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03/17/2014 Enterprise 03/13/2014 OWEN P. LGA Everyone there was great, had a smile on and knew what customer service truly means. I loved it and would rent from them again.
03/17/2014 Alamo 01/06/2014 LAURA H. SFOC72 Excellent price for car compared to others in area. Pick up and drop off very efficient and no hard sell by the staff.
03/17/2014 Alamo 03/12/2014 DENISE M. MSP I work for the airlines and travel standby. Not having to commit with a credit card is great if I don't get on the flight I planned.
03/17/2014 Enterprise 01/24/2014 GRAY T. GSO Another great job! Thanks so much
03/17/2014 Dollar 02/19/2014 MICHAEL R. RSW First time renting with ... it will be my go-to site next time. Great service; great rate!
03/17/2014 Enterprise 02/26/2014 LORI S. PIA Enterprise and are perfect. Will only rent from both of them. Thank you for a wonderful experience and great value.
03/17/2014 Fox 02/20/2014 MITAT L. MCO I have reserved a car for a family member from your site and they were very happy with the results. This time I used your services and was very pleased. they upgraded my car and helped me with directions. When I returned the car I was running late for my flight and they did a great job of completing the process quickly.
03/17/2014 Dollar 03/07/2014 KURT T. YYC Great deal, and great service. That is all I need .
03/17/2014 NU Car Rentals 02/26/2014 NANCY M. MDW I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to deal with this rental company. I was a little concerned, since it wasn't one of the "big ones", but my concerns were all for nothing. I'd definitely rent from them again,
03/17/2014 Fox 02/22/2014 ARTHUR P. MCO I dealt with Victor at 1 a.m. , he has outstanding customer service skills. He had our car clean, gassed, and the motor running as we walled up. He helped us with our luggage and was perfect! I would definitely rent from Fox again.
03/17/2014 Fox 03/09/2014 Lisa S. LAX This was my first time with Fox & I was thrilled with the overall experience. Making the online reservation was simple and gave me peace of mind!
03/17/2014 Fox 02/24/2014 ANNEMARIE H. MIA This was a very professional company. The rental price was a super deal.
03/17/2014 Thrifty 03/09/2014 CHRISTOPHER G. RDU Great service all around. UNBEATABLE price.
03/16/2014 ACE 01/09/2014 CARL E N. PBI Very comfortable with friendly staffs, so I will do again when I will have other trip in future :)
03/15/2014 Fox 02/25/2014 RACQUEL B. MIA Thanks for everythang Fox Rentals
03/15/2014 Budget 03/06/2014 HIPOLITO G. PBI It was amazing, the price was great i was very pleased with the whole process and the car, I told my friends about it. I will check again for these great deals.
03/15/2014 Enterprise 02/26/2014 ISMAEL M. SJU It was an enjoyable trip and Enterprise was a major reason why it was so. Thank you so very much.
03/15/2014 Alamo 02/24/2014 MARY M. MYR Can not tell you how impressed with all the support and guidance we received from your company. I have been telling friends about my experience and the excellent service. Thank you
03/15/2014 Enterprise 03/04/2014 VALERIE G. PGD This is the second time I've used and both experiences were very positive. I will continue to use them in the future
03/14/2014 Budget 09/19/2013 JC R. LAS I always rent through because of the best available rates.
03/14/2014 Advantage 02/12/2014 CHARLES E. OGG Car rentals is very good!!
03/14/2014 Firefly 01/19/2014 ERIK S. LAX We were very pleased and the staff at Firefly was great!
03/14/2014 Alamo 03/09/2014 NICHOLAS R. MIAR71 The branch manager, Charlene Nicholson, was fantastic. She was friendly, fast, and extremely knowledgeable. Exemplary in every way.
03/14/2014 Budget 02/27/2014 KATHLEEN V. PBI Flawless transaction & overall great experience. Thanks so much!
03/14/2014 Allied Car And Truck Rental 02/11/2014 LORENA U. SJU Great Service and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly,
03/13/2014 Firefly 02/23/2014 CHRIS H. LAS I was so pleasantly surprised with Firefly. I'm always looking for the perfect rental car company. You might be it. I was looking for transportation around Las Vegas for the week, not to show off. No line at check-in. No "bait-and-switch". courteous staff. All in all a great experience. Car did have 28,000 mi. but ran like a new car. I will definitely rent from Firefly again and urge my friends to do the same. Thank you.
