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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
01/02/2015 Hertz 12/28/2014 MARA ELENA P. ONTC02 Your staff all professional A+
01/02/2015 Enterprise 12/25/2014 LAWRENCE H. 4139 I would like to thank Wendy Lehmann who did an outstanding job when the car I ordered was not available. Her magnificent legwork got my family in a vehicle pronto and she explained everything to me and I couldn't be more impressed. I noticed that she was a very hands on manager, covered a lot of ground for your company and would like to thank her again for her excellent work. Our family will return to this location anytime we travel north.
01/01/2015 Enterprise 11/15/2014 MANJUNATHA SHASTRI N. 4411 Excellent service.. keep it up..
01/01/2015 Enterprise 11/08/2014 JOAN M. 32H3 Excellent service, thank you!
01/01/2015 Enterprise 12/08/2014 DEBORAH M. 4034 Very good experience - would definitely rent again through
01/01/2015 Alamo 12/10/2014 RON D. CAE Everything was smooth and easy.
01/01/2015 Hertz 12/15/2014 RICHARD G. LGBE01 Very satisfied customer. I'll be back. ....
01/01/2015 Hertz 11/30/2014 LAURIE F. LGBC15 I was very satisfied :)
01/01/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 11/06/2014 BLANCA M. MCO Thank you!!! Awesome service!!!
01/01/2015 Enterprise 07/23/2014 JOHNATHAN C. BHX As usual, everything went according to plan. Thanks again.
12/31/2014 Avis 03/27/2014 JUAN MANUEL V. S4J Everything was beyond expectations. Thanks!
12/31/2014 Alamo 11/28/2014 JAMES L. LIT Excellent service--very pleased.
12/31/2014 Enterprise 10/21/2014 WILLIAM S. 4167 It was a great experience and will do business with you again
12/30/2014 Enterprise 12/14/2014 ALTON L. VGT great job guys !! will use you again :)
12/30/2014 Enterprise 11/09/2014 Garry S. PDX Great experience. Well done.
12/30/2014 Alamo 11/13/2014 ANTHONY N. ORD Great experience. Thank you. I really appreciated it.
12/30/2014 Enterprise 12/17/2014 THERESA R. 42B1 I am very happy with the service I received. Everyone was very nice and helpful.
12/30/2014 Alamo 12/26/2014 JEROME A W. PIT I have tried other online rental services, but I feel that you are the best. I will be back again. Have bookmarked your site for future use.
12/30/2014 Budget 12/26/2014 MICHAEL B. MCO CarRentals had great rates. . Beat everyone else!
12/30/2014 Payless 12/11/2014 ELLEN C D. MCO Love CarRentals
12/30/2014 Avis 12/22/2014 MOHAMED O. AU1 Thanks CarRental so much. I received the confirmation email directly. This my first time with CarRental however it will never be the last.
12/30/2014 Dollar 09/25/2014 AMENDOLA C. PIT It was delightful dealing with I got a great deal.
12/30/2014 Alamo 12/21/2014 PHYLLIS D. GSP Great customer service from Alamo and great prices through The automobile was excellent.
12/30/2014 Alamo 11/06/2014 RODNEY P. SFB Very slick and easy process, especially for me who rarely rents cars. Vehicle was excellent condition. Website easy to use and will recommend. Thanks!
12/30/2014 Advantage 12/05/2014 RICKY T. SMF GREAT!!!! we travel and had the best ride ever.. THANK YOU
12/30/2014 Avis 12/26/2014 CINDY C. BPT Outstanding rental experience!!!
12/29/2014 Alamo 12/24/2014 UMAKANTH G. SJC Very good service. Thanks!!
12/29/2014 Dollar 12/22/2014 NYLEN A. PDX Beautiful new vehicle. Thank you!
12/29/2014 Avis 12/15/2014 PATRICIA V. KIM Keep up the high standards of excellent service delivery ! Thank you.
12/29/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 08/12/2014 JOHN D. SAN Nice people and quick service
12/29/2014 Enterprise 12/03/2014 SHAUNTIA W. 32DA The car was quiet very reliable the staff was very friendly they were thorough and offered shuttle service but I didn't need it.
12/29/2014 Advantage 11/18/2014 JOHN W. LAS The manager at the time of rental went out of his way for us to be satisfied! We always go directly to Advantage from the car website.
12/29/2014 Dollar 12/04/2014 PERFECTO S. GRK At first I had a vehicle wich was not driveable but Dollar made sure I was very satisfied with their service and evrything came well and no complaints. Very grateful for their customer service. Was just a little over pricey but customer satisfaccion paid the rest.
