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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
02/21/2007 U-Save 02/03/2007 FRANK B. MYR Great rental, no problems. Highly recommend!!!
02/21/2007 Budget 02/15/2007 JAMES H. PFN The rental agent looked at the size of my brother and me--he is 6'3" and 290 pounds, I'm 6'4" and 260 pounds--and offerred an upgrade. Everything worked out perfectly--GOOD JOB!
02/21/2007 Avis 02/09/2007 MICHAEL C. SM9 It was great and I'll probably do it again 3/3. thanks you very much...
02/21/2007 Thrifty 02/13/2007 MICHAEL C. SAV great job !!! keep up the excellent work
02/21/2007 Thrifty 02/15/2007 MICHAEL M. MKE First time I have used you, great rate and selection, I will use you again.
02/21/2007 Dollar 02/16/2007 LAVONNE H. SFO Nice work, you got me a car with a different drop off location, and no hassles.
02/21/2007 Budget 01/25/2007 JACQUELINE F. SJ1 This is my second vacation retal with and I know that I'm always getting a good deal. Thank you.
02/21/2007 Dollar 02/08/2007 ROBERT M. RNO Car return was the easiest I've ever experienced. A very smooth and efficient system.
02/21/2007 Dollar 02/07/2007 JAMIE B. MYR The staff in Myrtle Beach was exceptional and extremely helpful.
02/21/2007 Fox 02/05/2007 PATRICK R. SNA very good rental, and the website was easy to use and understand, thanks
02/21/2007 Thrifty 09/15/2006 JEREMY P. DEN Great car at a great price. Thank you!
02/21/2007 Enterprise 02/07/2007 MALINDA P. ATL The staff in Atlanta was superb! Very hospitable, very helpful and showed genuine concern. I was traveling with my 88 year old mother. Everything was great!
02/21/2007 Budget 02/08/2007 EDUARDO A. ELP Overall A++
02/21/2007 Budget 01/16/2007 AMY A. HNL OVERALL GREAT DEAL
02/20/2007 Alamo 02/03/2007 WAYNE A. CHIW71 great service, great price, I will use your service again and recommend it to my friends.
02/20/2007 Dollar 01/21/2007 LORI M. JAX This was our second rental with, and both rentals have been great experiences. We will definitely be renting again!! Thanks
02/20/2007 Dollar 02/09/2007 KATHLEEN R. PDX I am rapidly becoming a loyal customer. It's easy, doesn't even require a credit card number and your prices are great! Thanks.
02/20/2007 Avis 01/31/2007 DOLORES M. AUS great value, great service -- will definitely use carrentals again.
02/20/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 02/06/2007 JOYCE W. LAS Savmor agent was outstanding. Drove us back to hotel without charging us. Did way more than we expected. Will definitely rent there again.
02/20/2007 Avis 02/12/2007 PATSY ARNOLD M. ROA There was an Avis employee at the Greensboro, NC airport named Jimmy who was exceedinly helpful and very nice. Please send these compliments to his supervisor!
02/20/2007 Value Rent A Car 01/12/2007 MARY M. LAX We were very pleased with our experience
02/20/2007 Thrifty 02/13/2007 SALLY L. LAX the Thrifty representative provided me with excellent customer service. thank you.
02/20/2007 Enterprise 01/23/2007 REBECCA S. CMH I'm glad I found! I had a very smooth transaction, no problems at all, and was able to set it up through your site with ease. What a great service!
02/20/2007 Avis 02/09/2007 CHARISE D. ORD I was very happy with my reservation. It was much cheaper than the rate I received directly from Avis. Thanks!
02/20/2007 Dollar 01/27/2007 EARL H. MIA excellent service from
02/20/2007 Dollar 02/06/2007 ROCIO R. HNL I really didn't think that going through one site (yours) you could get a listing of the best rates AND make a reservation that would actually be located and honored and not even need credit card information to hold. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! THANKS!
02/20/2007 Thrifty 02/02/2007 RANDALL C. MKE Was upgraded to a larger vehicle for less. Very impressed.
02/20/2007 Avis 01/05/2007 JOYCE F. SUN Pickup was the perfect skier rental with bed to load lots of luggage and ski equipment. Also four wheel drive was helpful.
02/19/2007 Fox 01/21/2007 ANDREW A. LAX Staffs are polite and approachable.There was a free use of computer and printer in Fox office for use to find your direction.
02/19/2007 Thrifty 02/04/2007 CLAUDINE T. FL9 thank you it was a great experience
02/19/2007 Dollar 01/03/2007 DAVE B. PHX Rates and service was excellent. I have used several times and will continue to do so.
