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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
07/22/2007 Enterprise 07/02/2007 MARIA OLGA T. LIT The service was outstanding, we'll rent from Enterprise again for sure. Thanks.
07/22/2007 Fox 07/12/2007 JEFFREY W. LAX Second time using your booking service. Great rates, great service with Fox too. Thank you.
07/22/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/11/2007 GARY M. LAS I got a Hyundai with xm radio.This car handled extremely well in Vegas traffic and got amazingly good gas milage.The xm radio was a pleasant,unexpected bonus.I felt the car was an excellant value and exceeded my expectations,particularly at 25 MPG in stop-and-go city trafic.Very comfortable for 4 people.Very efficient processing coming and going.
07/22/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 06/27/2007 SHEILA M. LAS Exactly what a car rental experience should be like! Thanks!!
07/21/2007 Thrifty 07/11/2007 GNADINE S. GCM I was in and out within 15 minutes, the rep. was great, she had a welcoming, great sense of humor. this was a great experience. the rep. should get a raise. I will definately be renting from you again when I go back to Cayman in November.
07/21/2007 ACE 07/12/2007 LESLEY M. ORD I must admit I was a little worried as I had never heard of Ace before but they were really good. The staff were really nice too.
07/21/2007 Thrifty 05/25/2007 BILLY W. CVG Great experience... I have used your service several times, and will use again.... Thanx...
07/21/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 07/03/2007 MICHAEL S. LAX very happy with price and service. Thanks
07/21/2007 U-Save 07/10/2007 C ALAN G. MIA I was thoroughly amazed at the customer service at Usave. My flight was delayed. I called the office and the representative said she would remain until I arrived. Once there, everything went smoothly. I am so happy to have found!
07/21/2007 Enterprise 06/29/2007 LILLIAN M. MDW The service was courteous, prompt, and the people were very nice.
07/20/2007 Enterprise 06/16/2007 WILLIAM H. SEA staff were friendly and very personal. best treatment ever.
07/20/2007 Dollar 05/11/2007 RICHARD M. MKE good value, fair price, treated with honesty by folks at the airport.
07/20/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 06/14/2007 SANDRA R. LAX Great deal and car... Staff was good
07/19/2007 Alamo 06/29/2007 DIANE R. OKC Thanks for making my trip so pleasant!
07/19/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 06/14/2007 CYNTHIA M. LAS Excellent rental car experience. So easy--no lines to stand in. Car was clean. Price was fantastic. Will definitely use next time I need a rental in any location.
07/19/2007 Dollar 06/28/2007 CATALINA F. CMH I think your service was great. I was actually recommended to you by someone who spoke highly about your service and I am pleased to say that they were right. I too will recommend your service to those I know and I surely will use it again. Thank you.
07/19/2007 Enterprise 06/18/2007 DANIEL D. DAY Absolutely a trouble-free experience. That doesn't sound like much, but it was exactly what was hoped for.
07/19/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 CHERYL M. A57 I love your service including the insurance. I love having the peace of mind. I have not had to us it. Please keep your services and the great competive prices.
07/19/2007 Dollar 07/11/2007 SAMANTHA T. BNA I was very pleased with the rental. Overall it was that "sold" me. I will continue to use this website instead of going directly through the indivdual rental companies. I am happy that I found it by chance before my trip. Already I have began to spread the word. Thank you.
07/19/2007 Dollar 06/14/2007 STEVE R. ORD Thank you for all your attentions!!!
07/18/2007 Dollar 03/01/2007 PETER G. SFO We were very pleased with the whole rental car experience through and Dollar Rent A Car and look forward to using both services again for future rentals.
07/18/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 CARLOS C. HC3 The pretty lady made everything nice and easy. I love her.
07/18/2007 National 07/12/2007 UMANG P. YTOE21 overall experience was outstanding. Got 2007 model. Next time I would go with and National
07/18/2007 Budget 07/14/2007 ERICA D. SC4 excellent car and customer service!
07/18/2007 Fox 07/13/2007 ANGELA M. SAN I had never heard of Fox car rental before, but thought I would give it a try. I was completely satisfied with the experience. Moreover, I will use again - great website. I have told several people about the site and how useful it is. Thank you.
07/18/2007 Thrifty 05/31/2007 NANCY L. RIC Thank you for a carefree rental experience
07/18/2007 Thrifty 07/06/2007 ELSA M. TUS The staff was friendly. Renting the car at Thrifty and through was fast and easy. Thanks!
07/18/2007 Alamo 07/08/2007 THERESA W. ATL The automated system (kiosk) worked great. THe car was wonderful. Everything went very smoothly. THanks!
07/18/2007 Dollar 07/09/2007 CHANDRA N. YWG Fantastic!!
