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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
05/10/2014 Thrifty 05/05/2014 THECIA R. TUS Great experience. It was simple, easy, and speedy service.
05/10/2014 Advantage 05/01/2014 JOANNA T. SFO Loved the customer service I received! Thank you!
05/10/2014 Enterprise 04/26/2014 TERRY S. 3921 The vehicle was exactly what I needed and wanted. The staff was the best they could be. Fast, very friendly and knowledgeable. I plan to recommend the Mentor office to friends and family and will plan future rentals with Enterprise.
05/09/2014 Enterprise 05/06/2014 JAMES L. 15N2 Best all-around car rental I've had in years!
05/09/2014 Dollar 04/24/2014 JAMES D. DAB gives great service and the best rates!
05/08/2014 National 03/02/2014 WENDY F L. BCTC01 Thank you. Great rate and great rental.
05/08/2014 Enterprise 05/02/2014 FELIX G. BUR The process of renting the car was very convenient.Thank you for your great service.
05/08/2014 Hertz 04/16/2014 KAREN S. CLTN20 We have rented through for a few years now and that's the only way to go! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be able to rent cars at a cheaper price with no problems whatsoever!
05/08/2014 Firefly 04/24/2014 ROBERT D. LAS I have used in the past and I will continue to use them.
05/07/2014 Budget 05/03/2014 CHRISTOPHER S. VS9 Excellent service through
05/07/2014 Firefly 05/03/2014 EUGENE V. ORD I love you often and have yet to be disappointed, many thank yous for a job well're keeping the value in the value of shopping...
05/06/2014 Hertz 03/10/2014 EDWARD C. HVNN01 Great experience. Will definitely use again!
05/06/2014 Advantage 04/25/2014 MICHAEL K. ORD Great car. Great rental agency. Great service. will now become my first choice for booking a rental car.
05/05/2014 Fox 04/24/2014 MICHAEL S. MCO I was extremely satisfied with Fox. I received an upgrade and my car was brand new. I will definitely recommend Fox to all readers of my reviews on Trip Advisor. Thank you.
05/05/2014 Alamo 04/28/2014 JOHN V. TPA Can't say enough about the "value" I received.
05/05/2014 Enterprise 04/07/2014 JAMES S. KOA Rate was as quoted. Service was great. Prompt, efficient and friendly. Car was new with only 3500 miles. Will definitely use your service again. Thanks also for the rate updates, which allowed me to rebook at a lower than quoted previous price.
05/05/2014 Enterprise 04/06/2014 GREG S. PSP Great service - have recommended CarRentals to everyone I talk to.
05/05/2014 Thrifty 04/23/2014 DAN D. AVL Great price & prompt service. Would definitely recommend.
05/05/2014 Budget 04/04/2014 ALAN G. LAX (and Budget) both provided great value and service. I was also pleased to be able to purchase collision insurance through - a savings over the cost at budget. Thank you.
05/05/2014 Enterprise 04/28/2014 MARLENE M. IAD I can't tell you enough how pleased, impressed and happy I was with the staff at the Enterprise station at the Washington-Dulles Airport. They were so accommodating and friendly from the time the bus driver picked us up until after we returned the car. I don't know where these people came from but you can tell them from me how wonderful they were and I thank them very much. I honestly do not remember when we have been treated so well at any car company. I can expand if you want me too.
05/05/2014 Firefly 04/19/2014 COLLEEN B. RSW Firefly was amazing. From start to finish, the service was A1. They will be my number 1 choice in future when looking for car rental
05/05/2014 Enterprise 02/10/2014 JOE R. DRO The Enterprise staff team was very friendly, professional and helpful.
05/05/2014 Advantage 04/24/2014 JEANNE F. PBI I liked the experience so much, I've already booked my next rental with Advantage.
05/04/2014 Budget 04/17/2014 LOUIS F. YVR you do a great job in getting me good value for car rentals:)
05/04/2014 Alamo 05/01/2014 CHRISTOPHER W. ATL Love the fact that you can choose your own car because I could choose the ones with satellite radio.
05/04/2014 Advantage 04/26/2014 JOHN C. DCA Great service and saved me money!
