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12/18/2013 Enterprise 12/05/2013 STEVEN K. SJC We have used ever since I discovered its existence, and we have used enterprise only. Always a great car and a wonderful deal.
12/18/2013 Thrifty 12/07/2013 MARTIN K. MDW Two for two with and Thrifty. Great experience!! Thanks you!
12/18/2013 Enterprise 12/13/2013 DENNIS R. JAX Great experience both with Enterprise and with This was my first time renting through and I was verysatisfied. your rates blew every one away. Awesome
12/18/2013 Dollar 12/15/2013 Amaral M. EWR Car Rentals does a great job.
12/17/2013 Hertz 12/10/2013 JEREMY W. LITC03 Great experience and great value!
12/17/2013 Thrifty 12/06/2013 LARRY B. STL This was an excellent value. The reservation process was efficient and I will use next time I travel. --Larry Br
12/17/2013 Firefly 12/12/2013 WANDA R. IAH I was skeptical about renting from an unknown car rental . The price was great for the full size vehicle. The staff was friendly & knowledgeable.
12/17/2013 Advantage 12/05/2013 JOANNE R. SDF Wonderful service. No lines. Easy to receive and return car. Thank you!
12/17/2013 Midway Car Rental 12/13/2013 ARSHAD B. BUR Great deal!!! Made my three day trip to Vegas absolute breeze.
12/17/2013 Alamo 11/29/2013 ARASH M. SAN Paid for economy got a Challenger :) also, their check-in kiosks are awesome.
12/17/2013 Dollar 11/15/2013 DANA J. SEA I've been renting from for years now and recommend the company to everyone.
12/16/2013 Thrifty 12/12/2013 KATHY H. OMA Check in and check out ladies were FABULOUS!!!!!!!
12/16/2013 Alamo 12/10/2013 RONALD B. TPA Your rate was 75% less than anything I could find and all was perfect. Thanks!
12/16/2013 Enterprise 11/14/2013 CINDY C. 53W9 The Pineville NC office is GREAT!
12/16/2013 Enterprise 11/23/2013 KATHLEEN T. CLE This was my first time to use CarRentals.Com but it will not be my last. Excellent value; about half what I would have paid to any of the rental companies directly. I have already told several people about my satisfaction and will continue to do so.
12/16/2013 Advantage 11/12/2013 MARCENE E. MCO We left iPad in car and staff found and brought to airport after we asked if they could bring it. Thank you very much!!
12/16/2013 U-Save 11/30/2013 BETTIE F. FLL The staff at U-Save were wonderful and very helpful. I loved my Nissan Cube.
12/16/2013 Alamo 12/07/2013 ARKEY T. JAX I love renting from and Alamo. I would rent from them again.
12/16/2013 Advantage 12/04/2013 RICHARD P. SFB Cheapest vehicle among all the competition. No lineups like the "big boys". Almost a brand new car.
12/15/2013 Alamo 09/22/2013 RONALD M. HNL This was the best car rental value ever, and customer service was awesome. We had a grand time. Thank You!!
12/15/2013 Advantage 11/02/2013 NINA G. LAS has been my go-to for rentals since starting to use on-line services. Fast and simple, everything at a glance. Two clicks and you're done. Thank you for a great site and service.
12/14/2013 Fox 11/28/2013 PHUNG T. SFO Thank you for your EXCELLENT services. I would rent from Fox again and also refer to other people. Phung T
12/14/2013 Enterprise 12/05/2013 NICHOLAS A. LIH I have never rented a car before and the staff made everything fast and easy! They were a pleasure to work with and I will use them again on future trips NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! Thanks for a great ride :-)
12/13/2013 Enterprise 12/03/2013 MARILYN N. 32VA Staff is totally courteous and I so appreciate their willingness to make such a smooth transaction every time i've utilized the services of Enterprise.
12/13/2013 Enterprise 12/02/2013 PATRICK M. DEN When we arrived an hour and a half late we found they did not have the full size care I ordered. They let us have a Chev Sub 1 at no additional cost. Three rows of seats, and heated seats 4 wheel drive. (And we needed it) There was major traffic delays on our return and were 3hrs late. Again no additional charge. This was the best rental we ever had.
12/13/2013 Advantage 11/21/2013 ANDREW V. DEN Great Bargain... Nice upgraded car!
