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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
04/14/2007 U-Save 03/03/2007 ALFRED C. DAB The staff at Usave Datona Beach was very helpful and accommodating.I would definitely rent from them again.
04/14/2007 U-Save 02/15/2007 NORMAN C. MCO People were some of the best if not the best service and helpfullness I've had in renting before. Thanks
04/14/2007 Enterprise 02/20/2007 HOWARD E. IAD I was pleased with the service, the car and the price, and I would not hesitate to use Enterprise again. Thanks.
04/14/2007 Enterprise 03/19/2007 FREDERICK E. MFE I had a car with 15 miles on it; it must have come right from the dealership! Excellent service!
04/14/2007 Enterprise 01/05/2007 MICHAEL C. TUS OUTSTANDING service, price, staff well-done!
04/14/2007 Thrifty 04/06/2007 GABRIEL M. MHT You guys seem pretty cool so far...I think I'll use you again.
04/13/2007 Dollar 03/03/2007 DAVID F. IAD The process was efficient and the car was brand new and exceeded our expectations. We will rent from Dollar again.
04/13/2007 Enterprise 02/13/2007 JOANN E. ICT When we turned our car back in, we specifically went to the Enterprise desk and told them how extremely pleased we were with our choice. We have rented cars many times in the past from other agencies, but this was the best experience ever. Thank you!
04/12/2007 Thrifty 03/04/2007 THOMAS P. RSW did a real good job - would go thru them again. Thanks!
04/12/2007 Fox 04/06/2007 BARBARA D. LAX The staff at the check out counter was so efficient and pleasant. He was extremely prompt, courteous, and knowledgable and I would rent again from Fox. When we returned the car, the service again was superb. Everyone seemed to happy doing their job, which always makes for better customer service.
04/12/2007 Thrifty 03/21/2007 MICHELLE L. DEN THE SERVICE WAS WONDERFUL.
04/12/2007 Enterprise 03/22/2007 RUTH L. SEA Excellent assistance with an insurance problem. Staff was VERY helpful and drop off location at Comfort Inn staff was also very very good. Happy with my recent car rental experience.
04/12/2007 Fox 04/04/2007 FARZAD G. SNA Thanks for your service.
04/12/2007 Enterprise 02/13/2007 TIMOTHY P. PHL I'll use from now on...excellent experience!
04/12/2007 Enterprise 02/14/2007 THOMAS Y. BHM Thank you for the wonderful service that we received on our rental. I look forward to using your service again in the very near future.
04/12/2007 Thrifty 04/10/2007 ANDRES T. MCO Great service, great price!!
04/12/2007 Enterprise 04/04/2007 ARLINA B. ELP We really enjoyed our trip with your help. Thanks for everything! We will be using you guys again.
04/12/2007 Dollar 03/07/2007 BARBARA M. SJC This reservation was $100.00 less than a reservation I had made with another agency for the exact same dates and vehicle. THANKS!
04/12/2007 Thrifty 04/02/2007 CATHY M. NRC We had a great trip and we loved the satellite radio. We didn't have to change cd's the whole trip! Oh yeah and we loved the color!
04/12/2007 Enterprise 04/01/2007 JENNIFER A. TLH Very well done and convenient reservation process - thanks!
04/12/2007 Avis 04/04/2007 GREGORY S. PGV Great Service from Avis. Will continue to do business with them. The Avis Staff was the best I have ever dealt with.
04/12/2007 Dollar 03/05/2007 DAWN K. RDU this worked out GREAT for me!!! very easy on the web, reservation was there, Dollar staff friendly and helpful. very well done.
04/12/2007 Thrifty 04/06/2007 SHONTINA S. AT3 I really enjoyed my rental and I liked best of all the courtesy I received upon getting my rental. I was in there and out within fifteen minutes.
04/12/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 04/07/2007 JEFF M. LAX Great experience, would rent again.
04/12/2007 Fox 04/07/2007 INGRID J. LAX Thank you for the fast and friendly service. I would recommend your service to any one.
04/11/2007 Budget 03/17/2007 VALERIE L. YEG Car was very easy to use, no hassle, I was able to change my dates no problem. Awesome.
04/11/2007 Thrifty 01/21/2007 LORI S. LAX This is the second time I used and was pleased at how easy it was to have a car waiting for me.
04/11/2007 Thrifty 03/17/2007 CARL J. RDU It was without a doubt the BEST car rental experience we have ever had. It is hard to believe but the weekend went perfectly and having a great car ready for the trip made everything so much easier. My thanks to Carl and his staff, they made getting and returning the car a piece of cake. YES I will rent my next car for and Carl.
04/11/2007 National 03/28/2007 MELANIE W. MFE This was the best experience we've had. Thanks for your service.
04/11/2007 Budget 03/08/2007 MARIA S. SJU I was very satisfied with as well as with Budget. Service was EXCELLENT at both ends. Will do business with you and Budget again. thank you!
04/11/2007 Alamo 03/30/2007 JOSEPH M. MCO Thank You For Making This a Great Experience!
