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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
05/16/2014 Budget 04/29/2014 P KELLY C. PSP Great overall experience, nice, quick, friendly and easy! Thanks!
05/16/2014 Payless 05/11/2014 TRACEY M. ORD great experience, excellent attention and friendliness by everyone, speedy transfers were really important and you came through with flying colours
05/16/2014 Fox 05/11/2014 ROBYN B. SEA Very easy and pleasant experience! Thank you
05/15/2014 Enterprise 05/06/2014 TAVARES S. 09PW Awesome deal!
05/15/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 04/26/2014 ERIC B. MCO Thanks - even the lady who checked us in was surprised at the rate we got. Will definitely book through you again!
05/15/2014 Enterprise 04/29/2014 GARY L. 0805 is the best!
05/15/2014 Budget 03/10/2014 EDO K. TLV Great experience. Thank You!
05/15/2014 Fox 04/27/2014 LEANN C. PHX I have used twice now and both times have been very satisfied.
05/15/2014 Alamo 05/08/2014 ROBERTO R. OAK I really like - great value from quality companies.
05/15/2014 Firefly 03/10/2014 MARK H. RSW I couldn't believe the great rate I got!
05/14/2014 Fox 04/21/2014 DONALD L. DEN Wish All My Rental Experiences Were As Good As This Rental Was !
05/14/2014 Avis 04/22/2014 HJAMES M. B7F Great Experience! I absolutely love your website and will always use it to rent vehicles!
05/14/2014 Alamo 04/03/2014 PAUL L. PBI I've used mobile app a number of times now and have had all excellent experiences. I will definitely use again.
05/14/2014 Enterprise 05/07/2014 PRENTICE D. 32V2 Just a great experience at a great price.
05/14/2014 Thrifty 05/01/2014 JULIE W. CLE I have used this site numerous times and have shared this information and my experiences with friends highly recommending this site to them!
05/14/2014 Enterprise 05/01/2014 SEGIS B. 32K6 website is great! Glad to know of it!
05/13/2014 Firefly 05/08/2014 WHITNEY M. HNL Totally would rent from firefly and again. I really like being able to book a car with the option to cancel it without paying a fee.
05/13/2014 Enterprise 04/28/2014 SUSAN G. MCO Very impressed with the counter staff and the staff on the lot. I would recommend to friends
05/13/2014 National 04/20/2014 BENNETT R. DEN The whole experience was awesome. I will continue to rent from National!
05/13/2014 Fox 04/28/2014 DONALD W. OAK Great experience! My new Toyota Camry had only 304 miles - still had the "new car" smell!!
05/13/2014 Enterprise 05/01/2014 CORLISS R. SFB Meliah was most helpful in showing me how the GPS works and how I have to shift the brake to even start the car among other instructions and information. She was very patient and kind and courteous. I had never been to the Sanford/Orlando area but felt right at home with her treating me like family in a most professional manner.
05/13/2014 Thrifty 04/28/2014 CHRIS B. LIH Made the rental experience painless and easy and got a great rate! Will rent from again.
05/13/2014 Thrifty 05/06/2014 PAMELA B. TUS Thrifty is my FAVORITE rental option as is ! thanks
05/13/2014 ACE 03/13/2014 MARY A. DAL I rent cars often for work and pleasure and must say that I had the best experience EVER at ACE. The service was excellent, and the car was spectacular,in tip top shape. Paul Moore, the representative who helped me, has exceptional customer service skills. I will use this company as much as I can in the future, and have already told many friends about my excellent experience with ACE.
05/13/2014 Firefly 03/11/2014 RENEE O. FLL I love this place. Thank you Firefly for being here!!!!
05/13/2014 Thrifty 05/10/2014 CURSEY G. JAX Very good experience! The customer service representative which helped me at the airport was excellent! He made a bad situation with the airlines a much better one with his patience and friendly demeanor! I will rent Thrifty whenever I am in Jacksonville, Florida.
