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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
02/20/2014 Enterprise 02/08/2014 KATHERINE F. BNA It was a great experience and we will definitely use both companies again.
02/20/2014 Budget 02/14/2014 ANN C. WE3 Great service and value. Thanks!
02/20/2014 Dollar 02/17/2014 HELEN H. SAV Always great service when I choose
02/20/2014 Enterprise 11/23/2013 MICHAEL D. 3603 excellent value for the money...Enterprise, you have my business!!!
02/20/2014 Enterprise 02/07/2014 CHRISTINE B. 3236 Prices are great, especially in todays economy. They afford me the ability to travel in comfort & safety. Thank you!
02/19/2014 Alamo 01/08/2014 CHERYL T. SAN Alamo was fantastic!!! I had not used them in the past, I assure you I will in the future! Mason was on the desk and was great!!!
02/19/2014 Dollar 01/20/2014 MICHAEL P. SFO Got an UNBELIEVABLE rate on Dollar through, first of all. Secondly, the Dollar staff were great - particularly the gentleman who handled my return at SFO on 2/18 around 3:50 AM, he's great - friendly, efficient, pleasant to deal with. I've had him handle my return before and thought he was very good then as well.
02/19/2014 Alamo 02/14/2014 WILL R. YYZ I booked through Alamo. They had a bottle of water for me at check in, I was upgraded and everyone was very friendly. I was provided a list of contact numbers in case I needed anything and someone called 24 hours in to make sure everything was going well. I work in management at a five star hotel in Toronto and Alamo did EVERYTHING right. They've got a new customer for life.
02/19/2014 Alamo 02/17/2014 SHARLYN C. PBI Love and love Alamo. I use that combo a lot, can't go wrong thx quick, fast, reliable service every time in every city all over the country.
02/19/2014 Thrifty 02/14/2014 RUDOLPH A. FAY CarRentals saved me so much money that i was able to use that saved money to enjoy the long weekend with my son prior to him deploying back to Afghanistan. Thanks
02/18/2014 Firefly 01/21/2014 STEPHEN C. HNL Rental car rates was affordable. Thank you Car Rentals.....
02/18/2014 Airport Van Rental 02/11/2014 KYOUNG R. LAX Wish I knew about AVR before. The price for minivan is very very good - actually cheaper than economy car.
02/18/2014 Midway Car Rental 01/26/2014 JON B. LAX Loved that the line at the rental counter was non-existent. Very quick and professional service.
02/18/2014 Enterprise 08/22/2013 MARK A. 3643 The experience was the best we have had renting a vehicle on Kauai!! Looking forward to the next time!!!
02/18/2014 Firefly 01/20/2014 ALEXANDER S. LAX Excellent experience first time with Firefly! Will pick Firefly again!
02/18/2014 Enterprise 02/02/2014 KARTHIK K. SEA I love this service, have rented many times using CarRentals and I am impressed each time.
02/18/2014 Payless 02/10/2014 CORA R. PHL2 Your staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about my reservation. They had my vehicle ready for me upon arrival.
02/18/2014 Enterprise 02/05/2014 DENIS C. PBI Great staff at the PBI location. Upon returning the car, I wasn't out of the driver's seat and our bags were already on the shuttle waiting for me. Would gladly recommend Enterprise and more specifically this location to other people.
02/18/2014 Fox 02/09/2014 TRACY S. PHX FOX was awesome. Upgraded A LOT!!! Great deal. NO questions on my rates.
02/18/2014 Firefly 01/15/2014 JEFF L. FLL Your staff was Outstanding
02/17/2014 Alamo 01/31/2014 KAREN D. YYZ excellent customer service from and Alamo. I would use both services again indeed...
02/17/2014 Alamo 01/14/2014 DAVID O. TPA Used the KIOSK at rental counter, IT WAS GREAT,Quick, Efficient, no lines, never spoke with a counter representative.
02/17/2014 Budget 01/29/2014 RICHARD T. TRI Very enjoyable experience. An automatic upgrade was extended to me for no additional charge, and this made for a more than expected enjoyable experience. Many Thanks!
02/17/2014 Hertz 02/11/2014 CESAR L. ANAC14 First time using and definitely will do so again.
02/17/2014 Advantage 01/15/2014 CHARLES S. LAS I've rented two times with Both rentals were great! Thanks.
02/17/2014 Enterprise 01/11/2014 MANUBHAI B. SFO Car rental experience was positive and as expected.
02/17/2014 Thrifty 11/11/2013 RONALD M. FLL Thank you "".
