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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
08/17/2007 Dollar 07/31/2007 NICOLE S. DTW great job--keep up the very good work, see you in about a yr. :- ) .
08/17/2007 Thrifty 08/01/2007 FELICIA H. MCO Thank you, this was easy, economical and satisfactory.
08/17/2007 Enterprise 05/29/2007 LINDA D. EWR I found all your employees to be very professional and a pleasure to deal with. I was very impressed by the service I received. Thank-you.
08/16/2007 Alamo 07/09/2007 MARY LOU V. SFO What an excellent service we had, thank you!!
08/16/2007 Dollar 08/07/2007 WILLIAM H. DEN You guys are great. Keep up the good work.
08/16/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/12/2007 APRILLE C. SAN Great car, fabulous price. We are very satisfied.
08/16/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 08/12/2007 DAN O. HOU Advantage upgraded from full size to SUV at no chg. Efficient, courteous staff.
08/16/2007 Dollar 08/13/2007 DANA S. JFK Absolutely no problems. Worked out great.
08/16/2007 Fox 07/27/2007 MICHAEL S. PHX Your counter agents were great! The experience was one of our better ones and we will be back. Keep up the good service - it's truly refreshing these days!
08/15/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 08/05/2007 TIFFANI F. DEN I upgraded to a Jeep commander and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! I was so happy I'm thinking about going out and buying one!!! Thank you
08/15/2007 Alamo 07/27/2007 EDELFIDIO N V. FLL Very good service and will recommend to my family and friends. Thanks.
08/15/2007 Thrifty 07/26/2007 REGINA J. GSO I feel I made a new friend
08/15/2007 Thrifty 05/30/2007 IRENE G. PDX thank you ! We had great value for our money.
08/15/2007 Dollar 08/10/2007 AKHIL P. IAH There was a young man by the name of Zafar who took care of me at the Dollar Counter at the Rental Car Facility at IAH. He was very courteous and his professionalism was exemplary The entire renting experience was awesome, thank you
08/15/2007 Budget 07/02/2007 LAUREN B. PDX great service! friendly staff. wonderful vehicle (we might even buy one!). perfect for our trip. thanks!
08/15/2007 Dollar 08/04/2007 TOM F. PIT Very satisfied and will use you again. I really liked the comparison page, very easy to follow and use.
08/15/2007 Thrifty 06/12/2007 RONALD P. ICT has been bookmarked.Thank you for your fantastic service.
08/15/2007 Thrifty 08/08/2007 IDOLIDIA C F. MIA Thrifty honor the rate that was given to us and the staff was friendly.
08/15/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 08/11/2007 BRENDA B. SNA I had a great experience with both and with Advantage. I have never used either before but have you both bookmarked in my computer now! Staff ( young man) was extremely helpful and professional. He acts like great management material. You want to hang on to this one.
08/15/2007 Fox 07/25/2007 CARMEN G. PHX I can't wait to go on another trip and use your services. I also recommend your website to all my friends and family
08/14/2007 ACE 08/07/2007 PAUL R. IND LOVE CARRENTALS.COM!!!
08/14/2007 U-Save 08/03/2007 PATRICIA H. MCO I found the staff to be friendly and outstanding. It was a smooth process and they helped us by upgrading our reservation. We were very happy with everyhting and you will get my business again.
08/14/2007 Avis 07/15/2007 LANDRUM M. NF4 Avis gave me a super deal...far better than the others. Customer Service was great, the vehicle that I used was great...I had a great vacation and it started with Avis. I will continue doing business with Avis. Thanks from a totally satisfied customer.
08/14/2007 Avis 08/02/2007 MIRELA C. AMS Wonderful car and great experience with Avis staff.
08/13/2007 Enterprise 07/10/2007 VALERIE A. COS Several weeks after I made the reservation I needed to cancel it. It was so easy to do that on line! Thank you.
08/13/2007 Enterprise 07/23/2007 MICHAEL D. ACY very satisfied. nice!
08/13/2007 Budget 07/20/2007 SUSAN H. NAS fantastic rates -- thanks
08/13/2007 Alamo 08/07/2007 LUANN R. GSO Fabulous again!!!
08/13/2007 Eagle Rent A Car 07/09/2007 ELOISE A. MCO This was my first experience with Eagle Rent A Car and I was totally happy and satisfied.
08/13/2007 Enterprise 07/19/2007 CARLENE V. LAS The new car rental in Vegas is spectacular. The fast service 24/7 no waiting is the greatest. Will return later in the year. Thank you for the great service.
08/13/2007 Budget 07/22/2007 SURANTO S. LGA I was obviously very pleased with the entire experience at LaGuardia. I compared rates and stories with others and felt quite pleased. Thanks/
08/12/2007 Enterprise 06/21/2007 DANIEL K. YYC've got a great operation at Calgary Airport. Employees as friendly and efficient as those that served me are rare these days.
08/12/2007 Thrifty 08/02/2007 JENILEIGH S. RDU The manager at the Ronald Regan airport drop off was extremely friendly and helpful.