05/13/2014 Thrifty 05/09/2014 DANIEL L S. YVR I always feel like I get a great deal on
05/13/2014 Firefly 02/24/2014 GREG K. LAS We recently used Firefly while in Las Vegas, it was our first experience renting a vehicle with Firefly. No problems picking up nor returning the vehicle. The counter staff was friendly, quick and took very little of our time. The vehicle was a Ford Escape ... clean, comfortable and trouble free. I will use Firefly as often as needed from now on. Thank You for fine service.
05/12/2014 Enterprise 03/03/2014 PATRICK K. PHL Honestly the best rental car experience I've ever had. Everyone from the shuttle driver to the agent was incredibly polite. Cudos Philly! Patrick, Minneapolis
05/12/2014 Enterprise 04/17/2014 ARTHUR R. BDL Enterprise was OUTSTANDING. It was the rental agent's first day, so she was still learning some of the finer points. The rental lot had been wiped out by heavy demand, so there wasn't a car matching my reservation (PRIMIUM) available on the lot. I was a little disappointed, so I asked to be taken over to the AVIS rental lot. They immediately agreed, but the manager intervened and asked if I'd mind walking over to the recently returned line to see if any of the cars there might meet my needs. I quickly found the car I was looking for. The car was cleaned and fueled in minutes and brought to the waiting area. Then the manager and the new agent went the extra mile and insisted on paying for the gas. I accepted their gracious offer, and I was on my way. I'm a believer. Great recovery and outstanding service. I'll be back.
05/12/2014 Firefly 02/24/2014 DAVID J. SFO Great Mini-Van! Perfect for 6 people with a lot of luggage!
05/12/2014 Enterprise 04/20/2014 JUAN M. DCA Awesome service. I have used you in the past and will do so in the future.
05/11/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 09/17/2013 ROGER C. MCO Will definitely use Sixt again. Great value and customer service. Thank you.
05/11/2014 ACE 01/13/2014 DAVID P. JAX We were very impressed with the speed and friendly service of the personnel when we picked up our car. Appreciated the low key approach, not pressuring us to upgrade, buy more, etc. We will definitely be looking at ACE for our next rental.
05/11/2014 Firefly 02/05/2014 MARK P. MCO I always use The rates are the best!
05/11/2014 Hertz 04/21/2014 KAREN C. NYCE12 The best part was that made the cost reasonable.
05/11/2014 Dollar 05/06/2014 KEVIN R. MCO Great experience, as advertised!
05/10/2014 Advantage 04/27/2014 GIANFRANCO B. SAT Prompt service, great complimentary upgrade, quick return, friendly staff. Will repeat purchase in future trips to San Antonio for sure.
05/10/2014 Fox 05/03/2014 MICHAEL B. SAN no problems, great service, great car, I will rent again next week Thank you CarRentals
05/10/2014 Enterprise 03/08/2014 PAM R. SDF We had excellent gas mileage on the Nissan Altima it was beyond our expectations. We loved the car and the ride was smooth and comfortable. The rate we got for $135.00 was fantastic and saved us a lot of money. Thank you!!!
05/10/2014 National 05/02/2014 ERIC U. DFWN02 Great job all around. More than pleased with my reservation and national.
05/10/2014 Enterprise 05/02/2014 DAWN B. 562C Awesome service at Clinton, TN location from start to finish. Will definitely choose this store again.
05/10/2014 Thrifty 05/05/2014 THECIA R. TUS Great experience. It was simple, easy, and speedy service.
05/10/2014 Advantage 05/01/2014 JOANNA T. SFO Loved the customer service I received! Thank you!
05/10/2014 Enterprise 04/26/2014 TERRY S. 3921 The vehicle was exactly what I needed and wanted. The staff was the best they could be. Fast, very friendly and knowledgeable. I plan to recommend the Mentor office to friends and family and will plan future rentals with Enterprise.
05/09/2014 Enterprise 05/06/2014 JAMES L. 15N2 Best all-around car rental I've had in years!