02/17/2014 Enterprise 02/11/2014 WILLIAM P. 06D1 Best service ever from this local office
02/16/2014 Alamo 02/10/2014 EHAB J. LAS Loved the upgrade to the Mustang. That was the cherry on top for my honeymoon :)
02/16/2014 Hertz 02/05/2014 STEVEN W. FAYC17 worked great, will rent again next week.
02/15/2014 Enterprise 02/10/2014 MYRON E. 3210 Great experience, manager of the store was awesome!
02/15/2014 ACE 01/19/2014 RICHARD C. JAX Alicia was exceptional, and the rest of the staff we're great. I will reccomend their company
02/15/2014 Advantage 12/11/2013 KENNETH C. SMF I was very satisfied! I mistakenly reserved the car for the wrong day. I called the Sacremento desk directly. They accommadated me by moving the reservation one day.
02/15/2014 Fox 02/06/2014 JERRY G. LAS The staff there was very helpful. Jay at the front desk went above and beyond to help me. I will only rent from fox now. It was the best car rental place I ever been too. Thanks Jay for all your help. I will be back!!!!!
02/14/2014 ACE 02/10/2014 LETICIA G. AUS William was great, kind, and on point with the company's info/policies. I will definitely like to rent from ACE again.
02/14/2014 Advantage 02/10/2014 CARL S. DEN Quickest, surest car rental experience I've had both picking up and returning.
02/14/2014 Fox 01/20/2014 JOSEPH M. SFO Glad to use your service. Has always been a A+ experience.
02/13/2014 ACE 01/08/2014 RYAN H. SJU Everyone was very kind at ACE, it was a bit slow on the shuttle to the rental. But check in and check out time made up for it, very fast! I even forgot my luggage there and they held it for me for the entire week! We had a great experience and the best prices I could find was with ACE.
02/13/2014 Fox 01/07/2014 JAMES T. PHX car was great, staff even better. enjoyed our experience. thanks
02/13/2014 Enterprise 01/26/2014 WILLIAM L. HNL Very good service and vehicle was great! Thanks
02/13/2014 Thrifty 02/09/2014 DANIEL A. SAN I Thank you for being available to serve the need of customers with choice of cars, best prices and availability with timely service. Thank You!
02/13/2014 Alamo 01/25/2014 DEBRA L. FLL The most outstanding experience we have ever received in a car rental! I couldn't believe the ease of the whole experience. Most refreshing!
02/13/2014 Advantage 01/30/2014 CHRISTIA B. DEN Love Advantage rental!!!!!!!! and prices :)
02/12/2014 Enterprise 02/03/2014 ANNIE M. DCA The service has outstanding. Due to my physical impairment, I was given a chair to use while my request was being processed. Very professional and courteous staff. Next time, I will take you up on your offer of buying insurance online. Thanks
02/12/2014 Enterprise 02/01/2014 ELENA S. 32FE wonderful, knowledgeable team
02/12/2014 ACE 12/16/2013 ROCCO F. ORD One of the best car rental experiences I have ever had. I will definitely rent from Ace again.
02/12/2014 Firefly 02/03/2014 ANTHONY P. LAS Had a great experience renting from Firefly. The price was excellent and the condition of the vehicle was completely satisfactory. I would definitely rent from you again if you are at a location I am in. Thanks for making me a customer for life!!!
02/12/2014 Budget 02/05/2014 WILLIAM H. ELP Hassle-free car rental experience. Thanks!
02/12/2014 ACE 12/05/2013 RICHARD R. SJU We were very pleased with renting our car through ACE and!! Thank You!!
02/12/2014 Fox 02/03/2014 QUINCY T. SAN To the staff of Fox Rental Car, think you for making renting a car painless!! I am planning a family trip, and you will be my first choices, and I am telling all my friends about the great services.
02/12/2014 Midway Car Rental 01/30/2014 QUY L. LAX Outstanding service and promptness.
02/11/2014 Alamo 02/02/2014 RONALD H. PDX I have rented a lot with CarRentals and very pleased with your connections with the car companies. Keep sending me more rental deals. Thanks Ronald K. H
02/11/2014 Fox 12/22/2013 MATTHEW O. SJD this is the 4th time we rented from Fox. The service has been great and we always get the car that we request. has given us very good pricing and we appreciate looking forward to using their website again. This past visit I left my coat on the desk and week later when I return the car they remembered me and have my coat waiting for me. Thank you for all the great service!
