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Survey Date Vendor Reservation Date Customer Location Comments
01/18/2008 Enterprise 01/08/2008 JOHN R. SLC Flawless. Good job!
01/18/2008 Budget 12/29/2007 CARLOS M. HOU As always, I was satisfied with
01/18/2008 Alamo 01/10/2008 JEFF G. LAS Very convieniant and easy!!!!!!!!! Liked the non-credit card process!!!
01/17/2008 Dollar 01/07/2008 ANNE M. OGG I always rent using!
01/17/2008 Alamo 12/20/2007 DOUGLAS Q. RNO everything should run this smoothly...
01/17/2008 Fox 01/02/2008 RITA H. LAX I will be making reservations again very soon for another car rental. THANK YOU! RITA
01/17/2008 Deluxe Rent A Car 12/25/2007 SOPHIA C. LAX It was a great car rental experience. Thank you!
01/17/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/27/2007 CHRIS R. SNA the term too good to be true......... not here. YOU GUYS ROCK!! The whole process was so easy and service at Advantage was right on....VERY GOOD!! I have already recommended both you guys and Advantage to several of my friends. THANK YOU!!
01/16/2008 Dollar 01/13/2008 AJMAL K. YUL good, useful website ...
01/16/2008 Alamo 01/09/2008 EDWIN R. LAS Was probably the best car rental experience we have had. Very efficient service.
01/16/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 01/08/2008 DANG N. DFW Excellent service and great price. I will definitely rent your car again.
01/16/2008 Budget 01/04/2008 VIRGINIA M. LAN I was extremely pleased with the entire process and it really made my vacation a lot easier and happier! Thank you very much!
01/16/2008 Enterprise 12/05/2007 DAVID L. CMH My experiences so far with Car and Enterprise have been perfect. Keep up the good work. Appreciate the great rates & great service.
01/16/2008 Avis 01/10/2008 JAVI S. LGB Unbelievable pricing. I have been telling everybody about you guys at the conference. Fantastic. I will ALWAYS use !!!!
01/16/2008 Alamo 01/09/2008 AARON Y. CLT I ALWAYS use, and have ALWAYS been very satisfied with the rates, and service.
01/16/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/17/2007 CYNTHIA G. LAS Very enjoyable experience. got me the best rate and Advantage was a great company to work with. Thank you very much for a smooth and friendly experience.
01/16/2008 Budget 01/11/2008 GISLAINE B. GRR This web site is GREAT!!!!! The best deals on cars I ever found. Keep up the good work.
01/16/2008 Enterprise 12/26/2007 LEROY G. MCO I use your service all the time since introduced to it by my brother. Your rates are the best in the industry....LG
01/16/2008 Dollar 01/09/2008 EDDIE B. ANC I appreciate knowing I got the best rate available at your website I will always search your site and compare to others.
01/15/2008 Budget 12/13/2007 ERIC W. CHS Car is my first website to check for ALL my travel needs. I have told many co-workers about your WEBSITE.
01/15/2008 Dollar 01/09/2008 SPENCER S. CLT The person that rented me the car was awesome! The person that checked my car back in was awesome! Great Rental Experience!
01/15/2008 Alamo 01/02/2008 JOSHUA M. SFOC72 I was given a Prius instead of a compact, which turned out to be amazing, I really appreciate the great rate and beig able to save gas money by using a hybrid.
01/15/2008 Thrifty 01/07/2008 JEANIE B. TUS I loved driving the 2008 Sebring Convertible. (It is the car I have at home too).
01/15/2008 Dollar 01/11/2008 ERNEST Y. BNA I find an extremely useful site. I would use again. Ernest
01/15/2008 Fox 01/13/2008 JACQUELINE O. SNA great price that nobody can beat!
01/15/2008 Dollar 12/17/2007 STUART M. FLL Cancellation was easy and pain free. Thanks for not adding to the dstress of travel.
01/15/2008 Enterprise 10/13/2007 JANNISSE F. SJU Excellent service! The vehicle was almost new. I loved it!
01/15/2008 Dollar 01/02/2008 CHAD B. SMF Everything was smooth, from the time I booked the car online, till the time I was dropping it back off after my trip was over, it was great. I was shocked (pleased) how much it cost to rent the car for 3 to 4 days.
