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01/13/2015 Thrifty 12/31/2014 MARY J. SJU Wonderful customer service. Luis was so nice and gave us great suggestions as to where to go while in Puerto Rico for the first time. Funny, others told me I should have rented from a company that was in the airport, it would be more convenient. I let them know how easy and convenient using your company was. Thanks!
01/13/2015 Dollar 01/03/2015 PAUL B. SAT Great value.
01/13/2015 Advantage 01/06/2015 WILLIAM W. SFB I did business travel for 30 years, renting many cars during that time. Your service was as good as any I ever had. Thanks.
01/13/2015 Alamo 01/07/2015 LAURA C. YYZ Great service. Great rates. Pick up and drop off was simple and pain free. Would def use carrentals/alamo again. Thanks!
01/13/2015 Thrifty 12/13/2014 MICHAEL B. BOS Great price, very easy process, good car and an excellent value. Thank You
01/12/2015 Thrifty 01/07/2015 GREGORY S. ABQ Good rate, good car, great service personnel.
01/12/2015 Fox 12/28/2014 JOHNNIE D. SNA No complaints. Great service. Nice car. Great rate.
01/12/2015 Enterprise 01/07/2015 ELLEN G. LAX Whenever I rent from Enterprise I always know I'm going to have a great experience... knowing I will always have peace-of-mind.
01/12/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 01/07/2015 ERIC G. DFW Walter at DFW was a superb professional, as was the person who greeted me and walked me to my car (did not ger her name, she is originally from Kenya). Very impressive--thank you!
01/12/2015 Sixt Rent A Car 12/29/2014 MICHAEL C. PHX we rented a vehicle from Sixt when traveling in France and found the service to be excellent...this latter experience was no exception. Thank you for your service Mike C
01/11/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 12/26/2014 JOHN L. SEA We had a great experience with and will use this site again when renting a car. The procedure was easy, the information truthful, and the car was brand new; it doesn't get any better than that!
01/11/2015 Alamo 01/07/2015 MARIA C. ORD Thank you - great customer service.
01/11/2015 Alamo 01/01/2015 RICKY H. AGS Very good rates and the best car rental site. Keep up the outstanding work!!!
01/10/2015 Enterprise 01/06/2015 MARK S. 1555 Always a great rental experience
01/10/2015 Fox 01/03/2015 RON B. SFO GREAT price!!!!
01/10/2015 Hertz 10/06/2014 UDAY C. EWRN30 Very Good experience .. THANK YOU HERTZ AND CARRENTALS.COM
01/10/2015 Enterprise 01/02/2015 JAMES C. 15A4 Excellent rate, will keep using you
01/10/2015 Enterprise 12/07/2014 MERRICK S. 4141 First time using and Enterprise found the overall experience to be good and will not hesitate to recommend both.
01/09/2015 Thrifty 01/07/2015 ANA P. JFK All was perfect!!
01/09/2015 Advantage 12/11/2014 GARY G. TPA Excellent experience!
01/09/2015 Enterprise 12/04/2014 ROBIN F. 18A1 My experience with car and enterprise was excellent. I will definitely recommend my friends and family to both.
01/09/2015 Economy Rent a Car 12/30/2014 WILLIAM C. SJU Everyone was very friendly and professional. I was very pleased with the car. My entire experience was pleasant and hassle free.
01/09/2015 Advantage 12/11/2014 CHRIS B. PHX You guys do a fantastic job. My experience was excellent. It was far above what I expected and what had experienced in the past. Excellent work
01/09/2015 Sixt Rent A Car 12/30/2014 LINDA N. PHX Great experience.
01/09/2015 Alamo 01/06/2015 LOURDES C. YVR Great And worry free service from you guys.Thank you!!!!!!!
01/09/2015 Alamo 01/05/2015 DANIEL M. EYW This is my second time renting thru and both times I had a great experience.
01/09/2015 Hertz 12/10/2014 TRACE L. MAD Smooth Thank you
01/09/2015 Alamo 12/24/2014 JULIE C. IND Always a great experience renting through I would not rent through any other site.
01/09/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 12/08/2014 KEVIN M. BQN The service and prices were exceptional.
01/09/2015 Avis 12/29/2014 THOMAS G. SJU Good job folks . I will use you again for sure.
01/09/2015 Enterprise 12/29/2014 ELAINE B. 41D3 Thank you. This is the first time I have used CarRentals. com and I was very pleased, I will definitely be using you for my car bookings from here on.
01/08/2015 Budget 12/26/2014 DEBORAH T. FCO I love I use this site at least 8 times a year! Thank you!
