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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
07/26/2007 Enterprise 06/25/2007 JENNIFER C. SFO Could not believe how friendly each and every staff member was - the most pleasant car rental experience ever!
07/26/2007 Fox 07/15/2007 LAURA S. LAX Everrything was great!
07/26/2007 Budget 07/11/2007 CAROL S. HV6 Excellent service...thanks!!!!
07/26/2007 Enterprise 04/30/2007 ROBERT W. DCA My wife and I travel several times a year, but we've never used Enterprise before. We have never dealt with such polite and helpful people! We will make an effort to use Enterprise the next time we travel! When we were in Hawaii last month, in comparison, we had to wait at least a half hour to get the car and we had to wait another half hour when we returned the car! Thank you so very much for the pleasant experience. WW
07/26/2007 Thrifty 06/15/2007 MORRIS M. BW4 Great price and followed up with no hidden fees! Will use CarRentals & Thrifty rental again! Thank You!
07/26/2007 Dollar 07/17/2007 SANDRA C. RDU Great Experience, Fast, Easy, Great Value!
07/26/2007 Thrifty 06/14/2007 JAMES S. OMA Everything worked out just right, am very happy with your service.
07/25/2007 Alamo 07/06/2007 MERAJUL H. AUS Good Company!!
07/25/2007 Dollar 07/12/2007 TRACEY O. FLL You were the most reasonable. Very satisfied!!!
07/25/2007 Alamo 07/10/2007 GREGORY P. FLL exellent service.
07/25/2007 Budget 07/19/2007 GABRIELE A. GL8 Good automobile, friendly helpful staff. Will recommend your site and will use the site again.
07/25/2007 Alamo 07/06/2007 THEODORE M. BHM Everything was perfect--the staff was very helpful and friendly and the vehicle was the right size. Thank You!!!
07/25/2007 Dollar 07/11/2007 TOMAS E. CLE Excellent car and good people
07/25/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 07/01/2007 CHARLIE P. LAX thank you and will be looking forward to do business again
07/25/2007 Alamo 07/18/2007 SHARON M. SBN I have recommended your site to two other people who will be looking for car rentals very soon.
07/25/2007 Alamo 07/03/2007 JERI D. SMF The counter staff was very helpful and friendly.
07/25/2007 National 07/17/2007 KELVIN K. CLT The service was great and I paid what they said I would.
07/25/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 07/18/2007 DANA C. LAX Thanks!!!
07/25/2007 Enterprise 07/06/2007 INGRID L. BOS I was delighted with the friendly and efficient service I received from Enterprise Boston. The friendly smiles and ice cold water bottle offered me were a very pleasant surprise, and much appreciated after a long and tiring red-eye flight. I will certainly tell my friends! Thank you for such excellent service.
07/25/2007 Dollar 07/12/2007 EDWARD O. WASS01 Outstanding, thanks.
07/24/2007 Alamo 07/14/2007 MARIE R. ONT I love the car I got and for the price I paid, it was the best deal ever!
07/24/2007 Budget 07/01/2007 ALISON R. MHT is a great service. I will definitely use you again!!
07/24/2007 Thrifty 06/30/2007 DAVID V. DSM The staff got me the exact vehicle we needed for our family vacation. Super job!!
07/24/2007 Thrifty 07/19/2007 DAVID Z. MKC great location ,super staff
07/24/2007 Thrifty 07/15/2007 CHRISTOPHER C. OAK Thank-you very much, and I hope to do business again soon.
07/24/2007 Dollar 07/10/2007 JOSE E. BRO Carrentals was an awesome experience. I will definitely do it again.
07/24/2007 Enterprise 07/14/2007 JEFFREY J. SDF Great all around! Made my stay in Louisville a lot more fun. Thanks!
07/24/2007 Thrifty 07/18/2007 VERONIE L. NY2 Very good
07/24/2007 National 07/18/2007 ROBERT D. CID thank you!!!!!!
07/24/2007 Enterprise 07/08/2007 JACKIE B. BHM Great experience working with and Enterprise. Both easy to work with!
07/24/2007 Alamo 07/14/2007 FRANCES C. ELP Good deal, quick and easy!
07/24/2007 Dollar 07/13/2007 ROMAN S. YVR Pleasurable experience. Thank you.
07/24/2007 Alamo 07/02/2007 JOHN D. MCO I looked around at multiple sites including AAA and my own company page and your pricing was the best. I also took advantage of the discounted insurance coverage
07/24/2007 Dollar 07/18/2007 LAURA N. BNA the counter clerk was superb.
