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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
01/05/2007 Alamo 12/22/2006 JOSE M. TPA I am very happy with
01/04/2007 Alamo 12/28/2006 CARLOS G. LGB Great car, price, and experience. This is my second time renting through up the good work.
01/04/2007 Budget 12/25/2006 RONELL S. STL It was great. Happy New Year. Keep up the good work.
01/04/2007 Avis 12/31/2006 RICHARD H. DEN Kudos to Dennis in Denver( AVIS )for his help. He made a difficult situation enjoyable. CarRentals saved me almost $400.00. Any other quote I got included a drop fee and you guys got me around it. I may never fly again. I am extremely satisfied and grateful to you and your service. Thank you.
01/04/2007 Prestige Car Rental 12/22/2006 CHRISTOPHER B. 27_13355 Thanks. I really appreciated the friendly and prompt service, and would definitely rent again from Prestige. The location is exceptionally convenient, too, as is the late-night dropoff.
01/04/2007 Budget 12/14/2006 JOSEE H. AMS Great value!
01/04/2007 Fox 12/27/2006 LUCITA R. SFO great service. User-friendly reservation system.
01/04/2007 Budget 12/18/2006 BLAKE C. LNK Using was excellent and I will definitely use it again.
01/04/2007 Alamo 12/20/2006 LESLIE L. RDU Every thing went smoothly. The gentleman who took me back to the airport when I returned the car was especially gracious. Made the trip a pleasure.
01/04/2007 Budget 10/10/2006 CAROLE T. MHT I liked the fact that my husband was allowed to drive the vehicle as well as me.
01/03/2007 Thrifty 11/09/2006 TREISHA A. SAT Absolutely loved the experience. Fastest and best car rental experience ever! Will definately use Thrify rentals again...
01/03/2007 Thrifty 11/20/2006 DONALD S. LAS The service was extremely quick! and painless! Thank you!!!!
01/03/2007 Fox 12/21/2006 PAUL L. PHX Everything worked out perfect. I was even upgraded to a premium car at check in without any additional expense. My rate quoted by your internet site and Fox matched to the penny. I will not only use you again, I will reccomend your services to others! Thank You!!!
01/03/2007 Enterprise 12/15/2006 KATHRYN G. SFB They upgraded me to a Mustang! What a week I had! Thanks for finding be such a bargain!
01/03/2007 Dollar 12/14/2006 DAN P. TPAC03 First time to use Very happy with the rate, hope to continue to find great deals!
01/02/2007 Thrifty 12/21/2006 OMMAR A. SAT You provide an awesome service. Thank you so very much for everything. God bless and press on!
01/02/2007 Alamo 10/30/2006 VIVIAN C. MLI My flight was delayed by 3 hours, yet I had no problem getting my reserved car. Thank you for one less hassle on this trip. You guys were all great!
01/02/2007 Thrifty 08/15/2006 DONALD C. RSW Great price and nice people..thanks..
01/02/2007 Avis 12/13/2006 ANDREW T. LAS EXCELLENT!!!!!
01/02/2007 Thrifty 09/19/2006 MICHAEL S. MCI Nice job. I have never used before, but I will definitely use it in the future.
01/02/2007 National 12/26/2006 SUSAN S. CMH I made two reservations (different times) and it worked out GREAT. Thank you so much. . . I'll use your site again.
01/02/2007 Alamo 06/07/2006 BONNIE K. FLL The whoe process with your company and alamo was superb: easy to arrange, simple to find, excellent in quality and care of the car, and a good price. thanks!!!
01/02/2007 Avis 12/23/2006 DOINA J. FR1 Good service and the quote was honored. Thanks!
01/02/2007 Thrifty 12/17/2006 CYNTHIA H. IND I was very happy to find CarRentals and their lower prices at a late date. Thanks for the good services from all.
01/02/2007 National 12/24/2006 PAMELIA S. CHS I was referred to you by a friend who was also quite happy with your service.
01/02/2007 Enterprise 12/11/2006 GENE G. LAS great result! I booked using your service for 2nd trip out to Vegas today.
01/02/2007 Eagle Rent A Car 12/19/2006 DAVID M. MCO Staff was very helpful. Car was brand new.
01/02/2007 Thrifty 11/25/2006 CARLOS Y. TUS excellent rate and good people at counter
01/01/2007 Thrifty 12/25/2006 KARTHIKEYAN A. RIC Thanks for making my trip memorable with a great car.
01/01/2007 Thrifty 06/07/2006 CYNTHIA P. RSW Great experience! Good value, good car! thanks!
12/31/2006 Thrifty 12/23/2006 JOSE E. HFD Excellent experience with
12/31/2006 Dollar 08/24/2006 E A. MCO Im so glad I found your site...this is the second time in two months Ive used this site and Ive not been disappointed yet. Keep up the great work!
