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10/11/2007 Budget 08/26/2007 KENDRICK S. MCO Thanks for the ease & convenience regarding pickup & dropoff at MCO. We felt we had a great vehicle at an outstanding price. We would happily use your services again!
10/11/2007 Budget 10/03/2007 CORINNE B. AUS I am extremely satisfied with Budget and with Thank you!
10/11/2007 Alamo 09/11/2007 ALLEN P. PVD Overall great experience. Expected to get a full size sedan and ended up with a Buick Ranier SUV. With the amount of luggage we had this worked out quite well.
10/11/2007 Dollar 10/04/2007 RIGIETA T. SMF I really love your discounts.
10/11/2007 Avis 09/28/2007 MOHAMMED A. JED It was the first time to deal with avis and I was happy with the services provided. speical thanks to all members for their great services and follow up. once again, thank you very much
10/11/2007 Enterprise 07/31/2007 PAT H. PDX The service was quick and I enjoyed being able to select my car.
10/10/2007 Budget 08/20/2007 PAT B. CBR Overall an excellent experience. The hire was exactly what I required. Thank you.
10/10/2007 Alamo 10/03/2007 MICHAEL W. INDW76 We really appreciate the services of -- many thanks!!
10/10/2007 Thrifty 08/30/2007 RANDY C. SFO i love your service.
10/10/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 09/23/2007 CELAIDA A. LAX very satisfied with the assitance and the service
10/10/2007 Budget 09/29/2007 GARETH D. GVA I have altraedy emailed yesterday to say what a superb service you carry out. CARRENTALS have once again looked after me exceptionally well. Thank you. PS I have told countless people about this excellent service and will continue to rave on about you. Many thanks. Gareth
10/09/2007 Enterprise 09/23/2007 RUSHIKO N. EUG Excellent! Great price, wonderful staff. Car in great shape. Keep up the good work!
10/09/2007 Enterprise 10/03/2007 SAMUEL K. HNL Excellent agent, gentleman was very friendly and helpful. Also, excellent job on the return. The agent met all my needs.
10/09/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 08/24/2007 WINSTON M. LAS Everything went exactly as planned. We were very happy with the whole experience & felt that we received a very competitive rate on the car rental. We had a Toyota Camry - very nice car- economical on gas- very comfortable. We would definitely use CarRentals .com another trip.
10/09/2007 Enterprise 09/23/2007 WILLIAM P. PHL I told other people about the great service and experience I had through & Enterprise.
10/09/2007 Enterprise 09/28/2007 CATHERINE M. IAD All went well. It was a very positive experience.
10/09/2007 Budget 09/06/2007 STEVE N. GRR I was pleased with everything. I would definitely use again.
10/09/2007 Alamo 09/27/2007 MARIO R. SJC I was completely satistfied with everything.
10/09/2007 Dollar 09/18/2007 RICHARD B. KOA We were extremely pleased with our car and the entire process at CarRentals and Dollar.
10/09/2007 U-Save 09/29/2007 GERASIM M. MCO Great rate, I will use CarRentals again, and have passed your name to others...
10/09/2007 Avis 09/26/2007 SALLY M. H31 Everything went very smoothly - we were pleased by how well it all fell into place
10/09/2007 Alamo 08/08/2007 JAMES C. MHT It was very simple process. Thank you.
10/09/2007 Dollar 09/29/2007 STELIAN N. YYZ All good and happy with it.
10/09/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 09/12/2007 JERRY J. LAX The car was near new and in excellent condition. I drove it for over 2000 miles and we had a great trip.
10/09/2007 ACE 08/25/2007 HERBY S. FLL I was very pleased.
10/09/2007 Budget 09/20/2007 BRUCE K. EWR Very professional people and very courteous.
10/09/2007 Thrifty 09/27/2007 PAUL F. ONT Very friendly staff at the counter and upon return!
10/09/2007 U-Save 10/03/2007 DEMETRIUS J. MCO It was my first time renting with USave and I must say that the experience was wonderful.. Thank You So Much & See You Guys In The Near Future!!
10/09/2007 Fox 09/28/2007 RANDY E. SEA I travel extensively but for some reason had not used either Fox or before. As such, honestly, I was a little unsure going into this, particularly as things needed to go extremely smoothly on this trip. Frankly, I was amazed at how smoothly, and professionally this rental was handled by both Fox and CarRentals. Those qualities, and the lack of hiccups in the system seem to be rare in traveling these days. Needless to say, I was remarkably impressed with both Fox and CarRentals and will use both again in the future.
10/09/2007 Enterprise 09/13/2007 PAUL P. MHT great experience - delivered what was promised
10/09/2007 Enterprise 09/03/2007 FRANCIS E. BOS Great car; new, clean; professional, friendly employees.
10/09/2007 Enterprise 09/25/2007 CHRISTOPHER K. PBI A pleasant experience.
10/09/2007 ACE 09/21/2007 SANTOS P. FLL everything was to my satisfaction, will use you again. thanks
10/09/2007 Enterprise 09/10/2007 HEATHER P. AUS Thank you -- this was one of my best experiences renting a car.
