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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
12/09/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/28/2007 JOHN J. LAS A pleasant experience from beginning to end.This is a must do again.
12/09/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 11/12/2007 JULIA R. LAX I have recommended to friends. thank you!
12/07/2007 Dollar 12/01/2007 ED P. JAX Your company allows easy comparision and will certainly use you whenever it is necessary to rent a vehicle. Thank You!
12/07/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 11/19/2007 JAMES H. LAX i'm just amazed at the low cost of your rentals---keep up the good work!!!!
12/06/2007 Dollar 11/26/2007 JOSEPH O. LAS Wonderful experience and great value!
12/06/2007 Fox 11/15/2007 STEVE S. LAX Best rental car experience in many years ! ! !
12/06/2007 Thrifty 11/28/2007 CHARLES DENNIS N. PHL The Navigator that I also rented through Thrifty was quite helpful and a great timesaver.
12/06/2007 Thrifty 11/19/2007 JEFFREY J B. SNA I'm glad I found you guys...from SWA
12/06/2007 Enterprise 11/26/2007 ROGER W. FLL Great website you guys have!
12/06/2007 Fox 11/23/2007 ROBERT E. SNA Good experience. Basic car, but at a basic price. It served my needs will. Would go back to Fox and
12/06/2007 Fox 11/30/2007 ROBERT L R. PHX Quality Service from and Fox!!!!!!
12/05/2007 Budget 11/29/2007 AVA W. CNS The staff were extememly fiendly and helpful with directions. Service was fast and the car was as we ordered !!
12/04/2007 Thrifty 11/25/2007 LLOYD A. PDX Best experience I've ever had with a rental agency and I travel a lot, great job!
12/04/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 11/18/2007 IDA K. LAX I have suggested to several of my friends who travel as I do, for business (musicians). They have also been very satisfied with it. I got a great car at a great rate. What more could I ask for? Thanks!
12/04/2007 Fox 11/28/2007 PAUL A. LAX The staff at Fox was awesome! They were great to deal with after a long flight.
12/04/2007 Dollar 10/18/2007 JAMES F. OAK using your service was a great way to find the best price on a car rental
12/04/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/29/2007 CAROL B. LAS Thank you! I am keeping your information and have shared it with friends!!!!
12/04/2007 Thrifty 10/30/2007 NONA F. ORF Fantastic service and cars. Will use you every time, given the opportunity. Thank you!
12/04/2007 Dollar 11/28/2007 LEASHA W. RNO and Dollar rental are always my first choice when looking to rent a car-both are friendly-provide excellent customer service and give me the best deal for my money-thank you!
12/03/2007 Thrifty 11/16/2007 CLIFF M. LAS The best experience of renting a car. No hassles everything was better than expected. Thank you again
12/03/2007 Fox 11/01/2007 MICHAEL W. SAN Wow, both and Fox did a great job getting us a one way rental at an affordable price. Thanks again, great job!
12/03/2007 Budget 10/19/2007 DIGNA O. SDQ 100% satisfied with service rendered!!!!!
12/02/2007 Budget 11/24/2007 PANKAJ S. BHM Great Experience, Great Vehicle and overall great service. I am a frequent renter and I liked your service very much. Thanks.
12/01/2007 Fox 11/24/2007 LYNDALL S. SEA I have told so many people about your website as I have been very pleased with the rates you find for me.
12/01/2007 Enterprise 11/09/2007 WILLIAM L. SAN This is the first time I've used and I was very pleased with the experience. I usually use Orbitz or one of the other travel websites but was faster and easier. It quickly gave me what I needed. And I paid exactly what you quoted me including the tax. Thanks!
11/30/2007 Fox 10/29/2007 PHUONG N. SEA This is the best deal I have ever gotten.
11/29/2007 Alamo 10/30/2007 KIMBERLEY G. PDX is the best way to reserve cars, thank you!
11/29/2007 Dollar 08/24/2007 RICHARD D. PDX Excellent service and I could tell the customer came first. Thanks
11/29/2007 Thrifty 11/20/2007 ROGER S. ANC Very professional. I plan on using your service on my next trip to Anchorage in the spring of 08. VERY PLEASED.
11/29/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/01/2007 WENDY D. DEN I will always give my business to Advantage when I am in your market. You prove that great service does not have to break your customer's backs. I've even referred my parents!
11/29/2007 ACE 11/19/2007 MEGAN J. MCI Great experience! Much more economical than the major car rental companies, and on short notice. The staff member was very helpful, and all service was prompt and convenient. I'll definitely use and ACE again!!
11/29/2007 Thrifty 11/17/2007 EDWARD T. LAX I was very pleased with all aspects of the rental Thank you
11/29/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 11/16/2007 C WILLIAM C. LAX Great vehichle at a great rate!