04/11/2007 Enterprise 03/23/2007 CINDY K. MDW Definitely. We will most likely be making another trip to Chicago within the next 3 months and I will use Thanks.
04/11/2007 Dollar 03/06/2007 DONYELL F. SAN That was the fastest drop off I have ever seen. No hassle Quick
04/11/2007 Thrifty 03/18/2007 GERARD C. RIC Excellent service, I would use your company again thanks
04/11/2007 Dollar 01/19/2007 KEVIN J H. LAS Thank You as was GREAT !! and I will be Back !
04/11/2007 Alamo 04/03/2007 DAVID D. PHXW70 The staff in Glendale were very friendly and accomodating.
04/11/2007 Dollar 04/02/2007 LEN C. YYC Very smooth pickup and return experience. Thank you.
04/10/2007 Dollar 04/07/2007 RODRIGO F. FLL Excellent service and price!!!
04/10/2007 Avis 04/03/2007 TENCHY Z. EDG Great service, great car, THANKS!
04/10/2007 Dollar 02/20/2007 JANICE R. DAY I have rented from you in the past and was extremely satisfied. I recently made travel arrangements for my employer using and he was extremely satisfied as well. Keep up the outstanding work!
04/10/2007 Dollar 03/15/2007 JOY S. TPA absolutely thrilled with - far exceeded my expectations - the price was great compared to other companies and I will be using them again in June.
04/10/2007 National 03/30/2007 ALEJANDRO D. JAX was by far the better quote
04/10/2007 Enterprise 04/03/2007 JUSTINE B. YEG Excellent friendly service. And the price... wow! What a good deal! Thanks.
04/10/2007 Dollar 03/27/2007 JANELLE R. IAD Overall, an excellent experience!
04/10/2007 Dollar 01/24/2007 PAMELA B. SJD Thank you so much! An excellent experience and hassle free!
04/10/2007 Enterprise 03/08/2007 CHRISTINE J R. TUS Very smooth transaction. Thanks.
04/10/2007 Alamo 04/04/2007 THERESA T. MFR Very easy to complete this whole transaction. Thanks!
04/10/2007 Thrifty 04/04/2007 VENUS C P. OAK Best rental I've had.
04/10/2007 Thrifty 04/06/2007 EKENEM I. ATL I got an awesome upgrade.
04/10/2007 Avis 03/29/2007 TERESA G. OA3 Very easy and accurate.
04/10/2007 Thrifty 04/03/2007 MONIQUE B. RDU Maurice was the agent that assisted me. He was very helpful. I requested the car be driven around to the front of the building and he willing complied with a smile. I appreciate the helpfulness of the agents and prompt pickup of the phone as I called for return directions. Great Job Thrifty!!!
04/10/2007 Alamo 03/12/2007 THOMAS S. TPA Best price and great service. Very easy
04/09/2007 Alamo 03/12/2007 EDDIE R. BDL I was very satisfied with the service . The agent was excellent and the car was better than expected.
04/09/2007 U-Save 02/24/2007 ELIZABETH F. MIA We were very pleased. Every worker at the rental agency was extremely friendly and professional! A big thank you to them!!!!
04/09/2007 Dollar 02/11/2007 FRANTIEK K. NYE An overall satisfaction with provided services.
04/09/2007 Enterprise 04/02/2007 BRION D. PHX Excellent rental!
04/09/2007 Alamo 04/01/2007 CINDY L. PHX Our check out person was especially friendly and helpful. Thank you!
04/09/2007 Budget 03/18/2007 BOBBIE T. TLV Awesome!
04/09/2007 Dollar 03/24/2007 CRAIG M. SFB Your service was very helpful and time-saving.
04/09/2007 Thrifty 04/03/2007 NANCY P. LIT My experience was great! They upgraded me to a van which was nice for the trip I had to take in it! I occasionally do have to rent a vehicle and I will continue to go to Thanks for the outstanding service! NancyP
04/09/2007 Alamo 03/13/2007 KATHY H. TPA We were very impressed with the quick and easy return procedures. Thanks
04/09/2007 Dollar 03/31/2007 RONNIE H. SDF GREAT JOB GUYS
04/09/2007 Thrifty 03/19/2007 MELISSA G. TYS Wonderful, user friendly site. Spreading the address with others. Very satified!
04/09/2007 Thrifty 03/26/2007 JANE B. SF2 Everything was as promised, will use car rentals again, thanks!
04/08/2007 Alamo 03/26/2007 JAMES M. RDU I was a little alarmed at all the add-ons that the company (Alamo) added. But you were cheaper than renting directly from them. Jim
04/08/2007 Budget 03/29/2007 MELODIE M. KC3 I have never gotten a rental car so quickly!! Great experience! Great price!
04/08/2007 Dollar 03/15/2007 SUZANNE S. MCO very fast and easy....will be checking for a great deal on my next car rental in June from thanks!
