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10/06/2014 Dollar 09/30/2014 RONALD Z. SFO was great. I'll use you again.
10/06/2014 Advantage 09/28/2014 WILLIAM C. MCO The best pricing of all travel sites. Not even with coupons or military discount was I able to find a better deal. is my go to for car rentals.
10/06/2014 Enterprise 08/22/2014 MELONY M. BIQ The car was great! The people were great! Overall, a great rental experience! I would recommend to anyone.
10/05/2014 Fox 09/25/2014 ROBIN M. LAS Everything went great and the whole experience was outstanding from start to finish...
10/05/2014 Midway Car Rental 03/27/2014 STEPHANIE B. LAX Thrilled with the price, car, and service.
10/05/2014 Thrifty 09/27/2014 JOSEPH M. RSW I have rented over 50 cars in my career. This was one, if not the best, experience I have ever had with a reservation.
10/05/2014 Fox 09/15/2014 FRANCISCO F. GDL Gracias por un exelente trato de todo el personal unas finas personas y muy atentas''''
10/04/2014 Enterprise 09/30/2014 SEBHAT E. JFK Excellent service!
10/04/2014 Fox 09/09/2014 STEVEN D. LAS Great to deal with....will use again. Thank you.
10/04/2014 Advantage 07/21/2014 DALE L. OGG Thank you we will be returning......
10/04/2014 Alamo 09/27/2014 DAISY T. SJU Love the mini van.It was clean and in excellent condition. The staff where very helpful and friendly. Will be using you again.
10/04/2014 Budget 09/23/2014 PETER F. BRU Great website and value, thank you.
10/04/2014 Advantage 08/13/2014 EDWARD A. LAS Always get a very competitive rate and will always check first.
10/03/2014 NU Car Rentals 09/12/2014 Ivette G. MCO Very good customer service. I will recommend. Thanks
10/03/2014 ACE 09/03/2014 WENDELL S. MIA We would like to give a special thanks to the driver that to took us to the airport on Thursday morning my wife has trouble walking she has a lot of health concerns he show kindness help us.THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KINDNESS THE COMPANY SHOW US!!
10/03/2014 Firefly 09/09/2014 LYNNETTE H. SFO Excellent service at SFO?Highly recommended!!
10/03/2014 Dollar 09/04/2014 DIANE K. HOU Getting our car once at the lot was slow, but it was a problem with availability (probably due to airline cancellations, weather, etc.) and they didn't have the car we ordered, but gave us a much nicer one, with no hassling, etc. Also, they didn't hassle us about insurance, which was a real surprise considering some experiences we've had in the past. I will definitely rent from CarRentals again - good value for the money.
10/03/2014 Enterprise 09/05/2014 RAFAEL D. SJU The rental experience was great and the website definitely made it possible with it's low quotes. I'll be looking forward for my next trip, hopefully soon.
10/03/2014 Enterprise 09/28/2014 HELENA S. HOU Continue doing a great job.
10/03/2014 ACE 07/10/2014 CRAIG W. ORD Excellent experience all around . I was very impressed with ACE
10/03/2014 Hertz 09/03/2014 MARTI L. SFOC11 This was so easy.
10/03/2014 Fox 08/07/2014 JAY M. FLL Overall experience (my 1st with FOX but not 1st with was quite good. The wait in F. L. for the shuttle was a bit long, but the drop off at F.M. was great. Quick and easy.
10/03/2014 Thrifty 08/30/2014 DEREK H. OGG Nice car, very clean on pickup .
10/03/2014 Enterprise 09/25/2014 LARRY S. TYR everyone treated us very very kindly and worked with our messed up schedule. we were especially impressed with Katelyn Tallant at the Tyler Airport.... you are doing an amazing job training the wonderful people who work at Enterprise. thank you.
10/03/2014 Hertz 09/30/2014 DANNY K. ANAE01 Outstanding service that I would reccommend to anyone.
10/03/2014 Dollar 03/07/2014 JUN J. YVRC10 I do appreciate the excellent price drop alert from car!
10/03/2014 Hertz 08/30/2014 PAUL W. DFWN07 Great deal - Great value
10/03/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 09/30/2014 ZHENDONG C. ATL We had reservation at 11:30pm on 9/30, but when arrived the counter by 12:10, we were told that the counter closed! We'll have to manage ourselves in the midnight... Fortunately came with another agent Eppy, who's extremely helpful! She helped finding a vehicle manually and accomplished rental procedure, so were able to leave with the car. Many thanks to Eppy, who impressed us with SixT!
10/03/2014 Advantage 09/11/2014 RUSSELL M. HNL I was a bit skeptical at first, but the service from Advantage was great and using made it even easier. Great job!
