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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
12/06/2014 Fox 12/02/2014 AMATEO W S. BUR Thank you ...will return and refer ... :)
12/06/2014 Advantage 11/30/2014 MICHAEL L. AUS All very good
12/06/2014 Fox 11/29/2014 CARMENITA R. LAS Easy....from the reservation to the pickup to the drop off. Satisfied customer and will rent again
12/05/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 12/02/2014 KENYATTA S. MIA This was my best experience renting a car ever. Thank you!!
12/05/2014 Enterprise 09/16/2014 CAROL O. PSP very satisfied with the car rental experience
12/05/2014 Enterprise 11/23/2014 CAROL M. ATL Glad to know about!
12/05/2014 Hertz 11/18/2014 LEWIS S. PBIS01 It was all great ,, ty
12/05/2014 ACE 08/08/2014 MYRON H. MSP GREAT SERVICE
12/05/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 11/25/2014 ZAFAR K. TPA Overall a good experience !!!!!
12/04/2014 Enterprise 10/26/2014 ERNO K. 5009 I experienced outstanding customer service at the Scottsdale location. Thank you for everyone.
12/04/2014 Thrifty 11/24/2014 SERGEY M. LAS Never disappointed with!
12/04/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 10/23/2014 David C. CLT Finally! A new rental car company offering great value!!
12/04/2014 Enterprise 11/25/2014 CARA C. PDX I travel very often for work (every other week) and always use for booking rentals. Great customer service and I love the option to not have to put down a credit card for a reservation and to be able to change/cancel a reservation if needed- it makes things very easy and I'm certain more customers will use this site for booking over competitor sites because of these things. Thanks
12/04/2014 Alamo 10/14/2014 THEODORE M B. GRR worked like clock work
12/04/2014 Enterprise 11/23/2014 AYOOLA O. IAH The staff was excellent. I worked with Vanesha and later with Mari and couldn't have had better service.
12/04/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 08/27/2014 WAYNE M. LAS Good value through CarRentals
12/04/2014 Advantage 09/25/2014 VICTORIA B. LAX GREAT CUSTOMER SER.
12/04/2014 Hertz 11/20/2014 AUGUSTINE M. PVDE01 I received excellent service. Nelson Furtado, branch manager, was professional, courteous, and friendly. The car was very clean. The rate was great. Friendly staff. I could not ask for better service. I will rent from Hertz again and I will recommend the Fall River office to all my family and friends.
12/04/2014 Advantage 11/23/2014 NOYALIN G. MCO Great experience. Please keep up your good service
12/04/2014 Budget 11/06/2014 ROBERT C. BDL
12/04/2014 Enterprise 10/09/2014 MERCY J. SLC The issuing attendee was fantastic, she wanted to make sure we were in a vehicle that was both able to fit our needs and that we were totally satisfied with... Fantastic Customer Service. Thank you!!
12/04/2014 Enterprise 11/06/2014 CAROLE K. 20P7 I I'm hoping the next time I need a vehicle you will be available to me. It was great. Thanks
12/04/2014 Enterprise 10/25/2014 PATRICK W. 1214 Loved this rental!
12/03/2014 Dollar 11/26/2014 DAVID M. PDX Thank you for your service.
12/03/2014 Alamo 11/20/2014 BELINDA G. TUS awesome experience
12/03/2014 Fox 09/22/2014 CAROL A. SAN I Paid exactly what was quoted . no problems...great experience
12/03/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 07/07/2014 WILLIAM M. LAX First time customer and very impressed. Will do again
12/03/2014 Enterprise 10/30/2014 DAVID B. HOU Great deal, great gas mileage
12/03/2014 Enterprise 11/05/2014 ROSALIND W. SAT Excellent service & rates!
12/03/2014 Enterprise 11/13/2014 JOEY S. MCI That was the quickest car rental process I've ever experienced. The staff at the KC airport Enterprise were outstanding.
12/03/2014 Fox 11/07/2014 JADE N. SJC Thanks for providing great services
12/03/2014 NU Car Rentals 09/02/2014 MICHAEL M. MCO I have always found good deals through Car and will continue to use it!
12/03/2014 Thrifty 11/19/2014 JESSICA M. HHH Great experience
12/03/2014 Alamo 11/17/2014 SANDRA R. SMF Love the car and my counter person was very fast and got me out of there within minutes.
12/03/2014 Alamo 10/03/2014 JEROME S. IAD Excellent value through I find it consistently best. Although over the years I had to cancel my reservation one time-- it's reassuring that I get great value and am not forced into paying for rental if unexpected life situations may cause the need to cancel or change a reservation. Stuff happens and it's good to know I get value and support from It is my "go-to" place over any others for my car rentals.