12/13/2013 Enterprise 11/27/2013 ROBERT D. PHL Outstanding experience. No improvement possible in my opinion. Thanks to all.
12/12/2013 Fox 12/04/2013 GARY G. LAX I was very pleased with the service and the rate. I will definitely be using and Fox Rent A Car again
12/12/2013 Budget 12/08/2013 GLENN E. QC6 You guys really came through for me in a pinch, with a better rate than and a pick-up location within a mile of my home! What's not to love! Thank you!!!
12/12/2013 Fox 11/28/2013 DOUG K. LAS Accidently left our camera in the vehicle. Fox called me before I knew the camera was even missing. They were nice enough to mail me the camera.
12/12/2013 Alamo 12/06/2013 JEAN R. MSP The entire transaction was very smooth, and completed quickly. The Alamo employees were friendly and knowledgeable, and I LOVED the car I rented. Thank you!
12/12/2013 Enterprise 12/03/2013 PAUL L. PBI I have used a few times and have been extremely happy with them. The important thing is to know the car rental company. I've used a few different ones in different parts of the country and found that Enterprise was the best. The staff was minimally invasive but very helpful. Shuttle was right there and available. Car was perfect. No issues and will definitely use and Enterprise in the future.
12/11/2013 Fox 12/06/2013 WILLIAM H. PHX I've been using for quite awhile. I have used you guys at least 7 or 8 times. Great site
12/11/2013 ACE 12/08/2013 GARY J. YWG Best car rental in Winnipeg and by far the best prices!
12/11/2013 NU Car Rentals 12/07/2013 MARSHALL T. LAX Referred by a friend and truly an outstanding transaction.
12/11/2013 Payless 11/15/2013 SHARON N. LAS I recommend to all of my colleagues
12/11/2013 Enterprise 11/18/2013 CARMEL L. BNA The experience with Enterprise was painless, especially because the Nashville airport car rental setup is easy to navigate and well run. A vehicle was ready when we arrived, we were on the road quickly, and when we turned the car in, it was just as fast. I really appreciated the efficiency of the operations there.
12/11/2013 Dollar 11/07/2013 KIMBERLY P. BWI I always go through car rentals. The best deal!
12/11/2013 Advantage 12/02/2013 DAVID M. LAS Your the BEST I always tell my friends and family to use when they need to rent a car. I even tell people at the Car Rental Center to use your website because they are paying too much.
12/11/2013 Fox 12/02/2013 DANIELA C. SNA I forgot my wallet in my rental and the bus driver called to have it delivered to the airport. that was awesome!
12/11/2013 Alamo 12/02/2013 CARLO F. MCO Amazing deal! We got not only a great rate but also amazing service by the entire Alamo staff. Our car was amazing and we enjoyed driving it!
12/11/2013 Fox 12/03/2013 RHONDA S. SJC Outstanding prices and services
12/11/2013 Advantage 12/05/2013 EBONY L. LAS I will most definitely use again. It was easy and you can't bet the prices. Thank you for a great experience!
12/10/2013 Budget 12/05/2013 FREDERICK B. MSP I loved the rate I received and the overall experience I had.
12/10/2013 Advantage 10/23/2013 PORTIA N. HNL Upgraded to a convertible -- awesome!!!
12/10/2013 Enterprise 11/28/2013 DENIS J. TPA Excellent experience dealing with CarRentals and Enterprise. Will definitely do business again.
12/10/2013 Advantage 10/24/2013 CAROLYN M. MCO At first I thought having to ride the shuffle off airport would not be too good BUT then I realized it was great going out of an airport that I was not familiar with it made it a lot easier. Thank you, I will rent from you on my next trip
12/10/2013 Alamo 11/21/2013 JUDY V. PHX Too good to be true! I was a bit skeptical but now assured and will definitely rent from you again. I thank God for!
12/10/2013 Payless 11/20/2013 ELIZABETH F. SEA Great experience and value. Thanks
12/10/2013 Hertz 10/30/2013 GORDON M. FAY Have recommended to others....
12/10/2013 Alamo 11/12/2013 DON P. ORD Excellent experience as it typically is. I highly recommend to my friends............
12/09/2013 Fox 11/25/2013 HILLIGJE HILDA W. LAS Very good experience, considering this was our first time. Would definitely recommend and Fox. A totally, positive experience. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
12/08/2013 Firefly 11/12/2013 ANDREW C. LAX An OUTSTANDING value!