07/18/2007 Fox 07/09/2007 KATSUFUMI A. SFO I can't find any better deals
07/17/2007 Dollar 07/12/2007 ROBERT P. TLH this was my first experience using Dollar and and I will definetely use them both agin.
07/17/2007 Avis 06/08/2007 ESTELA C. F9M The Avis reps were outstanding
07/17/2007 Dollar 07/13/2007 JOHN S. DAY It was great, walked up, and I seemed to be out and on my way in no time.
07/17/2007 Budget 07/09/2007 RICHARD L. RDM Just about perfect all around. A+
07/17/2007 Dollar 06/29/2007 ROSWELL Y. HNL I love your Lock Low & Go rate and your staff was wonderful.
07/17/2007 Dollar 05/17/2007 FRED H. ELP Everything was wonderful. Staff was very knowledgeable regarding rates and upgrades.
07/17/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 KATHY O. MCO Thank you It was a good experience.
07/17/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 DONALD H. MCO Car Rentals had the best rate which was 100.00 less than what Thrifty was offering.
07/17/2007 Alamo 07/01/2007 BONNIE P. LAS this was a great deal. I will use this service again.
07/17/2007 Enterprise 07/06/2007 JENNIFER L. ORD Chicago O'hare staff TOP NOTCH!
07/17/2007 ACE 06/13/2007 THOMAS P. SXM Very convenient to pick up and drop off car at the airport parking lot, rather than an off-site location. Muhammad was great. This was our second experience, with the same great result. We'll see you again in a few months.
07/17/2007 Budget 05/21/2007 LEO K. TVC The best car rental experience I've had on the web to date.
07/16/2007 Thrifty 06/28/2007 ELIZABETH W. PD1 Very courteous and helpful staff. No complaints!
07/16/2007 Thrifty 06/30/2007 DAWNN M. BN3 The service received from Thrifty and helped my family and I have a worry free vacation!! We will definitely use these services and recommend to family and friends!
07/16/2007 Thrifty 04/18/2007 JONATHAN C. LAX It was our best rental in the last 10 years. It was well organized and fast.
07/16/2007 Budget 01/04/2007 JOSEPH L. SJU I loved the quick check out. No waiting in line and ready to board the bus to the airport.
07/16/2007 Enterprise 07/05/2007 BARBARA G. YWG Overall I was very pleased with the rental car and how convenient it was to pick it up at the airport. The staff was very helpful and courteous. Thanks.
07/16/2007 ACE 06/05/2007 MARYBETH T. CZM I will be renting from ACE in the future. They were great! Very quick and helpful.
07/16/2007 Avis 06/26/2007 MICHAEL R. G4C That particular Avis is one of a kind!! They are a great bunch of people always ready to take care of my needs.
07/16/2007 Alamo 07/09/2007 DANNY H. SMF I had a very good experience. The employee that I dealt with was fast and courteous and I would definitely rent with Alamo and CarRentals again.
07/16/2007 Dollar 06/24/2007 KIM D. SMF we got a great deal using your site
07/15/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/04/2007 LYNDA B. OGG This was the second time I used Advantage and I am very happy with the service. Keep up the good work and please keep the prices low.
07/15/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 06/29/2007 JARROD F. MCI The Advantage staff was exceptionally helpful, and I will make it a point to look for them again when I have to rent a car anywhere.
07/15/2007 Avis 06/25/2007 FRANCISCO S. PCN Excellent service! we were amazed with the San Juan personnel. Great team!
07/15/2007 ACE 06/20/2007 JEANNINE K. FLL Our expierience was outstanding!
07/14/2007 Dollar 07/02/2007 CHRISTOPHER W. MDW CarRentals, you are doing a great job integrating with the major car rental companies and pricing is very competitive. Website very quick and easy to use.
07/14/2007 Enterprise 06/26/2007 RICHARD O. BDL Easy way through to shop for the best value.
07/14/2007 Enterprise 06/21/2007 ERDLEN C. RSW I loved Very helpful. I was also very pleased with Enterprise. Would rent from them again.
07/14/2007 Enterprise 06/28/2007 HECTOR G. FLL The service you offered me was great!! I got a great car for a great price! Thank you very much!!!
07/14/2007 Dollar 07/10/2007 MATTHEW N. JFK Your rate was lower than the rate I received as a dollarexpress member on Dollar's own website!!! I'll be back.
07/14/2007 Thrifty 05/04/2007 MARTIN K. MCO Shuttle service was prompt and exceptional. Fast Quick and easy. A++++++ Here.
07/14/2007 Alamo 06/30/2007 TONYA M. FLL I enjoyed the experience, and will use it again for my next car rental.
07/13/2007 Dollar 04/17/2007 LINDA B. LIH Effortless!! Thank you!
07/13/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/06/2007 KIM B. MSP This is the first time that I used this site. My father had booked a van through another company and it would have been twice the price if I had not used you. Thanks again!