11/29/2007 Thrifty 10/21/2007 ANGEL S. LAS Good experience: friendly people, fair value and prompt attention. Would go back again.
11/29/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/20/2007 SYLVIA Q. SAN I WAS VERY SATISFIED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! SEE YOU NEXT TIME =)
11/29/2007 Enterprise 11/20/2007 MARGO B. LGB The Staff was courteous, helpful, and prompt from beginning to end. I am now in the process of my second rental at even a greater rate!
11/29/2007 Alamo 11/02/2007 MICHAEL W. IND Completely satisfying experience.... would recommend Alamo/National to friends and associates.
11/29/2007 Enterprise 11/24/2007 L MICHI K. BUR I'm very happy with my rentals through your website; I get better rates than any other discounts I've found (e.g. AAA).
11/28/2007 Dollar 11/07/2007 DAVID T. RSW I will also tell my friend how helpful you were.
11/28/2007 Budget 11/25/2007 RYAN B. BP1 I was soooo pleased that I am going to rent another vehicle before I leave..........
11/28/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 11/14/2007 TIM E. LAX Very pleased with service we received for our 9 day rental.
11/28/2007 Dollar 09/27/2007 GEOMAR S. SJU Everything was Outstanding - Keep up the good work!
11/28/2007 National 10/23/2007 DENNIS M. MCO I used the automated system so my interaction with staff was quite limited. The gentleman who directed us to our vehicle in the partking lot was very helpful.
11/28/2007 Enterprise 09/15/2007 SUE ANN T. SAN The one young girl when we dropped it off in San Diego even helped me carry my luggage to the shuttle! (Wish I'd noticed her name, but she was blonde and very pretty :)
11/28/2007 Dollar 10/05/2007 STANLEY K. MCO It was a good experience on a very heavily traveled week. sk
11/28/2007 Dollar 04/23/2007 MARIO I. PIE Wonderful experience
11/28/2007 Thrifty 09/07/2007 COLLIN W. ORF Outstanding service!!
11/27/2007 Thrifty 10/09/2007 CAROLE M. HV1 Picked up my car from the Lawrence location and they were great to deal with!!!!
11/27/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/04/2007 JOHN REID K. HOU What a wonderful find! I am on Social Security Disability. It is a pleasure to to be able to say that those precious dollars I spent to use this vehicle were the most well spent dollars in memory! You have a new customer and fan!
11/27/2007 U-Save 09/11/2007 EDWIN S. MYR My flight into Myrtle Beach was delayed more than 2 hours. I called your reservation desk in Myrtle Beach to inform them that I was going to be late. I spoke to your representative by the name of Neva. She was extremely nice & waited for me to arrive & give me my car & paper work. If this is your policy, it is outstanding & Neva & your company are to be commended & I thank you. Having this type of experience, I would rent from you always.
11/27/2007 Avis 10/28/2007 MARILYN L. DFW Thank you for making things simple!!
11/27/2007 Budget 11/13/2007 ANDREW S. CMI The car was amazing! It had excellent gas mileage which was what we wanted. The car was clean, comfortable, and we had no problems at all. Thank you Car!
11/27/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 10/30/2007 CLAIRE L. SEA Service was great!!! The car was also better than expected. I loved the deal I was quoted. Thank you!
11/27/2007 Budget 11/16/2007 STEVE P. BQN very pleased with both Budget and the whole process was easy and was no trouble
11/27/2007 Enterprise 11/06/2007 RICHARD B. ABQ I really saved money using your company. I was very sceptical at first but with every call and confirmation you made it more reassuring that we made the right choice using your company. Thanks Richard
11/27/2007 Allied Car And Truck Rental 10/30/2007 MARIA D. SJU Yes i was very satified with my service @ AAA i will definetly go through AAA or on my next trip.
11/27/2007 Airport Van Rental 11/12/2007 JASON R. LAX I was very pleased from start to finish with Universal Van. The rate quoted via was outstanding. Thank You !
11/27/2007 Alamo 09/19/2007 GARY R. OMA A flawless very satisfactory experience.
11/27/2007 Alamo 10/25/2007 ALICE B. PVD I left my book bag on the Shuttle and it was promptly and happily sent to me. I think Chris, the manager of the office, was exceptional; warm friendly and RESPONSIBLE!!
11/27/2007 Budget 09/27/2007 JAMES B. PSP The Sirius radio was great
11/26/2007 Enterprise 10/03/2007 TODD L. RNO Best car rental experience of my life
11/26/2007 Thrifty 08/14/2007 SUZANNE M. CM1 I love renting from! You guys are GREAT! Awesome prices!
11/26/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 10/30/2007 PAULETTE V. DEN The convenience of being able to select the type of vehicle as well as purchase insurance at the same time was an added bonus. It made the rental process so much simpler.
