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10/02/2007 Enterprise 09/09/2007 CATHY N. BTV Our flight connection was not available, so we had to pick the vehicle up at JFK and drive to Burlington. The JFK staff honored our reservation and made it the easiest part of our very long and tiring day. Thank you.
10/02/2007 Alamo 09/05/2007 ANDREA M. LAS Very impressed when staff noticed that we were puzzled by the Prius and took the time to show us how it operated.
10/01/2007 Alamo 08/10/2007 RANDY K. TPA This is the second time we rented through you and LOVE the website. We like the price and the option to change our reservation if need be without being penalized (although we didn?t). We have told several friends about it.
10/01/2007 Thrifty 09/27/2007 PHIL B. SNA What an awesome service! I saved a tremendous amount! Thank you!
10/01/2007 Alamo 09/12/2007 ROSS L. KOA CarRentals's values are the best.
10/01/2007 Thrifty 09/26/2007 LAURA S. PHL Appreciated the early morning availability of staff check-in. Great experience and would highly recommend.
10/01/2007 Fox 08/10/2007 GORDON P. LAX Great deal, great service from Fox. I'm very happy with this rental.
10/01/2007 Budget 09/25/2007 NATHAN H. BWI You made my business trip quite convenient and affordable. Keep up the great work!
10/01/2007 ACE 09/20/2007 LENORE P. IND Great rate - great people - great car. Nothing else I need (except time). Thank you
10/01/2007 Dollar 09/06/2007 LUCY W. PBI this was the best service ever. It was very quick, picking up and dropping off. Dollar is my first and always choice.
09/30/2007 Avis 09/24/2007 DEBRA W. PAH Great people, loved the car. It was a great experience all the way around!!!! Thanks so much!!!
09/30/2007 Dollar 09/22/2007 MICHAEL C. DFW I use for all my car rentals.
09/30/2007 Enterprise 07/27/2007 EDUARD T. TPA I was very satisfied with the service. I'm planing to rent the car from again very soon. Thanks.
09/30/2007 Thrifty 09/06/2007 JAY M. TPA I've bookmarked your webpage and will refer to it the next time I have a car rental need. Everything went smoothly.
09/29/2007 Fox 06/16/2007 JEAN D. PHX We had a great experience from beginning to end. Thanks.
09/29/2007 Dollar 09/18/2007 JANET Y. LASC17 Professional from beginning of experience to the end. I would highly recommend using them to my friends! Well done!
09/29/2007 ACE 09/25/2007 SAM H. MCI Experience exceeded expectations, was more car for the money and beat the competition, hands down.
09/29/2007 Enterprise 09/17/2007 MEGHAN H. SRQ This was my first time renting through and I would definitely do it again. I have already booked another rental based on this last experience!
09/29/2007 ACE 09/21/2007 TOM K. ORD This was the best service we ever had with a car rental agency. The staff was outstanding especially the gentleman who drove us to and from the airport at O'Hare. We will recommend our friends to your agency.
09/29/2007 Enterprise 09/19/2007 JIMMY N. EUG Great service! They had everything ready when I arrived and I was on my way in minutes.
09/29/2007 Dollar 08/15/2007 SUSAN Z. MSN Have mentioned your site to many of my friends.
09/29/2007 Thrifty 08/05/2007 LINDA B. TPA Enjoy the "WIld Car" rate of getting a bigger car than the paid amount.
09/28/2007 Dollar 09/13/2007 JANE K. RNO Extremely nice at the airport, both at pickup and return. Great price.
09/28/2007 Enterprise 07/27/2007 MARJORIE G. SMF I have rented from Enterprise several times over the years, and each time I am impressed with the professionalism of your staff, the quality of your vehicles, and the excellent value I get for my money. Thanks for being such a great company.