07/24/2007 Fox 07/16/2007 HENRY F. LAX love this company...i always rent from you
07/24/2007 Alamo 07/05/2007 ROLAND K. PHL Thank you for your professional help
07/23/2007 Enterprise 07/14/2007 MARIE A. SAT Staff were very customer oriented....Keep up the great work!!! It was a pleasure working with your staff in San Antonio, Texas
07/23/2007 Alamo 07/13/2007 MARYDOUG B. SNA Great Car, Great price.
07/23/2007 Thrifty 07/08/2007 LORI M. BO2 Very Satisfied, Thank You
07/23/2007 Alamo 07/16/2007 ESMAT M. SFOS76 Keep up the good work!!!!!
07/23/2007 Thrifty 07/11/2007 MARY L. MCO No hitches. Happy!
07/23/2007 Thrifty 07/09/2007 DANIEL S. DTW My car rental was, without question, the smoothest and most satisfying part of my trip. I would absolutely use in the future and have been recommending it to my friends and family.
07/23/2007 Fox 07/17/2007 KEVIN H. LAX Very good deal
07/23/2007 Dollar 07/09/2007 VICTOR G. ABE Your staff member was outstanding and I enjoyed doing business with him. Greatest experience ever
07/22/2007 Alamo 07/16/2007 JASON N. LAS This was my first experience. It was great, smooth, and as promised. It will definitely be my first choice next time I have to rent a car. Do you have any affiliates that do hotels? Airfare? Anything? Thanks, thanks, thanks!
07/22/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/09/2007 JAMES S. MSP Overall positive experience, No negatives. I will use Advantage again.
07/22/2007 Thrifty 06/28/2007 AWILDA R. MCO Using was beneficial for a family vacation. The deal with Thrifty was cost efficient and the service was fantastic! Thank you
07/22/2007 Thrifty 07/09/2007 BORIS G. CLT No cars were available uppon arrival. Only minivans and for much higher price. Ended up with different rental company. No more Thrifty for me. BG
07/22/2007 U-Save 07/11/2007 KYLENE M. 19697_HFG Super Transaction! Will always use again in the future. Thank you
07/22/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/16/2007 CECILIA S. IAH Thanks a lot I will be renting from the Advantage team again.
07/22/2007 Enterprise 07/02/2007 MARIA OLGA T. LIT The service was outstanding, we'll rent from Enterprise again for sure. Thanks.
07/22/2007 Fox 07/12/2007 JEFFREY W. LAX Second time using your booking service. Great rates, great service with Fox too. Thank you.
07/22/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/11/2007 GARY M. LAS I got a Hyundai with xm radio.This car handled extremely well in Vegas traffic and got amazingly good gas milage.The xm radio was a pleasant,unexpected bonus.I felt the car was an excellant value and exceeded my expectations,particularly at 25 MPG in stop-and-go city trafic.Very comfortable for 4 people.Very efficient processing coming and going.
07/22/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 06/27/2007 SHEILA M. LAS Exactly what a car rental experience should be like! Thanks!!
07/21/2007 Thrifty 07/11/2007 GNADINE S. GCM I was in and out within 15 minutes, the rep. was great, she had a welcoming, great sense of humor. this was a great experience. the rep. should get a raise. I will definately be renting from you again when I go back to Cayman in November.
07/21/2007 ACE 07/12/2007 LESLEY M. ORD I must admit I was a little worried as I had never heard of Ace before but they were really good. The staff were really nice too.
07/21/2007 Thrifty 05/25/2007 BILLY W. CVG Great experience... I have used your service several times, and will use again.... Thanx...
07/21/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 07/03/2007 MICHAEL S. LAX very happy with price and service. Thanks
07/21/2007 U-Save 07/10/2007 C ALAN G. MIA I was thoroughly amazed at the customer service at Usave. My flight was delayed. I called the office and the representative said she would remain until I arrived. Once there, everything went smoothly. I am so happy to have found!
07/21/2007 Enterprise 06/29/2007 LILLIAN M. MDW The service was courteous, prompt, and the people were very nice.
07/20/2007 Enterprise 06/16/2007 WILLIAM H. SEA staff were friendly and very personal. best treatment ever.
07/20/2007 Dollar 05/11/2007 RICHARD M. MKE good value, fair price, treated with honesty by folks at the airport.
07/20/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 06/14/2007 SANDRA R. LAX Great deal and car... Staff was good
07/19/2007 Alamo 06/29/2007 DIANE R. OKC Thanks for making my trip so pleasant!
07/19/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 06/14/2007 CYNTHIA M. LAS Excellent rental car experience. So easy--no lines to stand in. Car was clean. Price was fantastic. Will definitely use next time I need a rental in any location.