05/04/2014 Dollar 03/16/2014 MURRAY A. AMS Great car... huge compliments from those riding in the back seat!
05/04/2014 Enterprise 04/27/2014 KEITH E. 5010 I myself work in the service industry and can say that the branch manager Corey Henley at 1638 S. 7th st. is the definition of great customer service. He took care of our every need as we were visiting from St.Louis. His customer service would bring me back to visit Phoenix again
05/04/2014 Alamo 04/03/2014 TERESA S. MDW Great experience all around! Great car! C L E A N! Easy online reservation! :)
05/04/2014 Fox 02/20/2014 RANDY C. LAS Fast, easy and polite service.
05/04/2014 Enterprise 04/30/2014 BRUNA F. 3213 Great people and great car!
05/04/2014 ACE 04/02/2014 SHARON R. IND Great experience! Both of our shuttle drivers were exceptionally wonderful! I hope you can look up their names from our records and give them the recognition they deserve! Thank you, see you next time!
05/03/2014 ACE 04/21/2014 MARY CATHERINE C. TPA I found the Ace staff at pick up and return far superior to others I have dealt with.
05/03/2014 Fox 04/27/2014 ISAAC P. LAS No problems. Good bargain. Would use again.
05/03/2014 Enterprise 04/21/2014 KENNETH K. DAL Great Experience...Great Staff... Great Car
05/03/2014 Fox 04/20/2014 ROBERT W. MCO The car we rented was absolutely beautiful! I greatly enjoyed the rental. It was a great experience altogether.
05/03/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 04/26/2014 SVEN L. TPA I can't say enough about the staff this at this place. Both check-in and checkout was simple and painless. The people were extremely polite and helpful. Highly recommend.
05/03/2014 Payless 02/08/2014 JACQUES F. FLL Service très courtois et avec le sourire.
05/03/2014 Dollar 05/01/2014 Miles C. RIC Excellent Experience! Very easy! Thank You
05/02/2014 Payless 04/07/2014 STEPHEN S. SEA Great experience!
05/02/2014 Enterprise 04/21/2014 MICHAEL H. OGG Love!
05/01/2014 Fox 04/12/2014 SUSAN P. SNA is my first choice when looking for rentals. I am very pleased with the service they provide.
05/01/2014 Dollar 04/25/2014 KEVIN J. DAY Yes I've used for years and it's the best. Certainly keep up the great work!
05/01/2014 Hertz 04/28/2014 CHARLES F. HKYC23 This was my first experience using and I was very pleased with the experience. I received a great rate, the vehicle was perfect, and I would recommend your website to others.
04/30/2014 Enterprise 04/08/2014 JESSICA F. PBI I only rent cars through
04/30/2014 Fox 04/17/2014 CHARLENE H. LAX - you are the bomb!
04/30/2014 Advantage 04/25/2014 JANEEN V. OGG I love I rent from you all the time. Fast, easy and convenient.
04/30/2014 Enterprise 04/19/2014 RICHARD M. 621W This was my first time using this service, but it won't be the last. Everything was great!
04/30/2014 Enterprise 04/25/2014 JEREME P. 4676 Thank you again for the smooth easy process!
04/30/2014 Enterprise 02/20/2014 JON R. PHL Awesome. has been good to me!
04/30/2014 Enterprise 04/25/2014 WALTER H. 0622 Thank you for a great and easy way to rent a car. This was a last minute rental, and I still got a great rate!
04/29/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 03/20/2014 Jhon A. FLL Good service and I'll use Sixt Rent a Car every trip to FL!
04/29/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 02/10/2014 ISMAEL A. 3271 Best service I ever got. No hassles or pushiness and the staff in Miami was very calm and accommodating even though they were extremely busy. Returning the car was a breeze.
04/29/2014 Enterprise 04/27/2014 JULIE P. 4506 Best car rental experience I've ever had.
04/29/2014 Alamo 04/25/2014 NICOLE D. YWG I am so impressed with the level and quality of service that I received! The guy at the front desk was so kind, offered me a complimentary upgrade and was friendly and helpful! On returning the car, the guy there was also so kind, courteous and friendly even offering to throw my garbage away for me! Such a great experience! I can't wait to rent from Alamo again! is awesome as it is so quick and easy to find rental cars and they are always affordable or better!! Thanks to both companies!