02/11/2014 Enterprise 02/02/2014 JAMILA J. SFO This is my second time renting through car, both times I had very good experience, and will continue to rent through Thank you, From one satisfies customer!!!
02/11/2014 Enterprise 02/05/2014 ABIMBOLA J. PGV Car you are FABULOUS!!!!
02/11/2014 ACE 01/26/2014 DAN H. ORD I had never heard of Ace before I rented the car. They were efficient and very easy to deal with.
02/11/2014 Advantage 01/25/2014 ROBERT M. DEN Just loved the car rental experience. Thanks very much for all you do! - Rob
02/10/2014 Advantage 02/06/2014 FRED P. LAS always hooks me up with a good deal. I will continue to use you.
02/10/2014 Budget 02/06/2014 ERIK D. LG7 Great fast service. Painless.
02/10/2014 Firefly 01/30/2014 LARRY M. LAX I was extremely pleased with my car rental from Firefly. I intend to rent from you again whenever there is the opportunity in the city I am visiting. Thank you very much.
02/10/2014 Enterprise 01/31/2014 LAUREEN S. 3288 My entire experience was exceptional... would definitely recommend Enterprise car rentals ... thanks again
02/10/2014 Fox 01/19/2014 DOUGLAS M. LAS I am truly pleased with Fox and CarRentals and will use them as often as necessary .
02/10/2014 Enterprise 01/15/2014 DAVID P. 36EW Great experience with I searched on a few different sites as well as direct with Enterprise and other car rental companies. I feel I got the best rate. I was initially concerned that since I didn't have to pay upfront, that my rate may not be honored but it was and with no problems. It was a great experience and I will be using again as well as suggesting it to others I know who plan on renting cars.
02/10/2014 Hertz 02/07/2014 KRISTEN S. EWRE11 It was excellent to be able to make a reservation that included a return-time outside of business hours; because this location does have a mechanism for returning vehicles after hours. Other rental sites would only let me schedule my reservation time for business hours, which would not have been efficient in my case.
02/10/2014 Firefly 01/14/2014 SPENCER M. MCO I am long time Avis customer who decided to try Firefly for the first. Had never heard of them so was nervous. I was extremely pleased with my experience. The staff was nice, the car was outstanding and the price was fantastic. Excellent experience!!!
02/10/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 02/01/2014 DONALD M. 4599 Great agents...Thanks, Star!!
02/10/2014 Fox 01/13/2014 THOMAS J M. RSW continued satisfaction with
02/09/2014 Fox 01/27/2014 JAMES H. MIA Absolutely psyched to be able to get a Fiat for the day! Thanks especially to the Miami crew for making the process so easy. Great team there.
02/09/2014 Enterprise 01/21/2014 DUANE A. ORD Everything Enterprise is cracked up to be. The weather of course, was horrendous but staff was bundled up,and friendly. Shuttle drivers, both ways, courteous and efficient in Chicago traffic. All in all, a good experience.
02/09/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 12/29/2013 CHI S. MIA Nice car! Like it very much! Don't even what to return it! :)
02/09/2014 Dollar 01/17/2014 RADU I. IAH I already booked another car through your services. I'm very pleased with your rates and services.
02/09/2014 Thrifty 01/24/2014 LESTER W. MCO We received an exceptionally clean car .... gas consumption was great .... staff was very friendly, professional and speedy .... we would definitely rent from Thrifty on our next vacation.
02/08/2014 Alamo 02/05/2014 LYNELLE D. YYC I was very happy with the friendly staff and service. Outstanding and I will definitely rent from Alamo again and recommend them to my friends.
02/08/2014 ACE 01/29/2014 DAWN D. ORD Very satisfied with all aspects of ACE! Had never heard of this company before. Will definitely use this rental company again! Thank you.
02/08/2014 Economy Rent a Car 02/05/2014 ANDRINO K. MIA Your staff was great!!!This was my first time with you and you can be sure that I will rent from you again and recomend it to my family and friends.
02/08/2014 ACE 02/02/2014 DAVID L. AUS Great experience! I was hesitant to rent from an "off-brand" agency, but ACE lived up to its name. We received a car with less than 250 miles on it. Great rental and return service. I'd recommend ACE to anyone!
02/07/2014 Budget 02/03/2014 LAJUANA B. IV3 This was by far the best car rental experience I've ever had. I was in and out with my rental in under 5 minutes with an unbeatable rate. I will always use!
