for our family in the near future. Thanks!
07/01/2014 Alamo 04/28/2014 LAVONIA D. TPA Everything was up to my expectation. I will rent from Alamo and again where ever I travel and will recommend the service to my friends and contacts. Thank you and keep up the great service.
07/01/2014 Enterprise 06/19/2014 EDWARD K. EWR Great customer service!!!
07/01/2014 Dollar 06/27/2014 DANJUMA D. ONT Great deals! Please, keep it up!
07/01/2014 Firefly 05/12/2014 SARAH P. FLL Great Service
07/01/2014 Dollar 05/11/2014 MICHAEL R. CMH
07/01/2014 Budget 06/21/2014 SHELLY T. MGM Thank you! Everything was great!
07/01/2014 Budget 06/14/2014 DENISE L. MBS Totally awesome staff and great experience since it was my first time ever renting a car. They made it so easy!!!
07/01/2014 Alamo 06/22/2014 JUAN I. YMQC71 Excellent first business with Alamo!
07/01/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 04/06/2014 BRENT F. LAS E-Z is an understatement. I will choose this company again the next time I am in Las Vegas. Great experience.
07/01/2014 Alamo 06/08/2014 CHERIE D. BWI The car was excellent and the gas mileage was even better than expected! Great experience overall!!
07/01/2014 Budget 06/11/2014 STEPHANY B. ILG Great service, love your cars
07/01/2014 Alamo 06/03/2014 MAI P. SJC Thanks for good services.
07/01/2014 Enterprise 06/11/2014 LARRY F. PHL Enterprise was one of the best rental car experiences we have had. We will use them in the future.
07/01/2014 Budget 05/01/2014 AMANDA I. MW5 I always recommend Car Rentals to my friends and they have not been disappointed.
07/01/2014 Fox 06/27/2014 JOYCE H. YMM I got a free upgrade to a very nice car. Service was personable and friendly.
07/01/2014 Enterprise 06/15/2014 TRAVIS S. 4609 Friendly and professional customer service, thanks for making it a pleasurable experience!
07/01/2014 Fox 04/12/2014 VLADIMIR O. TPA great service
07/01/2014 Hertz 06/26/2014 NABILA R. AUH Great rate. Car was better than my expectations.
07/01/2014 Enterprise 06/22/2014 RULA T. 3902 Everything was awesome, I realy appreciate everything and I will give enterprise 5 star
06/30/2014 Enterprise 05/27/2014 LINDA B. OGG was an excellent source. I believe I saved around $400.00 from quote on other sites.
06/30/2014 Alamo 06/21/2014 PETE K. CLE Great rates - great experience
06/30/2014 Fox 06/09/2014 TROY H. TPA Overall good and economical experience, thanks!
06/30/2014 Alamo 06/18/2014 KATHLEEN B. RDU What an excellent experience! Will definitely use to get the best deals in the future. I saved so much money and it was so convenient. Thanks again!
06/30/2014 Enterprise 06/19/2014 DONALD C. 4661 Exceeded expectations.....Thank you
06/30/2014 Enterprise 06/05/2014 JOANN M. GPT Great experience....Thank you
06/29/2014 Thrifty 05/21/2014 CLYDE K. FCA Really, I was blown away how great an experience this was. My expectations was much lower, but was very surprised when I got a brand new full sized car. I will always use your services from now on. It was truly the best part of my trip, thank you so much.
06/29/2014 Enterprise 06/23/2014 KAREN M. 4904 Using CarRentals was terrific and really saved us money, which was appreciated! The Enterprise company was surprisingly very close to where I live, so that was a plus. Also the employee who helped us was named Alice and she was smart, efficient and very accommodating. she worked to help us get the best! thank you
06/29/2014 Enterprise 04/22/2014 AMY N. CMH Our rate was the best I could find anywhere! Thank you for helping me find this. The van was exceptional Overall an excellent experience.
06/29/2014 Enterprise 06/24/2014 JONAH W. 4831 Super friendly and accommodating staff.
06/29/2014 Advantage 04/27/2014 JESSICA V. MCO What a wonderful service from beginning to end. Especially from the driver who picked us up from the airport. He was so friendly and pleasant. A great way to the start of our vacation!
06/29/2014 Alamo 06/11/2014 TIMOTHY C. PNS Excellent handling of the rental process.
06/29/2014 Thrifty 06/23/2014 DEBRA M. ATL Very pleased with the quick and easy service you provided. Awesome! Thanks.
06/29/2014 Budget 06/17/2014 VINCENT F. NC5 Best thing we ever did when traveling one way- much cheaper then train travel or the hassle of buses
06/28/2014 Payless 06/05/2014 HOWARD B. PHX Great value for the money. Very pleased.
06/28/2014 Firefly 04/15/2014 ALFONSO C. LAS Great deal for the vehicle rented!
06/28/2014 Alamo 04/22/2014 JEFFREY S. HNL Thanks to your company, I received an unbelievable rate on my rental car. I am recommending to all of my friends that they use your website the next time they need to rent a car.
06/28/2014 Fox 06/17/2014 BRIAN B. SFO Another great rental, thanks.
06/28/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/11/2014 KIM L. LAS great price! great service! We will definitely rent from EZ and again!!!!!
06/27/2014 Avis 06/18/2014 LANA O. K2L I'm hooked... Avis is the ONLY rental car service I will use going fwd. Awesome Staff. Thank you.
06/27/2014 Fox 04/23/2014 VANESSA C. SJD We visit Cabo every year and LOVE working with the Fox rental car service! Will definitely recommend them to anyone who travels to Cabo.
06/27/2014 Alamo 04/25/2014 ROSEMARIE G. TPA Great price! We even received an upgrade . Your site is an AWESOME value.
06/27/2014 Enterprise 06/22/2014 CINTYA B. 10P3 Awesome customer service! We would not go anywhere else.