03/13/2014 Avis 03/05/2014 LINDA W D. NT7 I am so pleased to have found your website. The Avis staff at both ends was so gracious. When I picked up the car, the young man explained everything to me about the vehicle. I left with no guessing on how to do what. This was a first for me and I truly appreciate his thoroughness I am sold on
03/13/2014 Fox 02/26/2014 DUBA S. FLL Great car. Great experience. Easy pick up and drop off. Great service. Look forward to the next vacation to do go thru again!
03/13/2014 Firefly 02/21/2014 BALDE S. HNL Firefly is a great deal to the consumer. Great cars, great service, keep the value coming.
03/13/2014 Fox 03/07/2014 MAGGIE M. SAN I've been so happy being able to reserve a car without paying up front because I'm an airline employee and I fly standby a lot. That means I can't always make my reservations. This service is perfect for me.
03/13/2014 Enterprise 03/03/2014 James S. MCO excellent on all levels....
03/13/2014 Advantage 02/10/2014 JERRY C. LAS Very satisfying experience. First time I have used Advantage, but will certainly do it again.
03/13/2014 Enterprise 03/07/2014 YOLANDA R. ABQ It couldn't be any better! Please continue the excellent service!
03/13/2014 Dollar 01/11/2014 DENNIS M. MCO Great experience .... easy pick up and return. No surprises. Good setup at Orlando airport.
03/13/2014 Enterprise 03/10/2014 CARNELL W. 2013 Going through you guys was a lot cheaper. Enterprise did fantastic honoring the quote and they didn't have standard size so they upgraded me to a premium pick-up truck great experience. .....
03/13/2014 Avis 02/24/2014 CRYSTAL O. MFE Super fast car check out, no extra fees with a credit card, how it is supposed to be! Great experience thank you.
03/12/2014 Enterprise 03/07/2014 AURA D. 2328 Wonderful folks to deal with. Gave us a free upgrade!
03/12/2014 Enterprise 03/05/2014 ABDUL QUHHAAR M. 3284 Wonderful and perfect keep up the good work :)
03/12/2014 National 02/03/2014 IMRAN M. FLG Staff at National counter were great ! Professional, friendly and very fast & efficient.
03/12/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 01/04/2014 KRIS A. PHX Our customer service person was Sara, and she was fantastic in terms of positive attitude, professionalism and providing the best care for us! We even upgraded to a Mercedes at a very reasonable price, which further enhanced our vacation in Arizona. Thank you!
03/12/2014 ACE 01/20/2014 WARREN F. JAX I enjoyed the XM radio. Thanks!
03/12/2014 Enterprise 02/23/2014 MATTHEW L. SEA The staff was great. We got a 4 wheel drive SUV like we needed, enjoyed driving it on icy roads, and had no problems.
03/12/2014 Firefly 01/23/2014 MICHAEL S. LAX Very good experience. Staff was great, car was very good and a great rate. I am very happy with FireFly.
03/12/2014 Enterprise 02/24/2014 FLORA C. 0602 The entire family has always been impressed over the years with enterprise car rentals. Thats the only place we will continue using. So now it's time to spread the news
03/12/2014 Enterprise 02/02/2014 STEVEN K. SFO We only rent thru and only get Enterprise. You don't have to hold with a credit card for enterprise and you get the best rates on CarRentals. Discovered this site years ago and have referred tons of people.
03/11/2014 Enterprise 01/09/2014 JOHN K. MDW Love the new Rental Car location at MDW!
03/11/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 02/19/2014 JOHN P. FLL Unbelievable experience - fast and friendly, no gimmicks, can't wait to rent from them again
03/11/2014 Fox 02/16/2014 TODD H. GRR Great guys, I was in and out enjoying my vacation in record time!
03/11/2014 Enterprise 02/17/2014 KARL K. 24C1 The rate was considerably less than your competitors. And the staff at Enterprises was much friendlier and personable than the the companies we've dealt with. We'll be needing another rental Sept 18th. You can bet we will use!
