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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
07/21/2014 Enterprise 05/12/2014 THOMAS M. BOI Have used your company numerous times over the years and will continue to in the future! Keep up the good work!!!
07/21/2014 Advantage 07/10/2014 BROOKE S. PHX Best price, easy pick-up and drop-off, knowledgeable staff.
07/21/2014 Enterprise 06/25/2014 BARRY D. ISP Thank You for saving me money
07/20/2014 Hertz 01/31/2014 BRIAN C. MLA I have rented cars from several times and I must say that I have always been served well.
07/20/2014 Avis 07/01/2014 ADRIENNE P. W6V excellent experience overall!
07/20/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 05/29/2014 CHARLES S. MCO Enjoyed my first experience dealing with, and believe that I saved quite a lot of money in doing so.
07/20/2014 Payless 07/13/2014 FRED R. PHL Great service!
07/19/2014 Alamo 07/15/2014 RICKY B. CRW Have used several times has always treated me great and never had a problem.
07/19/2014 Thrifty 07/09/2014 CHRISTINE R. MYR This was my first time renting a vehicle and it went perfectly!
07/19/2014 Alamo 05/17/2014 MARY ANN M. HPN Thank you, it was very good.
07/19/2014 Advantage 06/28/2014 WILLIE M. CLT Outstanding service and value! Thank you so very much!
07/19/2014 Enterprise 05/07/2014 ELSIE M. 42H5 Good car good deal
07/19/2014 Fox 06/13/2014 IBELISSES J. MCO Outstanding process, service, and attendance. You will definitely be seeing me again. Thank you for helping me have a pleasant vacation.
07/18/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 07/07/2014 JIANG D. ZRH Good offer, good deal.
07/18/2014 Enterprise 07/08/2014 JEANNE H. 1917 All was stupendous, loved the car.
07/18/2014 NU Car Rentals 07/07/2014 PAULETTE O. LAX great experience!!
07/18/2014 Alamo 07/12/2014 Marykate N. MSP I love your app and tell everyone to use it.
07/18/2014 Fox 07/04/2014 YOUNG W. LAX Good price and nice car
07/18/2014 Payless 07/11/2014 KEVIN M. SAT GOOD SERVICE AND RATES
07/17/2014 Alamo 06/23/2014 GIUSEPPE D. YUL Excellent and reliable service. I will definitely use Alamo and again! Thank you!
07/17/2014 Alamo 06/18/2014 MARCIA S. LIT Very, very outstanding customer service and vehicle rental. Will use again and refer.
07/17/2014 Midway Car Rental 06/10/2014 GURINDER G. LAX Midway staff was outstanding. 7 stars for them
07/17/2014 ACE 06/24/2014 JOHN L. PBI Everyone at Ace Rentals was very helpful and friendly, and I would definitely rent from them again. We were even given a free upgrade.
07/17/2014 Dollar 06/15/2014 KATHERINE B. DAY I love the discounts that I can get on
07/17/2014 Budget 07/13/2014 SAM S. PB3 Excellent service and experience,
07/17/2014 Alamo 06/28/2014 JOYCE J. CLT My first time using CarRentals will be spreading the word about my AWESOME!!!!!! experience
07/17/2014 Enterprise 06/11/2014 DROPATTIE H. ORD Best car rental experience I have ever had. Everyone was very courteous and very helpful with putting my bags in the car and taking them to the shuttle upon my return. I rented a mini van and there were so many to choose from. Definitely renting from Enterprise again in the future.
07/17/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 05/31/2014 CECIL L. MCO I liked the fact that I did not have to go off site to pick up the vehicle. I was completely satisfied with the rental experience. Thank you.
07/17/2014 Enterprise 07/11/2014 TERRENCE M. 1277 My experience with Enterprise and the was First Class. I have added them to my Favorites. Thank you. TJM
07/16/2014 Thrifty 06/09/2014 BOBBY L. FCA We had a great experience.
07/16/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 07/02/2014 LEE C. DEN Excellent first time experience. Great value for the money spent. Thank You
07/16/2014 ACE 06/09/2014 MONIQUE R. JAX This was the best experience I have had renting a car to date. When I first saw the deal and the price I honestly thought it was TOO good to be true. Either I'd get to the counter and they add extra fees, or I'd be driving a car kept together with duct tape, but neither happened. The staff was awesome, my car was great and the price was unbeatable. I will be sure to always check first for all of my trips. Thanks for your great service!
07/16/2014 Dollar 06/19/2014 KIMBERLY H. JAX I have to say that the booking process with was great!
07/15/2014 Enterprise 06/27/2014 BRADLEY S. 1403 Excellent experience in every way!
07/15/2014 Alamo 06/25/2014 GERALD B. SAN I can only say good things about my experiences with so far!!!! Thanks !!!!