05/09/2014 Dollar 04/24/2014 JAMES D. DAB gives great service and the best rates!
05/08/2014 National 03/02/2014 WENDY F L. BCTC01 Thank you. Great rate and great rental.
05/08/2014 Enterprise 05/02/2014 FELIX G. BUR The process of renting the car was very convenient.Thank you for your great service.
05/08/2014 Hertz 04/16/2014 KAREN S. CLTN20 We have rented through for a few years now and that's the only way to go! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be able to rent cars at a cheaper price with no problems whatsoever!
05/08/2014 Firefly 04/24/2014 ROBERT D. LAS I have used in the past and I will continue to use them.
05/07/2014 Budget 05/03/2014 CHRISTOPHER S. VS9 Excellent service through
05/07/2014 Firefly 05/03/2014 EUGENE V. ORD I love you often and have yet to be disappointed, many thank yous for a job well're keeping the value in the value of shopping...
05/06/2014 Hertz 03/10/2014 EDWARD C. HVNN01 Great experience. Will definitely use again!
05/06/2014 Advantage 04/25/2014 MICHAEL K. ORD Great car. Great rental agency. Great service. will now become my first choice for booking a rental car.
05/05/2014 Fox 04/24/2014 MICHAEL S. MCO I was extremely satisfied with Fox. I received an upgrade and my car was brand new. I will definitely recommend Fox to all readers of my reviews on Trip Advisor. Thank you.
05/05/2014 Alamo 04/28/2014 JOHN V. TPA Can't say enough about the "value" I received.
05/05/2014 Enterprise 04/07/2014 JAMES S. KOA Rate was as quoted. Service was great. Prompt, efficient and friendly. Car was new with only 3500 miles. Will definitely use your service again. Thanks also for the rate updates, which allowed me to rebook at a lower than quoted previous price.
05/05/2014 Enterprise 04/06/2014 GREG S. PSP Great service - have recommended CarRentals to everyone I talk to.
05/05/2014 Thrifty 04/23/2014 DAN D. AVL Great price & prompt service. Would definitely recommend.
05/05/2014 Budget 04/04/2014 ALAN G. LAX (and Budget) both provided great value and service. I was also pleased to be able to purchase collision insurance through - a savings over the cost at budget. Thank you.
05/05/2014 Enterprise 04/28/2014 MARLENE M. IAD I can't tell you enough how pleased, impressed and happy I was with the staff at the Enterprise station at the Washington-Dulles Airport. They were so accommodating and friendly from the time the bus driver picked us up until after we returned the car. I don't know where these people came from but you can tell them from me how wonderful they were and I thank them very much. I honestly do not remember when we have been treated so well at any car company. I can expand if you want me too.
05/05/2014 Firefly 04/19/2014 COLLEEN B. RSW Firefly was amazing. From start to finish, the service was A1. They will be my number 1 choice in future when looking for car rental
05/05/2014 Enterprise 02/10/2014 JOE R. DRO The Enterprise staff team was very friendly, professional and helpful.
05/05/2014 Advantage 04/24/2014 JEANNE F. PBI I liked the experience so much, I've already booked my next rental with Advantage.
05/04/2014 Budget 04/17/2014 LOUIS F. YVR you do a great job in getting me good value for car rentals:)
05/04/2014 Alamo 05/01/2014 CHRISTOPHER W. ATL Love the fact that you can choose your own car because I could choose the ones with satellite radio.
05/04/2014 Advantage 04/26/2014 JOHN C. DCA Great service and saved me money!
05/04/2014 Dollar 03/16/2014 MURRAY A. AMS Great car... huge compliments from those riding in the back seat!
