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06/13/2007 Enterprise 06/05/2007 MATTHEW G. RSW You beat orbitz, priceline, expedia, and all the other big names for car rentals! You'll be seeing me again! Thanks!
06/13/2007 Thrifty 04/02/2007 MYRON K. BTV Great staff on both ends. Good value and sevice.
06/13/2007 Thrifty 06/07/2007 WENDY C. PD1 very friendly, helpful staff at Thrifty. The check out and check in was very speedy and friendly.
06/13/2007 Enterprise 05/22/2007 DEBBIE B. CMH loved the Nisson Altima....a large portion of discussion during my trip was everyone talking about that car and everyone including myself thinking about purchasing one!
06/13/2007 Thrifty 04/22/2007 V S W. ATL I really enjoy your site and it's very user friendly. I have rented numberous of times with Thrifty and will continue to
06/12/2007 Dollar 05/22/2007 GIACOMO P. FLL I have already spread the word on to our sales staff to give it a try. Thanks for the OUTSTANDING VALUE! GIACOMO
06/12/2007 Alamo 06/06/2007 PHILLIS N. SJC is a great website to work with! Simple entry fields, clearly named, good selection of cars/car companies, the print is big enough to see, info easy to read and the pictorals a big help. Would rate your site "customer friendly"!
06/12/2007 Alamo 05/26/2007 CHRISTINE F. SMF this was the best experience in renting a vehicle I have ever had!
06/12/2007 Fox 06/04/2007 TARSHA S. LAX I have rented from two Fox two locations - the one is San Diego and the one in Los Angeles. Everytime I rent from there I receive exceptional customer service. Great Job!
06/12/2007 Thrifty 04/25/2007 KRISTIN A. SJC Awesome overall experience. There was no line at check-in, the agent was incredibly friendly and warm, and the car was brand new and in perfect condition. And the rate was fantastic. I will definitely use again, and will make every effort to rent from Thrifty again.
06/12/2007 U-Save 06/05/2007 KATIE F. SWF I loved renting from here. The prices were much better than the Enterprise place even here on post. I have already recommended U Save to my friends who are also cadets, and will probably rent from here every time I need a car from now on.
06/12/2007 Dollar 05/28/2007 DEBORAH A. MCO I had an excellent experience from Dollar Rental. The associate was great with directions and very helpful with the area.
06/11/2007 Thrifty 04/02/2007 KATHY Q. MCO Couldn't have had better service or a better upgrade! Thank you for the experience of driving a 2007 Dodge Charger! Not practical for my everday life, but awesome for a vacation!!
06/11/2007 Alamo 04/22/2007 JAMES A. SRQ I've had nothing but the best experiences in several rentals through
06/11/2007 Enterprise 05/14/2007 THERESA H. PIT OVERALL A GREAT EXPIERENCE.
06/11/2007 Dollar 03/27/2007 TIM G. LAX Flawless experience from start to finish. Car was great and all services provided were as expected. Would definitely do business with these folks again.
06/11/2007 National 04/05/2007 EDDIE B. HSV For the first time in a long time I was will satisfaction!! Thanks for everything.
06/11/2007 Dollar 05/09/2007 DAVID D. DENC07 I will use you again and again and again. Great service and quick to get us in and out. Thanks
06/11/2007 Dollar 05/29/2007 ANNA E. IAD I had a very positive experience with both Dollar rent a car, and your service. I will definitely use in all of my future travels, and will also tell my friends and associates about your wonderful service. Thanks for being out there on the internet!
06/10/2007 Enterprise 05/05/2007 CARMELA A. MIA I was very satisfied and I will be sure to use your services again as well as advertise to friends and family of what great service that I received. Thank you for making my trip so great!
06/10/2007 Thrifty 05/01/2007 MONICA K. LAX I have always enjoyed using when I am out of town. Will continue to use and will tell my friends and family about it. Thanks!