08/12/2007 Thrifty 05/08/2007 MICHAEL N. SEA I still am puzzled why Thrifty's rate for a Dodge mini-van was so much better than anyone else's at this time, but some things can remain a mystery, I suppose.
08/12/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 07/30/2007 KYOKO V. LAX everything was smooth and great!! I would like to rent a car from you again.
08/12/2007 Thrifty 07/29/2007 SHELLIE B. BOI Yes, I will rent from you again. The srevice was great. The car was perfect and the price was excellent! Thank you again, Shellie
08/12/2007 Alamo 08/01/2007 DONALD H. OKC I received exactly the car I expected. Thanks.
08/11/2007 Thrifty 08/03/2007 JOHN D. SAN I had to extend my rental 4 more days.. They were happy to assist me, AND at the origional rate..
08/11/2007 Thrifty 07/31/2007 TIMOTHY L. TPA This is two times in a row I have used your services to rent cars...went well both times...
08/11/2007 Thrifty 05/27/2007 MICHAEL C. TUS EXCELLENT!
08/10/2007 Enterprise 07/18/2007 MARK L. RSW Your company has treated me better than any other car rental company in my 25 years of travel. Thanks
08/10/2007 ACE 07/12/2007 JACQUELINE S. ORD We loved the car and the service. Our shuttle driver was prompt and nice to talk to you.
08/10/2007 Rent2Save 08/07/2007 KENNETH R. BUR The guys in Burbank are great, Ken
08/10/2007 Enterprise 06/29/2007 MITZI W. SLC I drove a Toyota Prius Hybrid. It was Great! Thanks
08/10/2007 Fox 08/02/2007 KEVIN H. LAX A great experience at Fox
08/10/2007 Thrifty 08/05/2007 PATRICK S. YYC dealing with COLLEEN was pure joy, she made my day:)))
08/10/2007 Alamo 07/29/2007 LUIS V. FLL Wonderful experience
08/10/2007 National 07/15/2007 JAYMA N. BIOS38 Excellent customer service!!!, both when we picked up the car, as well as, when we dropped it off. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you!
08/09/2007 Dollar 07/31/2007 RUTH A. MIA I have rented from other companies and your return policy is fast and easy. thank you!
08/09/2007 Dollar 07/06/2007 JOEL S. SRQ So quick & easy. I will use every time.
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/27/2007 MARIA C. FL9 Superior service, Thank you so much.
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/10/2007 STEVEN B. CAK The Akron/Canton airport counter folks were outstanding both checking in and checking out!
08/09/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 06/16/2007 MARNIE S. LAX I love and I tell everyone I know about it. Thanks for the great service.
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/09/2007 DANIEL E. PH4 Great experience. The late pickup of the vehicle allowed us to depart home earlier than planned. Thank you to the gentleman that waited for me for that pickup. We will be back again on our next trip.
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/28/2007 PAUL P. LAX Thanks for a pleasant experience. The service was outstanding.
08/09/2007 Thrifty 07/26/2007 JAMIE D. TUS wonderful experience, i couldnt ask for anything to have been better
08/09/2007 Enterprise 06/20/2007 LORI C. IAD Everything was great ...thank you very much.
08/09/2007 Alamo 06/24/2007 PAUL S. NYCC73 A-OK. Thanks for helping me get a fine car at an affordable price. The reservation was honored as promised.
08/09/2007 Thrifty 08/03/2007 TREVA K. MDW Agents at your Midway-Chicago location had very professional attitudes it was a very nice experience. I will be using your services in the furture. Keep up the Good Work.
08/09/2007 Avis 06/20/2007 LYNN M. TP6 I could not have gotten a better deal anywhere (and I looked around a lot!). I would highly recommend & Avis to anyone. We ended up with a free upgrade. It was a great car; and so much better on gas than we thought it would be. Thank you so much for everything!
08/09/2007 Savmor Rent A Car 07/19/2007 MICHAEL S. LAS Fantastic! All around.
08/08/2007 Alamo 07/20/2007 CAROLYN M. BHM Everything exceeded my expectations. Thanks for outstanding quality service.
08/08/2007 Fox 06/14/2007 RUMANA B. SFO Fox is an abosolute great car rental with really great price. The car which was given was wonderful to drive. I will recommend to all my family and friends.
08/08/2007 Dollar 07/27/2007 AMY R. SJU GREAT SERVICE THANK YOU
08/08/2007 Dollar 07/02/2007 ANNETTA F. GEG This was the easiest experience I have ever had when renting a vehicle. I walked right up to the counter; confirmed my reservation; picked up my car and was out the door within ten minutes or less! I will definitely rent from Dollar first if at all possible. Thank you!
08/08/2007 Alamo 07/30/2007 SANTA V. LAS Is the Best!
08/08/2007 Thrifty 07/28/2007 DONNA B. HYA Always a pleasure and we will for sure use this system again!
08/08/2007 Alamo 07/27/2007 ANGIE S. MLI Everything was wonderful! I was skeptical using an Internet site to reserve a car, but was happily surprised that everything exceeded my expectations! Thanks so much.