01/08/2015 Hertz 09/07/2014 DANIEL S. FLL You guys got me a great deal. Thanks!
01/08/2015 Advantage 12/08/2014 NANCY M. LAS I always use for the best deals and prices. Have always been pleased. Advantage was new for me and it was a good experience.
01/08/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 10/21/2014 DAVID W. FLL Excellent experience. Fast, friendly and good value
01/08/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 07/21/2014 RICHARD F. MCO Experience was great!
01/08/2015 Alamo 12/31/2014 WALTER I. DEN Very nice rental experience
01/07/2015 Thrifty 12/17/2014 RUTH R. AGS The staff was very knowledgeable as well as helpful.
01/07/2015 Budget 10/20/2014 MICHAEL H. STL I love I pass along my secret money-saving website to anyone who listens!
01/07/2015 Dollar 01/01/2015 GLADYS S. JAX I think you company is the best, working alone with Dollar. I really enjoy the prices and looking forward to renting again soon. Keep up the good work. You're doing a great job for people.
01/07/2015 Hertz 12/22/2014 LESLIE R. CVGS10 My experience with was amazing. The price was excellent and the vehicle was a dream to drive. I would rent from again.
01/06/2015 Avis 01/03/2015 ROBERT L. V1H Great value! Thanks!
01/06/2015 Budget 12/17/2014 NATALIE D. BZ1 Easy to rent through your site, service all around was amazing. Thank you
01/06/2015 ACE 10/12/2014 BEN D. MIA We were delighted with our ACE car rental.
01/06/2015 Budget 11/09/2014 JOYCE K. SQ3 Great experience...Will come back next time I need a car
01/06/2015 Avis 12/10/2014 NAOMI W. F9L Thank you - well done!
01/06/2015 Allied Car And Truck Rental 09/22/2014 MARVIN M. SJU Best deal i found on high season,service,staff,car,everything perfect,a+a+a+ i will come back again thanks
01/06/2015 Dollar 12/07/2014 ANGELA M. ANC We've used twice this past year in Anchorage, once in the summer and once over Christmas and New Years. We had great experiences both times. We definitely would use again! You have the best rental prices of anyone!
01/05/2015 Airport Van Rental 12/30/2014 MARK A. LAX We had an excellent experience
01/05/2015 Sixt Rent A Car 12/30/2014 DAN W. GSP Great rate.
01/05/2015 Dollar 11/11/2014 TANYA B. PHX I have used on several occasions. Always great prices & user-friendly website.
01/05/2015 Alamo 02/03/2014 FREDA H. BZN Great rates,great car, great experience!!!!!
01/05/2015 Advantage 10/29/2014 SHWETAL D. SFB great deal
01/05/2015 Hertz 07/11/2014 GARETH H. LGW Excellent overall experience - great rates and good service from Hertz.
01/05/2015 Hertz 12/15/2014 DEAN T. SPIC03 The very best
01/05/2015 Hertz 11/12/2014 SAMANTHA W. RICN04 Awesome experience! Thank you!
01/05/2015 Dollar 12/06/2014 CHARLENE B. YHZ Extremely pleased with the service of Dollar and Thank you!
01/04/2015 Alamo 12/23/2014 DANIEL L. DCA Great experience, simple & quick!
01/04/2015 Enterprise 05/14/2014 MARTY H. SLC Best rates and to deal with! Thank you for your great rates and overall great experience.
01/04/2015 Alamo 11/09/2014 LOUIS F. YVR Happy with
01/04/2015 Enterprise 12/07/2014 ANTONIO W. MOB Just keep being the best rates at car rentals
01/04/2015 Advantage 12/19/2014 MARK G. IAD I have used CarRentals on several occasions and usually get the best price available. You have never failed me yet. Thanks for the service.
01/04/2015 Enterprise 12/21/2014 DAVID G. 1458 you provided one of the best rates in the market. thanks.
01/04/2015 Fox 07/03/2014 TRINA Y. SLC Thanks! Great rental - nice staff.
01/04/2015 Alamo 10/01/2014 JEROME B. TPA We had a very positive experience renting
01/04/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 10/29/2014 PATRICIA B. RSW The online personnel were courteous and very helpful. Thank You.
01/03/2015 Sixt Rent A Car 12/30/2014 ANNESSA P. FLL First time using Sixt & and I was extremely impressed! Will continue in the future
01/03/2015 Alamo 12/26/2014 CATHERINE L. PSP Seamless and easy.
01/03/2015 Advantage 12/23/2014 JOSE Q. FLL Great experience!