03/11/2014 Enterprise 03/06/2014 DAVID J. EWR I Love !
03/11/2014 Enterprise 03/06/2014 WARREN M. MIA great web site!
03/10/2014 Dollar 02/21/2014 PAMELLA L. SEA The vehicle was better than expected. New, clean, and safe. I was pleased with the Subaru legacy.
03/10/2014 Enterprise 03/01/2014 DARYL L. OGG Was the best rental experience we ever had.
03/10/2014 ACE 01/23/2014 ROBERT G. JAX I was very pleased with the treatment from your staff and would definitely use Ace again. The car I was given was excellent and very reasonable and great mechanically. Bob & Marylou Plainview, N.Y.
03/09/2014 Advantage 03/03/2014 TAM N. LAX Excellent service, excellent price... all 2014 models. I had an upgrade for a few dollars to a full size car. (Manager's special). Very happy Highly recommended this rental service
03/09/2014 Enterprise 03/05/2014 LESLIE P. 4162 I had such great service! It was a pleasure to deal with Joey at Enterprise!! Thank you!!!
03/09/2014 ACE 02/01/2014 RONALD A. ORD great value..great large crowds to deal with..
03/09/2014 Universal Rent A Car 02/22/2014 MARSHELLA P. YYZ My trip to Ontario was because of a family emergency and Michael at Universal Rent A Car was nothing but polite, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. He even worked until after closing so I could get a vehicle to go and see my son in the hospital. Thank you so much. Great job!!
03/09/2014 E-Z Rent-A-Car 03/03/2014 CATHY L. DFW First time used E-Z Rent a Car and I was very impressed with overall service and the car. Would definitely use the rental car service again.
03/09/2014 Enterprise 02/22/2014 DAVID S. LAX was great! I was able to cancel reservations when I found a better rate and I wasn't charged up front.
03/09/2014 ACE 02/05/2014 CHARLES L. FLL We received an unexpected upgrade to a Ford Mustang Convertible - it was a fabulous surprise at no extra charge!!!!
03/09/2014 Firefly 02/21/2014 HARRISON V. FLL Have rented from several times and will again. Have also recommended to others!
03/09/2014 Enterprise 11/19/2013 THOMAS S W. IAH Outstanding service. We loved the car so much we plan to buy one just like it. Previously, we never thought about purchasing this brand. Have recommended Enterprise to all the frequent travelers we have talked with since the trip.
03/08/2014 Budget 01/16/2014 EUGEN C. FRA Big AAA++++++
03/08/2014 ACE 02/18/2014 ANTHONY F. MCO Was awesome treatment the staff was friendly, helpful very courteous, the shuttle drivers Miguel and Craig were awesome. Leo at the counter was terrific. Keep up the fantastic work from the friendly staff at the whole experience couldn't have been better and I would recommend your service to anyone I come in contact with. God Bless to all have a great day.
03/08/2014 America Car Rental 01/31/2014 EILEEN L. SNA America Car Rental was great! the Staff are exceptional. I'll use them again whenever I can.
03/08/2014 Enterprise 02/18/2014 BRIAN M. RDU Car is great!!
03/07/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 03/05/2014 WILLIAM P. PHX Can't compliment enough the uniquely competent Dulce at the counter. Personnel such as her are invaluable representatives of the company that will result in continued business.
03/07/2014 Alamo 03/04/2014 OSAMAH S. BOS Best company I dealt with so far!! Amazing!
03/07/2014 Midway Car Rental 01/17/2014 DON R. LAX Great service, great car, great rental. Will definitely rent from them again on my next L.A. visit.
03/07/2014 NU Car Rentals 01/01/2014 CATHERINE L. MCO We had a great experience. The staff was friendly and efficient, the car was a good value for the money and it was fun to drive. Thank you to the shuttle drivers that provided good, prompt service.
03/07/2014 Fox 01/30/2014 JAMES E L. LAS We were very pleasingly suprised with the rental. I will shop both and Fox Car Rentals when I travel. Thanks
03/07/2014 Enterprise 02/09/2014 JUNE F. YYT I use every time I rent, never an issue.
03/06/2014 Dollar 02/26/2014 EDUVIQUES M. DCA As always, my experience with carrentals was excellent
03/06/2014 America Car Rental 02/18/2014 CINDY S. SNA America Car Rental is fantastic! Friendly staff!