07/15/2014 Avis 06/30/2014 THOMAS B. TO5 everything was excellent. great value
07/15/2014 ACE 06/27/2014 PAMELA T. PHFC01 Excellent customer service.
07/14/2014 Fox 07/08/2014 ANDY N. SAN First time using Fox rental and was very satisfied. Will use again and will recommend Fox Rental to friends.
07/14/2014 Enterprise 06/12/2014 JULIE W. ATL Very happy with the whole experience. Very friendly staff at the Atlanta airport. It was nice to see smiling friendly faces. I couldn't decide which car I wanted to use and the rep was very patient and helpful. it worked out great!
07/14/2014 Thrifty 06/02/2014 ARLEEN G. PHX Great rate and great service at Thrifty
07/14/2014 Enterprise 07/09/2014 ANDREW P. 1028 Excellent experience overall. Enterprise was very professional and didn't try to push any of the extras. Will definitely use and Enterprise again.
07/14/2014 Enterprise 06/05/2014 GEORGE S. 0801 Great service as always
07/14/2014 Alamo 06/16/2014 DOROTHY F. RNO Thank you, it was an overall great experience.
07/14/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 06/30/2014 AVIVA S. ATL this was a great first experience. do you have a loyal customer program? :-) i really enjoyed the experience. aviva s
07/14/2014 Firefly 06/08/2014 MARY G. MCI I was extremely pleased with Firefly and the staffperson at the rental counter. What was most satisfactory was the simplicity of the process.
07/14/2014 NU Car Rentals 07/06/2014 STEPHANIE L. MCO They were fantastic!!
07/14/2014 Fox 02/11/2014 KIRBY J. DEN GREAT VALUE FOR BOTH fOX AND CARRENTALS.COM. It's the only place I rent cars now.Very satisfied customer!
07/14/2014 Avis 07/11/2014 ALEKS L. N1J All worked well for reservation, we just had a change in travel plans. Thanks for allowing that flexibility.
07/14/2014 Advantage 06/30/2014 ALICIA B. SAT Great service!! My flight was late arriving in San Antonio called Advantage to let them know of my late arrival they told me No Worries and service was quick and fast!! Great Job Advantage!! :-) Satisified Customer.
07/13/2014 Fox 07/02/2014 MARI R. SFO Wonderful service, wonderful staff, wonderful experience!
07/13/2014 Enterprise 06/30/2014 JOSEPH M. 2904 We were very satisfied. If we need a car again we know where to go.
07/13/2014 Enterprise 06/24/2014 ALVIN W. GEG Car, price and personnel were excellent. We have never been disappointed by Enterprise or
07/13/2014 Advantage 06/17/2014 NATALIE M. MCO Great experience..... Very pleased- thank you
07/13/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/30/2014 CHRISTOPHER P. LAS EZ CAR RENTAL was very friendly and a good value- easy to deal with. I am a happy satisfied customer.
07/13/2014 Budget 06/25/2014 RICHARD R. TPA The ladies at Budget in Midway Airport were EXCELLENT!!!
07/13/2014 Alamo 06/21/2014 MATTHEW F. MCI Overall good value and rocks!
07/13/2014 Hertz 06/18/2014 JOHN W. MCO I have rented from Hertz 3 times this year through and have been very pleased.
07/12/2014 Advantage 06/02/2014 JOHN L. PHX Excellent vehicle. Excellent service. Excellent value. The only negative is that the turn by turn navigation system with OnStar) was almost impossible to use effectively. The OnStar rep helped but the voice activated system did not work properly. It was completely worthless. A complete waste of time.
07/12/2014 Alamo 05/07/2014 DEBORAH F. PBI Service was excellent and rate was reasonable.
07/12/2014 Fox 06/23/2014 BETTY A. LAS Thank You carRental and Fox rental for a great experience !!!!
07/12/2014 Hertz 03/27/2014 JAMES N. DEN Excellent customer service all around. Impressed
07/12/2014 Dollar 06/29/2014 JOE P. SEA Good service, got exactly what i needed, was easy pick-up at airport and quick, easy return. Great service, will use their service again. Joe
07/12/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/12/2014 CAMILLE H. LAS Rental facility had the shortest lines and fastest service. They had a lot of employees working at the time so check-in went fast and smooth. Very impressed.
07/12/2014 Enterprise 06/18/2014 THERESA F. 2906 I have been using for years.
07/11/2014 Enterprise 06/21/2014 TIMOTHY K. 1541 Best rental experience ever
07/11/2014 Alamo 06/18/2014 SAMUEL C. BOS is a great email site, very pleased.
07/11/2014 Alamo 07/01/2014 CEABON J. ATL Was my very first time using your service and I will be using again if for nothing other than giving my personal vehicle a break. Btw I must admit I was a skeptic about these go between companies,but now I am a believer.
07/11/2014 Enterprise 06/12/2014 STEVE W. CLE Excellent all in one price comparison and rental site that I use for all of my driving travel plans.. Keep up the good work.
