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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
07/30/2014 Enterprise 07/10/2014 SHOUNAK D. C712 Great place to rent cars will recommend and continue to use the site :)
07/30/2014 Alamo 07/15/2014 ANGELA M. YYCC74 Reserving on was easier than I expected... in fact, so easy, I was worried that I missed a step. But I got the car, it was great, no problemos. Thanks guys!
07/30/2014 Enterprise 07/17/2014 ELIZABETH P. SAT Fantastic customer service skills to Davonne and Matt who go out of their way to ensure an awesome rental experience :)
07/30/2014 Enterprise 07/18/2014 IVAN S. LAX I loved the service at Enterprise SO much. I am now a lifelong customer.
07/30/2014 Budget 07/25/2014 MALUSE DAVID M. JNB Renting with was so good and I will do it over and over again
07/29/2014 Advantage 07/23/2014 JOHN S. MSP Excellent and timely service.
07/29/2014 Dollar 07/21/2014 LILIA P. RIC Great experience , no problems
07/29/2014 Alamo 07/17/2014 DAVID R. IAD excellent rental experience!
07/29/2014 Alamo 07/21/2014 OTONI J. MOB Thanks! Everything was Great!
07/29/2014 ACE 07/18/2014 JEFF M. SAN Great service, and great experience from and Ace!
07/29/2014 Enterprise 07/21/2014 MARK T. ATL Love the service. Thank you.
07/29/2014 Firefly 04/22/2014 RUDOLPH M. DEN The easy method of being able to rent a car at a reasonable rate is greatly appreciated.
07/29/2014 Enterprise 05/19/2014 JAMES S. SAN This was great and I would recommend to others!
07/28/2014 Advantage 06/27/2014 JEFF L. OGG Great experience at the best price in Maui!
07/28/2014 Enterprise 07/22/2014 RATANYA R. TUS is great - would always recommend to friends and family
07/28/2014 Advantage 07/19/2014 AMANDA S. MIA I have rented from many times, and I have always been pleased.
07/28/2014 Thrifty 07/02/2014 DWAYNE B. FAY Great renting experience. I always use for my renting needs. Thank You!!
07/28/2014 Firefly 06/30/2014 KEVIN D. SAN was great from beginning to end.
07/28/2014 Fox 07/20/2014 OSCAR S. SFO From start to finish .... very easy & enjoyable
07/28/2014 Enterprise 07/24/2014 BARBARA H. 5862 I will give you a 5 star rating. Thank You.
07/28/2014 Payless 07/14/2014 LARRY H J. MCO Thanks for the good service!
07/27/2014 Enterprise 07/18/2014 JOHN R S. 3460 The whole experience was outstanding
07/27/2014 Enterprise 07/17/2014 JORGE D. 5286 Keep up with the good work
07/27/2014 ACE 05/04/2014 DANNY D. FLL the best car rental service in greater ft Lauderdale when it comes to off terminal locations.
07/27/2014 Budget 06/29/2014 KELLY C. ND5 I've rented from Budget in the past and always had a good experience which is why I choose them again however this experience was terrible. I have never been treated so badly as I was by them. From $600.00 I would expect to be treated good but I guess their customers mean nothing to them.
07/27/2014 Hertz 06/11/2014 NANCY V. SNAN10 Was very pleased with Car
07/27/2014 Enterprise 07/10/2014 DANIEL R. STL I have used your service several times and have always been very pleased.
07/27/2014 Dollar 06/20/2014 ANISSA S. SEA I love I have been using them since 2008 and will not book a car any other way.
07/27/2014 Enterprise 07/15/2014 KAREN M. PIE Very easy website to use! Have used this website twice so far with no problems.
07/27/2014 A Plus Truck & Car Rentals. Inc 06/08/2014 JOHN R. SAN The manager was a delight to work with. The young man who drove me back to the airport was polite and cheerful. They made my rental experience a joy.
07/27/2014 Avis 07/16/2014 ROBERT H. L3U The staffer was friendly and exceptionally helpful. He made the experience a pleasurable one.
07/27/2014 Enterprise 07/24/2014 ALLYSON F. 1841 great customer service and addressed my needs
07/27/2014 Alamo 07/25/2014 JOHN F. BNA Excellent all around!
07/27/2014 Alamo 07/25/2014 VERONICA S. LFT Love the Customer Service!!!
07/26/2014 Fox 06/29/2014 BERNADETTE H. OAK Awesome seamless experience. Definitely will book again...Thank you!
07/26/2014 Budget 07/23/2014 GARY W. PHL When all else failed me came through for me! Thank you!
