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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
07/20/2007 Enterprise 06/16/2007 WILLIAM H. SEA staff were friendly and very personal. best treatment ever.
07/20/2007 Dollar 05/11/2007 RICHARD M. MKE good value, fair price, treated with honesty by folks at the airport.
07/20/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 06/14/2007 SANDRA R. LAX Great deal and car... Staff was good
07/19/2007 Alamo 06/29/2007 DIANE R. OKC Thanks for making my trip so pleasant!
07/19/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 06/14/2007 CYNTHIA M. LAS Excellent rental car experience. So easy--no lines to stand in. Car was clean. Price was fantastic. Will definitely use next time I need a rental in any location.
07/19/2007 Dollar 06/28/2007 CATALINA F. CMH I think your service was great. I was actually recommended to you by someone who spoke highly about your service and I am pleased to say that they were right. I too will recommend your service to those I know and I surely will use it again. Thank you.
07/19/2007 Enterprise 06/18/2007 DANIEL D. DAY Absolutely a trouble-free experience. That doesn't sound like much, but it was exactly what was hoped for.
07/19/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 CHERYL M. A57 I love your service including the insurance. I love having the peace of mind. I have not had to us it. Please keep your services and the great competive prices.
07/19/2007 Dollar 07/11/2007 SAMANTHA T. BNA I was very pleased with the rental. Overall it was that "sold" me. I will continue to use this website instead of going directly through the indivdual rental companies. I am happy that I found it by chance before my trip. Already I have began to spread the word. Thank you.
07/19/2007 Dollar 06/14/2007 STEVE R. ORD Thank you for all your attentions!!!
07/18/2007 Dollar 03/01/2007 PETER G. SFO We were very pleased with the whole rental car experience through and Dollar Rent A Car and look forward to using both services again for future rentals.
07/18/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 CARLOS C. HC3 The pretty lady made everything nice and easy. I love her.
07/18/2007 National 07/12/2007 UMANG P. YTOE21 overall experience was outstanding. Got 2007 model. Next time I would go with and National
07/18/2007 Budget 07/14/2007 ERICA D. SC4 excellent car and customer service!
07/18/2007 Fox 07/13/2007 ANGELA M. SAN I had never heard of Fox car rental before, but thought I would give it a try. I was completely satisfied with the experience. Moreover, I will use again - great website. I have told several people about the site and how useful it is. Thank you.
07/18/2007 Thrifty 05/31/2007 NANCY L. RIC Thank you for a carefree rental experience
07/18/2007 Thrifty 07/06/2007 ELSA M. TUS The staff was friendly. Renting the car at Thrifty and through was fast and easy. Thanks!
07/18/2007 Alamo 07/08/2007 THERESA W. ATL The automated system (kiosk) worked great. THe car was wonderful. Everything went very smoothly. THanks!
07/18/2007 Dollar 07/09/2007 CHANDRA N. YWG Fantastic!!
07/18/2007 Fox 07/09/2007 KATSUFUMI A. SFO I can't find any better deals
07/17/2007 Dollar 07/12/2007 ROBERT P. TLH this was my first experience using Dollar and and I will definetely use them both agin.
07/17/2007 Avis 06/08/2007 ESTELA C. F9M The Avis reps were outstanding
07/17/2007 Dollar 07/13/2007 JOHN S. DAY It was great, walked up, and I seemed to be out and on my way in no time.
07/17/2007 Budget 07/09/2007 RICHARD L. RDM Just about perfect all around. A+
07/17/2007 Dollar 06/29/2007 ROSWELL Y. HNL I love your Lock Low & Go rate and your staff was wonderful.
07/17/2007 Dollar 05/17/2007 FRED H. ELP Everything was wonderful. Staff was very knowledgeable regarding rates and upgrades.
07/17/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 KATHY O. MCO Thank you It was a good experience.
07/17/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 DONALD H. MCO Car Rentals had the best rate which was 100.00 less than what Thrifty was offering.
07/17/2007 Alamo 07/01/2007 BONNIE P. LAS this was a great deal. I will use this service again.
07/17/2007 Enterprise 07/06/2007 JENNIFER L. ORD Chicago O'hare staff TOP NOTCH!
07/17/2007 ACE 06/13/2007 THOMAS P. SXM Very convenient to pick up and drop off car at the airport parking lot, rather than an off-site location. Muhammad was great. This was our second experience, with the same great result. We'll see you again in a few months.
07/17/2007 Budget 05/21/2007 LEO K. TVC The best car rental experience I've had on the web to date.
07/16/2007 Thrifty 06/28/2007 ELIZABETH W. PD1 Very courteous and helpful staff. No complaints!