12/07/2013 Firefly 12/04/2013 CINDY F. SAN It was the best experience I have ever had renting a car. I will definitely use firefly again and recommend them to my friends.
12/06/2013 Avis 07/27/2013 KEVIN B. W6N Nothing to say but great rate and everything went exactly as promised on your web site. *****5 stars
12/06/2013 Advantage 12/01/2013 PAUL B. SEA I don't recall having rented from Advantage in the past so I was a bit skeptical about the service, the vehicle and overall experience I would have, particularly because the quoted rate was so low. I was surprised on all accounts...overall they exceeded my expectations. i will rent from them in the future.
12/06/2013 Enterprise 11/30/2013 Arselia A. 3254 I would like to thank the Customer Service from for their prompt response to my question. I was having trouble accessing the site to reserve a car using my iPhone. They promptly e-mailed me with a resolution that worked. Thank you!!! I would also like to thank Enterprise in Glendora for making the whole experience of renting a car hassle free. Thank you!
12/06/2013 Enterprise 11/19/2013 JESSICA C. PIT It was one of the easiest car rentals I have ever had. I always use Car Rentals when booking rental cars. It is the best and easiest site around.
12/06/2013 Enterprise 09/05/2013 MICHAEL L. MCO I always use and have told many others about it. Great experience as usual!
12/06/2013 ACE 11/26/2013 SUSAN C. SLC Best car rental experience EVER! Will definitely use ACE again. They should all get bonuses or something...
12/06/2013 Dollar 11/15/2013 BECKY S. PDX Car pickup and return was so easy and so convenient .. pickup and drop off at the airport terminal made it easier more waiting for shuttle bus and struggling with the bags to get in and out of the bus
12/05/2013 Airport Van Rental 02/04/2013 SHARON L K. SNA Excellent service and the van was clean and served its purpose. I would definitely recommend to my family, colleagues, and friends. I have already!
12/05/2013 Alamo 11/13/2013 RAYMOND L. JFK As always CarRentals is the best. I forwarded your email address to many friends and family. Thank you again
12/04/2013 Hertz 11/18/2013 TAMINAH W. CHIC27 I love I have been using this site for two years. I will always use this site to rent a car.
12/04/2013 Fox 10/14/2013 ABE P. SLC Everything was perfect! I will definitely rent from again! Thank you very much!!!
12/04/2013 Enterprise 10/18/2013 LEO C. 163R Great rental, from start to finish!
12/04/2013 Dollar 11/25/2013 THOMAS C. SAN I have rented through CarRentals before and am very happy with the service and recommend them to friends and acquaintances.
12/04/2013 Enterprise 10/28/2013 JASON N. DCA This is my second rental using and both have been great. I will continue to use this service.
12/04/2013 Enterprise 11/22/2013 SUSAN D. 23B1 smooth as silk - fantastic!
12/04/2013 Firefly 11/07/2013 JOANNE M. SFO This was the cheapest deal we could find for a road trip= everything was great! Thank you!
12/04/2013 Enterprise 11/08/2013 Marykate N. 24VH is a GREAT website, I tell everyone about it.
12/03/2013 Payless 11/18/2013 MICHELLE P. SEA Pleasantly surprised for last minute rental. Will keep this in mind for next trip.
12/03/2013 Enterprise 11/22/2013 ERIK H. JAX Thank You I am a business traveler and I use you quite frequently. I am so satisfied with your service over the past 7 years that i have been recommending you to family, friends, associates and even strangers. Strangers! When I see people making car reservations or searching, I tell them about your company, Excellent service, dependable and most of all best pricing. Thank you for years of service and excellence, and Thank You for making my life so much easier. Your Dedicated and High Valued Customer, Erik - Indianapolis, IN
12/03/2013 Enterprise 11/21/2013 MAURICIO H. LAX Everithing was perfect. The staff in Los Angeles and in San Diego Airport where really kind and willing to help. Thank you very much.
12/03/2013 Budget 11/03/2013 NANCY B. S9E Good experience. Very easy and good value. Will definitely use CarRentals again.
12/03/2013 Alamo 11/24/2013 KRISHNA DASS K. EWRE72 It was a great deal and a great car. I loved it. Thanks. I will recommend Carrentals to my friends
12/02/2013 Enterprise 11/21/2013 TENEESE W. JAX I was very pleased with my rental experience. We had a brand new vehicle with great gas mileage.