04/29/2014 Airport Van Rental 03/06/2014 TRISHA M. SNA It was important to be precise about pick up and delivery times with AVR because they are not open 24-7, but with the correct times, they were able to accommodate my needs perfectly. They called to confirm the day before so there wasn't any confusion. Great experience overall.
04/29/2014 Enterprise 12/09/2013 ALAN D. DSM I was pleased with my experience renting through Car Rentals on this occasion. Everything went well from the pickup through turn in of the vehicle.The vehicle I got was just the right size for my needs. The price per day was well below what I saw on my search from other car rental agencies. I was completely satisfied.
04/29/2014 Alamo 03/17/2014 MICHAEL T. BRU The car was excellent. The cost for 3 days seemed very fair. I would do this again. All connections and schedules worked well.
04/29/2014 Firefly 04/21/2014 DIANA T. LAX The vehicle I rented was fuel efficient and I was thrilled with the reliability. Your staff was great and gave me explanation on all options available to me. What was also great is the quick turn around. I did not have to wait long to return the vehicle, giving me plenty of time to get to the airport and make my flight. Thank you.
04/29/2014 Enterprise 04/23/2014 BRIAN M. BWI is fast, easy and efficient. i always tell other people how much better it is to use - there is no need to look on the rental agency sites anymore, i only use this site. the staff at Enterprise were great!!!! will go back again and again
04/29/2014 Dollar 04/16/2014 BRIAN L. SLC Excellent service from both, and your car rental vendor. Keep up the great work!
04/28/2014 NU Car Rentals 04/20/2014 ALBERT B. LAX great experience...when I looked online, the rate was so much lower than any other that I was almost afraid to book it, but it was exactly what it claimed...easy, not crowded, great car, good staff...thank you!!
04/28/2014 Dollar 04/18/2014 DEBBIE L. MCO saved my family $100+ on our weekly rental. My co-worker introduced me, and I will be a frequent customer.
04/28/2014 Alamo 04/03/2014 JENNY V. MIAR71 Great price for the service at Would most def. do business again with this company!
04/28/2014 Enterprise 04/23/2014 MICHAEL G. 10M3 Gregory was AMAZING! Class-act! Car was AMAZING!!! Certainly will tell my friends and family! What a deal!!!
04/28/2014 Alamo 04/26/2014 MARY C. MCO I love Almost always awesome rates! and great cars!
04/28/2014 Firefly 03/27/2014 JEAN D. FLL I would like to have a good deal like that every time.
04/28/2014 Advantage 08/22/2013 GREGORY M. MCO I hate taking surveys but was compelled this time due to the outstanding (and speedy) service! Thank you very much for a smooth transaction.
04/28/2014 Payless 04/11/2014 ANTONIO E. SJU We had a great experience during this trip, specially with the rental car......service, price, attention, etc. was great at Payless Car Rental.
04/28/2014 Fox 04/14/2014 DALE M. SFO I was nervous to go with a small company. Only one guy working the counter was VERY slow with the first couple (they must have had a unique situation), but much faster with the next 3. My annoyance at waiting vanished when I got upgraded to a Camaro for free. Also easily extended my rental by phone. Good experience.
04/27/2014 Advantage 04/21/2014 CHARLES C. LAX Best price ever. Staff was friendly and quick checkout service.
04/27/2014 Alamo 04/12/2014 CODY H. AZA Best car rental experience I have ever had.
04/27/2014 Enterprise 04/15/2014 JEFFREY D. IAH Enterprise at IAH is the best!! Have rented from them several times. gave me a very good price.
04/27/2014 Enterprise 03/29/2014 LEONARD M. OMA The staff was terrific, both at pick-up and drop-off.
04/27/2014 Avis 04/16/2014 KATHY P. PW1 The mini van was new, clean and filled with gas.
04/27/2014 ACE 03/30/2014 GEORGE D. ORD The ACE rental car staff at O'Hare are outstanding and more than that, the reasonable quote was honored. Something that never seems to happen at other rental car companies. All staff were friendly, helpful, quick and efficient. All the shuttle bus drivers rushed to grab the bags and load/unload the shuttle bus. (I had 6 bags with most weighing between 50 and 65 lbs, and they did this with a smile!) This is the second time I rented from ACE O"Hare, and both times no other car rental company can compare to their service and prices!