12/29/2014 Enterprise 12/13/2014 MELISSA M. ABQ Enterprise has the best customer service bar none
12/29/2014 Enterprise 12/15/2014 LANISHA C. 08C3 The Enterprise staff were very accommodating during the busy holiday rental time.
12/29/2014 Enterprise 08/25/2014 DAVID N. MKE Wonderful experience. The Enterprise customer service exceeded my expectation and earned my future business.
12/29/2014 Firefly 12/03/2014 WILLIAM P. OAK The Firefly clerk was very professional and had excellent customer service skills.
12/29/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 12/20/2014 FRANCIS O. PHX I was shocked at what a great deal this was. I will definitely use both and sixt again.
12/29/2014 Enterprise 11/08/2014 PATRICK L. CLE Great service from Enterprise
12/28/2014 Alamo 12/20/2014 BRENT D. AUS Everything was great, good price, great service. I was very happy.
12/28/2014 Enterprise 12/15/2014 CODY J. 560H Great job thank you.
12/28/2014 Enterprise 12/14/2014 EURANA H. 32C9 I am always please the value of the rentals that I have made reservation for, through Thank you!!!
12/28/2014 Thrifty 12/01/2014 ROBERT K. TPA Great website with the best available prices on the internet!
12/28/2014 Budget 12/07/2014 RONALD M. C4K service was very good and professional.
12/28/2014 Alamo 12/15/2014 TIMOTHY S. DEN Absolutely no complaints!
12/28/2014 Budget 11/22/2014 CHARLES H. SJC Super easy process and will definitely do again.
12/28/2014 Enterprise 12/20/2014 BYRON C. 2414 I always thought I would be the loser if I rented a car but this experience changed my thinking. It was convinient, cool and economic. Will definitely be back for some more.
12/28/2014 ACE 11/20/2014 RICHARD C. MSP Very nice. Much better than Hotwire!
12/28/2014 Avis 10/28/2014 JOSUE P. SJU Car rental is the easiest and cheapest way to get a car
12/27/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 07/12/2014 ARTHUR S R. FLL Outstanding car. Fair price. Great service! Many thanks!
12/27/2014 Fox 02/06/2014 MARK M. SAN I had read negative comments about Fox but wanted to give them a try anyway. I couldn't have been more satisfied. I am a very frequent traveler and this was the easiest rental I have experienced in a very long time. Way to go Fox!!!!
12/26/2014 Dollar 12/10/2014 SUSAN M. MKE Love this service!
12/26/2014 Fox 11/05/2014 RONALD R. LAS Great staff; appreciated the prompt service and courtesy.
12/26/2014 Dollar 11/15/2014 JOHN H. MCO Agent, Ali Guennoun provided excellent service; very knowledgable, courteous, and looked out for our interests. We give him an A+. 😃
12/26/2014 Enterprise 12/17/2014 TERESITA C. SEA My family and friends are currently using this website and most of us are renting from Enterprise. THANK YOU AND keep up the great service!
12/26/2014 ACE 11/21/2014 NORMAN H. FLL Great car. Great service. Very Impressed.
12/26/2014 Enterprise 12/02/2014 KHALILAH L. MCI Always a great experience with
12/26/2014 Alamo 12/05/2014 MICHAEL P. HNL You guys made renting a car simple and affordable. Will definitely use you guys again. Thanks
12/25/2014 Budget 11/20/2014 LILY Z. QC7 Good experience renting the big car. Easy to drive, very smooth. Will rent it again as needed. Thank you!
12/25/2014 Alamo 12/15/2014 CHRISTOPHER F. ORD I was very happy with the vehicle they gave. The price to rent the vehicle for the week was outstanding. I would definately rent from you guys again. Keep up the good work.
12/25/2014 Fox 11/11/2014 RONALD G. LAS Great value, service, and overall experince
12/25/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 12/14/2014 MARY JO A. CUN I got lost dropping off my car and was really late for my flight! Your staff got the shuttle to pick us up ASAP and got us on our way. They worked really fast and really helped calm down my stress of missing my flight! EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT JOB!!!! Plus your prices were so affordable. Perfect for what we needed!!! Thanks so much!
12/25/2014 Enterprise 12/01/2014 GORDON F. SLC Prearranged with enterprise people to get wheelchair for my wife at car reurn. They did a great job in helping us and the chair was there hen we arrived
12/25/2014 Alamo 12/12/2014 DIANE W. SEA Love the price and the fact you adhere to it. Very convenient rental facility. Nice car.