07/19/2007 Dollar 06/28/2007 CATALINA F. CMH I think your service was great. I was actually recommended to you by someone who spoke highly about your service and I am pleased to say that they were right. I too will recommend your service to those I know and I surely will use it again. Thank you.
07/19/2007 Enterprise 06/18/2007 DANIEL D. DAY Absolutely a trouble-free experience. That doesn't sound like much, but it was exactly what was hoped for.
07/19/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 CHERYL M. A57 I love your service including the insurance. I love having the peace of mind. I have not had to us it. Please keep your services and the great competive prices.
07/19/2007 Dollar 07/11/2007 SAMANTHA T. BNA I was very pleased with the rental. Overall it was that "sold" me. I will continue to use this website instead of going directly through the indivdual rental companies. I am happy that I found it by chance before my trip. Already I have began to spread the word. Thank you.
07/19/2007 Dollar 06/14/2007 STEVE R. ORD Thank you for all your attentions!!!
07/18/2007 Dollar 03/01/2007 PETER G. SFO We were very pleased with the whole rental car experience through and Dollar Rent A Car and look forward to using both services again for future rentals.
07/18/2007 Thrifty 07/12/2007 CARLOS C. HC3 The pretty lady made everything nice and easy. I love her.
07/18/2007 National 07/12/2007 UMANG P. YTOE21 overall experience was outstanding. Got 2007 model. Next time I would go with and National
07/18/2007 Budget 07/14/2007 ERICA D. SC4 excellent car and customer service!
07/18/2007 Fox 07/13/2007 ANGELA M. SAN I had never heard of Fox car rental before, but thought I would give it a try. I was completely satisfied with the experience. Moreover, I will use again - great website. I have told several people about the site and how useful it is. Thank you.
07/18/2007 Thrifty 05/31/2007 NANCY L. RIC Thank you for a carefree rental experience
07/18/2007 Thrifty 07/06/2007 ELSA M. TUS The staff was friendly. Renting the car at Thrifty and through was fast and easy. Thanks!
07/18/2007 Alamo 07/08/2007 THERESA W. ATL The automated system (kiosk) worked great. THe car was wonderful. Everything went very smoothly. THanks!
07/18/2007 Dollar 07/09/2007 CHANDRA N. YWG Fantastic!!
07/18/2007 Fox 07/09/2007 KATSUFUMI A. SFO I can't find any better deals
07/17/2007 Dollar 07/12/2007 ROBERT P. TLH this was my first experience using Dollar and and I will definetely use them both agin.
07/17/2007 Avis 06/08/2007 ESTELA C. F9M The Avis reps were outstanding
07/17/2007 Dollar 07/13/2007 JOHN S. DAY It was great, walked up, and I seemed to be out and on my way in no time.
07/17/2007 Budget 07/09/2007 RICHARD L. RDM Just about perfect all around. A+
07/17/2007 Dollar 06/29/2007 ROSWELL Y. HNL I love your Lock Low & Go rate and your staff was wonderful.
07/17/2007 Dollar 05/17/2007 FRED H. ELP Everything was wonderful. Staff was very knowledgeable regarding rates and upgrades.
07/17/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 KATHY O. MCO Thank you It was a good experience.
07/17/2007 Thrifty 06/25/2007 DONALD H. MCO Car Rentals had the best rate which was 100.00 less than what Thrifty was offering.
07/17/2007 Alamo 07/01/2007 BONNIE P. LAS this was a great deal. I will use this service again.
07/17/2007 Enterprise 07/06/2007 JENNIFER L. ORD Chicago O'hare staff TOP NOTCH!
07/17/2007 ACE 06/13/2007 THOMAS P. SXM Very convenient to pick up and drop off car at the airport parking lot, rather than an off-site location. Muhammad was great. This was our second experience, with the same great result. We'll see you again in a few months.
07/17/2007 Budget 05/21/2007 LEO K. TVC The best car rental experience I've had on the web to date.
07/16/2007 Thrifty 06/28/2007 ELIZABETH W. PD1 Very courteous and helpful staff. No complaints!
07/16/2007 Thrifty 06/30/2007 DAWNN M. BN3 The service received from Thrifty and helped my family and I have a worry free vacation!! We will definitely use these services and recommend to family and friends!
07/16/2007 Thrifty 04/18/2007 JONATHAN C. LAX It was our best rental in the last 10 years. It was well organized and fast.
07/16/2007 Budget 01/04/2007 JOSEPH L. SJU I loved the quick check out. No waiting in line and ready to board the bus to the airport.
07/16/2007 Enterprise 07/05/2007 BARBARA G. YWG Overall I was very pleased with the rental car and how convenient it was to pick it up at the airport. The staff was very helpful and courteous. Thanks.