10/03/2014 Advantage 09/27/2014 YUKIKO A. SLC Good price. Got free upgrade for choosing them to fill gas on return. I didn't need to pay for the 1/4 tank I used!
10/03/2014 Advantage 09/09/2014 JUDY M. BNA I was very happy to find an airport electric cart with a delightful driver upon my return to 'shuttle' me to the ticket counter, I was not looking forward to that walk.
10/03/2014 Alamo 09/25/2014 ANDRUS S. IAD Excellent job, this trip was aided by this car rental experience which was great!
10/03/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 08/06/2014 RAYMOND E. MCO Great Experience!
10/03/2014 Alamo 09/26/2014 ANDRES A. IAD Good job by shuttle driver and office person.
10/02/2014 Fox 09/18/2014 TERRANCE R. LAX Nice car, great price..all good
10/02/2014 Enterprise 09/23/2014 ANNIE J. 03V1 Great experience all around!
10/02/2014 Dollar 09/02/2014 CONSTANCE W. TUS Great rates
10/02/2014 Enterprise 09/11/2014 MONIQUE M. OAK was very easy to use, I would recommend this site to all my friends and most definitely use them again.
10/02/2014 Alamo 07/18/2014 LEOLA W. FLL Great service - thank you.
10/02/2014 Budget 09/17/2014 DIANA R. MFR No problems, price and car were exactly as promised!
10/01/2014 NU Car Rentals 09/04/2014 ZANE W. MCO Already referred a coworker to reserve his rental car on for his upcoming vacation.
10/01/2014 Alamo 09/26/2014 GUSTAVO A. DFW Great experience
10/01/2014 Enterprise 09/22/2014 RICHARD S. 1721 Good Deal
09/30/2014 Enterprise 09/14/2014 THOSHA H. LAX I only use to rent cars.. I love the site and it is easy to use. I've been 100% satisfied with this company. I tell any and everyone who will listen that is the best site to use when looking to rent a car or a van!
09/30/2014 Enterprise 09/24/2014 RANDY D. LAX Great in & out experience. I Will come again and I will refer.
09/30/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 09/20/2014 MARC L. MAN Great experience. No issues.
09/30/2014 Fox 09/09/2014 RUBEN D. LAX I am definitely recommending this to my friends and family. Front desk staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.I got a great deal and the front staff did such a great job that I will be back and I will yelp and recommend this place.
09/30/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 09/21/2014 STEPHEN L T. MIA Outstanding service. I will be renting from you again next week.
09/30/2014 Airport Van Rental 09/04/2014 JOHN A. SJC Staff was great. I needed an extra day and they gave it at the rate that was made prior. Everyone was friendly and helpful.
09/30/2014 Dollar 08/09/2014 MAX L. MHT You are doing things right. Keep it up.
09/30/2014 Dollar 09/22/2014 JAMES H. JAX A really outstanding experience with dollar and
09/30/2014 Avis 09/24/2014 ELLEN G. LAX I have been using this site for all my car rental needs for over 7 years with great satisfaction.
09/30/2014 U-Save 09/03/2014 JAMIE S. SNA The man who took care of us was very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. He went above and beyond, thank you very much!
09/30/2014 Enterprise 09/17/2014 BARBARA S. PDX It was all perfect!
09/30/2014 Enterprise 09/08/2014 CYNTHIA N. DSM I forgot to bring the confirmation number with me when I went to picked up the car. The staff made it easy for me, I didn't have to worry about anything. They took care of everyhting for me.
09/30/2014 Enterprise 09/21/2014 WILLIE F. BUR You saved me money & made my business trip less stressful. Thanks
09/29/2014 Fox 06/22/2014 JAMES H. LAS Great experience, great customer service, great value. Thank you made my trip comfortable and relaxing
09/29/2014 Enterprise 09/17/2014 MARIO A. 1211 Great job. Thanks. Enterprise is my favorite car rental agency.
09/29/2014 Hertz 09/25/2014 MATT P. EWR Did two rentals from you folks and both went well and very professional. Thank You
09/29/2014 Advantage 09/21/2014 MARC J. LAX Carrentals. Com, you guys rule! : )
09/29/2014 Alamo 09/15/2014 BARTON N. ORF My experience using and renting from Alamo was outstanding. I love the friendly service Alamo staff provided.
09/29/2014 Enterprise 09/19/2014 GREGORY F. 5004 awesome deal and service!
09/29/2014 Enterprise 09/25/2014 GHASSAN O. SMX Great value for the money Thank you
09/29/2014 Economy Rent a Car 09/22/2014 JANNA M. EWR At first I was angry because the car was not actually at the airport, but the ride was short and it was a very pleasant place to rent the car. It was also easy to get back to and was open during the hours we needed for the shuttle back to the airport.