07/13/2007 Alamo 06/24/2007 JANICE H. DFW This was a surprisingly good experience. The personnel were really super. The price was the most reasonable and quality was good. Thank you.
07/13/2007 Enterprise 04/09/2007 DENNIS C. SMF Very Happy and we will be renting again in the future.
07/12/2007 Alamo 06/19/2007 KEVIN C. LAX Your LAX facility was very fast, effecient. Alamo will be a company that I work with again.
07/12/2007 Enterprise 06/20/2007 RACHEL W. AUS Worked out very well. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family.
07/12/2007 Dollar 07/06/2007 LEIB K. JAX The price had dropped, and I was able to quickly change my reservation to get the better price
07/12/2007 Enterprise 04/21/2007 CATHARINE W. BWI Great job.
07/12/2007 Alamo 07/01/2007 CARLEITTA R. CAK I was really pleased with the quality of the vehicle and would recommend Alamo or to anyone needing a vehicle.
07/12/2007 Thrifty 05/28/2007 JAY W. KOA Great transaction, flawless service.
07/12/2007 Thrifty 07/02/2007 KIMSONN S. ICT is an excellent website for comparing prices.
07/12/2007 ACE 07/08/2007 LEMAR T. ORD All around GREAT experience!!!
07/12/2007 Thrifty 06/19/2007 RUTH D. OMA It was great.. all the clerks had a great sense of humor and made the customer feel important
07/12/2007 Alamo 06/04/2007 BONNIE S. KOA Thanks Tee, you made our Alamo experience a good one and we will use Alamo again because of you. Thanks.
07/12/2007 Alamo 06/07/2007 JULIO A. CLE Great experience---quick service at airport via the electronic vehicle checkout---thank you ALAMO!!
07/11/2007 Dollar 07/03/2007 DORIS P. ELP great experience. I loved the car and it was a great deal. thank you.
07/11/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 06/24/2007 ROBERTO R. PHX Actually the rental process exceeded my expectations! It was quick and problem free: in and out and i appreciated that.
07/11/2007 Thrifty 05/21/2007 BRYAN M. TPA We had a medical emergency and had to extend our rental 2 days - they honored our discount daily rate with no problem.
07/11/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 05/22/2007 RICHARD M. SLC First time using Advantage,,will use again even though its off airport sight. Fast,great service and price. Staff and drivers exceptional.
07/11/2007 Alamo 05/15/2007 JOHN T. LAS I have used CarRentals.Com before and everytime I have I have had a positive experience.
07/11/2007 Alamo 07/04/2007 DAVID V. RDU keep up the good work
07/11/2007 Dollar 06/29/2007 MINNIE H. JAX The employees are to be commended highly in all areas. Thank you for your kindness one and all.
07/11/2007 Thrifty 01/21/2007 CONNIE M. LAS Return was fast and convenient. Thanks
07/11/2007 Enterprise 06/22/2007 DENISE G. DFW I would definitely rent from again. It was so convenient and the best deal in town! Thank you!
07/11/2007 Dollar 04/30/2007 RAY J. YWG I would like to make sure that you are aware of the exceptional person that took care of us. She is a Rental Sales Agent and her name is Debbie at the Winnipeg Airport. She took care of us with 5+ Star service. Ray
07/10/2007 Enterprise 07/05/2007 CALVINA C. MSN This is a great service and I will use it every time I need a rental and recommend it to others.
07/10/2007 Thrifty 06/26/2007 ROBERT G. CLT I was a bit concerned about dealing with something other than the car company itself, but this rental ran without a hitch. I don't know if I got more value; I used this because I wanted a minivan and was having trouble finding one through the agent channels. You found the car I wanted, and it was ready for me.
07/10/2007 Enterprise 06/08/2007 LORRI G. IAH I truly had a wonderful experience with your car. Never had i received such treatment from your Houston staff. Thanks again for everything.
07/10/2007 Alamo 06/11/2007 LYNETTE C. SAN fast freindly service and good knowledge of the area I was visiting. It was very refreshing to deal with helpful and friendly people. Thank you!
07/10/2007 Budget 05/31/2007 TED F. FLL Very impressed with entire system. From reserv. to swift pick-up and drop-off. Very well organized.
07/10/2007 Alamo 06/30/2007 CHERYL T. MAF in a single word: !!*~EXCELLENT~*!! thanks.
07/10/2007 ACE 06/27/2007 JACQUI R. SAN Awesome deal. I'll be using Ace again very soon.
07/10/2007 Enterprise 06/27/2007 NANCY A. OKC They even gave us bottles of water for the road! Little touches like that make a big difference.
07/10/2007 Budget 06/27/2007 ROBERT N. DB2 I was very please with the whole experience with
07/09/2007 Enterprise 06/27/2007 REBEKAH M. PDX Exceptionally happy:)