02/19/2007 Dollar 02/11/2007 DOROTHY R. PHX My reservation experience was quick and easy, starting with the pickup of the airport shuttle. I wouldn't hesitate to rent again from Dollar and recommend them as well as the service. Thank you!
02/19/2007 Thrifty 12/05/2006 JAMES K. DEN Even had snow scraper! Plenty of windshield washer fluid!
02/19/2007 Dollar 02/13/2007 PATRICK F. FLL is great, I have used you guys for years and will continue to. thanks!
02/19/2007 Budget 10/27/2006 BRIAN W. FLL The Budget staff were terrific in retrieving a piece of personal material left in the car and returning it by mail to our house. We will always be very thankful for that.
02/19/2007 Thrifty 01/25/2007 JENNY B. POS The vehicle was excellent. Great on gas!!!
02/19/2007 Dollar 01/17/2007 DEBRA M. OGG Service was very good. Thank you!
02/19/2007 Budget 02/01/2007 SUSAN S. BUF Budget Buffalo was fantastic....very helpful. THank you!
02/19/2007 Dollar 02/14/2007 REEF T. HNL AWESOME
02/18/2007 Thrifty 12/19/2006 DENISE S. PHX Thank you for a great car at a great price.
02/18/2007 Thrifty 02/01/2007 MICHAEL W. HNL Great experience! Thanks
02/18/2007 Enterprise 01/18/2007 DENNIS B. STL I will use your company agin in May! Great rate and service....
02/18/2007 Enterprise 01/31/2007 BARBARA A. SNA is the first place I look now for car hire. I have you bookmarked on my computer and make recommendations to friends. Thank you! Barbara
02/18/2007 Thrifty 10/25/2006 NATHAN H. LAS it was better than expected :) thank you
02/18/2007 Enterprise 02/05/2007 PAUL C. MSN My first experience with Everything worked out great. I'll do it again.
02/18/2007 Enterprise 01/23/2007 LARRY S. BIL I have used several times and am a very satisfied repeat customer!
02/17/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 01/17/2007 DEREEF A G. LAS Good to know about you. You're a sleeper!
02/17/2007 Dollar 01/21/2007 JULIE S. PBI all went smoothly! Thanks.
02/17/2007 Fox 01/19/2007 BEVERLY L. LAX Super fast - very pleased.
02/17/2007 Thrifty 12/04/2006 MERLE S. TUS Will definitley give more business! Thanks!
02/17/2007 Dollar 02/06/2007 VICKI B. NYC Thank you for great survice that was especially appreciated with all of the travel stress caused by the Valentines Blizzard. Great Job!!
02/17/2007 Dollar 11/01/2006 MARK J. LAS Everything in our experience with the rental agency went just fine. Maybe my perception is based upon the fact that, finally, after going to Vegas for a decade, we came back with a few dollars in our billfolds. But, actually, Dollar did a great job and there was no "funny business" with the vehicle inspection. Thanks
02/17/2007 Budget 02/07/2007 ROBERT M. SS5 would rent from again, great service, good prices great cars! We are very happy!
02/17/2007 Dollar 02/06/2007 STEPHEN M. IAH Couldn't have been a better experience. Thank you for the excellent service.
02/17/2007 Budget 01/27/2007 MICHELE R. RSW the entire process was fairly simple. Return of the vehicle was especially fast and easy.
02/16/2007 Thrifty 01/20/2007 KAREN E. SLC Probably the easiest and most valuable car rental experience I've had. I will definitely use again.
02/16/2007 Dollar 10/31/2006 BOB B. PNS Fluffy is a great employee and representative of Dollar. Return was quick, easy, and hassle free.
02/16/2007 Budget 02/09/2007 PATRICIA L. PHX Loved it! already booked another
02/16/2007 U-Save 02/02/2007 DIANA C. SJU the service was great i will rent to you again thanks for your service
02/16/2007 Thrifty 01/08/2007 JAMES V. RSW great experience and was a very happy customer
02/16/2007 Thrifty 02/08/2007 NICHOLAS H. SAN overall, very pleased with everything. I will definitely use in the future!
02/16/2007 Thrifty 12/23/2006 MICHAEL G. LAS Good experience. We've used before and told friends about the website. We'll use again.
02/16/2007 Enterprise 02/01/2007 CHI-BEW C. BUR Great rate, great service. What else could I ask for?