09/28/2007 Alamo 07/24/2007 DAVID K. LAX We did not have a lot of interaction with inside staff as we used the kiosk for check in. The outside staff was very helpful. We loved the fact that you could just go out on the lot and choose your car, that was awesome. The car was great for our trip and we will definitely rent from Alamo again, especially if we get great rates via Thanks
09/28/2007 Allied Car And Truck Rental 09/22/2007 VICTORIA A. SJU Excellent service, best car rental experience in 12 years!
09/28/2007 Enterprise 09/12/2007 ELAINE W. SNA I was completely satisfied & would most definitely rent from again. The upgrade was very much appreciated! You guys get an "A" for excellent service.
09/28/2007 Dollar 09/03/2007 MARGARET S. DEN I had a great Pacifica and was totaled satsified.
09/27/2007 Dollar 09/16/2007 JAN W. SLC THANK you! I'll make you my home base for Dollar rentals!
09/27/2007 Dollar 08/30/2007 WALLACE G. MCI the car was excellent, and went a long way in helping me to enjoy the American Driving Experience, had a great holiday thank you Dollar
09/27/2007 Alamo 09/11/2007 JANIECE B. HNL The car was wonderful and we really enjoyed driving around hawaii. Thanks for giving this a great experience. Janiece
09/27/2007 Thrifty 09/20/2007 SHARON B. RD2 Thank you! All was great and better than expected.
09/27/2007 Enterprise 09/12/2007 HELENE A. BOS We had a brand new car with only 16 miles - very clean! The staff was friendly and we appreciated the bottles of cold water after and before the flghts.
09/27/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 08/31/2007 KATIE M. MSP Awesome rate!
09/27/2007 Enterprise 09/19/2007 HARDY W. YYC Best car renting experience I have ever had. It was very easy to get the car and the staff was really nice and knowledgeable.
09/26/2007 Enterprise 08/30/2007 ROBYN K. DFW CarRentals made looking for my rental so much easier. Everyone that I had contact with was helpful and friendly. I'll definately use CarRentals again, and I will also recommend your services.
09/26/2007 Allied Car And Truck Rental 09/14/2007 AURELIO B. SJU I am a satified customer, and satisfied customers returns.
09/26/2007 Fox 09/17/2007 JEFF K. LAX I liked the access to and from the airport and the checkout was quick and easy
09/26/2007 Enterprise 08/23/2007 SALVATORE F. EWR The service we received at the Newark location was 10+. Staff was friendly, polite and very accommodating. We felt very gratified with our first trip using Enterprise.
09/26/2007 Budget 09/03/2007 ANTHONY C. MIA I was hoping for a Cadillac, but none was available. I am not complaining because I got a Lincoln at a better rate. The young lady that waited on me was unsure of what vehicles were available, but she made a quick phone call and got thing rolling. She was courteous and kept me informed. Thank You!
09/25/2007 Dollar 08/12/2007 PATRICK C. DTW Short wait in line; great and Friendly service at the desk; shuttle back and forth was fast and the vehicle was in great shape. Thanks! PJC
09/25/2007 Alamo 09/19/2007 PEYTON M. IAD My first time with carrentals... I will be BACK! Thanks
09/25/2007 Enterprise 09/18/2007 PATRICE H. DFW Very happy with the rate that I got. Much better than booking straight with car rental company.
09/25/2007 Thrifty 09/12/2007 DEBORAH M. ALB Excellent price and service from both and Thrifty. Very pleased and will rent from you again!
09/25/2007 Fox 08/31/2007 DEBRA B. SNA I was extremely happy with the service and the automobile itself. The staff was happy to help me with questions I had around directions to other locations and provided me with a map for assistance. I would definitely rent from them in the future.
09/25/2007 Alamo 08/19/2007 EARL G. BWI I was very pleased with this rental. Thanks,
09/24/2007 Thrifty 08/22/2007 WARREN W. FRA Everything was absolutely GREAT! We had a great vacation in Europe and drove all over with a great car from you!
09/24/2007 Thrifty 07/27/2007 STEVE B. MCO Exceeded my expectations. Great job.
09/24/2007 Dollar 08/04/2007 JOSEPH Z. SAN Fantastic!!!