07/26/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 07/11/2014 PRATIK S. TPA Excellent Value
07/26/2014 ACE 05/10/2014 BEVERLY P. YWG The staff person was very knowledgeable in all he did. I would certainly rent from ACE again. Thank you for the Nissan Altima.
07/26/2014 Hertz 07/22/2014 DONALD L. LEX is the best place to rent cars!!
07/25/2014 A Plus Truck & Car Rentals. Inc 07/12/2014 NATHAN K. SAN Best value hands down! Kind of beat up vehicle, but it got the job done. If you can set your vanity aside for a weekend out of town, you will not beat their price!
07/25/2014 Hertz 07/16/2014 MARY D. MOBC03 This was my first time using and it was a great experience! The collision insurance was very reasonable too and made purchasing the insurance a smart decision.
07/25/2014 Budget 07/01/2014 MIKKO M. HEL You had the best price of all online car rental agencies I looked at and backed it up with a great car for the price, a Skoda Octavia hatchback with only 4000 kilometers on the odometer. The unlimited mileage, air conditioning and automatic transmission were all "gotta haves" for me. I would definitely rent from you guys and Budget again.
07/25/2014 Avis 07/06/2014 CINDY S. WAL The staff was amazingly nice and helpful. Best car rental experience I've ever had due to the staff at this Avis location!
07/25/2014 Enterprise 03/30/2014 KIM B. 4551 The staff was great, the car got good gas mileage, we had no trouble at all with it. Great experience!!
07/25/2014 Enterprise 06/22/2014 DONNA H. ABE I was extremely pleased with the service I received both checking in and returning the rental car. The vehicle I rented was clean, lots of space, and drove very well. I will absolutely rent from Enterprise again!
07/25/2014 Thrifty 06/19/2014 JEFFERY R. DCA Excellent service and the car was terrific! Also, the shuttle service was on time and courteous.
07/24/2014 Enterprise 07/14/2014 MICHAEL F. 1087 Enterprise was awesome, every person in the company was friendly, personable and a great experience renting from them.
07/24/2014 Alamo 05/22/2014 MAI Y. OGG The Alamo staff at the Kahului, Maui Airport was exceptional. They outside lot staff was so helpful and friendly. We will definitely use Alamo again.
07/24/2014 Hertz 07/07/2014 FRANSISCO V. BFLC02 Amazing and easy process. The staff was super helpful and friendly. I will definitely be renting from you again.
07/24/2014 Hertz 07/02/2014 TSUYOSHI H. SEAC09 This was my first time using and the whole experience was great! Would definitely use again. Thanks!!
07/24/2014 Enterprise 06/18/2014 JOSE S. 4807 Good Job
07/24/2014 Enterprise 07/12/2014 ANDREA D. ATL in 20 years of international travel; enterprise at atlanta airport was THE BEST experience ever
07/24/2014 Enterprise 03/21/2014 TONIA M. ECP I had a great experience with Enterprise, I would definitely rent from them again and recommend them to others!
07/24/2014 Firefly 06/26/2014 JOHN B. TPA I have allready booked another car for the week of Sept. 13th and will continue to book as long as the price points and service remain as I experienced. Thanks
07/23/2014 Advantage 06/12/2014 CHRIS H. BOS Keep up the good work!
07/23/2014 Avis 06/13/2014 CHARLIE L. WY5 Excellent service will use again
07/23/2014 Avis 07/11/2014 MYRNA G. DAO I was inpressed that with just a few hours notice, I was still able to get a car. Thanks.
07/23/2014 Enterprise 07/17/2014 TRACE T. 1582 had the best prices out of all the sites I looked on!
07/23/2014 Enterprise 06/20/2014 CATHERINE G. 305F Fantastic experience...thank you so much!!!
07/22/2014 Enterprise 07/13/2014 ANISH G. 4502 First time using and everything was great. It was easy and hassle-free. Will likely use them again.
07/22/2014 Firefly 07/05/2014 HERBERT B. IAH Great experience from start to finish! I have used before and love the website. I can trust them to find me the best car rental deals. Thanks!
07/21/2014 Enterprise 07/04/2014 RENE P. MIA Mi experiencia fue MUY BUENA, vehículo excelente, atención al cliente en la recepción y devolución excelente! Volveré a contratar con ENTERPRISE de nuevo.
07/21/2014 National 04/19/2014 CYNTHIA L. YQB All interaction with the staff was exceptional - very helpful at all times. Thank you! Cindy
07/21/2014 Alamo 07/16/2014 CHERYL V. ATL I was very pleased with the smooth transaction. The price I paid was comfortable and would definitely use the service again especially being economical in such a rough economic state. Thank you so much!
07/21/2014 Enterprise 07/12/2014 DARREYL L. 0903 Overall everything was good, enterprise staff was great,very friendly.Car was excellent very good value for my money. I would definitely rent from again.