08/08/2007 Dollar 07/31/2007 ROSEMARY M. RSW Funny enough, I'd just found your site before we left and it was great, we plan to use yours and hopefully Dollar's services again in a few weeks! Thanks again!
08/08/2007 Dollar 06/16/2007 BRIAN F. DFW I felt like i got a great car and deal for the money
08/08/2007 Thrifty 07/18/2007 JAMES M. MCO Excellent service all the way through. From searching through available quotes on to setting foot in the Thrifty offices ~ From the desk staff picking up to the (very) early morning check-in staff dropping off, we had a very positive impression of Thrifty and CarRentals. Thank you very much.
08/07/2007 Fox 07/24/2007 WILLIAM M. LAX Service was exceptional. The price was perfect. Thank you.
08/07/2007 Fox 07/31/2007 ARLECIA S. LAX Great experience. Efficient and friendly Staff
08/07/2007 Dollar 06/20/2007 BRUCE S. LAX We have used 3 times and the rates have been unbeatable.
08/07/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/22/2007 RONALD M. LAS You made renting a car so easy. It was a very big part of our vacation experience. We had a great time. I'm sure we will be back soon. Thank you!
08/07/2007 Dollar 07/10/2007 JEFFREY T. EYW I will not hesitate to go through Dollar was fantastic when they couldn't get the car I reserved, they got us one better. Great work!
08/07/2007 U-Save 05/06/2007 JOSEPH B. TPA What an enjoyable rental week, the staff and the cars were great. They did all they could do to make us happy. See you next year.
08/07/2007 National 05/13/2007 JACKIE G. JAX This was the best experience we have ever had using a rental car. You were quick to get us the vehicle requested and just as prompt upon our return. Thanks for the worry free and excellent service. We will be using National the next trip!!!!!!
08/06/2007 Thrifty 07/13/2007 JEFF M. VCE You guys are great!! Very easy to book a car on your web site. I have recommended you to all of my colleague's. Keep up the good work
08/06/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/26/2007 CLOTILDE M. OGG Loved our little PT Cruiser Convertible!
08/06/2007 Enterprise 07/30/2007 SUESUE S. HNL It was a fast, efficient, knowledgeable staff, and affordable experience. Thank You.
08/06/2007 Alamo 07/24/2007 SHARON M. BDL Thank you for a pleasant experience. The no-hassle, no-problem attitudes made for an uncomplicated, enjoyable trip.
08/06/2007 Budget 07/23/2007 ETTA W. TT2 I have begun to recommend CarRental to other friends and family, the service is unbelievable. Thanks for the time and effort put forth to allow us to shop online and get the best service ever. Thanks
08/06/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 07/30/2007 ARTURO C. LAX Congratulations for a job well done.
08/06/2007 Thrifty 07/30/2007 IRIS H. ILM I had a very pleasant experience dealing with your company and look forward to future business.
08/06/2007 Enterprise 07/09/2007 ALISON W. ANC Excellent service - I will use CarRentals again for a future trip ..... Tx.
08/05/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/26/2007 DAVID R. DEN great overall experience. Nice car. fast service
08/05/2007 ACE 06/28/2007 LINDA Z. SAN wonderful service from curb to curb......and we loved the vehicle...we will recommend ace rentals as well as use them in the future...
08/05/2007 Enterprise 05/31/2007 SANDRA E. SDF Fantastic experience. I would use again!!!!! Thanks.
08/05/2007 Dollar 07/24/2007 TIM T. MSY I have rented with Car Rentals a few times. It has been very good so far Thanks Tim
08/05/2007 Alamo 07/22/2007 EMILY K. MTJ I wish all rental agents were so nice and went out of their way for customer service. thanks
08/05/2007 Thrifty 07/08/2007 CHARLES C. HNL The man at the counter who had us sign the paperwork was OUTSTANDING!
08/05/2007 Dollar 04/12/2007 LOUIS C H. MCO Excellent service, great vehicle, good value for the money. I will rent from you in the future.
08/04/2007 Dollar 05/30/2007 REGAN C. SDF Excellent job!! Friendly and helpful staff!! Vehicle in beautiful condition!!
08/04/2007 U-Save 07/31/2007 KISHA S. MYR I will always rent from It was so convenient. I was a little leery at first but now I will not rent any other place.
08/04/2007 Fox 07/11/2007 KELLY G. PHX This was simple and reduced any stress associated with my trip to know these details were handled before even leaving my computer room at home. Thanks.
08/04/2007 Enterprise 07/27/2007 ROSE M. HNL The service was outstanding, as it usually is for us. Mahalo for your efforts.
08/03/2007 Budget 05/28/2007 RICHARD D. AVP Very pleased.
08/03/2007 Enterprise 07/17/2007 JUDY A. TPA Very efficient rental system both by CarRentals and Enterprise. Thanks for the two reminders prior to the reservation date!
08/03/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 07/29/2007 GREG A. SLC I will now go to you first rather than Priceline. Better service and less hassle to reserve a car, and I found a better car at a lower rate than PL.