10/09/2007 Enterprise 09/27/2007 TODD J. TPA Everything was great...helped make my vacation enjoyable...thanks!
10/09/2007 Budget 09/27/2007 RENEE K. D1V I love car rentals and Budget! you are the best!!
10/09/2007 National 09/13/2007 MAUREEN P. LAS Loved every thing about the experience with National! I have shared my experience with my family and highly recommend National and It was the best price found. Thanks. Maureen
10/09/2007 Budget 09/24/2007 MATT S. RNO I like the feature of being able to compare rates at one website.
10/08/2007 Enterprise 08/20/2007 DUC N. SNA Thanks for great rate, and services!
10/08/2007 ACE 09/27/2007 WILLIAM M. SFO everyone was very nice.
10/08/2007 ACE 09/23/2007 ALBERT R. FLL It was a very satisfying experience, and look forward to using you again. Thanks.
10/08/2007 Thrifty 10/01/2007 NJAGI M. GRK very good customer service
10/08/2007 Fox 10/05/2007 EDWARD B. SAN Friendly staff, very helpful, car was in fine shape.
10/08/2007 Thrifty 09/16/2007 LENORE L. YYZ Excellent value for the money - very, very pleased and will choose Thrifty again.
10/08/2007 ACE 09/22/2007 KEVIN B. IND thanks for everything the service was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/08/2007 Enterprise 10/02/2007 GORDON M. LAX Excellent personal service at Enterprise!
10/08/2007 Thrifty 09/06/2007 CRISTY H. LAS It was great experience. This was the first time I've used either Thrifty or and I can assure you it won't be the last! Thanks for everything. -jim
10/08/2007 Dollar 09/12/2007 DUNCAN T. SFD absolutely zero problems with the entire experience
10/08/2007 Thrifty 09/13/2007 KIMBERLEY G. PDX Everyone was very nice even though it was after midnight - thank you!
10/08/2007 Alamo 09/18/2007 RYAN E. DEN Everything was great!
10/08/2007 Dollar 09/26/2007 JAMES A. PHX I have rented from Dollar in the past and my experience was no different than renting from Dollar direct.
10/08/2007 Enterprise 09/26/2007 VICKIE Y. PHX 1st time to rent a car and had an excellent experience.
10/07/2007 Alamo 08/16/2007 WILLIAM H. KOA Your staff was very helpful, the car was clean & new, & the return was super easy & fast. The return shuttle to the airport was very prompt & the driver was so helpful in loading our bags. great experience! Thanks!
10/07/2007 Enterprise 08/23/2007 JANICE D. PBI I was very pleased with the service. From the pick up shuttle to the return to the airport, everyone was friendly, nice, kind. Excellent service.
10/06/2007 U-Save 09/26/2007 SILVIA T. SJU As usual, the service was outstanding!!
10/06/2007 Enterprise 09/19/2007 MARY E D. RSW Enjoyed our stay and experience with Enterprise and we would definitely book our car with your agency. We do plan to return and we will be in touch. Thanks.
10/05/2007 Enterprise 08/07/2007 BEV P. IFP We were very pleased with the prompt check-in and check-out in Bullhead City.
10/05/2007 Dollar 09/19/2007 BRUCE M. SJC I had such a great time with Dollar that they'll be my first choice next time I rent a car. The staff was WONDERFUL. Seriously, wonderful.
10/05/2007 Thrifty 08/15/2007 DONALD K. SE1 We were more than pleased with the service we received and the vehicle itself. We will definitely use this service again and recommend it to others. Thank you.
10/05/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 09/18/2007 DAWN R. LAS The gentleman at the vehicle pickup was actually SO OUTSTANDING! I wish I'd have gotten his name, but he really was great!
10/05/2007 Dollar 09/05/2007 HOLLY B. ANC I had already thought this was an unusual car rental experience because nothing went wrong: not given a smoked-in car, the gas tank was full, service was fast and friendly at pick up and drop off, it was all so easy!
10/05/2007 Alamo 09/22/2007 VALERIE B. SRQ Great rate- great experience, will recommend to everyone. I'll never book a car any other way again. It was so easy that it surprised me.
10/05/2007 ACE 09/25/2007 KAREN M. ORD Thoroughly impressed with the car and service
10/05/2007 Thrifty 08/23/2007 DONALD K. OMA Everything went as planned. Thrifty folks explained my bill and were very friendly.
10/04/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 09/08/2007 GRACE H. LAS Your staff in Las Vegas were great. Love the new location and convenience.
10/04/2007 Enterprise 09/19/2007 ABRAHAM M. ELP Great rental rate. Great car. Great service.
10/04/2007 Enterprise 09/16/2007 KENNETH P. ONT This was a perfectly smooth and pleasurable experience altogether. In particular, the desk agent was just SUPERB. Astonishingly, because there was no one in line he simply took it upon himself to help me with my bags right to my car in the lot -- which has never happened to me before. This, after I complained that the 'SmartCart' machine had eaten my money without releasing one!