12/31/2006 Enterprise 12/19/2006 RONALD M. LAS Great experience
12/31/2006 U-Save 12/19/2006 ALFRED L. GEG Service was excellent from the beginning to ending
12/31/2006 Prestige Car Rental 12/09/2006 ALDEN M. 27_13355 Quick polite and dependable defines Prestige. Thank you for great service.
12/31/2006 Enterprise 10/07/2006 JOHN K. ALB There were no surprises - and that was very nice. Thank you for an excellent customer service experience.
12/31/2006 Dollar 10/20/2006 DANIEL H. PSP Excellent service all around. Thank you
12/30/2006 Avis 12/11/2006 PATRICIA J. S4J The process from internet to car pickup was seamless. Great service!
12/30/2006 Enterprise 10/16/2006 THOMAS F. PSP This is the second time we have rented from CarRentals and on both occasions, we have been very pleased with your service. Thanks for a job well done. TCF
12/30/2006 Thrifty 10/23/2006 DONNA W. SFO I couldn't be happier. It was great
12/30/2006 Alamo 12/02/2006 KEITH M. RIC The whole experience was fantastic. Everything was perfect.
12/30/2006 Enterprise 12/20/2006 JIMMY A. MEM The staff in Memphis were very friendly and helpful, I upgraded to a mini Van and was very happy....Jim
12/30/2006 Alamo 12/21/2006 WILLIE S. SAT You provide a good service. Keep up the good work.
12/30/2006 Thrifty 12/01/2006 RODERICK L. PVD I was a little hesitant to trust the reservations made thru because I did not have to include a credit card# to reserve a vehicle. Being the Holidays, I was afraid I'd be stuck at the airport with a subcompact or even worse, no car at all. When I arrived at my destination, the Thrifty agent was great and the shuttle that took me to my vehicle was waiting by the time we got out to the sidewalk. I will definitely book through again!!!
12/29/2006 Avis 12/25/2006 MICHAEL S. AUS Love, and tell everyone I know!
12/29/2006 Dollar 12/03/2006 JOANNE P. EWR Our clerk was very helpful with directions and exceptionally pleasant. We had a great experience and will definitely use Dollar for our next trip.
12/29/2006 Enterprise 12/22/2006 PHILLIP N. SBN Since I have learned of, I have used them exclusively & been very happy with the price & service. Happy New Year!!
12/29/2006 Thrifty 12/18/2006 CHRISTINA T. SAT continue to use your site for all of my personal travel trips in the US
12/29/2006 Enterprise 12/08/2006 DONALD S. SAT Good job. Keep up the good work. I will be telling my family and friends about you.
12/29/2006 Avis 12/17/2006 MICHAEL E. S4M Thank you, through your website I was able to find a site, separate from the airport, that had much more reasonable prices. Airport fees are a killer. -Mike
12/29/2006 Enterprise 11/29/2006 CARLOS H. BNA Great experience, I got a better deal through then I would have if I just called the company directly.
12/29/2006 Alamo 12/23/2006 SCOTT W. LAX it was the best car rental experiance i have ever had....thank you for making my xmas easy on me!
12/28/2006 Dollar 11/30/2006 JULIO D. TPA EXCELENT SERVICE, THANK YOU
12/28/2006 Alamo 12/08/2006 LAURA W. CLE The savings alone made it all worth the time! You have a customer for life!
12/27/2006 Dollar 11/28/2006 JILL P. OAK Completely satisfied. Everything in the reservation process went smoothly! Thanks for an easy rental process.
12/27/2006 National 12/20/2006 LARRY N. LGB Excellent price and service.
12/27/2006 Dollar 12/19/2006 LIONEL F. LAS wow that was quick and easy!
12/27/2006 Alamo 12/17/2006 BRUCE J. IAH The whole experience was worry-free and enjoyable.
12/27/2006 Enterprise 12/10/2006 CHERYL E. MCO I found you by accident and I'm happy I did. I'll be using your services every time I need to rent a car. Thanks for making my rental car experience such an enjoyable one.
12/27/2006 Fox 12/23/2006 MICHAEL O. SAN I love the online capability. It saves me time and insures I make the correct decision based on my own research.
12/27/2006 Dollar 12/08/2006 LEIGH M. OAK I love!!!~~~
12/26/2006 Savmor Rent A Car 12/18/2006 NINA G. LAS We were upgraded from an economy to a compact, and I really enjoyed driving the Nissan Sentra. It may just be my next new car. The airport shuttle driver drove us directly to the car, put our bags in the trunk, and warmed up the car for us, since the temperature outside was in the 30s. Talk about service!
12/26/2006 Dollar 06/08/2006 DAVE B. FLL The rental agent was the most accommodating,friendly, and competent car rental agent I have ever encountered and I let her know that. The rental experience at Dollar was Great!
12/26/2006 Thrifty 12/21/2006 JASMINE S. MCO Excellent staff exceeded my expectations. I will recommend and Thrifty to everyone.