04/27/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 01/28/2014 MELANIE G. PHX This was the most hassle free friendly service I have experienced when renting a car! Also the wait was non-existent and drop off was the same!!
04/27/2014 Enterprise 04/18/2014 TIM M. 4626 What a great experience! Both and Enterprise get a solid A+ with me! I will use both in the future!
04/27/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 04/10/2014 ABDEL M. DFW I was so happy and satisfied with E-Z Rent-A-Car personnel of their professionalism and handling of customers.
04/27/2014 Dollar 04/24/2014 WILLIAM F. LAX It's amazing how busy the LAX Dollar rent a car facility is and how courteous and efficient my counter person was. Thank You, Ravi.
04/27/2014 Firefly 04/06/2014 MICHAEL P. SAN very easy process from reserving online to pick-up/drop-off; no waiting in line at all at pick-up and drop-off; returned the car 1 day early with no problem!
04/26/2014 Enterprise 04/16/2014 ROMERICO D. HNL Wow, best rental experience ever in Honolulu, I'm used to the hour wait in line, Enterprise has streamlined the whole process to about a tenth of that!
04/26/2014 Alamo 03/28/2014 JOHN T. JFK While it was a trek to actually get to the Alamo site at JFK, the staff were so nice. The woman who drove the shuttle was great and we ended up in an upgraded car which was a pleasant surprise. They also gave us some cold bottles of water, which hit the spot after our long trip. Thanks!
04/26/2014 Enterprise 04/13/2014 BEVERLEY D. 4031 I had the best customer service from your Pittsburgh, PA team that I have had in many years with any rental car company. This team was superb and even called me a few days later to see how I liked the car. WOW! Impressive. I will always call on your first for my rental car needs. TU for bringing customer service back into business. By the way, your rental prices were the best, and my rental car was spotless and a great driving car. Bev D
04/26/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 04/17/2014 WILLIAM P. LAS This was our first time to rent from you and we totally enjoyed it. The car was great and the people were very very nice.
04/26/2014 Advantage 04/15/2014 TROY A. DEN Overall was an excellent experience. Very smooth and efficient. Would definitely book again through both companies.
04/26/2014 Enterprise 04/08/2014 NORMA E. 3011 All Enterprise associates were very friendly & helpful. was a great place to get my reservation & I will come back next time I need a car rental.
04/26/2014 ACE 03/19/2014 LAURIE B. FLL Great experience- would use this again! Thank you!
04/26/2014 Payless 03/29/2014 KATHLEEN D. MCO the best rate and very convenient for an off site rental. very satisfied.
04/25/2014 Advantage 04/17/2014 SCOTT C. PHX You guys are the bomb. Your pop-up add behind my web reservation saved me $100 on a three day rental! Thanks
04/25/2014 Alamo 02/16/2014 FAITH B. DFW easiest pick-up and drop-off experience ever. Perfect!
04/25/2014 Advantage 04/21/2014 DANE B. CLT Excellent service from a friendly, competent staff, and a great vehicle. We were very impressed with Advantage's rates and will use them again.
04/25/2014 Dollar 04/01/2014 RONAN K. NCE Great value. Great service. Have already booked again!
04/24/2014 Enterprise 04/07/2014 YOUSSEF F. 53J7 Everything was great, thank you!
04/24/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 04/07/2014 CARMELA E. LAX Everyone was very nice and I was quite satisfied with EZ rental car. I will rent again from you. Jose who checked my car back in was exceptionally nice. Thank you!
04/24/2014 ACE 04/16/2014 VALENYA C. MSP The staff was excellent. Everyone was very friendly and took really good care of my family and me. Excellent Customer Service.
04/24/2014 Enterprise 03/06/2014 FREDDY P. HOU I love the price I received for the car rental. The car was new and very nice. I would definitely rent from in the future.
04/24/2014 Avis 04/08/2014 FRANK D. SFB Best deals on the net!
04/24/2014 Enterprise 04/03/2014 CYNTHIA T. PWM Great car, comfortable and great on fuel!