03/06/2014 Advantage 02/12/2014 JEREMIAH K. MSP Continue to be exceptionally happy with and especially so with the Advantage franchise at the MSP airport -- they never disappoint!
03/06/2014 Enterprise 02/27/2014 MONIKA H. 3232 Great experience with Enterprise! Thank you!!!
03/06/2014 Advantage 02/21/2014 TOM A. ORD Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised at how happy I was with this whole deal. I am a bit of skeptic when it comes to the smaller car rental companies, and working through these website/companies like, but I was extremely satisfied and will definitely use these companies again.
03/05/2014 Dollar 02/26/2014 DOROTHY S. MIA $1 per day was an amazing value, not just good value.
03/05/2014 Alamo 02/20/2014 MICHAEL E. KOA Best car rental experience I have had in a couple of years, with you and Alamo. thanks
03/05/2014 Enterprise 02/23/2014 MARK L. PHX You have a great concept. Enterprise is the best rental company in your group of companies that you work with. They are not the least expensive, but they are the best to work with
03/05/2014 Enterprise 12/18/2013 ROBERT C. SEA Really good experience. Staff was awesome and car was upgraded
03/05/2014 Enterprise 02/21/2014 MIMI R. 0701 Thank you so much for such excellent service!
03/05/2014 Thrifty 02/07/2014 CRAIG P. LIR This my third year renting from Car and Thrifty. The airport pick up was fantastic. On leaving Liberia we were rear ended by a Toyota 4 Runner. Our back end was caved in and could not be driven. The Thrifty people brought me another car in an hour, and I was on my in another hour. I had the full insurance. The accident wasn't my fault but I am still glad i had the full insurance. The counter staff at the end of the rental was excellent. Thanks, Craig
03/05/2014 Alamo 02/27/2014 MISEL N. LAS Alamo was fantastic. I rented my car from a Kiosk, but there was an agent there who answered my questions after doing so. The car was brand new and incredible. I will absolutely rent from Alamo again. Excellent experience!
03/05/2014 Enterprise 02/25/2014 CHRISTOPHER B. ROC This was my first experience with and I was very happy with every element. And the Enterprise staff at checkout and return were exceptional in every way. I was impressed all around.
03/04/2014 Alamo 11/30/2013 MURRAY DAVID R. FLL great service, fast and efficient. Enjoyed the car and would rent here again. Thanks
03/04/2014 Payless 02/22/2014 MARILYN M. DEN This was the easiest, the best, most enjoyable car rental I have ever experienced. Plus...when weather required an extra few hours - on my birthday - the staff extended my use of the vehicle - no charge - at a simple call. Yes! I will use Payless again in a heartbeat!
03/03/2014 Payless 02/20/2014 JORDAN Y. SFO Great experience and very cost effective. I will always look to off-site rental facilities.
03/03/2014 Firefly 02/15/2014 AVERY A. SJC Great service and value!!!
03/03/2014 Avis 02/21/2014 VALERIE S. SK2 Great customer service. Price was affordable and overall process was very efficient!!!
03/03/2014 Enterprise 02/22/2014 JENI R. 622H Great experience and a bit of a price break over booking directly - thank you!
03/03/2014 Dollar 01/13/2014 EILEEN G. MCO Excellent!
03/03/2014 Firefly 01/29/2014 KAILASH M. SFO Although Firefly is a new company, it has knowledgeable staff and good customer service with great price. Thanks!
03/02/2014 Thrifty 02/17/2014 MOHAMED S. SAN I was amazed how easy it was and I received an excellent value. Reserving via carrentals website was far easier than using the rental car companies' website.
03/02/2014 Sixt Rent A Car 02/19/2014 SCOTT W. PHX We had a great experience, thank you very much. The gentleman at the counter, I believe his name was Jason, was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I was not familiar with Sixt rental care prior to this booking, but will definitely deal with them again.
03/02/2014 Dollar 01/07/2014 PATRICK M. DEN CarRentals was as GREAT as always.
03/02/2014 Enterprise 02/04/2014 MARY JANE C. SMF We were so pleased with the ease of pick up and easy drop off at the airport. Thank you,