02/16/2007 Thrifty 08/05/2006 JAMES T. MCO The shuttle driver,Jeff, at Cape Canaveral was FANTASTIC!
02/16/2007 Thrifty 01/22/2007 MATTHEW A. SE2 Very easy pick up and drop off!
02/16/2007 Budget 01/25/2007 WILLIAM L. IAH first class experience ... thanks very much
02/16/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 02/06/2007 PEGGY L. LAX That was indeed a killer deal, guys!
02/15/2007 National 12/26/2006 MARWAN Y. HNL You guys are great. I appreciate your help and your service. I would always use your website first. Thanks again
02/15/2007 Dollar 01/11/2007 CINDY C. PBI Everyone was awesome!!
02/15/2007 Thrifty 01/10/2007 JOSEPH W. MCO Great experience with your company and a good time in Florida. Thank you!
02/15/2007 Enterprise 01/27/2007 SVEN P. YVR Heinz, the bus driver @ airport was awesome!!
02/15/2007 Enterprise 01/24/2007 MARK T. RIC Good, fast and reliable. Value was the best in the area.
02/15/2007 Thrifty 02/03/2007 JOEL B. BWI Your rate was better than Thriftys online rate.
02/15/2007 Thrifty 12/06/2006 KATHERINE C. MCO This is the second time I have rented from Thrifty Car Rentals and I have been very satisfied with their service.
02/15/2007 Budget 02/05/2007 AMANDA B. JA3 At the last minute I had to extend my reservation, and it was easy and economical. Thanks!
02/14/2007 Thrifty 01/20/2007 JOHN J. HNL Excellent service by Rowena at Thrifty and excellent reservation set-up by as always. Keep up the great work! Aloha nui loa!
02/14/2007 Dollar 02/06/2007 SUZY G. FLL What Can I add? PERFECT!
02/14/2007 Fox 01/29/2007 BRIAN Q. OAK I'm glad I got the online insurance!
02/14/2007 Budget 02/09/2007 RAYMOND S. LIT I am a first time user. This made selecting a rental company easy by comparing all the prices side by side. Wow!
02/14/2007 Enterprise 02/04/2007 TESS E. IAH Your staff were courteous and friendly. I am satisfied with the level of service provided. I will definitely rent from you again.
02/14/2007 Thrifty 12/20/2006 TIM D. CLT The whole experience was excellent. I will recommend this to a friend.
02/14/2007 Fox 01/14/2007 RONALD K. PHX I have rented with your service about 4 times or so in the last year and all rentals have been as promised and from what I can tell, excellant value. I had always rented with Avis prior due to my former employer but find your service very good now that I am a private consultant. I will be glad to recommend your service to all my aquaintences.
02/14/2007 Value Rent A Car 01/23/2007 NEIL S. LAX An oustanding rental-car agency! I will be back again and will tell my friends, as well!
02/14/2007 Dollar 02/08/2007 DAVID F. TOAC01 Awesome A+ I loved it....
02/13/2007 Thrifty 01/14/2007 GREGORY L. MHT Thank you for a smooth and pleasant transaction!
02/13/2007 Fox 01/29/2007 VERLENE M. PHX I used for a trip to Texas and also a separate trip to Arizona and found them most helpful. Verlene
02/13/2007 Thrifty 12/06/2006 PHILIP D. JAX The Chrysler Sebring was the best handling American car that I have ever rented. Keep up the good work!
02/13/2007 Thrifty 01/22/2007 ANISE W. LAS Great experience, got assisted quickly. Got my car and was on my way very quickly. Car was GREAT value for the price, I would definitely use Thrifty and DEFINITELY use
02/13/2007 Thrifty 02/02/2007 JASON C. MR2 Thank You! Great Service!
02/13/2007 U-Save 02/06/2007 SARA B. MCO Excellent Customer Service and Wonderful Value for your Money!
02/13/2007 Enterprise 01/24/2007 DOROTHY T. DAY It was very cold when I arrived in Dayton. I was particularly impressed that the car was warm and ready to go when I arrived at Enterprise. Thanks!. Dorothy
02/13/2007 Thrifty 01/03/2007 JOHN H. TUS I was pleasently surprised by my rental experience. Thanks a lot!!
02/13/2007 Dollar 01/23/2007 COLLEEN B. PHX Dollar staff at PHX airport was very friendly and professional. The whole experience was very enjoyable.
02/12/2007 Dollar 01/03/2007 PATRICIA D. LGA Nice people, great little car and everything went smoothly
02/12/2007 Dollar 02/08/2007 CHRISTINA N. MYR Very efficient way to do things.