09/24/2007 Thrifty 08/20/2007 MARY KAY V. PDX We ended up flying into Seattle instead of Portland. We used CarRentals to rent our car in Seattle as well. I work for the airlines so there are times we end up flying to different locations and don't have time to cancel the reservation because we don't know until the very last minute. I love this company becuase it gives us great rates and flexibility. I am an instructor for the airlines and i give out this web site to all my students!
09/24/2007 Thrifty 09/13/2007 NARIN E. MSP I plan to go to Califonia. I will pick up and drop off at LAX. I like the insurance you offered to me. Get me a good rate on the car and insurance. I will rent from you again. Thanks
09/24/2007 Enterprise 08/24/2007 BENOY J. YYC the best part of my journey was the rental service from enterprise, good job !!!
09/23/2007 Avis 08/04/2007 FRED G. S6R Avis exceded my expectations
09/23/2007 Thrifty 08/28/2007 MICHAEL C. PHL Thanks for being there. Simple as it is, renting a car can be a frustrating experience. is by far my favorite on-line site.
09/23/2007 Alamo 08/25/2007 DAVID M. SFOC72 Everything worked out perfectly. I would definitely use again and will recommend it to my friends.
09/23/2007 Fox 08/31/2007 BJ F. SAN I never heard of Fox rentals took a chance and was pleased. I will use again very soon!
09/22/2007 Thrifty 08/20/2007 DAVID P. BOS I just wanted to let you know that Fran, our driver who picked us up at the airport, was incredibly helpful and friendly. She went out of her way to give us information.
09/22/2007 U-Save 09/17/2007 SHARON S. MYR Excellent service!! Thanks!!
09/22/2007 Enterprise 08/30/2007 ROBERT L. FLL First time I used either or Enterprise and I was extremely satisfied with both.
09/21/2007 Alamo 09/14/2007 ROSEMARY G. MCO Everything was great. Thanks and keep up the good work.
09/21/2007 Alamo 08/12/2007 LOUIS A V. LAS Check - in was quick and easy. The rental center was efficiently planned and easy to find. The lobby was very comfortable.
09/21/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 09/17/2007 MICHAEL B. SLC Excellent experience all around!
09/21/2007 Dollar 07/31/2007 GENEVIEVE O. FLL i was very pleased with the experience. i received an suv for the price of a full size. yeah!! i will always rent from thanks
09/21/2007 Thrifty 09/18/2007 TONY F. DAY The girls at Thrifty Dayton are always outstanding. I travel all over for a living, and the best place to rent is the Thrifty Dayton, OH location.
09/21/2007 Enterprise 07/26/2007 MICHAEL C. ACY I was most pleased with the rental experience with your company and that of Enterprise. I will most certainly be using both when I need to rent a vehicle. Thank you!
09/21/2007 Dollar 09/14/2007 NICOLE M. JAX I will use the wild card catagory again. Thanks!
09/21/2007 Thrifty 09/03/2007 WAYNE Z. OGG We would definitely recommend Thrifty to our friends and use it again on our future trips. The experience was really great! Am glad my wife found We were very pleased with the car we got! Thanks.
09/21/2007 Advantage Old - Dont Use 09/12/2007 TONI M. LAS We were going to Vegas to get married. Originally we reserved a Kia Rio or similiar. When we got to the ticket counter we were offered an upgrade to a Chrysler 300 for $20.! We were amazed we couldn't believe it. We had this luxury vehicle in Vegas for 3 days for $100. It made our trip that much more memorable. You guys are great!
09/20/2007 Thrifty 09/07/2007 ORA D. MCO You all did an excellent job. Keep up the good work. Thanks
09/20/2007 National 09/04/2007 LINDA M. SFO I loved the way National has their system set up. Was directed to the appropriate area, where I was able to select the vehicle I wanted. Transaction was very smooth. National is a winner!