07/16/2007 Thrifty 06/30/2007 DAWNN M. BN3 The service received from Thrifty and helped my family and I have a worry free vacation!! We will definitely use these services and recommend to family and friends!
07/16/2007 Thrifty 04/18/2007 JONATHAN C. LAX It was our best rental in the last 10 years. It was well organized and fast.
07/16/2007 Budget 01/04/2007 JOSEPH L. SJU I loved the quick check out. No waiting in line and ready to board the bus to the airport.
07/16/2007 Enterprise 07/05/2007 BARBARA G. YWG Overall I was very pleased with the rental car and how convenient it was to pick it up at the airport. The staff was very helpful and courteous. Thanks.
07/16/2007 ACE 06/05/2007 MARYBETH T. CZM I will be renting from ACE in the future. They were great! Very quick and helpful.
07/16/2007 Avis 06/26/2007 MICHAEL R. G4C That particular Avis is one of a kind!! They are a great bunch of people always ready to take care of my needs.
07/16/2007 Alamo 07/09/2007 DANNY H. SMF I had a very good experience. The employee that I dealt with was fast and courteous and I would definitely rent with Alamo and CarRentals again.
07/16/2007 Dollar 06/24/2007 KIM D. SMF we got a great deal using your site
07/15/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/04/2007 LYNDA B. OGG This was the second time I used Advantage and I am very happy with the service. Keep up the good work and please keep the prices low.
07/15/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 06/29/2007 JARROD F. MCI The Advantage staff was exceptionally helpful, and I will make it a point to look for them again when I have to rent a car anywhere.
07/15/2007 Avis 06/25/2007 FRANCISCO S. PCN Excellent service! we were amazed with the San Juan personnel. Great team!
07/15/2007 ACE 06/20/2007 JEANNINE K. FLL Our expierience was outstanding!
07/14/2007 Dollar 07/02/2007 CHRISTOPHER W. MDW CarRentals, you are doing a great job integrating with the major car rental companies and pricing is very competitive. Website very quick and easy to use.
07/14/2007 Enterprise 06/26/2007 RICHARD O. BDL Easy way through to shop for the best value.
07/14/2007 Enterprise 06/21/2007 ERDLEN C. RSW I loved Very helpful. I was also very pleased with Enterprise. Would rent from them again.
07/14/2007 Enterprise 06/28/2007 HECTOR G. FLL The service you offered me was great!! I got a great car for a great price! Thank you very much!!!
07/14/2007 Dollar 07/10/2007 MATTHEW N. JFK Your rate was lower than the rate I received as a dollarexpress member on Dollar's own website!!! I'll be back.
07/14/2007 Thrifty 05/04/2007 MARTIN K. MCO Shuttle service was prompt and exceptional. Fast Quick and easy. A++++++ Here.
07/14/2007 Alamo 06/30/2007 TONYA M. FLL I enjoyed the experience, and will use it again for my next car rental.
07/13/2007 Dollar 04/17/2007 LINDA B. LIH Effortless!! Thank you!
07/13/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/06/2007 KIM B. MSP This is the first time that I used this site. My father had booked a van through another company and it would have been twice the price if I had not used you. Thanks again!
07/13/2007 Alamo 06/24/2007 JANICE H. DFW This was a surprisingly good experience. The personnel were really super. The price was the most reasonable and quality was good. Thank you.
07/13/2007 Enterprise 04/09/2007 DENNIS C. SMF Very Happy and we will be renting again in the future.
07/12/2007 Alamo 06/19/2007 KEVIN C. LAX Your LAX facility was very fast, effecient. Alamo will be a company that I work with again.
07/12/2007 Enterprise 06/20/2007 RACHEL W. AUS Worked out very well. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family.
07/12/2007 Dollar 07/06/2007 LEIB K. JAX The price had dropped, and I was able to quickly change my reservation to get the better price
07/12/2007 Enterprise 04/21/2007 CATHARINE W. BWI Great job.
07/12/2007 Alamo 07/01/2007 CARLEITTA R. CAK I was really pleased with the quality of the vehicle and would recommend Alamo or to anyone needing a vehicle.
07/12/2007 Thrifty 05/28/2007 JAY W. KOA Great transaction, flawless service.
07/12/2007 Thrifty 07/02/2007 KIMSONN S. ICT is an excellent website for comparing prices.
07/12/2007 ACE 07/08/2007 LEMAR T. ORD All around GREAT experience!!!
07/12/2007 Thrifty 06/19/2007 RUTH D. OMA It was great.. all the clerks had a great sense of humor and made the customer feel important
07/12/2007 Alamo 06/04/2007 BONNIE S. KOA Thanks Tee, you made our Alamo experience a good one and we will use Alamo again because of you. Thanks.