02/07/2014 Payless 01/10/2014 JANET K. MCO Great value and good service. Thanks
02/07/2014 Budget 12/28/2013 LAUREL M. CAK Serius radio was a nice plus
02/07/2014 Alamo 02/01/2014 DANIEL P. OAK First time using and was very pleased with great pricing and direct connection with rental company. Will definitely use the service again and will let friends and family know.
02/06/2014 Hertz 01/27/2014 CHRISTI K. CNS Great rate through Also, had no trouble returning my hire car earlier than planned; staff at Cairns Airport were extremely helpful, efficient and friendly. Thanks!
02/06/2014 Enterprise 01/13/2014 JOEY N. YEG Staff at Enterprise at the YEG (Edmonton Airport), is always fantastic! Friendly and super helpful! Thank you to all!
02/06/2014 ACE 01/02/2014 DANIEL S. ORD The service was quick, the people friendly, and the vehicle was immaculate. Plus I got a nicer care than was promised. Keep up the good work!
02/06/2014 Midway Car Rental 01/31/2014 CHARNJEET S. LAX First time for us to rent from midway and use Overall we were very impressed beginning with the shuttle and the driver's customer service to the pick up counter. They even gave us a deal for the GPS which is something we couldnot have done without as we did a lot of driving in LA area. I had spent a lot of time looking for good deals and this was one of the best. The car was new and very clean. Would highly recommend it to others and would also use them again....thank you!!
02/05/2014 Firefly 02/03/2014 MICHAEL D. LAS is the best rental service out there. I like that you do not have to pay upfront and that you have great prices which are honored by any rental car company that I have reserved through car After using your site, I have used the most popular and biggest rental car companies as well as companies that I have never heard of and they all worked out extremely well. I have used the service in multiple states, at busy and slow times and you can keep checking the prices to see if there is a better deal! Awesome! I like it so much that I have referred many friends and business associates to your site. The iPhone app could be a little more user friendly, but overall, I recommend to anyone that rents a car! Well done!
02/05/2014 Alamo 01/09/2014 ISACHIRO O. PDX I think you guys are my favorite rental place wherever i go...
02/05/2014 Fox 01/27/2014 KEITH H. LAS You're the best. Keep on doing what you are doing. Customer service, ease-of-use of the web site, and your partners all measure up to a quality service. I'll be coming back as long as you continue to treat me like this!
02/05/2014 Alamo 01/27/2014 MELINDA B. SNA Great! I will always check out car rentals first when renting a car! Bravo!
02/05/2014 Enterprise 01/31/2014 TERRESA J. DCA Thanks wonderful service,very clean car and great prices.
02/05/2014 Dollar 02/01/2014 TERRY P. DCA You guys are the best!!!! I have been using CarRentals for quite sometime now and have never had a problem when I go to get my car, or return it! THANK YOU FOR THE PEACE OF MIND!
02/05/2014 Advantage 01/30/2014 SCOTT P B. TPA All I can say, renting a car from Advantage was very simple. The process was easy and the staff was very friendly. I will use Advantage again. Thanks for making my trip easy. Scott P B
02/05/2014 Enterprise 01/28/2014 BERNARDINO S. 2370 Ever since I've been using I've always gotten good deals. and seem to pay a little less than I used to when renting a car. Thanks for helping.
02/04/2014 Hertz 01/31/2014 JUAN C. BOI Great offers on rentals greatly appreciated!
02/04/2014 Advantage 09/18/2013 TERRY J. MCO Awesome experience and best I've had with a car rental. I will look for Advantage every time I need to rent a car. Great value! Price beat everyone else!
02/04/2014 Enterprise 01/31/2014 CHRIS E. SEA I did complain to you that the rate wasn't honored. You did a beautiful and prompt job of taking care of the problem and the extra money that I paid was refunded. Thanks so much for your help.
02/04/2014 Enterprise 01/13/2014 JOSEPH C. SNA Best car rental website!!!
02/04/2014 Enterprise 01/13/2014 LORI T. 15LS Best overall rental experience at an Enterprise location that I have ever received. Would definitely recommend this Enterprise location to others.
02/04/2014 Enterprise 01/30/2014 PATRICE F. BWI I usually reserve cars through Hotwire, but this time I decided to give CarRentals a try. I was very pleased to say the least. The car was, both, efficient and reliable for a really great price! Thank you so much for such outstanding customer service. I'll definitely be referring this company to my friends and family members!
02/04/2014 Payless 01/05/2014 DAVID H. TPA So happy to get a brand new mini van which is normally triple the price of a regular car. The staff at Payless were very nice and helpful.