01/14/2008 Enterprise 11/26/2007 GARY B. YQT was excellent. The price I was quoted was unbeatable. I will definitely use your service in the future and recommend it to others.
01/14/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/20/2007 ROBYN C. BUR The staff at the Burbank was very professional and extremely helpful.
01/12/2008 Alamo 12/29/2007 ROBERT B. DLH I have used before and will use them again. All went well
01/12/2008 Enterprise 12/30/2007 DAVID P. SJC Enterprise has the best customer service I have have seen in a car rental company in my life... and I travel a lot! gets great prices and I have and will be recommending and using your services again.
01/12/2008 Thrifty 12/31/2007 EARL G. PHX excellent are great!
01/12/2008 Thrifty 01/04/2008 JAMES O. PDX Best Car Rental Website I have ever used. thank you.. will definately be a returning customer
01/12/2008 Thrifty 12/03/2007 STEWART ALAN C. DFW This was the first time I have used and I will definitely use it again. This was the easiest reservation system I have ever used to rent a car. Thank you!
01/12/2008 Alamo 01/01/2008 ANN D. BOS The rate offered for the week @ Alamo was *half* of what other car rental companies were offering. The rate of $124.00 was lowered when I returned the car to $118.00!! Amazing! All of this - plus the outstanding service and good cheer of the staff make Alamo stand out in my mind. And made this all possible by comparing the rates of all of the companies listed above. Thank you for making my trip a breeze!
01/11/2008 Fox 01/01/2008 MARY W. SNA I think that you have an amazing structure, from, to the great rates and customer service from Fox. I live in NC, but my corporate office is here in Newport Beach. I have rented from you before, and I will continue to do so.
01/11/2008 Enterprise 12/25/2007 BARBARA B. COS Super value! Thanks
01/10/2008 Alamo 12/31/2007 DENNIS S. LAS I was provided multiple choices for the mid-size car that I reserved and was very pleased to drive a fresh Saturn Aura which featured comfortable leather heated seats and XM radio for my daughters and I to enjoy on our trip to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.
01/10/2008 Alamo 12/10/2007 HUW C. BRS Thanks for your help in securing such a good rate.
01/10/2008 Deluxe Rent A Car 12/26/2007 BADIYEH A. LAX It was my first time with your company and it was a wonderful experience. I will rent from you from now on. Excelent!!!
01/10/2008 Budget 01/02/2008 WILF G. YEG Thank you. First time w/ Will be renting again
01/10/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/28/2007 HOWARD W. SLC The rental with CarRetals was great, no problems at all. My experience with Advantage was also very pleasing. The windshield wipers broke while I was driving the car in a snow storm, I made it back to where I was staying and called Advantage. The lady that I spoke with was very nice and followed through. I recieved a replacement in just a few hours inspite of being in the middle of a snow storm. Great customer service. I will rent again with Advantage and through!
01/10/2008 Fox 01/06/2008 GREAME C. PHX Impeccable service, outstanding customer service response. The ambiance of the employees I interacted with was tremendous, they were friendly and and very helpful. Thanks a million, I will definitely recommend Fox to my friends and associates and you can bet I will be back!
01/10/2008 Thrifty 01/03/2008 JASON B. PDX thank you for your service. we ended up paying half of what we were expecting to pay before we found your website.
01/10/2008 Avis 12/30/2007 THERESA T. SBN I appreciated the ease of your website and receiving of the e-mail confirmation responses. It was comforting to take care of business quickly and to pick up and drop off the vehicle with out any problems. Thank you!
01/09/2008 Allied Car And Truck Rental 09/19/2007 CARMELO D. SJU Great doing business with you. Thank you.
01/09/2008 Budget 01/04/2008 DIANE L. ORF The quickest, most convenient car rental experience to date!
01/09/2008 Alamo 01/02/2008 MATTHEW M. PDX Awesome rate on our SUV
01/09/2008 Thrifty 12/31/2007 MICHELLE T. LAS Offering the GPS was the best. I didn't want to pack mine so it really made the trip a complete success.