11/26/2007 Dollar 06/29/2007 ROBERT S. RNO Best car rental deal ever, period.
11/26/2007 Enterprise 11/20/2007 CYNTHIA G. MOD Excellent staff - friendly and attentive. Excellent experience! Thank you.
11/26/2007 Dollar 11/19/2007 LINDA N. GSP A great experience--easy, too!
11/26/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/09/2007 KRISHNA J. LAX Excellent service by CarRentals. Com
11/26/2007 Thrifty 11/17/2007 JEFFREY L. SAN Great customer service, very friendly and welcoming management.
11/26/2007 ACE 11/13/2007 STEPHEN S. IND Wow, this was my first experience with ACE. I was impressed beyond all expectations. Thanks for giving me an unexpectedly pleasant visit to Indiana. Stephen
11/26/2007 Budget 04/29/2007 ROBERT B. RSW Most smooth and efficient car renting experience ever!! Thank you!
11/25/2007 Enterprise 10/15/2007 HELENA N. DTW As always - Great Job!
11/25/2007 Thrifty 09/22/2007 THOMAS M. LIH Shuttle Drivers were especially helpful and efficient!
11/25/2007 Enterprise 11/15/2007 DELORES H. LAX is GREAT!!!
11/23/2007 Avis 10/28/2007 DIANE B. PP3 due to, was able to find good rate away from airport - no lines, no shuttle with baggage, prompt friendly service. Easiest we've ever done.
11/22/2007 U-Save 11/11/2007 JOHN K. SWF The agent was a perfect gentleman. He was prompt. Courteous and I appreciated his assistance.
11/22/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/14/2007 JACOB SLAFFEY S. DAL I am a YTB travel agent. The overall service was great. I will book my clients with your agency
11/22/2007 Fox 11/01/2007 VICTORIA J. PHX Love and would not use anything else
11/21/2007 ACE 10/27/2007 MELANIE S. SAN Ace in San Diego went above and beyond what I expected and the management and staff completely met my needs for safety and response.
11/21/2007 ACE 11/16/2007 KELLY J. SAN This was a great experience, excellent value for the money.
11/20/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/17/2007 FAITH L. PHX Everything was smooth, easy, and prompt, which is especially valuable when traveling with a small child. Thanks!
11/20/2007 ACE 10/09/2007 JEFFERY M. ORD One of the most enjoyable and satisfying rental experiences I have every had. Go Ace!
11/20/2007 U-Save 10/16/2007 JAMES R. TPA The folks at USave were very friendly and professional. They even supplied my wife and me a bottle of ice cold water and a bag filled with some snacks. What a nice touch! Thanks for the good service.
11/20/2007 Budget 11/02/2007 EDWARD H. TLV I highly recommend Great service, easy to navigate the site, e-mail confirmations throughout, even a reminder, and the best rate among my friends.
11/19/2007 Enterprise 10/31/2007 ALAN M. SNA Excellent experience. Totally pleased!
11/19/2007 Budget 11/01/2007 NANCY C. STL had the best rate by $50.
11/19/2007 Alamo 10/29/2007 GUY E. MCO We did do an upgrade at the suggestion of the was a good choice and he offered us a good deal to make our trip enjoyable.
11/18/2007 Alamo 10/08/2007 CAROLYN S. MCO This is the 2nd time we have used and have had a wonderful experience each time! We recommend your site to everyone!
11/18/2007 Enterprise 11/11/2007 HUGH C. LAN CarRentals interface was clear; reservation was honored (a great price), and the Enterprise people were helpful and civil. A good experience.
11/18/2007 Thrifty 11/04/2007 VALERIE H. MCO so glad we found
11/17/2007 Thrifty 10/11/2007 ROBERT S. LAS Great experience. Wonderful staff and super car.
11/17/2007 Thrifty 11/10/2007 ANTHONY E B. MCO Thrifty rental was on the $
11/16/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/01/2007 TONI S. HOU Your site is great. It is easy to use and the two times I've rented cars using your site have been EASY and Economical. I will use your site again SOON.
11/14/2007 Enterprise 09/24/2007 GUY K. CMH is the only way to go! We have always been pleased with service & (most importantly) the prices offered.
11/14/2007 Alamo 10/17/2007 MARCUS O. SAT I got that good old Texas hospitality. Everyone was very helpful, professional and downright welcoming. I will gladly do business again upon my return next fall. thank you Marcus
11/14/2007 Alamo 11/04/2007 RICHARD H. TPA Alamo was also able to locate a digital camera I left in the car and ship it to me the next day! Super job... Thanks, Rick
11/14/2007 Thrifty 10/12/2007 ELIZABETH J. LAS Great service...changed my reservation easily to take advantage of lower rates. Love not having to provide a credit card to make the reservation. Thanks!