07/10/2014 Budget 07/04/2014 KRISTIN A. TPA The rate was excellent!!!! I only wish I could find a rate as good returning to my home!
07/10/2014 Dollar 06/22/2014 MICHAEL T. DEN I searched high and low for a week and got a superior rate from Dollar. Very happy. Thanks for a good experience.
07/10/2014 Alamo 06/10/2014 LAURA J. SFB My experience with both and Alamo far exceeded my expectations. Would definitely use both in the future. Thank you!
07/10/2014 Dollar 06/21/2014 IRENE P. PNS I have rented from you before and my experience was wonderful then and it was wonderful again. I plan to rent again within the next few months and I will definitely rent from Dollar again. Thank you for my great vacation.
07/10/2014 Alamo 02/26/2014 CYNTHIA K. ANC Employee waited until after close (2:30am) for our arrival and met us at the car...also upgraded our vehicle. Return was issues...thanks for the great service.
07/10/2014 Dollar 03/18/2014 WILLIAM B. SEA Perfect experience. No problems at all. Thanks!
07/09/2014 Payless 06/29/2014 ANDREW M. OAK CarRentals. Com is the only site I will ever continue to rent my cars through.
07/09/2014 ACE 06/09/2014 JAMES G. JAX My experience was flawless. I will definitely rent from Ace again and tell my friends and family about it.
07/09/2014 Alamo 06/24/2014 EUGENE S. SNA I LOVE ALAMO AT SNA AIRPORT! They are always so efficient and friendly. The cars always clean and sometimes upgraded.
07/09/2014 ACE 06/15/2014 SAMMIE Y. LAS ACE was a no hassle experience, and I plan on renting from them whenever I have several passengers again.
07/09/2014 Alamo 05/21/2014 MICHELLE S. OGG Highly satisfied!👍
07/09/2014 Enterprise 06/18/2014 LUIS A C. SJU Todo bien y el personal muy amable
07/09/2014 Alamo 06/26/2014 MARTIN B. ONT Great service and price. I would rent from Alamo again. Thank you.
07/09/2014 Enterprise 03/19/2014 DARBY R. 1509 really great and professional staff at the rental location.
07/09/2014 Enterprise 06/30/2014 WENDY N. 2322 FANTASTIC PRICES!!!!
07/09/2014 Enterprise 06/24/2014 ERIC D. 3818 They are awesome! Will use again!
07/09/2014 Fox 06/19/2014 LISA F. CUR Excellent customer service, no issues, would definitely rent from Fox again.
07/09/2014 Budget 06/30/2014 ANGELA F. FW3 by far had the best prices and I looked at many websites throughout the week and no one compared.
07/08/2014 Airport Van Rental 06/24/2014 JAMES K. SAN Great customer service. good value. Perfect car for my family trip I'll do more business with you guys Thank you for everything. Kim
07/08/2014 Thrifty 06/30/2014 ROBERT S. WFD Great Price and the location takes returns on Sunday which is great for a non airport location. They gave me a great car and I enjoyed everything about the rental.
07/08/2014 Alamo 06/06/2014 FRANCIS S. ABE Excellent service.I am now a loyal customer!!!!!
07/08/2014 Budget 07/03/2014 PETER G. CMH I changed my plan slightly, booked another rental through and cancelled this one. Very easy and entirely hassle-free. Thanks!
07/08/2014 Enterprise 06/27/2014 JULIE C. SLC Our experience with Enterprise SLC was so good, I will rank them first in every search from now on.
07/08/2014 Budget 07/04/2014 PETER G. CMH Very easy to use. I'll be back and even recommend to friends. Thanks.
07/08/2014 Enterprise 04/04/2014 HOWARD E. ORY The exact vehicle that we had requested was not available and they provided us a much superior vehicle at the same price. The service was friendly, prompt, and very helpful.
07/08/2014 Routes Car Rentals 12/14/2013 CHRISTOPHER J. YYC The whole experience was smooth and professional. Thank you!
07/08/2014 Enterprise 07/03/2014 REBECCA M. BLI The whole experience was smooth and professional.
07/08/2014 Alamo 06/18/2014 KRISTI N. OGG Every single thing about this rental experience was top notch! Certainly made me an Alamo fan! Plus, I have used several times now and each experience has been a very satisfactory one.
07/08/2014 Dollar 06/05/2014 AARON D. BNA Love knowing before I go on a trip what the costs are and the "No Hidden Fees"
07/08/2014 Fox 06/28/2014 Ellis D. MIA The Fox Team understands and delivers quality!
07/08/2014 Firefly 06/25/2014 JEFFEREY P. SAN great experience, car was ready, staff great- price was unbeatable will book again
07/07/2014 Alamo 04/28/2014 ROBERT Z. SAN Seamless experience- no problems at all!