01/03/2015 Enterprise 12/05/2014 MICHAEL F. ANC Excellent
01/03/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 12/11/2014 HELEN W. LAX Great service, clean and problem free car, excellent value, would use again
01/03/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 12/20/2014 DAVID M. DEN Excellent service!
01/02/2015 Thrifty 07/20/2014 JOSE R. MCO Outstanding service upgraded car at no extra charge. We are very pleased especially with the no hassle to get and return the car. Thank you.
01/02/2015 ACE 11/10/2014 DALE R. MSP Ace Car Rental at the airport in the Twin Cities was a bargain and provided excellent service. I was so happy with them that I have already booked a car in San Diego during January. I'm an extremely satisfied customer. Thanks, Dale
01/02/2015 Payless 12/27/2014 MICHELE S. ORD I wish to really compliment the entire staff. They were terrific. Cars are just cars. It's the people you have to interact with that makes the difference. When I returned the car I passed the guy who took care of me two days prior. He stopped me and asked if everything went well with the car. He also asked after the funeral service and said he was sorry for my loss. The guy that checked me in when I returned the guy asked if he needed to delay the shuttle for a fast trip to the airport. I was early so we sent the shuttle on but he didn't make me wait for a group to gather before he put me on a shuttle. Everyone was very considerate, polite, and friendly. You have my business in the future.
01/02/2015 Enterprise 11/17/2014 ERNIE L. PHX Very impressed with price, service and car....
01/02/2015 Alamo 11/23/2014 FRANK C. ANC My experience was the best every step of the way. Thumbs Up to everyone at Alamo. Thank you FC
01/02/2015 Hertz 12/28/2014 MARA ELENA P. ONTC02 Your staff all professional A+
01/02/2015 Enterprise 12/25/2014 LAWRENCE H. 4139 I would like to thank Wendy Lehmann who did an outstanding job when the car I ordered was not available. Her magnificent legwork got my family in a vehicle pronto and she explained everything to me and I couldn't be more impressed. I noticed that she was a very hands on manager, covered a lot of ground for your company and would like to thank her again for her excellent work. Our family will return to this location anytime we travel north.
01/01/2015 Enterprise 11/15/2014 MANJUNATHA SHASTRI N. 4411 Excellent service.. keep it up..
01/01/2015 Enterprise 11/08/2014 JOAN M. 32H3 Excellent service, thank you!
01/01/2015 Enterprise 12/08/2014 DEBORAH M. 4034 Very good experience - would definitely rent again through
01/01/2015 Alamo 12/10/2014 RON D. CAE Everything was smooth and easy.
01/01/2015 Hertz 12/15/2014 RICHARD G. LGBE01 Very satisfied customer. I'll be back. ....
01/01/2015 Hertz 11/30/2014 LAURIE F. LGBC15 I was very satisfied :)
01/01/2015 E-Z Rent-A-Car 11/06/2014 BLANCA M. MCO Thank you!!! Awesome service!!!
01/01/2015 Enterprise 07/23/2014 JOHNATHAN C. BHX As usual, everything went according to plan. Thanks again.
12/31/2014 Avis 03/27/2014 JUAN MANUEL V. S4J Everything was beyond expectations. Thanks!
12/31/2014 Alamo 11/28/2014 JAMES L. LIT Excellent service--very pleased.
12/31/2014 Enterprise 10/21/2014 WILLIAM S. 4167 It was a great experience and will do business with you again
12/30/2014 Enterprise 12/14/2014 ALTON L. VGT great job guys !! will use you again :)
12/30/2014 Enterprise 11/09/2014 Garry S. PDX Great experience. Well done.
12/30/2014 Alamo 11/13/2014 ANTHONY N. ORD Great experience. Thank you. I really appreciated it.
12/30/2014 Enterprise 12/17/2014 THERESA R. 42B1 I am very happy with the service I received. Everyone was very nice and helpful.
12/30/2014 Alamo 12/26/2014 JEROME A W. PIT I have tried other online rental services, but I feel that you are the best. I will be back again. Have bookmarked your site for future use.
12/30/2014 Budget 12/26/2014 MICHAEL B. MCO CarRentals had great rates. . Beat everyone else!
12/30/2014 Payless 12/11/2014 ELLEN C D. MCO Love CarRentals
12/30/2014 Avis 12/22/2014 MOHAMED O. AU1 Thanks CarRental so much. I received the confirmation email directly. This my first time with CarRental however it will never be the last.
12/30/2014 Dollar 09/25/2014 AMENDOLA C. PIT It was delightful dealing with I got a great deal.