04/08/2007 Thrifty 02/01/2007 REED E. LAX totally loved the value --going to recommend the website to friends
04/08/2007 Alamo 03/28/2007 ROCCO L. BOS Great service. Great prices. I am telling all my friends and my great uncle.
04/08/2007 Alamo 12/19/2006 BARBARA J. TPA I was extremely impressed with the smooth rental process. The rental and the return went smoother than any car rental experience I have ever had! Thanks!!
04/08/2007 Alamo 03/19/2007 BONITA H. LIT I was visiting my elderly father. He became ill while I was there and I had to extend my stay unexpectedly. Thank you for making it easy.
04/08/2007 Budget 03/11/2007 JOSEPHINE G. TP7 this was rented from an off-airport site location and i can't imagine why MORE people don't do this. not crowded, excellent service. the manager (i believe her name is ann martinez?) was really lovely and should be commended for how helpful she was.
04/08/2007 Alamo 03/30/2007 LORRAINE N. CMH Car Rentals is the best. I do ALL my car rentals through you now!
04/08/2007 Enterprise 01/09/2007 RICARDO D. LAS excellent service. thank you.
04/08/2007 Avis 03/20/2007 JOSE MIGUEL H. S9T outstandig service and value
04/08/2007 Enterprise 03/25/2007 DEBBIE H. DAL I loved your service, and I loved Enterprise. You gave me a great quote, they gave me a great car. The staff could not have been better. I had a fabulous car rental experience. I will use you again, and recommend you to anyone I know that will need this kind of service.
04/07/2007 Avis 03/31/2007 LESLIE W. L6V Everything was perfect. I was treated great (very personable) and I loved the car!! It helped make my trip easier and more enjoyable!!
04/07/2007 U-Save 02/07/2007 DWIGHT N. JAX Much faster than the larger rental agencies - I was very pleased
04/07/2007 Thrifty 03/30/2007 NOLA M. HNL Wonderful experience!
04/07/2007 Enterprise 03/22/2007 BARTLEY H. LGB I have used several times and every time has been a great experience. I always have the feeling of being smarter than the general public thanks to your service. On one rental I found the previous renters paper work in the glove box and noted that the person paid over $40 per day more than I did. Thank you
04/06/2007 U-Save 02/19/2007 JIM BARBARA W. FLL We were very impressed with the girl who handled our car rental at the desk when we arrived to pick up our car. The car was clean and ready to go. Also impressed that we were taken to the airport without having to wrestle our bags into another vehicle. That innovation was a first for us and surely gained you points. We were given directions to more easily find your location when it was time to return our car to you. All in all, you were great and if possible, in the future, yes, we will rent from you again. Thanks so much for your service.
04/06/2007 Avis 03/16/2007 LINDA P. VLD The car was great! The staff very pleasant and helpful. Thanks to all!!
04/06/2007 Thrifty 03/08/2007 RICK S. LAS I would use on every trip where I need a rental car. Rates were better than I could get, going direct to each renal car company. Good experience.
04/06/2007 Enterprise 03/16/2007 ANN V. MCO CarRentals staff was amazingly helpful and helped me change my pick up time when I couldn't get it done online myself. I was already stressed about my travel agent making a last-minute flight change and it was a relief to have that kind of assistance with my car rental. Thank you.
04/05/2007 Enterprise 02/19/2007 STEVEN L. TUS Your website is awesome for checking the prices at different locations..I never realized how much prices changed..but your site is right with the changes..thank you!
04/05/2007 National 09/25/2006 ROGER OR DONNA K. SCF Excellent deal.
04/05/2007 Avis 03/19/2007 SHANETTE W. B5K We saved close to $400! Thank You I've recommended your site to family and friends.
04/05/2007 U-Save 01/14/2007 EILEEN K. MYR Everything went smoothly, which is what you want on vacation. thanks
04/04/2007 Enterprise 03/24/2007 BEVERLY C. FLL I have not had such an easy on-oine experience as this. You search for availability and cost was so simple! Thank you.
04/04/2007 Avis 03/29/2007 CHARLES M. SJC CarRentals had better rates for Avis than the Avis on-line site.
04/04/2007 Budget 03/07/2007 SAMUEL C. PIT This was the first pleasant experience i've had renting a vehicle. In a word OUTSTANDING! I've been telling all my co-workers about my experience. Thank You! Sam
04/04/2007 Carl's Van Rentals 03/30/2007 PEYTON L. MCO They helped me even after hours. You couldn't ask for a better rental company.
04/04/2007 Enterprise 03/31/2007 HOLIDAY S. DAY I couldn't believe I rented a car at the last minute, the morning before I got on the plane, and I was able to rent a PT Cruiser for $15!
04/03/2007 Thrifty 03/20/2007 BRAD L. LAX Everything was great, in and out quickly with a friendly staff and good directions. We will use this again at the end of summer. Thanks
04/03/2007 Budget 03/23/2007 THERESA B. PHF Keep up the excellent work. Everything was great.
04/03/2007 Thrifty 03/20/2007 ROBERT K. LNK Thank you so much for the great service it really topped off my honeymoon. Thank you