06/10/2007 Enterprise 04/16/2007 ANTHONY A. DTW all your personal were top notch
06/10/2007 Dollar 06/05/2007 TIMOTHY P. CLT Thanks for getting me the best rate!
06/10/2007 Alamo 05/22/2007 JOSEPH G. LAS I got a free 2x upgrade on my car. No complaints!! You guys are the best!!! New Las Vegas car rental facility is awesome and not too far from the airport.
06/10/2007 Fox 05/04/2007 NORA L. OAK Great experience. I am currently using (did not ship my car for work) and will use it on a semi-continuous basis. Love it - neat and simple design and great search engine. I know that it is a good deal because I phoned up 2 companies (with contracts to my company) and did not get a cheaper deal. Thanks.
06/10/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 05/23/2007 FEDRA W. LAX We were asked if we would like to rent a GPS system with our car and that was the best thing we could have done.We saw more of LA than we had expected and really enjoyed our trip.
06/10/2007 ACE 05/22/2007 FRANK J. ORD This rental was easy, quick and without any problems.
06/10/2007 Enterprise 05/20/2007 JOYCE N. YYC Especially apprecitae access to more reasonable price CDW insurance, thanks.
06/09/2007 Dollar 06/03/2007 JOHN W. JFK Simply excellent. Upgraded vehicle, JFK Dollar rep great, allthough it had been a very hard day; would hope Dollar (and others) realize it ultimately is all about their staff. I will be back. Thanks.
06/09/2007 Dollar 05/28/2007 SCOTT C. ONT Great experience. Best so far......
06/09/2007 Fox 06/03/2007 ANGEL A. OAK I loved the fact that my price rate was honored. I also got a better car for my money. Thank you so much for your wonderful, convenient service.
06/09/2007 Dollar 04/12/2007 MELANIE G. ITO Excellent hospitality and service, very fast return also at Hilo. We were very pleased.
06/08/2007 Fox 05/20/2007 JEROME S. SFO How could I complain about 50 MPG in a Honda Civic Hybrid, with gas prices at $3.50/gal. Great little car and good experience with Fox.
06/08/2007 Dollar 06/01/2007 JOE V. LAS Good stuff! My wife and I are very impressed with your company. Keep up the good work!
06/08/2007 Budget 04/30/2007 ZOREEN K. BUF Very pleased overall. Would definitely recommend.
06/08/2007 Alamo 05/16/2007 ROBERT R. YQB I love your service!
06/08/2007 U-Save 04/02/2007 DAVID R. MYR Great Bargain. Always welcome in today's world
06/08/2007 Alamo 05/21/2007 TOMMY K. PDX I have rented cars from other car rentals, however, my first time with the Alamo was so far the best. Service was more than I expected, EXCELLENT! I will absolutely recommend Alamo to my co-workers.
06/08/2007 Enterprise 05/05/2007 ELLEN P. SEA As a travel professional I can't tell you how unique this experience was! Enterprise was a dream to work with and your company gave me a good value for services received. I personally don't market car rentals as the commissions aren't worth my effort, but I'll recommend you!
06/08/2007 Alamo 04/04/2007 JENNIFER B. SFO EASIEST rental I have ever done. Online check-in is fabulous!
06/07/2007 Avis 04/06/2007 BRIAN S. DCA I was particularly surprised, and very pleased that the ONE WAY rate was so reasonable.
06/07/2007 Fox 05/15/2007 GWYN T. LAX oustanding experience!
06/07/2007 Thrifty 05/30/2007 SUZANNE M. BNA Thank you for making car rentals so easy. It makes comparing prices simple, and both times I've used your service I've been a little surprised that everything went so smoothly, just as promised. And I felt like I got the best deals!
06/07/2007 U-Save 04/03/2007 STEPHEN G. MYR The extended cab pickup w/locking top was perfect for 4 people with luggage and golf clubs.