12/26/2006 Enterprise 12/01/2006 SARAH G. YQG A perfectly flawless service... Polite and helpful staff. Thank you, Sarah :)
12/26/2006 Enterprise 12/14/2006 MARK S. BDL On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate my car rental a 10. I was completely satisfied.
12/26/2006 Thrifty 11/27/2006 GERALD B. OGG very impressed with thank you
12/26/2006 National 12/03/2006 LYNN U. BHM Best value for rental cars
12/26/2006 Budget 11/24/2006 ALEX W. BOS Great car and a great value...check in was outstanding
12/25/2006 National 12/05/2006 KEVIN R. DEN Everything was great! We had very quick and courteous service. Thank-you!
12/25/2006 U-Save 11/15/2006 RUSSELL B. PNS Outstanding service. Next Pensacola visit, if I need a car, it will definitely be Thank You. Happy Holidays
12/25/2006 Enterprise 12/17/2006 DANIEL T. PHX I was extremely impressed with the service and value from Enterprise. I will most certainly rent from
12/24/2006 Dollar 12/14/2006 JOYCE A. DEN Exceptional service and accommodation to my needs.
12/24/2006 Alamo 12/17/2006 BILLIE G. FAIC72 Very satisfied with my online quote. The entire transaction was seamless and liked having the option to take care of insurance before I picked up the car. Will definitely use again.
12/22/2006 Enterprise 12/15/2006 CHRIS H. AUS great rate!! no problems at all. Thx, Chris
12/22/2006 Thrifty 11/25/2006 TRACEY A. OOL The man who served me at Coolangatta when I picked up the car was fantastic. He is to be highly commended for his professionalism and high standard of customer service.
12/22/2006 Thrifty 11/11/2006 WARREN H. LNK Smooth trip - Excellent service from start to finish!
12/22/2006 Enterprise 12/16/2006 RICHARD D. EWR very professional, caring staff.
12/22/2006 Eagle Rent A Car 12/16/2006 DAVID G. MCO Excellent service, and very accomodating. THANKS!
12/22/2006 Deluxe Rent A Car 12/17/2006 DONALD N. LAX first time user, But I will rent again from you. Thanks
12/22/2006 Fox 11/16/2006 HARISH B. SFO Excellent service from This was my second experience and I am a happy customer. Thank you!
12/21/2006 Dollar 12/05/2006 ED Z. JHM Excellent service all around. Will contact you regarding renting a vehicle for the month of Feb. 2007 from Las Vegas.
12/21/2006 Rent 4 Less 11/18/2006 RICHARD S. ONT great experience. very smooth and hassle free. good customer service
12/21/2006 Enterprise 11/28/2006 TROY M. BTV The Agent was very professional and friendly!!!
12/21/2006 Dollar 10/14/2006 CARL M. ATL Second rental with CarRentals, can't beat the cost, or the service provided. Dollar is great, got a free upgrade to a van, which came in handy for the Holiday shopping we did. Keep up the GOOD WORK!
12/21/2006 Enterprise 12/09/2006 HAGOP S. LAS Very smooth process and checkin was issue free. Will use for future trips.
12/21/2006 Fox 11/22/2006 PETER M. SAN Fast, friendly, efficient, affordable. What more could I have wanted??
12/21/2006 Thrifty 12/06/2006 EARNESTINE A. STL I am very pleased with your customer service.
12/21/2006 Thrifty 12/13/2006 ANTONIO V. PHX The Best Service ever!!!
12/21/2006 Alamo 11/09/2006 DIANE D. FLL It was a very good experience with good rates and I am going to make another reservation after I complete this survey. Thanks.
12/21/2006 Dollar 11/24/2006 ARACELY B. DFW I will absolutely visit at any time we are renting. I am also encouraging my friends to use your service as well. You do truly provide a great service and the Dollar rental staff was extremely helpful and friendly..great customer service....Thank you again....
12/20/2006 Enterprise 12/14/2006 DONALD L. LGA I have always been satisfied with both Enterprise and Car
12/20/2006 Alamo 12/12/2006 STEPHEN B. WASC71 I was very pleased with the service and will use again. Thanks!!
12/20/2006 Dollar 10/30/2006 ERNESTO L. PNS Great service. I will do it again, thank you
12/20/2006 National 10/14/2006 CHSRLOTTE C. GRB This was the best experiance I have had. The staff in Green Bay was above Outstanding. Thanks!
12/19/2006 Alamo 12/08/2006 ANTHONY H. ORD Great Job all around! Looking forward to my next rental with this group.
12/19/2006 Budget 06/22/2006 FRANK L. SJC A+ all the way...
12/19/2006 Dollar 11/27/2006 JOHN C. DTW The staff was professional and knowlegable; I was upgraded for a reasonable price and loved my experience. Thank you Dollar!!
12/19/2006 U-Save 12/10/2006 JOSE V. MCO over all outstanding.