07/12/2007 Alamo 06/07/2007 JULIO A. CLE Great experience---quick service at airport via the electronic vehicle checkout---thank you ALAMO!!
07/11/2007 Dollar 07/03/2007 DORIS P. ELP great experience. I loved the car and it was a great deal. thank you.
07/11/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 06/24/2007 ROBERTO R. PHX Actually the rental process exceeded my expectations! It was quick and problem free: in and out and i appreciated that.
07/11/2007 Thrifty 05/21/2007 BRYAN M. TPA We had a medical emergency and had to extend our rental 2 days - they honored our discount daily rate with no problem.
07/11/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 05/22/2007 RICHARD M. SLC First time using Advantage,,will use again even though its off airport sight. Fast,great service and price. Staff and drivers exceptional.
07/11/2007 Alamo 05/15/2007 JOHN T. LAS I have used CarRentals.Com before and everytime I have I have had a positive experience.
07/11/2007 Alamo 07/04/2007 DAVID V. RDU keep up the good work
07/11/2007 Dollar 06/29/2007 MINNIE H. JAX The employees are to be commended highly in all areas. Thank you for your kindness one and all.
07/11/2007 Thrifty 01/21/2007 CONNIE M. LAS Return was fast and convenient. Thanks
07/11/2007 Enterprise 06/22/2007 DENISE G. DFW I would definitely rent from again. It was so convenient and the best deal in town! Thank you!
07/11/2007 Dollar 04/30/2007 RAY J. YWG I would like to make sure that you are aware of the exceptional person that took care of us. She is a Rental Sales Agent and her name is Debbie at the Winnipeg Airport. She took care of us with 5+ Star service. Ray
07/10/2007 Enterprise 07/05/2007 CALVINA C. MSN This is a great service and I will use it every time I need a rental and recommend it to others.
07/10/2007 Thrifty 06/26/2007 ROBERT G. CLT I was a bit concerned about dealing with something other than the car company itself, but this rental ran without a hitch. I don't know if I got more value; I used this because I wanted a minivan and was having trouble finding one through the agent channels. You found the car I wanted, and it was ready for me.
07/10/2007 Enterprise 06/08/2007 LORRI G. IAH I truly had a wonderful experience with your car. Never had i received such treatment from your Houston staff. Thanks again for everything.
07/10/2007 Alamo 06/11/2007 LYNETTE C. SAN fast freindly service and good knowledge of the area I was visiting. It was very refreshing to deal with helpful and friendly people. Thank you!
07/10/2007 Budget 05/31/2007 TED F. FLL Very impressed with entire system. From reserv. to swift pick-up and drop-off. Very well organized.
07/10/2007 Alamo 06/30/2007 CHERYL T. MAF in a single word: !!*~EXCELLENT~*!! thanks.
07/10/2007 ACE 06/27/2007 JACQUI R. SAN Awesome deal. I'll be using Ace again very soon.
07/10/2007 Enterprise 06/27/2007 NANCY A. OKC They even gave us bottles of water for the road! Little touches like that make a big difference.
07/10/2007 Budget 06/27/2007 ROBERT N. DB2 I was very please with the whole experience with
07/09/2007 Enterprise 06/27/2007 REBEKAH M. PDX Exceptionally happy:)
07/09/2007 Thrifty 07/03/2007 AMBIKAIPAHAN P. LAS The experience with Thrifty was fantastic and of great value.
07/09/2007 U-Save 01/17/2007 KATHLEEN B. MYR We plan on visiting the Myrtle Beach area often and will definitely look to using USave and again as long as they can retain their good service and price. Thanks again.
07/09/2007 Budget 06/23/2007 MARY M. GRR I'm renting again this week from Budget and!
07/09/2007 Thrifty 06/15/2007 JAIME D. ONT We had an exceptional experience renting a minivan from Thrify through Tina at the rental counter was very friendly and helpful in finding us the vehicle that best met our needs. The minivan was extremely comfortable and in great condition for our trip. We had a very pleasant experience!
07/09/2007 Alamo 06/01/2007 TED K. SFO The experience and the car were outstanding.
07/09/2007 Alamo 06/20/2007 KEVIN B. FLL I had never used CarRentals before but it all went very well so I'm sure I'll use your services again.
07/09/2007 Enterprise 06/11/2007 CAROLYN B. YOW Your Ottawa airport staff was fantastic. I have rented many vehicles and I believe this was the best customer service I have received. I will definitely rent from Enterprise again. THANKS!
07/08/2007 Budget 04/28/2007 CHRISTOPHER B. SNA Excellent value for the money spent. A very good car rental experience in general.