12/25/2014 Fox 12/18/2014 JANEEN V. SAN Great experience with Fox and CarRentals. Fox is reliable and honors their prices; their service is fast and fair. I will rent from them again and use CarRentals again.
12/25/2014 Alamo 11/04/2014 ALLEN H V. KOA Awesome experience. The staff at Alamo were extremely friendly and helpful. Their electronic kiosk system is very efficient and user-friendly. I will definitely use again and Alamo will be my first choice of car rental agencies.
12/24/2014 ACE 12/17/2014 PHILLIP E. RSW Great experience. Highly recommended.
12/24/2014 Enterprise 12/18/2014 LOIDA F. 32CF The staff were so friendly and accommodating!
12/23/2014 Enterprise 12/09/2014 HERBERT F. 23D7 I have never been disappointed so far. I will only rent from I will also refer my friends wishing to rent a vehicle.
12/23/2014 Payless 12/16/2014 JEFF R. LAS This was the second time we used and have been very satisfied both times.
12/23/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 11/18/2014 DENNIS G. MCO great prices. would use again.
12/23/2014 Budget 12/13/2014 BRADFORD B. RDU Everything was great. I have already recommended to others.
12/23/2014 Budget 12/17/2014 PERCY A. OKC CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE
12/23/2014 Hertz 12/17/2014 PERCY A. OKC GREAT VALUE ON EVERY RENTAL
12/23/2014 Payless 12/10/2014 DANIEL O. MCO is a great tool, a great resource. I've been using it for a long time. I travel all year around and go to a lot of different destinations in the USA.
12/23/2014 Advantage 11/24/2014 COLIN F. TPA A great experience. Loved the rental car.
12/22/2014 Payless 12/18/2014 HERLINDA M. SJC Great service. .I recommend it to all my friends
12/22/2014 Alamo 11/11/2014 HAROLD A. TPA Was quick, easy, no hassle - loved it!
12/22/2014 Budget 12/13/2014 EVETTE L. CI5 Great experience!!! Thank you so much!
12/22/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 12/13/2014 JOHN E. LAX Thank you for putting together great deals.
12/21/2014 Advantage 12/11/2014 EDWARD C. DEN Super value great car!
12/20/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 11/28/2014 CRISPINO F. MCO thank you for a great ride!!
12/20/2014 Budget 11/09/2014 EDO K. TLV Great experience altogether.
12/19/2014 Enterprise 12/05/2014 TERESA R. 3270 excellent service
12/18/2014 Alamo 10/18/2014 DAVID K. SFOC71 great value
12/18/2014 Hertz 12/08/2014 GILBERTO C. PTKW01 Definitely will rent again. Will go nowhere else.
12/18/2014 Fox 12/09/2014 LIZ H. LAX Quick and efficient!
12/18/2014 Enterprise 11/21/2014 GERI G. PDX Rules!!!!!!
12/18/2014 Enterprise 12/14/2014 VICTOR A. YOW Great experience
12/18/2014 Fox 10/21/2014 AILEEN W. LAS I have always used for as long as came into business. It has the best rates of all other car companies.
12/18/2014 Alamo 12/07/2014 MARILYN K. STL As a first time user, I was Very pleased with the customer service received. The vehicle was an excellent choice for the price. Definitely will use services again.
12/18/2014 Enterprise 12/15/2014 JAMES K. BWI Great service and value!
12/17/2014 U-Save 12/12/2014 DARRYL P. EWR I was greeted nicely and all transactions were quick. I will definitely do business with this company again.
12/17/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 09/19/2014 ROBERT W. DEN good value, very frienly counter staff,shuttle driver was very friendly.Will use EZ the next time in town. Thanks,Bob.
12/17/2014 Alamo 11/25/2014 TONI P. MDW Stephanie of Alamo / National Car Rental at Chicago Midway Airport did an excellent job!
12/17/2014 NU Car Rentals 11/30/2014 KEVIN W. FLL is the BEST!!!
12/17/2014 Alamo 12/07/2014 DELPHINE M. DFW Everyone was courteous and professional
12/17/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 11/11/2014 RICHARD M. LAX Manager and Asst. manager changed my car due to a bad tire. They came to Irvine to make the switch. Good people who care!!
12/17/2014 Enterprise 11/27/2014 JAMES PERRY C. PSP awesome from start to finish, super quick for pick up and drop off.
12/17/2014 Advantage 12/13/2014 RONALD A. MSP Easy fast process. Planning on renting again this weekend!