09/20/2007 U-Save 09/05/2007 JOSH M. MIA USave and the staff are AWESOME!! I loved the automobile and everyone was so helpful. I am recommending USave as well as to ALL my friends and co-workers at Cisco Systems. Thank you again.
09/20/2007 Enterprise 08/31/2007 JOE G. LAS Good car SUPER value & no problems.
09/20/2007 Dollar 04/28/2007 DONYA D. MCI VERY PLEASED WITH THE UPGRADE!
09/20/2007 Enterprise 09/04/2007 YURY B. FLL excellent and promt service thank you
09/20/2007 Alamo 08/24/2007 GREGORY K. SEA Great car for the price. Even had XM sat. radio!
09/20/2007 Fox 08/14/2007 TAMMY M. PHX Pleasantly suprised with a rental company (Fox) I had never heard of. Thank you for being a part of making my trip unforgettable!! I will be back when I visit again next year!
09/20/2007 Alamo 08/26/2007 SEAN S. PHL Anytime I need a rental I will definetly use The rate I received was amazing. Thanks.
09/19/2007 Alamo 09/09/2007 GLENN S. RDU Great rental car!!
09/19/2007 Thrifty 09/09/2007 JOHN L. SDQ The people in SDQ were fantastic. John
09/19/2007 Enterprise 09/09/2007 LEE R. CDC Great website. I particularly appreciate the off-airport / neighborhood locations. I'll be booking again soon!
09/19/2007 Thrifty 08/28/2007 LUCRETIA J. DFW Your service was excellent and timely. also kept me up to date on my reservation!!!!! (just great service!!!!)
09/19/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 09/09/2007 MI YOUNG T. LAX Deal was amazing and everything was excellent.I have told at least 10 people already about how amazing Deluxe Rent A Car was. Wish you were all over the country. Other than LAX, I also have recommended many travelers to See you next time!
09/19/2007 Alamo 08/30/2007 RONALD P. ONT great price and excellent vehicle....fully satisfied
09/19/2007 ACE 09/05/2007 LARRY W. IND Great service and the best price
09/19/2007 Fox 09/06/2007 TIMOTEO G. SEA GREAT PEOPLE to work with
09/19/2007 Thrifty 08/15/2007 ED A. PHL was great. I've used it twice recently and will use it again.
09/19/2007 Enterprise 09/09/2007 SUSAN G. PIT Excellent friendly service at both the counter and in the lot.....I will definitely use Enterprise again, thanks.
09/18/2007 Alamo 09/13/2007 WILLIAM K. ROA Excellent experience overall, and I will be renting again VERY soon. :)
09/18/2007 Alamo 08/06/2007 K YM B. DTW I was traveling alone with 2 toddlers,I needed to rent 2 car seats. The rental agent was totally awesome in helping me with getting my vehicle ready.
09/18/2007 Alamo 09/05/2007 SHEA S. SYR Excellent experience, car and service. I was totally satisfied and pleased.
09/17/2007 U-Save 06/19/2007 SUSAN F. MYR Everything was great. I have given many of my friends your web site.
09/17/2007 Deluxe Rent A Car 08/31/2007 ANN P. LAX This is the second time I have rented from Deluxe through CarRentals and have been very statisfied both times.
09/17/2007 Enterprise 09/06/2007 PUALANI M. HNL OUTSTANDING SERVICE!
09/16/2007 Enterprise 08/09/2007 RALPH C. ALB Very helpful and friendly staff, very nice car, prompt shuttle service. Thanks for the excellent service! I'll be back.
09/16/2007 ACE 08/31/2007 JOAN M. SFO Totally pleased with the service. Will be back in the SF area in October and will use your service again.
09/16/2007 Thrifty 09/05/2007 DOROTHY S. SEA Very helpful staff plus a great rate - two winners!
09/16/2007 Enterprise 09/02/2007 ESTHER C. BOS Enterprise service ROCKED-- they were so fast, so friendly (they kept giving me free water bottles), upgraded me with a sweet Kia Rondo (was moving my stuff into my dormitory). Will never go back to Zipcar. Love, Esther