12/02/2013 Thrifty 10/28/2013 MILAGROS R. SAV You always have best rates
12/02/2013 Firefly 11/20/2013 JO ANNE V. LAX If the prices stay as they are now, I'll rent from firefly all the time. Great value for the price.
12/02/2013 Alamo 11/25/2013 MELANIE H. AZA Way better rate than from AAA website! Great service, great value, very convenient.
12/02/2013 Enterprise 11/16/2013 STEFANIE S. BOS I was very pleased with the speed and efficiency at Enterprise, especially given the volume of cars and customers they were dealing with two days before Thanksgiving. The price was excellent, too.
12/01/2013 Enterprise 11/25/2013 Kelvin B. TUL I had a great experience with my recent rental. Thanks to Car Rentals for helping me to get a great deal on this rental.
12/01/2013 Alamo 10/06/2013 FRANK W. ATL Very pleased with over all experience, rate and ease of using
12/01/2013 Budget 09/19/2013 WYATT R. C2G I feel that we are getting the best rates using over using the websites of rental car companies.
12/01/2013 Alamo 11/14/2013 ROSLYN S. OAK I extended the contract for one more week! Thank you. your price was great
11/30/2013 Advantage 11/18/2013 DEBRA H. SEA Customer service provided was great. The agents were friendly, informative, and most of all pleasant to do business with. Thank you for a great experience.
11/30/2013 ACE 11/25/2013 ARACELI G. MSP I was extremely impressed with the staff at Ace. They were very professional and courteous. Since I was from out of town they went out of their way to guide me to the offsite location (from the airport) to return the car. When I arrived they had the shuttle ready and paperwork ready to expedite the rental return. I really appreciated their friendliness and care!
11/28/2013 Enterprise 10/27/2013 WILLIAM S. MCO Great staff at Enterprise Rental in Orlando Airport. They were VERY helpful and friendly.
11/27/2013 Enterprise 09/25/2013 SUSAN T. 1754 Was given a 2014 Nissen Versa. It was a great car, got good gas mileage, and was easy to drive. The location for pickup of the car was easy to reach. The staff was efficient, helpful, and friendly. I will use this location again when I need to rent a car.
11/27/2013 Enterprise 10/29/2013 HAROLD S. PHL and Enterprise were both fantastic. I use both services every time I rent a vehicle which is about 6 times a year, for 10 days at a time, so I use both services a lot. And, like I said on the survey, they both are excellent. Keep up the great work. Hope everyone at and Enterpise Phil Airport have a wonderful, wonderful holiday season and thanks for such great service.
11/27/2013 Enterprise 11/05/2013 KATHRYN D. PIT love that CarRentals does not require to prepay... enterprise staff friendly and knowledgeable...all great
11/27/2013 Payless 11/07/2013 DAVID M. LAS is the BEST. I know that I will always get the lowest price. I will always use and recommend you to all my family and friends.
11/26/2013 Enterprise 11/20/2013 Michael M. AUS Everything was simple fast and efficient ! I don't know why I ever rented from your competitors in the past! Ill definetly be back! Thanks for being no nonsense professionals.
11/26/2013 Alamo 11/15/2013 REGINA R. FLL I have always had a good experience with and I'm very pleased with your services in terms of vehicle availability and pricing.
11/25/2013 Payless 11/11/2013 MARK R. LAS Thanks to the prompt response of Car Rentals, the overcharge was corrected so that the original quote was eventually honored.
11/25/2013 Enterprise 11/20/2013 JUANITA F. SAT awesome experience. Will defiantly rent from Enterprise and again. Great Job!!
11/25/2013 Thrifty 11/21/2013 OLEKSIY P. PD1 Absolutely fantastic and cost effective. Good job, guys.
11/25/2013 Fox 10/21/2013 FRANKIE E. SAN I was very pleased with the email that was sent to me the day before my reservation. It had all the information I needed to make sure I made it from the airport to the rental car location smoothly and conveniently. Thank you very much for that!
11/25/2013 Enterprise 11/21/2013 LISA W. COS Again, as always thoroughly satisfied with all parties involved. Love! love! CarRentals.Com and Enterprise's service, selection and price is unsurpassed.
11/25/2013 Enterprise 11/20/2013 PATRICIA S. OAK I love carrentals, you are the best way to navigate through car rental differences. Thanks