12/03/2014 Thrifty 11/12/2014 PENELOPE C. TYS Ease of renting and because we fly space available we like the policy that we do no have to book with a credit card. Plus rates very good and friendly staff
12/02/2014 Fox 10/13/2014 LUCILA H. SAN Very satisfied with the services. I definitely will rent again in my next trip. Thanks
12/02/2014 Fox 11/25/2014 CORA O. PHX Great all the way around. Thx a bunch.
12/02/2014 Enterprise 10/29/2014 KENNETH H. CLT overall experience was good. the staff at both pick up and return were very friendly and helpful.
12/02/2014 Enterprise 08/27/2014 EARL W. SEA Awsome rental
12/02/2014 Alamo 11/08/2014 ROD Z. AVL Magnificent service--- Outstanding vehicle condition. I may even want to buy one like that.
12/02/2014 Airport Van Rental 11/12/2014 DIANNE L. SNA absolutely great service, people nice, great vehicle, loved it will definitely recommend both
12/02/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 10/01/2014 JONATHAN T. PBI Your staff, your cars and your company are great!
12/02/2014 Alamo 11/01/2014 PATRICE W. MYR Best car rental I ever had!!!!!!!
12/02/2014 Enterprise 11/08/2014 LEE T. IAD The staff, made everything quick, comfortable, fast and easy. Car was great..staff helpful and friendly!
12/02/2014 Advantage 10/25/2014 SHARON L. DAL Very good service with your company. Will rent again was very please
12/02/2014 Budget 11/18/2014 JOEL R. SL1 Overall great experience
12/01/2014 Enterprise 11/17/2014 CHESTINE H. 035A the customer service was exceptional! I was very pleased with how they treated me.
12/01/2014 Alamo 11/20/2014 DWITE B. MSP Because of winter snow, we upgraded to a car with snow tires and all-wheel drive -- we loved it.
12/01/2014 Dollar 11/25/2014 PETER M. DTW thanks for the great deal, a great price and an easy transaction. keep up the good work!!!
12/01/2014 Enterprise 11/16/2014 MIKE B. 09A7 They did not have the vehicle we requested, but they upgraded on their own initiative. No surprise charges. We were very pleased!
12/01/2014 Thrifty 11/23/2014 RONALD W. STL I have used this facility several times and find the staff very worthy of a good recommendation
12/01/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 09/30/2014 STACY E. MIA Great car for a great price!
12/01/2014 Enterprise 09/04/2014 EDWARD L. EWR I always use because I have never been disappointed.
12/01/2014 Enterprise 11/12/2014 SHAWN D. SEA Was great, no hassle and was in and out very fast!
11/30/2014 Advantage 11/08/2014 JOHN O. LAS Very pleased with all aspects of this rental car experience.
11/30/2014 Budget 11/23/2014 PAMELA M. AU1 Outstanding staff at location. Best I've ever had.
11/30/2014 Enterprise 11/21/2014 PATRICE M. 15GH I want to personally thank you for all you have done to make this week of Thanksgiving possible. I am so grateful and look forward in doing business with you.I also recommended you to other coworker, family member and friends.
11/30/2014 Avis 06/12/2014 MICHAEL C. AUA Outstanding experience. Best we have had in Aruba in the last 20 years. Thank you!
11/30/2014 ACE 11/06/2014 MATHIAS S. JAX amazing rate through ACE compared to the bigger rental companies and they provided the exact same services and cars.
11/30/2014 Firefly 11/10/2014 WENDY J. HNL Firefly was great! Price was better than all others. Will definitely use again if pricing stays good!
11/30/2014 Alamo 09/27/2014 LAWRENCE R. MEM The staff at Alamo was very courteous , friendly and knowledgeable- great staff.
11/30/2014 ACE 11/24/2014 RAJNISH J. SAN They were really excellent and were helpful. I think if someone coming to SAN DIEGO and wanted to go economical, it is the best options. I would highly recommend them. The customer service and front desk guys were very helpful.
11/30/2014 Enterprise 01/19/2014 JAMIE Q. 24G9 The Staff at Enterprise was amazing. The best I've ever experienced!!!
11/30/2014 Advantage 11/23/2014 ROSEMARY R. SNA good value and I like that you don't have to take a shuttle to get the car...just walk across the street
11/29/2014 Firefly 11/11/2014 LOUISE S. HNL Thanks, by using car we saved 15% and it was easy to use.