07/21/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/16/2014 NORMAN A. LAX Extremely satisfied . One of the fastest pickup and drop off I've ever had. The rental price was great .The car was great. A very happy experience.
07/21/2014 Enterprise 05/12/2014 THOMAS M. BOI Have used your company numerous times over the years and will continue to in the future! Keep up the good work!!!
07/21/2014 Advantage 07/10/2014 BROOKE S. PHX Best price, easy pick-up and drop-off, knowledgeable staff.
07/21/2014 Enterprise 06/25/2014 BARRY D. ISP Thank You for saving me money
07/20/2014 Hertz 01/31/2014 BRIAN C. MLA I have rented cars from several times and I must say that I have always been served well.
07/20/2014 Avis 07/01/2014 ADRIENNE P. W6V excellent experience overall!
07/20/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 05/29/2014 CHARLES S. MCO Enjoyed my first experience dealing with, and believe that I saved quite a lot of money in doing so.
07/20/2014 Payless 07/13/2014 FRED R. PHL Great service!
07/19/2014 Alamo 07/15/2014 RICKY B. CRW Have used several times has always treated me great and never had a problem.
07/19/2014 Thrifty 07/09/2014 CHRISTINE R. MYR This was my first time renting a vehicle and it went perfectly!
07/19/2014 Alamo 05/17/2014 MARY ANN M. HPN Thank you, it was very good.
07/19/2014 Advantage 06/28/2014 WILLIE M. CLT Outstanding service and value! Thank you so very much!
07/19/2014 Enterprise 05/07/2014 ELSIE M. 42H5 Good car good deal
07/19/2014 Fox 06/13/2014 IBELISSES J. MCO Outstanding process, service, and attendance. You will definitely be seeing me again. Thank you for helping me have a pleasant vacation.
07/18/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 07/07/2014 JIANG D. ZRH Good offer, good deal.
07/18/2014 Enterprise 07/08/2014 JEANNE H. 1917 All was stupendous, loved the car.
07/18/2014 NU Car Rentals 07/07/2014 PAULETTE O. LAX great experience!!
07/18/2014 Alamo 07/12/2014 Marykate N. MSP I love your app and tell everyone to use it.
07/18/2014 Fox 07/04/2014 YOUNG W. LAX Good price and nice car
07/18/2014 Payless 07/11/2014 KEVIN M. SAT GOOD SERVICE AND RATES
07/17/2014 Alamo 06/23/2014 GIUSEPPE D. YUL Excellent and reliable service. I will definitely use Alamo and again! Thank you!
07/17/2014 Alamo 06/18/2014 MARCIA S. LIT Very, very outstanding customer service and vehicle rental. Will use again and refer.
07/17/2014 Midway Car Rental 06/10/2014 GURINDER G. LAX Midway staff was outstanding. 7 stars for them
07/17/2014 ACE 06/24/2014 JOHN L. PBI Everyone at Ace Rentals was very helpful and friendly, and I would definitely rent from them again. We were even given a free upgrade.
07/17/2014 Dollar 06/15/2014 KATHERINE B. DAY I love the discounts that I can get on
07/17/2014 Budget 07/13/2014 SAM S. PB3 Excellent service and experience,
07/17/2014 Alamo 06/28/2014 JOYCE J. CLT My first time using CarRentals will be spreading the word about my AWESOME!!!!!! experience
07/17/2014 Enterprise 06/11/2014 DROPATTIE H. ORD Best car rental experience I have ever had. Everyone was very courteous and very helpful with putting my bags in the car and taking them to the shuttle upon my return. I rented a mini van and there were so many to choose from. Definitely renting from Enterprise again in the future.
07/17/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 05/31/2014 CECIL L. MCO I liked the fact that I did not have to go off site to pick up the vehicle. I was completely satisfied with the rental experience. Thank you.
07/17/2014 Enterprise 07/11/2014 TERRENCE M. 1277 My experience with Enterprise and the was First Class. I have added them to my Favorites. Thank you. TJM
07/16/2014 Thrifty 06/09/2014 BOBBY L. FCA We had a great experience.
07/16/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 07/02/2014 LEE C. DEN Excellent first time experience. Great value for the money spent. Thank You
07/16/2014 ACE 06/09/2014 MONIQUE R. JAX This was the best experience I have had renting a car to date. When I first saw the deal and the price I honestly thought it was TOO good to be true. Either I'd get to the counter and they add extra fees, or I'd be driving a car kept together with duct tape, but neither happened. The staff was awesome, my car was great and the price was unbeatable. I will be sure to always check first for all of my trips. Thanks for your great service!