01/09/2008 Dollar 01/06/2008 JOSHUA P. PIE Best and easiest experience I've ever had renting a car.
01/09/2008 Budget 12/13/2007 THOMAS J. JAX Thank you Budget for helping to make my trip wonderful. I really enjoyed the car and the aid from your staff was great. I will use Budget again and rent from again. Thanks! Thomas
01/09/2008 Savmor Rent A Car 12/21/2007 LAVERNE K. LAS I will always check again for my future car rental needs.
01/09/2008 Alamo 01/03/2008 ARNITA T. ATL Great Job!!! And I say that because if services were terrible, I would be the first to large a complaint, so I think it more that fair to respond to great services. You should be proud of your staff, because they were very professional. And may I add, it was so cold outside, however, the warm attitude of your staff, kept me comfortable. Thank you!!
01/08/2008 Thrifty 12/13/2007 DEBBIE S. SAN I was very impressed with Thrifty. This is the first time I have used them and things went extremely smoothly. I would definitely use them again.
01/08/2008 National 12/19/2007 LELAND H. BWI Great experience all around. Look forward to the next opportunity to use your service.
01/08/2008 Thrifty 12/26/2007 DANIEL L. PHL EASY TRANSACTION, SMOOTH.
01/08/2008 Budget 12/28/2007 FRANCES M. YVR Everything, and everyone, was wonderful, and I will certainly use your services again. Thanks for being so professional! Frances.
01/08/2008 Dollar 12/21/2007 ALECS M. SAN The staff in San Diego were excellent!
01/08/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/20/2007 ROBYN M. MCI Everything was easy and efficient from start to finish. Car Rentals staff were helpful and curtious, as were the Advantage staff. We were very pleased. Thank you!
01/08/2008 Fox 12/15/2007 JULI C. PHX I always rent from Fox because of the great service and good deals. Thanks, Juli
01/08/2008 Avis 12/02/2007 LUDMILA S. LST Exellent service. Thank you!
01/08/2008 Savmor Rent A Car 12/27/2007 CATHERINE P. LAS So far ALL my experience with has been A+++ All places have honored my prices, I have recieved incredible deals, and all cars have been just what I asked for. Whenever I renta a car I will ALWAYS use
01/08/2008 Thrifty 12/31/2007 RONALD S. SLC I am price sensitive and Car Rentals provided a very useful service in selecting the most competitive car rental agency. Thank you.
01/08/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/06/2007 BRENDA L. DEN Great experience!! Will tell my friends about the good experience.
01/08/2008 Enterprise 12/19/2007 JENNY T. SAN Enterprise and Car Rentals .com MAKE A GREAT PAIR. THANK YOU!
01/08/2008 Thrifty 12/28/2007 ANTONIO A. GSP I enjoy using your wonderful services. I recommend your services to all of my friends and family.
01/08/2008 Dollar 12/28/2007 EVELYN M. CLT Thank you for being the best car rental agency I have ever dealt with. I am impressed more each time that I come to rent.
01/08/2008 Budget 08/15/2007 PETER O. TLV Will recommend to all to make use of your company. THANKS
01/08/2008 Alamo 12/19/2007 CATHY H. FLL We liked the way we were treated and that we could pick the mid-size vehicle of our choice. We were very satisfied.
01/07/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/30/2007 ANNE W. ABQ Great rate, great service, very pleased,Thanks!
01/07/2008 U-Save 10/26/2007 SANTOS D. FLL Overall service was outstanding. Will definitively recommend to friends and associates traveling to the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area. Bernard and Peter at Ft Lauderdale were very professional!
01/07/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/29/2007 DALIA M. SAT Thanks for the great service. Plan on using your company again in Feb. thanks
01/07/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/14/2007 JEROME G. SAN I was so impressed by the service. It was my very best car rental experience in my life. I would recommend Advantage to anyone and I will recommend it to everyone. I would do an endorsement it was so good
01/07/2008 National 12/26/2007 JEREMY Y. SFOC08 Everything was perfect, except the weather. Can't blame you for that!