06/07/2007 Thrifty 05/28/2007 ROSS H. LIH Loved it and Loved it! First time renting a rental car. Didn't know what to expect. Very easy to understand. Loved it!
06/06/2007 Thrifty 04/11/2007 JAMES H. ONT We were very please and could not believe the price. The entire experience was excellent and we have been telling our friends.
06/06/2007 Budget 02/11/2007 JUDY B. PDX A very smooth rental ~ car was fine ~ staff in PDX excellent ~ a very very nice experience! Would rent from CarRentals again ~
06/06/2007 Dollar 05/02/2007 FREDERICK W. PDX Excellent once again!
06/06/2007 Thrifty 05/31/2007 KANWALDEEP SINGH A. MCO Wonderful website. It always gives me a great deal.
06/06/2007 Value Rent A Car 05/25/2007 BOB A. LAX Once again, a great deal from My friend is booking a trip to the midwest and I told him to be sure to use you guys.
06/06/2007 Fox 05/30/2007 KARI E. PHX Everything worked out perfect, no hassels no problems. We received what we ordered and were very pleased.
06/06/2007 ACE 05/25/2007 DR LAJUAN S. MCI I had a great experience with and ACE. I will use again. Orlantha and Joel at ACE have excellent Customer Service Skills.
06/06/2007 Dollar 05/31/2007 LYNN S. FLL I loved the offer for Travel Guard insurance. I use them for medical when I travel abroad - but never thought of them for car rental coverage.
06/06/2007 U-Save 03/19/2007 ROBERT R. MCO Excellent service from professional and friendly staff; thank you!
06/05/2007 U-Save 05/16/2007 ALICEN D. TPA Great rates and very friendly staff. Thanks.
06/05/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 04/16/2007 PATRICIA V. LAX I would always utilize and recommend, as it seems to provide the best rate. I have never had a problem with a reservation through this website.
06/05/2007 Enterprise 04/23/2007 CONNIE H. RIC The service was excellent, as was the price and also the quality of the vehicle. Everything was most satisfactory.
06/05/2007 Thrifty 05/27/2007 EMILY M. MSP I was both impressed by and quite satisfied with my entire experience with and Thrifty. I will definitely use your services for future car rental needs!
06/05/2007 Thrifty 05/29/2007 GINA V. STL Thought it was a good experience. Have recommended Car Rentals to several others.
06/05/2007 Dollar 06/02/2007 SIVA G. MKE Good service from Car rentals and Dollar
06/05/2007 Enterprise 05/29/2007 ERIN B. ABQ Wonderful car rental experience. My first visit to and enterprise. I will be a return customer.
06/05/2007 Fox 05/25/2007 MICHAEL H. SJC I've been using exclusively for my last few rentals.
06/05/2007 Alamo 05/31/2007 ANNE-MARIE P. SJC I tell everyone about
06/05/2007 Thrifty 05/26/2007 ANGELA H. MCO Thank you - everything was excellent
06/05/2007 Enterprise 04/19/2007 REGINA M. CHS I was very pleased with the online reservation it was very convenient and the rate was outstanding. I am already telling others to use the service!
06/05/2007 Dollar 03/16/2007 THOMAS T. LAS Thanks for a top notch rental experience
06/04/2007 Alamo 05/20/2007 STEPHANIE A. MCO Nice car. I appreciated not having to fill up before bringing it back in. I liked having that option.
06/04/2007 Alamo 04/17/2007 GWENDA M. TYS Thank You and hope to do business with you again.
06/04/2007 Enterprise 05/13/2007 NASR B. YUL Your staff members at the Montreal airport were extremely professional and considerate. Thanks.
06/04/2007 Enterprise 05/19/2007 SUSAN P. TUS I was delighted with everything. There were no problems at all. I will use Car Rentals and Enterprise again.
06/04/2007 Thrifty 05/28/2007 ELIZABETH T. H56 I love!