09/29/2014 Alamo 08/11/2014 CAROL S. OAK I love! I use it all the time because I can keep checking back to see if the rental price has dropped.
09/29/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 06/16/2014 LARRY R. FLL Best car rental experience. When do you expect to be in PBI?
09/29/2014 Alamo 09/25/2014 CHARMAINE R. DTW I dont normally respond to surveys but Alamo was the best experience I had renting a car to date. Josh, the manager of the Detroit, MI office was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The staff seemed happy, and they had a festive friday theme going on. I will definitely rent with Alamo again.
09/29/2014 Payless 09/15/2014 JOHN W. DEN Well done. Thank you.
09/29/2014 Alamo 09/22/2014 BRANDON G. SAN Everything you would expect from renting a car was great (the rate, the car, the shuttle, etc.), but the staff was exceptional. From the counter staff to the car attendants to both of the shuttle bus drivers, everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. This was my first experience with Alamo, and I'd definitely make a point to rent from them again.
09/29/2014 Advantage 08/27/2014 PATRICIA B. RSW Very friendly staff, smooth pick-up, return and shuttle service. Thanks,
09/29/2014 Enterprise 08/21/2014 TROY P. LAS Enterprise staff all very friendly and helpful. Very fast check out and check in.
09/29/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 05/29/2014 JOHN K. FLL Nice upgrade from Corolla to Camray. The entire E-Z staff was top notch. Return was done quickly and the staff was very professional.
09/29/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 09/20/2014 HARRIET H. DFW I had not traveled without a family member for some time, and the E-Z Rental staff went out of their way to help me and make sure I was familiar with the car before I headed out from the airport. Great experience.
09/29/2014 Enterprise 09/14/2014 RONALD G. LGA Best car rental experience ever!
09/28/2014 ACE 09/11/2014 MARK H. MSP Great Value. Very good service.
09/28/2014 Enterprise 09/08/2014 CAMPBELL M. HSV Great rental experience
09/28/2014 Firefly 08/21/2014 DOLORES R. LAX Great experience
09/27/2014 Enterprise 09/18/2014 SAID A. 5339 great service thank you
09/27/2014 Enterprise 09/08/2014 JANIE B. 5563 We had an excellent vacation. Rental car was awesome, great gas mileage. Can't wait until next vacation. I will recommend your services to all my friends and family.
09/27/2014 Budget 09/12/2014 ANN H. A4T The best car rental experience I've ever had.
09/27/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 09/09/2014 KATHLEEN M. LAS the ease of use, the convenience and the knowledge that you have gotten the best deal are all a given with no need to go anywhere else.
09/26/2014 Avis 09/23/2014 EDWARD S. CO3 Thanks, great job!
09/26/2014 Budget 08/21/2014 PELE T. UT6 services was great, price was great, will for sure return for more rentals
09/26/2014 Thrifty 09/12/2014 MARION L. OGG Excellent everything. The care was great, the price was better.
09/26/2014 Enterprise 09/14/2014 GEMMA G. 4609 Excellent service. No problems. Fluid interations. Will do it again. Thanks for the great experience.
09/26/2014 Aco Rent A Car 09/19/2014 GARRY H. MCO GREAT VALUE I WILL BE BACK THANKS
09/25/2014 Avis 09/04/2014 ARTHUR G. K6N I've always been very satisfied with I've always received the car (or a better one) at the rate quote I was given.
09/25/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 08/21/2014 ANTHONY E K. LAS great experience. will use this site again
09/25/2014 NU Car Rentals 09/07/2014 JAINAUTH D. FLL rate for the car was great and the car was outstanding
09/25/2014 Thrifty 09/16/2014 IBA A. IA4 Great website for car rentals. It has the best offers.
09/25/2014 Hertz 09/04/2014 HARVEY B. BZN good value
09/25/2014 Enterprise 08/18/2014 NANCY Y. PDX It was a great deal. Thank you.
09/25/2014 Enterprise 09/04/2014 DOUG S. 4504 All was awesome...thanks
09/24/2014 Advantage 09/15/2014 BALDE S. OGG the whole transaction was a breeze, and the service was great! keep up the good work.
09/24/2014 Avis 09/12/2014 JOYCE N. RNO The price was $300 better than any other car rental company.
09/24/2014 Alamo 09/01/2014 SHEILA S. LIT I was pleased with the car and price.
09/24/2014 Alamo 09/02/2014 DAVID C. DEN The best automotive rental experience we have ever had.
09/24/2014 Thrifty 09/16/2014 ANGELICA G. TUS Great service!!
09/24/2014 Alamo 09/06/2014 STEVE S. SFOC71 Thank you for a great experience!
09/24/2014 Hertz 08/05/2014 STEVEN M. DENC01 Great experience.