01/07/2008 Dollar 12/23/2007 LEISHA J. MOB Maria and Cecil at the Dollar Rental counter are just fantastic. Very patient, and very accomodating in every aspect of the rental car experience!
01/07/2008 Budget 12/29/2007 JOCELYN A. ONT I was really impressed with your website as well as Budget. I will definitely recommend and use again!
01/07/2008 Avis 07/27/2007 LINDA H. DPO I was very impressed with - very efficient and easy to book plus I saved 30 - 40% on the rate which I would have obtained by going directly to Avis. will be the first place I will go when I next need to rent a car. Thanks!
01/07/2008 Avis 12/19/2007 JOHN L. P3F Like the ease of using the Car Rentals Web Site. Looked at several other simular services, but yours was the BEST!!
01/07/2008 Dollar 12/19/2007 GARY G. SJD I was initially fearful of renting a car in Mexico but you put those fears to rest, thank you. gg
01/07/2008 Budget 12/17/2007 RANDI R. PSP Very pleased. I have made 2 more reservations through your service and if the service is the same, it will be my new regular booking service. Nice job. Love the comparisons and info. Keep it up!!
01/07/2008 Dollar 12/12/2007 ALFRED P. LAS We'll be traveling to Las Vegas again in June and hope this vehicle / rate is available !
01/07/2008 Budget 11/19/2007 RODNEY J. GRR Everything went well and employees were friendly and helpful to any inquiry. Nice job Grand Rapids!
01/07/2008 Budget 12/28/2007 AMOL W. TO7 Thank you. It was a Great Exprience ..
01/07/2008 Budget 11/19/2007 PAMELA N. SE6 We received a new SUV RAV4
01/07/2008 Budget 11/29/2007 FRITZ K. PHL I had to switch cars in SC and it was not a problem at all. Great service. Will recommend Budget to my friends and associates.
01/06/2008 Enterprise 12/20/2007 LISA N. SYR Great overall service, friendly staff.
01/04/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 11/17/2007 CHAD M. SNA Simply perfect!! Thanks. Chad
01/04/2008 Advantage Old - Dont Use 12/05/2007 JIMMY B. PHX You folks are GREAT! I get better deals booked through you than anyone. I have recommended your service to a lot of family, friends and co-worker. Keep up the good work and I'll be book another car soon. Thanks again!
01/03/2008 Dollar 10/31/2007 RONALD B. MCO We had a bright red Charger that everyone in the family loved.
01/03/2008 Enterprise 12/23/2007 CHELSA B. BTR Toyota 4Runners are the best SUVs on the market!!!
01/03/2008 Alamo 10/23/2007 ANDREW F. BWI Thank you for partnering with Kayak at just the right time. I replaced a $1000+ rental on a vendor website with a $380 rental through
01/03/2008 Alamo 12/06/2007 MICHAEL W. BUR We were really excited to get a Toyota Prius - saved on gas and had a chance to try this hybrid for the first time. All in all, it went great!
01/03/2008 Thrifty 11/12/2007 LEE W. TPA I liked the "Wild Car" arrangement. We got a brand new minivan, only 9 miles on the odometer. Agent was especially cooperative.
01/03/2008 Budget 12/17/2007 CHESTER K. BFL We had the best experience in 20 years of airport rentals. Without having to join a club membership or pay extra, we were on our way in less than 5 minutes. No hassels, no extras, we love smaller airports!!!
01/03/2008 Alamo 10/23/2007 PAUL R. SFOC72 This was my first time booking with It was a great experience and I've already booked again for my family's February vacation. Thank you.
01/03/2008 Budget 12/21/2007 VINCENT M. KC1 All that I can and will say is Thank You. Keep up the great work.
01/02/2008 Enterprise 12/11/2007 LINDA H. YQR I always use Enterprise when flying to Regina as they are friendly, efficient and provide good value. Last trip I left my drivers license with the agent. I received it in my mail before I even missed it!!! Many thanks and Happy New Year to the Regina Airport counter staff.
01/02/2008 Thrifty 11/25/2007 AMY K. MC6 We were upgraded to a luxury car! And it was BRAND new. What a great Christmas present while we were on vacation. It was extra nice that a shuttle came to the hotel to pick us up and get the car as well.