05/04/2014 Enterprise 04/27/2014 KEITH E. 5010 I myself work in the service industry and can say that the branch manager Corey Henley at 1638 S. 7th st. is the definition of great customer service. He took care of our every need as we were visiting from St.Louis. His customer service would bring me back to visit Phoenix again
05/04/2014 Alamo 04/03/2014 TERESA S. MDW Great experience all around! Great car! C L E A N! Easy online reservation! :)
05/04/2014 Fox 02/20/2014 RANDY C. LAS Fast, easy and polite service.
05/04/2014 Enterprise 04/30/2014 BRUNA F. 3213 Great people and great car!
05/04/2014 ACE 04/02/2014 SHARON R. IND Great experience! Both of our shuttle drivers were exceptionally wonderful! I hope you can look up their names from our records and give them the recognition they deserve! Thank you, see you next time!
05/03/2014 ACE 04/21/2014 MARY CATHERINE C. TPA I found the Ace staff at pick up and return far superior to others I have dealt with.
05/03/2014 Fox 04/27/2014 ISAAC P. LAS No problems. Good bargain. Would use again.
05/03/2014 Enterprise 04/21/2014 KENNETH K. DAL Great Experience...Great Staff... Great Car
05/03/2014 Fox 04/20/2014 ROBERT W. MCO The car we rented was absolutely beautiful! I greatly enjoyed the rental. It was a great experience altogether.
05/03/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 04/26/2014 SVEN L. TPA I can't say enough about the staff this at this place. Both check-in and checkout was simple and painless. The people were extremely polite and helpful. Highly recommend.
05/03/2014 Payless 02/08/2014 JACQUES F. FLL Service très courtois et avec le sourire.
05/03/2014 Dollar 05/01/2014 Miles C. RIC Excellent Experience! Very easy! Thank You
05/02/2014 Payless 04/07/2014 STEPHEN S. SEA Great experience!
05/02/2014 Enterprise 04/21/2014 MICHAEL H. OGG Love!
05/01/2014 Fox 04/12/2014 SUSAN P. SNA is my first choice when looking for rentals. I am very pleased with the service they provide.
05/01/2014 Dollar 04/25/2014 KEVIN J. DAY Yes I've used for years and it's the best. Certainly keep up the great work!
05/01/2014 Hertz 04/28/2014 CHARLES F. HKYC23 This was my first experience using and I was very pleased with the experience. I received a great rate, the vehicle was perfect, and I would recommend your website to others.
04/30/2014 Enterprise 04/08/2014 JESSICA F. PBI I only rent cars through
04/30/2014 Fox 04/17/2014 CHARLENE H. LAX - you are the bomb!
04/30/2014 Advantage 04/25/2014 JANEEN V. OGG I love I rent from you all the time. Fast, easy and convenient.
04/30/2014 Enterprise 04/19/2014 RICHARD M. 621W This was my first time using this service, but it won't be the last. Everything was great!
04/30/2014 Enterprise 04/25/2014 JEREME P. 4676 Thank you again for the smooth easy process!
04/30/2014 Enterprise 02/20/2014 JON R. PHL Awesome. has been good to me!
04/30/2014 Enterprise 04/25/2014 WALTER H. 0622 Thank you for a great and easy way to rent a car. This was a last minute rental, and I still got a great rate!
04/29/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 03/20/2014 Jhon A. FLL Good service and I'll use Sixt Rent a Car every trip to FL!
04/29/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 02/10/2014 ISMAEL A. 3271 Best service I ever got. No hassles or pushiness and the staff in Miami was very calm and accommodating even though they were extremely busy. Returning the car was a breeze.
04/29/2014 Enterprise 04/27/2014 JULIE P. 4506 Best car rental experience I've ever had.
04/29/2014 Alamo 04/25/2014 NICOLE D. YWG I am so impressed with the level and quality of service that I received! The guy at the front desk was so kind, offered me a complimentary upgrade and was friendly and helpful! On returning the car, the guy there was also so kind, courteous and friendly even offering to throw my garbage away for me! Such a great experience! I can't wait to rent from Alamo again! is awesome as it is so quick and easy to find rental cars and they are always affordable or better!! Thanks to both companies!