10/04/2007 Fox 09/21/2007 MELIDA W. OAK Your costomer service was great, I think all business should have nice and friendly services as yours! Keep up the good works! See ya the next time I travel to Oakland! Melida
10/03/2007 Enterprise 07/29/2007 SANFORD P. MCW I love your service. I saved over $200 by renting through your company. THANKS!
10/03/2007 Fox 09/04/2007 LOAN N. SNA Thank you. It's exellent. I had a great deal from Fox and I'll definitely will rent from them again. Thanks
10/03/2007 National 09/26/2007 SANDRA K. PDX Absolutely the BEST car rental experience I have ever had!
10/03/2007 Fox 09/17/2007 AILINE K. SFO I couldn't believe that I've never heard of you guys until now. All this time we've been using other car rentals, but your prices are the best & your service is great as well. We will become regulars from here on out. It would be nice if you could spread throughout the nation, like Utah.
10/03/2007 Enterprise 09/25/2007 THOMAS G. PHX Outstanding customer service, I have never been walked to my car before and had a co-inspection. He even pointed out that the tank was only 9/10 full and I should bring it back likewise.
10/03/2007 National 09/18/2007 JACKIE R. PDX I will certainly use CarRentals again. This service was the best part of this rental experience.
10/02/2007 Thrifty 09/29/2007 TED J. CMH Best part of the deal - insurance at half the price of what is charged at the counter. And we have experience with the insurance - the insurance agency comes through with the claim.
10/02/2007 Alamo 09/15/2007 ELIZABETH A. CMH I am extremely satisfied with our interaction with both CarRentals and Alamo. Will certainly use next time we travel.
10/02/2007 Alamo 09/17/2007 CHARLES H. SYR You guys found special that no one else had.. thanks again!
10/02/2007 Thrifty 07/25/2007 AMBER C. MEL The Rental Agent WAs FANTASTIC! She was very patient and gave us complete detailed directions on how to get to our hotel - and how to return the car , best place to fill up with fuel etc. Would reccommned them to anyone in Melbourne
10/02/2007 Enterprise 09/09/2007 CATHY N. BTV Our flight connection was not available, so we had to pick the vehicle up at JFK and drive to Burlington. The JFK staff honored our reservation and made it the easiest part of our very long and tiring day. Thank you.
10/02/2007 Alamo 09/05/2007 ANDREA M. LAS Very impressed when staff noticed that we were puzzled by the Prius and took the time to show us how it operated.
10/01/2007 Alamo 08/10/2007 RANDY K. TPA This is the second time we rented through you and LOVE the website. We like the price and the option to change our reservation if need be without being penalized (although we didn?t). We have told several friends about it.
10/01/2007 Thrifty 09/27/2007 PHIL B. SNA What an awesome service! I saved a tremendous amount! Thank you!
10/01/2007 Alamo 09/12/2007 ROSS L. KOA CarRentals's values are the best.
10/01/2007 Thrifty 09/26/2007 LAURA S. PHL Appreciated the early morning availability of staff check-in. Great experience and would highly recommend.
10/01/2007 Fox 08/10/2007 GORDON P. LAX Great deal, great service from Fox. I'm very happy with this rental.
10/01/2007 Budget 09/25/2007 NATHAN H. BWI You made my business trip quite convenient and affordable. Keep up the great work!
10/01/2007 ACE 09/20/2007 LENORE P. IND Great rate - great people - great car. Nothing else I need (except time). Thank you
10/01/2007 Dollar 09/06/2007 LUCY W. PBI this was the best service ever. It was very quick, picking up and dropping off. Dollar is my first and always choice.
09/30/2007 Avis 09/24/2007 DEBRA W. PAH Great people, loved the car. It was a great experience all the way around!!!! Thanks so much!!!
09/30/2007 Dollar 09/22/2007 MICHAEL C. DFW I use for all my car rentals.
09/30/2007 Enterprise 07/27/2007 EDUARD T. TPA I was very satisfied with the service. I'm planing to rent the car from again very soon. Thanks.
09/30/2007 Thrifty 09/06/2007 JAY M. TPA I've bookmarked your webpage and will refer to it the next time I have a car rental need. Everything went smoothly.
09/29/2007 Fox 06/16/2007 JEAN D. PHX We had a great experience from beginning to end. Thanks.
09/29/2007 Dollar 09/18/2007 JANET Y. LASC17 Professional from beginning of experience to the end. I would highly recommend using them to my friends! Well done!
09/29/2007 ACE 09/25/2007 SAM H. MCI Experience exceeded expectations, was more car for the money and beat the competition, hands down.
09/29/2007 Enterprise 09/17/2007 MEGHAN H. SRQ This was my first time renting through and I would definitely do it again. I have already booked another rental based on this last experience!
09/29/2007 ACE 09/21/2007 TOM K. ORD This was the best service we ever had with a car rental agency. The staff was outstanding especially the gentleman who drove us to and from the airport at O'Hare. We will recommend our friends to your agency.
09/29/2007 Enterprise 09/19/2007 JIMMY N. EUG Great service! They had everything ready when I arrived and I was on my way in minutes.