11/29/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 09/21/2014 DOUGLAS C. PBI wonderful experience before, during and after the rental
11/29/2014 Fox 07/28/2014 SANTO T. LAS Another great rental from Car Thank you
11/29/2014 Alamo 10/29/2014 ALLAN M. FLL A excellent way to rent an auto. Would definitely rent through again.
11/29/2014 NU Car Rentals 10/03/2014 HARRY C. LAX Outstanding
11/29/2014 Enterprise 10/31/2014 JAMIE P. 5151 Great service! Great experience!
11/29/2014 Avis 11/18/2014 ROBERT L. E5C Courteous and prompt
11/29/2014 Thrifty 11/20/2014 MARIE D. SAN Excellent trip from start to finish.
11/29/2014 Enterprise 11/17/2014 MICHAEL D. 2359 FIRST CLASS
11/29/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 09/29/2014 RICHARD K L. LAS E-Z Rent A Car is a great company to rent car from!
11/29/2014 Enterprise 10/08/2014 ABHIJEET K. 2365 Love car rentals site and have been using it for almost 2 years now.
11/29/2014 Hertz 11/09/2014 JAMES R. MSPW23 Always enjoy my experiences with Hertz
11/29/2014 Dollar 11/25/2014 LAURA L. MCI I made this 'emergency' reservation 15 minutes before I needed to pick up the car! You would have thought I made it 2 weeks in advance for as smoothly as things went at the counter!
11/29/2014 Fox 10/20/2014 LOUIS PHILIPPE R. LAS Fox Rental Car was by far the best value for the money.
11/29/2014 Alamo 11/15/2014 SHIRLEY C. CLT This was the first time I use CarRental and was great most of all I like the value I got. Thanks
11/28/2014 Firefly 11/15/2014 RENEE C. PHL Excellent customer service from the desk staff, the easiest return I have ever experienced. Great parking for my own personal car. The location is easy to get to and even easier to get in and out of, with no congestion or traffic. I would reccomend this place and rent from here again. I was very pleased with my experience.
11/28/2014 Advantage 11/19/2014 JAMES C. MCO Great experience renting with you
11/28/2014 Alamo 09/24/2014 JONATHAN V. DCA Loved that the Alamo staff didn't push hard to sell extras.
11/28/2014 Alamo 11/03/2014 ELBIN N. TPA I was very surprised about the vehicle selection, especially with the Corolla. Great car. Everything about my experience was fantastic and I will highly recommend you again
11/28/2014 Fox 11/19/2014 WILLEM W. LAX repeat fox / car rentals user - thanks
11/28/2014 Hertz 11/17/2014 EDWARD P. HPNE31 Excellent service on point with everything
11/28/2014 Advantage 11/03/2014 JON R. RSW Advantage was great. I appreciated the very easy return, all done with a hand held computer. I didn't have to go into the building at all.
11/27/2014 National 10/16/2014 DOLORES S. AVP Love National and Love CarRentals. The National crew at AVP is always friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.
11/27/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/14/2014 RANDOLPH M. LAS Great job! Very Satisfied!
11/27/2014 Payless 11/12/2014 GERALD K. ORD I love as my go to source.
11/27/2014 Enterprise 10/02/2014 JAY K. 3286 Great car--good price, good experience
11/27/2014 Advantage 11/10/2014 KIMBERLY H. CLT Front Counter staff was amazing! overall experience was really great! Thank you.
11/27/2014 Enterprise 10/04/2014 COLONEL C. 166N Great Staff Great Service..
11/26/2014 Alamo 11/20/2014 JOSEPH T. PHL Fantastic rate, excellent service, great car...very impressed!
11/26/2014 Fox 11/21/2014 JEFF L. DEN Awesome everything awesome! A1 service. a1 prices Can't beat that
11/26/2014 Fox 11/18/2014 AMARJIT S. LHR Pleasant Experience. Amad was extremely co operative and helpful
11/26/2014 U-Save 11/17/2014 ALAN G. FLL Staff great----car fine----fuel economy excellent. Fees far superior to other car rentals.
11/26/2014 Advantage 11/12/2014 WILLIAM M. FLL My experience with Advantage was one of the best rental experiences I have had. Great personnel!
11/26/2014 Enterprise 11/19/2014 HECTOR D. ORD It was a great experience. I got a Toyota Prius for my rental, the mileage was great, but most important, the service and value I received from This is the main reason I keep going back and always rent cars thru CarRentals. Thank you for such an excellent service.
11/26/2014 Alamo 11/17/2014 RICHARD K. ECP On site manager at ECP airport site (Katie)was extremely helpful and went out of her way to resolve a problem! The pick-up and drop-off experience was easy. There was no push to upgrade or purchase insurance.