06/04/2007 Dollar 05/14/2007 KUNO F. SLC I appreciate the at-the-airport pickup of the vehicle (no shuttle to a remote parking lot). The gentleman at the check-in counter was very helpful, you may consider giving him a raise.
06/04/2007 Thrifty 04/17/2007 ABIGAIL W. BOS I have already sent an email to you but I will express again how good your rental service was on my trip. THe SUV was superb and the price was very reasonable. I will definitely rent from Thrifty again. I will be traveling to Chicago in September so let me know if you have any special rates. I will be arriving O'Hara Sept 15 and departing Sept 16th.
06/04/2007 ACE 05/30/2007 JAMES A. ORD We were pleased with the entire transaction! Thank you
06/04/2007 Dollar 05/29/2007 DAVID L. WASS01 This is a very good service. It is cheaper than working through the rental companies directly and simple to use.
06/04/2007 Avis 05/30/2007 DAVID B. R3N very concenient and easy to use, I will do so again.
06/04/2007 Enterprise 05/22/2007 JOLENE L. DEN I was very hesitant to do the transaction over the internet, since I had never heard of but I couldn't have had a better experience with renting a car. Returning the car was very easy too - it might have taken 5 minutes total! I would be glad to rent from again and also suggest it to my friends. Thanks for a pleasant experience!
06/04/2007 Avis 05/08/2007 TONYA T. LEX I was VERY pleased...I will use both and Avis again...I really enjoyed the rental and vaction...Thank you...
06/03/2007 Budget 05/22/2007 PAUL S. LAS An outstanding experience. Way better than expected, staff was great and very helpful. No disappointment whatsoever.
06/03/2007 Enterprise 04/15/2007 PATRICIA S. OGG Quick and responsive both directions! Very satisfied! Thank you!
06/03/2007 Budget 05/31/2007 LIVIU G. NY5 hassle free experience
06/02/2007 Enterprise 04/20/2007 JOSEPH R. SMF We had received a personal atention from the staff that we had not received elsewhere.
06/02/2007 Thrifty 03/14/2007 ROGER L. PTY As always, Thrifty in Panama was great.
06/02/2007 Thrifty 03/10/2007 JULIE K. MU2 Another outstanding experience.
06/01/2007 Dollar 05/24/2007 DENNIS B. MCO I already reserved another car for another trip I need to take. Thank You for wonderful service.
06/01/2007 Thrifty 05/25/2007 NATASHA G. FLL Great rate! Thank you!
06/01/2007 Fox 05/11/2007 ANN P. LAX Everything went smoothly. What more could you ask for.
06/01/2007 Dollar 05/18/2007 MICHAEL G. DFW everthing was GREAT
06/01/2007 Enterprise 05/13/2007 RICK S. LAS We loved the new rental car building, who ever thought of that is a genius!!!!!
06/01/2007 Enterprise 04/29/2007 SHARON C. ATL I arrived on the evening of May 24th. Your staff greated me very warmly and welcomed me. She also gave me very good driving directions to where I wanted to go.
06/01/2007 Enterprise 03/29/2007 JOHN T. SEA Best car rental experience I have had in last several years. Seattle Enterprise team was outstanding!
06/01/2007 Enterprise 05/11/2007 ARNELLA F. MOB Thank you. I have referred your services to my friends and colleagues.
06/01/2007 Enterprise 04/04/2007 PATRICIA R. IAH It was a fine transaction all the way around. Pat
06/01/2007 Thrifty 05/01/2007 RODERICK L. PVD This is my 2nd experience with and it was just like the last time - Great! Will absolutely recommend to others and visit again when I need a car.
06/01/2007 Avis 05/25/2007 DAVID W. LW5 The Lakewood Store on South Wadsworth did a great job THANKS !
06/01/2007 Enterprise 05/11/2007 JANE M. RDU Great experience, very good communication through email - Thank you.
06/01/2007 U-Save 01/10/2007 DW H. DAB I am LOVING Usave. They really are FANTASTIC to work with. Keep up the great work!